Building Levels 101 to 125 Released

Game of War maximum building levels were increased to 125 tonight, providing incredibly massive combat boosts and march sizes. The in-game blog advertises up to SH 110, but (just like the Hero 225) they can actually be upgraded up to level 125. As of now, Stronghold 125 is the unconfirmed max SH.

Max Stronghold Level

As with the previous iterations of building levels in GoW, upgrading your buildings provide MASSIVE combat boosts.

What we know about SH125 so far :

  • Upgrade your buildings using Ancient Fossil Block. These are a new item that are found in packs.
  • The upgrade cost does NOT increase with each level. The cost increases at level 106 and 109. The levels inbetween are uniform in cost.
  • Upon reaching level 109, the Ancient Fossil Block cost starts to increase much faster.

Stronghold 101 through Stronghold 110

We have compiled a list of the total Ancient Fossil Block cost through SH110. We are working to compile the stats gained from these levels, as well as the ancient fossil block cost for the levels beyond this. Stay tuned for more information!
Game of War Building Levels 101 to 110

Please stay tuned for more updates – we will be updating rapidly as they become available.

New Levels – Hero 225 Released

New hero levels were released in Game of War last night. It appears as if the maximum level will end up at Hero 225 – but this remains unverified.

Hero 201 through Hero 225 Notes

  • Leveling your hero above 200 requires Ascendant Heroic Locket. These are new items that are found in packs.
  • Hero 201 through Hero 210 appears to have most of the DEFENSIVE stats – theoretically to make sure that trap accounts and rally fillers can keep up.
  • Hero 211 through 220 focuses mainly on OFFENSIVE stats, with far less defensive stats than the previous ten hero levels.
  • They have reintroduced Troop Health in massive amounts with these new hero levels.
  • They have also reintroduced single type combat stats, both attack and defense.
  • It is still unconfirmed that Hero 225 is the max – we will update this post as more information becomes available.

Hero 225 Information

We will update this table with more information as it becomes available. Please note : highlighted boxes are unconfirmed amounts.
Hero 201 to Hero 225 Ascendant Heroic Lockets

Stay tuned for more information, as well as an update to Gladiator Skill Trees.

Ascendant Combat T14 Research Released

Tier 14 was released in Game of War last night – bringing a massive new amount of attack stats and march sizes to the table; along with an entire new tier of troops.

This research returns to the old school of researches, with each type of T14 having it’s own research tree (Normal, Strategic, and Wild).

Quick Facts about Ascendant T14 Troops

  • The “10 level” researches in each tree require Ascendant Knowledge to upgrade. Unlocking each T14 troop and trap type require Ascendant Troop Unlock to upgrade. All of the Ascendant Troop Unlock items needed to open up all T14 troops and traps are available in one pack at this point.
  • Each research tree focuses on one “type” of boosts – either troop boosts, legion boosts, or type boosts. Additionally, each research tree has two researches that are specific to only that tree.
    • The Ascendant Normal Combat tree focuses on TROOP Stats. The additional researches in this tree are Onslaught Attack and Resolute Defense.
    • The Ascendant Strategic Combat tree focuses on LEGION Stats. The additional researches in this tree are Defense Annihilation and Empire Troop/Rally Attack Debuff.
    • The Ascendant Wild Combat tree focuses on TYPE Stats. The additional researches in this tree are Unstoppable Attack and Wonder/Rally Attack Debuff.
  • Each research tree has equal Ascendant Knowledge costs throughout.
  • There IS A TOKEN TO REDUCE SPEEDS TO 0. This token is available in some packs. Please note : The 100% Speedup Effectiveness token IS NOT THE ONE that reduces the speeds. You need to find the one that says “100% Speedup Redux” on it.

We will be doing further analysis and testing on the Tier 14 troops and their impact on the Wonder and rallying enemy strongholds shortly. Please stay tuned for that.

Tier 14 Ascendant Knowledge Costs

This table displays the full amount of Ascendant Knowledge needed to complete all three T14 research trees :
Game of War Tier 14 Research

Stay tuned for more updates!

Barbarian King Gear Set

Barbarian King Gear Set

The Barbarian King set was released in Game of War last night bringing to the game large amounts of attack.  The Barbarian set consists of 4 different qualities of gear from lowest to highest:  Ultimate, Supreme, Exalted and Divine.

Each of the sets look similar with the Teal background.  What sets the different tiers of gear apart is the color theme used in the Gears decor.  Ultimate is yellow, Supreme is Blue, Exalted is Black and Divine set apart by the use of Flames.

The 5 main sections where gear stats come from are:

  • Base Gear stats
  • Set Bonus
  • Set Gear Leveling
  • Gear Quality
  • Power up

In order to help people know which set or combination to use, let’s take a closer look.

Set Bonus

The Barbarian King and Harbinger gear set have exactly the same Set Bonuses with the exception of the Wonder March Speed and March Return Speed.  A total of 70,000% for Wonder March Speed and 3,750% March Return Speed have been included in the Barbarian’s Set 5 Bonus.

Set Gear Leveling

Set Gear Leveling on the Barbarian Set is a major upgrade for attack and health.  Even when compared to the Harbinger’s Level 5000 the Barbarian’s 240 raises combined attack from 49 – 92 KTT (depending on type of attack) to 960 KTT.  Max Gear Leveling attack for the Barbarian is 4 MTT.

For Defense the Harbinger Set Gear Bonus gives more coverage at 719 KT Legion Defense versus the 100 KT Legion Defense Barbarian King max stats.  When Harbinger Bracers are used in conjunction with the ULTIMATE Barbarian pieces, the mixed set will receive the Harbinger Set Gear bonus.

Barbarian King Gear Quality

Each of the sets have differing number of Quality Levels in which pieces can be raised.  Divine has the normal amount of 10 levels, Exalted has 8, Supreme and Ultimate have 5.  This brings to question which set of gear should one level up initially especially when Gear Quality con

  • Ultimate Level 5 Gear Quality is equivalent to Supreme level 3 Gear Quality.
  • Supreme Level 5 is equivalent to Exalted level 3.
  • Exalted Level 5 is equivalent to Divine level 5.
  • Exalted Level 8 is equivalent to Divine level 7.

Chart explaining why we say this is below.  Shows Gear Quality stats for a full set of 7 Barbarian King gear set :

Chart showing Gear Quality for 1 piece:

As we saw on the preceding chart, Exalted Level 8 is equivalent to Divine 7.  However, the costs are exponentially less expensive .  A maxed Exalted set costs 15.67 million Ancient Talisman whereas a Divine set with gear quality 7 costs 86.25 million.

Ancient Talisman Efficiency

As seen from the previous charts, the amount of Attack provided ramps up quickly (as does the amount of items necessary to improve the quality). However, breaking it down further you see the following :
Game of War Barbarian King Ancient Talisman

Until you have enough Ancient Talisman to get each piece of gear to LEVEL 9 OR 10, it is FAR MORE EFFICIENT to level each item up to LEVEL 4. After that level EACH ITEM TO LEVEL 5. Once your entire set is at level 5, you should focus all Talisman on one item until it is maxed. Basically, once it starts costing 23.5m Ancient Talisman per level, you want to focus all of your Ancient Talisman on getting that piece to level 10.

Barbarian King Power UP

The Barbarian King’s Power up stats are identical to the Harbinger’s.

Rejuvenator Potion Released, New Banners Released (Again)

Rejuvenator Potion Ingredients

A new set of potion ingredients was released in Game of War with enormous new stats – the Rejuvenator Potion. These ingredients add a ton of new stats (mainly weighted towards LEGION stats – which means that they may be attempting to push Siege away from the Wonder). We will be running testing on these new ingredients and the way they will change the game at the Wonder.

For now, we have updated our potion recipes. You can find those here :

  • Potion Recipe – Split Attack : The best rally leader attack potion recipe. Use this when you will be attacking enemy strongholds – either with rallies or solos.
  • Potion Recipe – Stronghold Defense : The best defense potion recipe. Use this potion when you will be filling rallies or trapping.
  • Potion Recipe – Wonder : The best potion to use when attacking or defending the Wonder in GoW. As noted above – please remember, if using Siege you will want to change this some.

These are example stats on our Defense Potion Recipe :
Game of War Example Defense Potion Stats

Banner Guides Updated

Additionally, three new banners were released in Game of War. These new banners are :

  • Zealous Banner
  • Raider Banner
  • Absolution Banner

Along with the new DBC Dreadful Banners that were released, that brings the total number of “relevant” banners released recently to 5. We have updated our Banner Guides to show the best banners to run in any situation. You can find those guides to the best banners here :

New DBC Banners Released, Banner Guides Updated

We have updated our Banner Guides to include the new DBC Banners.

These guides show you the top 5 banners (in order) to use for any given situation in Game of War. With the release of the MASSIVE AMOUNT of stats on the new DBC Exclusive Dreadful Banner and DBC Celebration Dreadful Banner, it is more important than ever to use the proper banners.

You can see all of our banner guides here :

Stay tuned for more updates!

Building Orb Boosts extended to 60

Building Orb Boosts Now to 60

A second release of Game of War Orb Boosts increased Luck Levels to Level 60.   

New Maxed Stats at Level 60:

  • Resolute Defense Max:  5.88 KT
  • Troop Attack Max:  2.57 KTT
  • Rally / Wonder Attack and Health Max: 2.57 KTT

Chart showing Orb Roll costs:

Every once in a while a slight variation of Orb requirements was observed but was very minute.

Multiplier and Boost Amounts

Though the second release of Orb Boosts was rapid, with that time we were able to observe that there are 2 places where both max multipliers and max boost amounts are guaranteed, Level 50 and Level 60.  Level 50 uses a multiplier of 8 Billion and Level 60 uses a multiplier of 10 Billion.  This essentially provides  a midway stopping point on the way to Level 60, where guaranteed total boost amounts are received.

Chart showing Level 50 and 60 Multipliers, Boost Amounts and Totals:

Cost vs. Benefit Received

We compared Level 50 stats and costs to Level 60 max stats and costs.  We found that a significant portion of stats were given at level 50 but at a fraction of the cost.  At level 50 56 buildings can be leveled up from 41 to 50 for a cost of 33.36 Billion Trillion (BT) orbs each receiving 50% of max stats, while it costs 6 Million Trillion (MT) orbs to level up just one building to max stats.  Because of this, we recommend to level all building luck levels to 50 and roll to your desired boost before moving on to higher luck levels.  Make sure to have Building Boost XP skilled in hero skills for orb reduction.

Level 50 building boosts :

  • Resolute Defense: 2.94 KT per building, 50% of max stats.
  • Troop Attack: 661 TT per building, 25% of max stats.
  • Rally / Wonder Attack and Health; 661 TT per building, 25% of max stats.

A chart explaining why we say to boost all buildings to level 50 before going on to level 60:

Screenshots of Level 60 max stats:

New Building Orb Boosts

New Building Orb Boosts Released

Game of War just increased Luck Levels to Level 50.  The difference in this release is that Max stats are easily obtained on Luck Level 50 making max orb boosts affordable.  Cost of upgrading 65 building’s luck level from 41 to 50 is 38.721 BT orbs.  Make sure to have Building Boost XP skilled in Hero Skills.

Chart showing cost of Luck Levels.

There are 3 building boosts at Luck Level 50; Troop Attack, Resolute Defense, and Rally & Wonder Attack and Health.   Rolling to each maxed stat only takes a few rolls.

Lower levels of Luck offer the 3 same building orb boosts but with a lower multiplier.  For the cost of just a few more MT in orbs, it makes more sense to max Luck to 50.

Max building orb boosts at Level 50:


Special Buildings

Special Buildings

Specialized buildings were released from level 101 through 200.  Each of these buildings require the same special items to upgrade but just more of them.  Levels 101-100 require 4 Billion Trillion items each while levels 111– 115 require 20 Billion Trillion.   After 115, the amount of special items required rapidly increases and is shown in the chart below.   We are working on bringing you further information on levels past 124.

Buildings continue to provide the same stats as before but just reach to greater stats.  Below is a quick reference list with required items and annouced maxed stats for each building.

  • Graveyard:  Legion Defense 33.33 KT, Gravedigger’s Lantern
  • Treasury:   Legion Defense 33.33 KT, Gold Bars
  • Explorer Dungeon:  Legion Attack 2.2 KTT, Forgotten Map
  • Speed up Treasury:  Legion Defense Debuff 75 KT, Ancient Time Crystals
  • Imperial Banner:  Onslaught Attack 220 TT, Rally & Wonder Health 11 KTT, Imperial Badge
  • Gear Workshop      : Defense Annihilation 500 KT, Surging Power Jewel
  • Black Market: Resolute Troop Defense 5 KT, Mobile Trap Attack 250 B, Thief’s Purse
  • Archaeology Hall: Troop Attack 2.2KTT, Empire Troop Defense 1.39 KT, Archaeologist’s Plumb
  • Pantheon: Pantheon Deity Troop Attack        2.2 KTT, Divine Quartz
  • Mausoleum:  Legion Attack 2.2 KTT, Legion Defense 33.33 KT, Rally &Wonder Health 11 KTT, Empire Troop Defense Debuff, Broken Blades
  • Alchemy Lab: Potion Attack 4B, Potion Defense 4.15 M, Potion Health 4.15 M, Alchemist’s Pestle

Behemoth Runes, Gems and Glorious Research

Behemoth Runes

A new set of runes was released in Game of War – Behemoth Runes. These runes provide a large increase in stats from the previous release of Elite Colossus Runes. The highlights of these runes are that they bring an additional 908 Trillion Trillion (TT) Troop Attack and Mobile Trap Health and Gathering Encampment Health, 909 Thousand Trillion (KT) Unstoppable Attack, 637 Trillion (T) Resolute Defense and 1.816 Thousand Trillion Trillion (KTT) Rally Wonder Health.

Behemoth Rune Stats

These are the stats on the new set of runes with Applied Rune Multipliers as seen through Hero Gear window:

 New Gem Levels

GoW also released new levels of gems raising the normal level of gem released of 70 to 85. The increase of stats in this gem release is normal.   Below are the stats provided per Gem.

Significantly higher stats are gained by combining Gems.  You still want to make sure that you have a Full 7 sets of your highest Gem Level.  Do not master combine your gems.  The chart below helps illustrate why 7 full sets of 85 are better than 1 set of 86.

Glorious Research Chart Updated

Stay tuned for more updates, including new max orb boosts!