Glorious Banner & Updated Demigod Banner Guide

Game of War has released the Glorious Banner for President’s Day making the 3rd Banner in the Demigod Collection to be released to this day along with Explosion Banner and the Devotion Banner.

Glorious Banner

The Glorious Banner is the only banner that has been released with Rally & Wonder Demigod Attack and Rally & Wonder Demigod Health giving an extra coverage of Attack and Health when going to zero targets or attacking / defending the wonder.

Duration times follow the same suit with time frame with Level 6 lasting 30 days and Level 1 lasting only 1 day and 6 hours.  If you are currently using green or blue banners make sure to set a reminder to reactivate them when the time is up.

Chart showing stats for Levels 1 – 6 of the Glorious Banner:

Member’s Tips

The Demigod Banner Guide has been updated.


Stay tuned for updates!



Demigod VIP 1013, Incoming March Size Fix & Old Rein Fix

Game of War has released its first ever Demigod VIP which Ranges from Levels 1301 and maxes out at Level 1310.  New to the game stats for VIP are Demigod Attack, Defense, Health, and the long awaited Incoming March and Rally size fixes which many players have requested and MZ has responded to.

Incoming March & Rally Sizes Fix & Old Rein Fixes

One of the biggest issues that people experienced with the restart of game was the application of older open-ended incoming march and rally sizes to newer & much smaller amount of troops, mythics and traps at home.   Essentially what this came down was frustration over not being able to defend at home.

After taking some time to listen to Player Requests, MZ has come out with the VIP capability to limit the amount of incoming and allow players the ability to know what to expect for incoming.

We will be updating our Trap Guide !

Old Rein Fix

A second very important fix that MZ took the time to listen to and update was the Old Rein issue that players were having.  Essentially what was happening was if any member of the alliance reined or marched with older troops traps or mythics to a stronghold or wonder, 100% of what was defending or attacking alongside the older..  would die.

Thankfully, this has been changed in game and players no longer have to risk all their new troops traps and mythics in the same manner.

VIP Highlights

  • Vip 1301 caps Incoming Demigod Solo Size at 60k troops, 30k Mythic, 30k Traps
  • VIP 1301 caps Incoming Demigod Rally Size  at 400k troops, 300k Mythic, 300k Traps
  • Regular Rally & Mega Rally sizes carry the same incoming size limitations
  • The most cost effective Levels to obtain are VIP Levels 1301-1305 costing on average 1,900 points each.  These Levels give the greatest amount of coverage for the best cost ..  for Limiting Incoming Marches & Rallies, reducing construction time and assisting with alliance helps.
  • The Cost per VIP level doubles with each successive level after Lvl 1306 but returns increasing Demigod Stats for those looking for the most Demigod attack, defense and health power out of VIP stats.
  • Level 1305 unlocks Gear Presets
  • Level 1310 unlocks Skills Presets

Chart showing VIP stats and Rate of Change per VIP Level.

Explosion Banner & Research – Construction Chart Updates

A new banner called the Explosion Banner was released in Game of War.   This makes the second BANNER that has Demigod combat stats along with the Devotion Banner which was the first.

Explosion Banner Highlights

While the intial Demigod Devotion Banner has Demigod Defense, and each Demigod Troop Type Attack, the Explosion Banner has the opposite with  Demigod Attack, and each Demigod Troop Type Defense.

The Devotion Banner has the following stats, increasing with Level (1-6) :

  • Demigod Attack
  • Thunderlord Defense
  • Firelord Defense
  • Waterlord Defense

The full stats for every level of this new Demigod Banner :

Game of War Explosion Banner

The number of each level required to make ONE Level 6 Explosion Banner :

  • Level 1 : 1024
  • Level 2 : 256
  • Level 3 : 64
  • Level 4 : 16
  • Level 5 : 4

Research & Construction Cost Charts

As a reminder, full search and construction cost charts can be seen from the menu on the left.

Stay tuned for more updates!

GOW Battle Mechanics – Type vs Type

Last updated on February 20th, 2018 at 06:52 pm

After determining that all new troops traps and Mythics would be completely annihilated in the Game of War when accompanied with older versions, we returned to testing individual battle mechanics of Troops, Mythics and Demigods.  Previously we had seen the pattern that Traps stood before Troops and Mythics, that Troops stood before Mythics, and that Mythics the final and last of each tier would stand along side the traps of the following next tier.   This has changed. 

Demigod Kill Priority

After running tests, we cansay that the Demigod Kill Priority is (in the order that they will die before you touch the next tier :

  1. All non-demigod old troops, traps, and mythics, and any other new troops, traps, and mythics that go along with them in the hit.
  2. T1 Demigod Traps
  3. T1 Demigod Troops & T1 Demigod Mythics
  4. T2 Demigod Traps
  5. T2 Demigod Troops & T2 Demigod Mythics
  6. T3 Demigod Traps
  7. T3 Demigod Troops & T3 Demigod Mythics
  8. T4 Demigod Traps
  9. T4 Demigod Troops & T4 Demigod Mythics


Essentially we are back to the battle mechanics that GOW started with. Traps stand in front of Troops and Mythics.  Troops and Mythics are hit at the same time. Basically, Mythics have taken on a similar role as the former siege.

Mythic Highlights:

  • They hit at the same time as Troops, and they Kill Traps.
  • They are easily killed by Troops.
  • This will help make more sense out of the game.

Here are Reports showing Trap / Mythic / Troop Kill Succession:

Game of War Demigod Kill Priority and Succession

One of the things we wanted to make sure of is that it wasn’t the type of troop trap or mythic being sent at the target which was causing the change of succssion.  We took a few other mixed test hits just to confirm and results stayed the same.  Traps stood in front.  Troops and Mythics stood together.

Type vs Type test results

The next thing we did was to test how effective Mythics, Troops and Traps were against their strength, weakness, and neutral counterparts.  Previously we were able to confirm the kill cycle.  For easy reference, we’ve included the Demigod Cycle of Death chart below.  Troops kill Mythics, Mythics kill Traps, and Traps kill Troops.

Game of War DemiGod Cycle of Death

Here is a chart containing the same information but just shown in a different format.  This format will be used to relate battle mechanics testing results in the remainder of the article.

game of war Demigod Strengths Chart, Traps, Troops, Mythics

Battle Mechanics Testing

Two things were tested.  First  – the initial attack power and loss of each single variable combination.  Second – the continual increase of defender losses for each single variable combination.  At this stage of game, both are equivalent.

1,000 Defending Demigod Troops, Traps or Mythics were placed on a tile without hero and Attacked by 5,000 Demigod Troops, Traps or Mythics without hero.  Attacking Account has decent research.  Defending account stats are as close to 0 as possible in order to get the truest outline of inherent strengths and weaknesses before research, gear, or major upgrades are added.  Here are the results.

Neutrals vs Neutrals

 game of war Demigod Strengths Chart, Traps, Troops, Mythics, Strong, strengths, neutrals, weak

Overall, what testing told us is that hitting one single type of target with Neutrals, gives like results across the board.  Troops hitting Troops killed 6 of the defenders troops.  Traps hitting Traps killed 6 of the defenders Traps, and Mythics hitting Mythics killed 5 of the Defender’s Mythics.  The result of “5” when averaged out is closesr to 6 but because we are dealing with a small amount of troops only 5 “whole” Mythics could be killed.

Strong hitting what the Type is Strong against

Side by side comparison shows that the most amount of damage done in game of war is from Traps attacking Troops – in testing above  24 Kills.  This gives over double the amount of kill power as Mythics Hitting Traps – 10 Kills, and over triple the amount of times as Troops hitting Mythics – 7 Kills.

Weak hitting what it is Weak against

Side by side comparison shows the inverse.  The worst “weak type troop/trap/mythic to hit with is Troops.  Troops attack Traps provided 1 Kill and will give up a ton more points when put to a much larger scale.  The second worst “weak type” to attack with is Traps.  Traps hitting Mythics only killed 3.  And Mythics hitting Troops only killed 4.

The Next Post – Traps as Front line Defense

The next post that will be made will be on Traps as Front Line Defense.  What attacks them the best and what defends the best.

Demigod Gem Guide

Last updated on February 21st, 2018 at 05:46 am

With the release of Demigods in Game of War, ALL old Gem Sets were rendered useless. The ONLY STATS that matter now are stats that increase your Demigod Troops, Demigod Traps, and Demigod Mythics.

GoW has begun releasing more items that have Demigod stats on them – meaning that we now need to pay attention to our setups and ensure that we have the highest Demigod stats possible.

Valentine’s Day Gems

The first set of Gems released with Demigod Stats were the Valentine’s Day 2018 Gems. These gems qualify as a “Gem Set” but do not have any form of Gem Set bonus. Please remember that even though you cannot install them as a set in Gem Presets, you can still set Gem Presets individually, one gem at a time, in order to expedite the gearing process.

Valentine’s Day Gem Stats

The following four gems were released :

  • Valentine’s Day Battlegear Gem : Demigod Attack, Demigod Trap Attack, Demigod Defense
  • Valentine’s Day Flame Sword Gem : Demigod Attack, Demigod Trap Attack
  • Valentine’s Day Frostblade Gem : Demigod Attack, Demigod Defense
  • Special Gem : Valentine’s Day Shield Deflection Gem : Demigod Attack, Demigod Trap Attack, Demigod Defense

The maximum level for these new Demigod Gems is Level 6. The full stats for every level of Valentine’s Day Demigod Gems :
Game of War Demigod Gems

Demigod Gems in Alliance Gifts

Valentine’s Day Demigod Gem Sets are currently being given out through Alliance Gifts and Mega Alliance Gifts as well. Make sure you are opening those in order to level your demigod gems up.

The number of each level required to make ONE Level 6 Demigod Gem :

  • Level 1 : 1024
  • Level 2 : 256
  • Level 3 : 64
  • Level 4 : 16
  • Level 5 : 4

Stay tuned for more updates!

Demigod Valentine Gifts And Devotion Banner

Demigod Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day in Game of War brings Alliance and Mega Alliance Valentines Gifts. Everytime a pack is bought, the alliance and the mega alliance receives a gift. These gifts help to unlock a part of the new Demigods. These Demigod Valentine’s gifts are essential to players that have yet to purchase.

Possible Valentine’s Gifts

  • Unlocks for Demigod Buildings
  • Unlocks for Demigod Research Trees
  • Unlocks for Spartan Hero
  • Valentines Demigod Gems

The Unlocks in each gift could be anywhere from 1 to 10 each .  You need 100k to unlock each part of the Demigod Resesrch, Building, or Spartan Hero. The gems can be either level one or level two gems. Once an alliance gift is received, it will expire if left unopened for 24 hours. So be vigilant about the timers on both alliance and mega alliance gifts.


Devotion Banner Valentine’s Day 2018

A level one Devotion Banner was given for free in each mail. The packs currently offer a level three Devotion Banner.  This is the first banner that has been released with new Demigod stats.

Devotion Banner Stats LvL 6

  • Thunderlord Attack 120%
  • Firelord Attack 120%
  • Waterlord Attack 120%
  • Demigod Defense 400%

Keep in mind that those are max stats. The level one banner in the mail has only .71% type attack and only 2.36% Demigod Defense.


Continue to also check your mail from Athena throughout this Valentine’s Day for Platinum Coin gifts. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the costs for Demigods Buildings and Demigod Research!

Demigod Combat Update – Old Troops vs Demigods

Demigods being released in Game of War has changed the entire landscape, leaving all of us (still) trying to nail down the new combat mechanics. In our previous post we showed the kill order for all Demigod Troops, Demigod Traps, and Demigod Mythics. We also showed that all forms of previous troops, traps, and mythics would be decimated when hit by Demigods.

However, we are now also learning that the old troops will TAKE DEMIGODS WITH THEM when they die.

What does this mean? It means that if you have large amounts of “old” troops, traps, or mythics and take a hit your Demigods can die along with the old troops.

Why is this happening? It is assumed it is due to the “Multi Kill” stat coming into play – but we are unsure as to the true cause of it.

Demigod Combat Testing

In order to better show this mechanic, we will show two hits taken by two different accounts.

Demigods Combat – Hit 1

In this hit, both the Attacker and Defender were using ALL Demigods. There are various tiers of troops, traps, and Mythics thrown in – but it will show the important information.
Game of War Demigods Combat
As you can see, the losses for both sides were very small when compared to what we are used to. This is the kind of combat that lots of GoW players have been longing for – the “old” combat system where every stat mattered – as well as troop composition.

This hit is what most hits look like in GoW between two accounts that are using only Demigods. It stings, but it is not the all or none combat that we have become used to in Game of War.

Demigods Combat – Hit 2

In this hit, the defender still had a very large number of PRE-Demigods troops, traps, and mythics. Basically, this defender had not taken a hit since Demigods came out. They built up some Demigod Troops, Demigod Traps, and Demigod Mythics and decided to take a hit.
Game of War Demigods Combat
The losses are very (very) different than what we saw in Hit 1. This is back to what we’ve grown accustomed to in GoW – every single troop, trap, and Mythic died on the defenders side. We have highlighted the report showing that even their new Demigod troops, traps, and mythics died. As we stated above – we assume this is a relic of the “Multi Kill” stat, but cannot be certain what caused it.

All that we DO KNOW at this point is that your account is absolutely NOT SAFE if you still have lots of Pre-Demigod troops, traps, and mythics.

Stay tuned for more updates – including updates to the Trap Setup, as well as full Demigod Research Costs!

Demigods – Spartan Hero

Last updated on February 8th, 2018 at 06:58 pm

With the release of Demigods in Game of War came the release of a new Hero as well. This new hero, referred to as the "Spartan Hero" in game, is the only hero that will increase your Demigod stats at all. It is also currently the only way to increase your Build speed and Research speed. Because of this, leveling your Demigods Hero is one of the most important things you can do in order to reduce the costs of Demigods moving forward.

Demigod Spartan Hero Quick Facts

  • The Spartan Hero unlocks as Level 50.
  • You need Spartan Hero Leveling Spear items to continue leveling the Hero past this point.
  • The number of Leveling Spears required ramps up incredibly quickly, while the number of stat points gained remains fairly small. This means we will need to focus again on setting our Hero skills well.

Demigod Spartan Hero Leveling Spear Cost

We will continuously update this post as more information becomes available on the new Hero. For now, these are Spartan Hero Leveling Spears costs and Skill Points gained by leveling your Hero :
Game of War Demigod Hero Spartan Hero

Stay tuned for more updates on Demigods in Game of War!

Full Demigod Building Level Costs Updated

We have updated to include the building costs for every building in Game of War. Because Level 1101 to Level 1130 is all that matters at this point, these are the only levels we have included.

Upgrading your buildings gives brand new Demigod combat stats while increasing the “standard” upgrade stats on the buildings as well, making building upgrades absolutely imperative to your success in Game of War. As you progress through the levels, buildings will start requiring Tier 2 Demigod Resources and Tier 3 Demigod Resources at the top levels – check the costs out now so you are not surprised by this.

Check out the full list of building costs in GoW here :
Demigod Buildings : Full building costs for Level 1101 to Level 1130 in Game of War.

Stronghold Level 1130 Costs

This is an example of one of our charts showing the full cost to upgrade to SH 1130 in Game of War. You can find the page that shows more detailed info here : Stronghold

Game of War Stronghold Level 1130

Demigod Hero Gear – Berserker Gear, Bastion Gear

Game of War released two new sets of gear tonight that provide large upgrades for the new Demigods. These two sets of demigod gear are the first hero gear that provide any stats (or anything at all) for Demigod Troops or Demigod Traps. As of right now, there is still no hero gear that provides any benefit to Demigod Mythics.

We are working to test this new gear and verify which pieces are the best for every situation – expect an update soon.

Berserker Gear Set

The Berserker Gear Set appears to be the best ATTACK hero gear using Demigods. This set provides a large amount of Demigod Attack, as well as several pieces providing Demigod Defense. As we stated above, we are working to see if these stats apply to Demigod Mythics (at the moment, we assume they do not).

How to Craft the Berserker Gear Set : This new gear set returns us to the days of working towards upgrading your gear (which many players have missed for quite some time). The gear requires a Berserker Design Plan that is specific to each slot, as well as THREE Berserker Gear Set Part per item crafted. This means, if you want to CRAFT the item in the Forge, you will need a total of 21 Berserker Gear Set Parts to craft a full set.

The in-game Blog does allude to being able to Enhance this gear set as well, but we will need to wait until someone has acquired a full set of Berserker Gear before we can find out any more information about that.

Berserker Gear Quick Notes :

  • Each slot has one Material necessary that is unique to that gear slot. Those unique Materials are :
    • Berserker Diagram Helm
    • Berserker Diagram Armor
    • Berserker Diagram Legs
    • Berserker Diagram Weapon
    • Berserker Diagram Accessory
  • Each piece of Berserker Gear requires THREE Berserker Gear Set Part materials. This means that these will be the new “Blue Flame” that everyone is hoping to get out of chests.
  • Currently, you can get up to Level 4 Berserker Hero Gear from packs. However, these are the already crafted Items – meaning that you cannot upgrade them past this and will still need to collect Materials in order to get higher than that.

Berserker Gear Set Stats

These are the full stats for each LEVEL of Berserker Gear, including total stats for a full set of that Level :
Game of War Berserker Gear Set

Bastion Gear Set

The Bastion Gear Set is the new go-to set for HERO DEFENSE GEAR using Demigods. This gear provides Demigod Trap Attack and Demigod Defense – with the Defense coming in much higher amounts than the Berserker Gear Set.

How to Craft the Bastion Gear Set : The Bastion hero gear set is crafted in the same fashion as the Berserker Gear Set – using Materials obtained from chests that you will need to combine up in order to increase your chances of getting a higher level. Each piece of Bastion Gear also requires a Bastion Design Plan as well as three Bastion Gear Set Parts.

The in-game Blog does allude to being able to Enhance this gear set as well, but we will need to wait until someone has acquired a full set of Bastion Gear before we can find out any more information about that.

Quick Notes :

  • Each slot has one Material necessary that is unique to that gear slot. Those unique Materials are :
    • Bastion Diagram Helm
    • Bastion Diagram Armor
    • Bastion Diagram Legs
    • Bastion Diagram Weapon
    • Bastion Diagram Accessory
  • Each piece of Bastion Gear requires THREE Bastion Gear Set Part materials.
  • Currently, you can get up to Level 3 Bastion Gear from packs. However, these are the already crafted Items – meaning that you cannot upgrade them past this and will still need to collect Materials in order to get higher than that.

Bastion Gear Set Stats

These are the full stats for each LEVEL of Bastion Gear, including total stats for a full set of that Level :
Game of War Bastion Gear Set Hero Gear

Stay tuned for more updates – including a massive update on the full costs for Demigod Building Levels and all three trees of Demigod Research!