Specialized Buildings Level 35 Released, Building Luck Hero Skill Now APPLIES

Game of War released the items to upgrade all of your specialized buildings to level 35 tonight. With these new building levels comes another massive increase to stats which has accounts across the game on their heels trying to catch up and become unburnable.

The Pantheon, Alchemy Lab, Mausoleum, Archaeology Hall, and Gear Workshop can now all be taken to level 35.

The benefits of upgrading these buildings to max level :

Specialized Buildings Stat Increases

Game of War Specialized Buildings Boosts

Specialized Buildings Level 35 Costs

Specialized Buildings Level 35 Costs

Building Luck Hero Skill

Additionally, the building luck hero skill NOW APPLIES to Instant Orb levels. MAKE SURE YOU SKILL INTO IT PRIOR TO INSTANT LEVELING YOUR BUILDINGS.

Potion Recipes Updated, Banner Guides Updated

We have updated our list of the best potion recipes in Game of War to include the new Titan Flasks. Titan potions are adding a massive amount of combat stats – craft using the correct ingredients to insure you dominate your kingdom.

To see our best potion recipes, go here :
Potion Recipe – Split Attack : This is our recommended recipe for hitting Strongholds in Game of War. The other Potion Recipes will get slightly higher TYPE attack, but will be much weaker for the other types due to it.
Potion Recipe – Wonder/Tile Fighting
Potion Recipe – Stronghold Defense

This is an example of the new Titan Defense potion recipe, which is what traps will want to be running with :
Game of War Defense Potion

Check the recipes out and fully optimize your potions!

Best Banners

With level 35 buildings now, the Banner Guides have changed. Mainly, the Warden Banner gives a lot more attack now. We have adjusted our banner guides to reflect this – check them out, optimize your banners, and dominate your kingdom.

Maximum Building Boosts Lists Updated

We have updated our list of the maximum building boosts achievable in Game of War for building levels 31 to 35.

A very, very large issue in Game of War at the moment is the amount of Orbs necessary to upgrade buildings. After a large amount of testing and math, we have found that it is far cheaper to upgrade your Luck level on LOWER level buildings.

The details :

  • For URBAN buildings, the number of orbs necessary to upgrade jumps significantly at Level 33 or above.
  • For RURAL buildings, the number of orbs necessary to upgrade jumps significantly at Level 31 or above.
  • It is 5x more expensive to upgrade using Instant luck level once you hit those levels.
  • It is MORE EXPENSIVE TO LEVEL your Luck levels if you do it one click at a time. Even with your Hero skilled for it, it will be still be cheaper to use instant luck level.

Here are the orb costs to level 31-35 for both Urban and Rural Buildings :
Time Orb cost for Level 31 through Level 35 Buildings

To see the maximum building boosts available in Game of War, go here :
Rally Math – Maximum Urban Building Boosts
Rally Math – Maximum Rural Building Boosts

If you have achieved higher boosts than we have listed there, please let us know by using the “Contact Gowcraft” link on the Menu, or post it on our Forums!

Buildings Level 31-35 Released

Game of War released new building levels tonight, up to 35. These new buildings require Opalite Glass to upgrade.

With these buildings come a massive increase in stats and march sizes – all sized accounts need to pay very close attention to what has become burnable. As of right now, the sky is the limit.

Additionally, all of the building luck levels have increased (which means max boosts have as well). We will be working hard to get these all up to date as quickly as possible.

Important Note : With the new building levels, you can now gain Daily Milestone Resources from your outside buildings (apparently, this takes an item that has yet to be released). As the buildings become cheaper, this will help lots of folks with getting that research done.

We are in the process of updating the costs for all of the Game of War level 35 buildings. For now, this is the information we have :

Game of War Opalite Glass Costs

Game of War Buildings 35 Opalite Glass Cost

Banner Guides Updated, Daily Milestone Research Guides Added

We have updated our Banner guides to include the four new banners – the Ruthless Banner, Brutality Banner, Barricade Banner, and Empire Legion Banner.

These guides rank all of the banners from best to worst for each specific situation. After some testing, some of the guides might surprise you.

See our banner guides here :

Best Banners to Use in Game of War

Daily Milestone Research Guides Added

Additionally, we have added three daily milestone research guides. These guides will show you the best way to OPTIMIZE your resource usage on the new research. Because they are so limited, you can gain a significant advantage by optimizing the order that you spend your resources.

Check out the three guides here (or on the menu) :
Guide – Daily Milestone Research

Example of our Daily Milestone Guide for Attack :

Daily Milestone Research for Rally Leaders

Attack Daily Milestone Priority
Resource Research Priority
Note : ** indicates it doesn’t matter much for this type.
  • 1.) Legion Defense w/ Hero**
  • 2.) Troop Defense w/ Hero**
  • 3.) Type Defense w/ Hero**
  • 4.) Empire Defense w/ Hero**
  • 1.) Wonder/Rally Troop Attack
  • 2.) Wonder/Rally Troop Health
  • 3.) Wonder/Rally Mob. Trap Health
  • 4.) Troop Health on Tile**
  • 1.) Inc. TDD Boosts from Milestone
  • 2.) Inc. Attack Boosts from Milestone
  • 3.) Inc. Health Debuff Boosts from Milestone
  • 4.) Inc. Health Boosts from Milestone**
  • 5.) Inc. Att. Debuff Boosts from Milestone**
  • 6.) Inc. Defense Boosts from Milestone**
  • 1.) Troop Attack w/ Hero
  • 2.) Legion Attack w/ Hero
  • 3.) Type Attack w/ Hero
  • 4.) Mobile Trap Attack
  • 1.) Legion TDD w/ Hero
  • 2.) Enemy TDD w/ Hero
  • 3.) Type TDD w/ Hero
  • 4.) Empire TDD w/ Hero

New Cores – Erebus Core Set, Nyx Core Set, and Moneta Core Set

Game of War released three new missile core sets tonight – Erebus, Nyx, and Moneta. These core sets appear to be utterly massive in terms of a stat increase – people should be on their toes for the next few days.

Erebus Core Set

The Erebus Core set is the weakest of the new three sets – but still packs quite a punch. Erebus is designed for Ranged Attack against enemy strongholds.

Erebus Core Stats – fully maxed, fully boosted (5m attack, 50k TDD, full banners, potion running) :
Game of War Erebus Core Set Stats

Nyx Core Set

The Nyx Core set is the “next in line” after Erebus. It is more powerful than Erebus, and is designed for Cavalry Attack against enemy strongholds.

As soon as we have concrete screenshots of the stats for Nyx, we will provide a layout like we did for Erebus. For now, you can take the stats for Erebus and add the following :

  • Rally Attack vs. Empire : Additional 5,250,000% on Erebus.
  • Cavalry Attack vs. Empire : Additional 10,500,000% over Erebus (which is Ranged.
  • Type Defense Debuff : Additional 2,000% over Erebus.
  • Troop Defense Debuff : Additional 3,000% over Erebus.

Moneta Core Set

The Moneta Core set is the strongest of the new three. It is designed for Infantry Attack against enemy strongholds.

Again, as soon as we have concrete screenshots of the stats we will provide a breakdown. For now, take the Erebus stats and add the following :

  • Rally Attack vs. Empire : Additional 11,000,000% on Erebus.
  • Infantry Attack vs. Empire : Additional 21,250,000% over Erebus (which is Ranged.
  • Type Defense Debuff : Additional 4,000% over Erebus.
  • Troop Defense Debuff : Additional 6,000% over Erebus.

Stay tuned for further updates – and stay safe!

New Research – Daily Milestone

Game of War released a new research yesterday – the Daily Milestone research tree. This tree takes several new kinds of resources which are currently only obtainable by completing the Daily Milestone Events.

There are five different new resources – each resource lines up with it’s own “type” of research.

We will be releasing a guide for each account type later this evening that will specify which researches each type of account will want to spend their RSS on. As of now, the resources are in extremely short supply – so optimizing where you spend them is quite important.

These are the total amounts provided by each Daily Milestone research. The chart also shows the current known resource costs for each research level. At this point, it will take quite a while to finish all of the research (unless they start releasing the new RSS in packs).
Game of War Daily Milestone Research Amounts and Cost

New Runes – Divine Runes

Game of War released new runes tonight – the Divine Runes. These add an enormous amount of attack and other stats.

Divine Runes Notes

  • It will take 1024 Mythic Divine Rune Collectibles to make one level 6 Rune.
  • The runes do NOT increase Defense as you go up in value.
  • Do not add the TDD amounts together – those are not cumulative, and they only debuff what they specifically say they do. This means they do not add 80k TDD with this rune set.

Divine Rune Stats

Game of War Divine Runes

Hero Skill Guides Updated, Wonder Core Setup Updated

We have updated our hero skill guides for the new maximum levels in Game of War. Additionally, we have added a guide to stronghold defense for hero 84 (which is what most traps are shooting for now). To see our updated skill guides, go here :

Hero Skill Guides

Also, we have updated our Wonder Core setup. This core setup is the best way to set your Stronghold up to do battle at the Wonder. You can see our latest core setups here :
Core Setups

To see the updated Wonder core setup, go here :
Core Setup – Wonder Cores

Check them out now – optimize your cores, and dominate your kingdom.

New Research – Pantheon

Game of War released it’s latest research tree – the Pantheon research tree. With this tree comes a very large increase to attack stats across the board – as well as allowing the stat bonuses applied by the Pantheon to be used at the Wonder. This will, obviously, change the Wonder game in Game of War greatly.

As with any new research tree, the stat increases are lighting lots of strongholds up that were previously impervious – use caution.

The research itself costs food and silver until you purchase a pack that has tokens in it that remove the food/silver costs. Make sure that you do this prior to doing the research.

Pantheon Research Resource Costs

Game of War Pantheon Research Costs

Stay tuned here for further updates and information on this new research.