Achemy Lab Upgrade Released – Level 25 and 26

Game of War Alchemy Lab level 25 and 26 have been released. These additional Alchemy Lab levels provide a boost to the Luck level and Range on your potion crafting. A table that has the total cost for Alchemy Lab 25 and 26 is at the bottom of this post.

A lot of people don’t understand what the “range” or “luck” levels mean. Quite simply, this means that it vastly increases the POSSIBLE stats on your Potions. Luck will increase your base stats – Range will increase the POSSIBLE stats on the Potion. This means that it will be very beneficial to make MULTIPLE potions and use the STRONGEST one.

This will illustrate the range difference from level 24 to 26. This graphic was made using our Ranged Attack potion recipe – so you can expect to see cores hitting a lot harder when people catch on to crafting multiple potions and use the one with the strongest stats.

Game of War Alchemy Lab Upgrade - Level 25 and 26

To see all of our Potion Recipes, go here :
Potion Recipes

The costs and upgrade amounts :

Alchemy Lab Upgrades
Level Stones Benefit
25 150,000 Crafting Luck : 0% >>> 5%
Potion High Range : 200% >>> 300%
26 800,000 Crafting Luck : 5% >>> 20%
Potion High Range : 300% >>> 600%

Defense Gear Comparison Updated – Obsidian Knight Stats Added

We have updated our baseline Game of War Gear Comparison chart to include Obsidian Knight. This chart shows the BASE STATS of all sets of Defense gear. You can use this chart to compare the relative strength of each set to eachother. There are two charts – one with set bonus, and one without. The set bonus shown is assuming you are skilled into full set bonus.

Check it out, and update your defense gear to what you feel is the best.

The page for this chart can be found on the Menu by clicking “Regular Gear Sets” and then clicking “Defensive Gear Sets” for future reference. Or see it here :
Gear Comparison – Defensive Stats

Permanent Defense Gear Comparison (Set Bonus INCLUDED)
Gear Set Health Defense TYPE Health TYPE Defense Enemy AD Enemy TYPE AD
Obsidian Knight 350 820 350 1700 250 300
Skeleton King 425 425 0 1830 100 240
Anniversary Colossus 0 0 350 2042 0 250
Paladin of Sola 0 1020 200 1200 228 0
Golden Shogun 0 0 0 1850 0 0
Imperial Dragon 450 1655 0 0 30 0
Frostlord 200 1670 0 0 25 0
Permanent Defense Gear Comparison (Set Bonus EXCLUDED)
Gear Set Health Defense TYPE Health TYPE Defense Enemy AD Enemy TYPE AD
Obsidian Knight 350 420 150 650 250 0
Skeleton King 125 125 0 1150 100 0
Anniversary Colossus 0 0 350 1330 0 60
Paladin of Sola 0 700 200 1000 0 0
Golden Shogun 0 0 0 1650 0 0
Imperial Dragon 390 1475 0 0 30 0
Frostlord 200 1510 0 0 25 0

Gear Workshop Update – Level 25 & 26

Gear Workshop can now be upgraded to level 25 and 26.  Pictured below are the costs per upgrade for the Gear Workshop.


Pictured below are the benefits received from GW 25 (boost to level 6) and GW 26 (boost to level 7) per Core Set Type.



As you can tell from the charts above, upgrading to Gear Workshop 26 will yield a significant boost to key battle stats.  The most notable increase is the additional 504% TDD that most rally leaders will relish and most traps will detest.

Stay connected – your gowcraft team is working hard so you can play harder!

Updated Time Orb Building Boosts

We have updated our list of maximum time orb building boosts in Game of War. This list now includes the highest possible for luck levels 24, 25, and 26. As always, if you have higher, feel free to submit it to us in the Line app – or email it to us at this address.

We’ve converted the old table into an image to make it (hopefully) easier to view.

Get to spinning orbs and maximize your boosts today!
Game of War - Maximum Time Orb Building Boosts

New Potion Recipes – Stronghold Defense and Wonder/Tile Fighting, Gem Guides Updated

We have released our latest Potion Recipes intended to help you DOMINATE your Kingdom – and these ones aren’t just for Rally Leaders.

Additionally, we have updated our Gem Guides and the Gem Set List. Every Gem Guide now includes an image that demonstrates the order (best to worst) and gives replacement options. Check them out now, make sure your gear is optimized!
Gem Sets – Gear Gem Guides

Our Stronghold Defense potion is crafted with trapping in mind – because of this, I have prioritized the ingredient order. Traps can craft this recipe with as little as one ingredient and still get a very large return on using it. Remember : Potions do receive the Hero Altar Bonus multiplier (.8) – any Troop Defense you get from a potion will reflect with an extra 80% higher in your actual stats.

The Stronghold Defense potion recipe can be found here :
Potion Recipe – Stronghold Defense

Stronghold Defense Potion Stats (Alchemy Lab 24) :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Defense Potion Alchemy Lab

The Wonder/Tile Fighting potion is designed with a different order of stat priority, and is crafted to maximize the relevant stats when fighting for the Wonder or a Tile.

The Wonder/Tile Fighting potion recipe can be found here :
Potion Recipe – Wonder/Tile Fighting

Wonder/Tile Fighting Potion Stats (Alchemy Lab 24) :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Wonder and Tile Fighting Potion

All of our potion recipes can be found here :
Potion Recipes

Optimize your potion recipes for this weekend’s KVK – DOMINATE the scoreboard.

New Gem Set – Onslaught

A new gem set has been released in Game of War, the Onslaught gem set.

This set gives a BONUS (with gem set research) of :
130% Attack
115% Defense Debuff

When you add the bonus to the stats of the gems themselves, the full set provides :
220% Attack
150% Defense Debuff
15% Health Debuff

To put this in perspective, that means each Onslaught provides an additional 45% Attack, 30% TDD, and 15% Health Debuff over Arrowstorm.

7 Onslaught sets will provide a full set of cores with :
1540% Attack
1050% Defense Debuff
105% Health Debuff

That is 315% Attack, 210% Defense Debuff, and 105% Health Debuff more than the Arrowstorm gem set.

We will update the recommended gemming and pictures with this new set later this evening.

Gem Sets Updated – Now with pretty pictures.

We are in the process of updating our lists of Gem Sets for various situations in Game of War.

The Gem Sets – Gear Gem Guides are currently up to date. Now we are going through and adding pictures that include the total stats of the gems and bonus to attempt to help you optimize your gear and gemming decisions.

Stay tuned for more updates, as well as our Potion Recipes for Stronghold Defense and Wonder/Tile battling that will be released tonight.

Gem Set Preview (handy dandy Line shareable version) :
Game of War Gem Sets - Gem Sets List

New Potion Recipes Added – Ranged and Cavalry Attack

We have added two new potion recipes to our list of recipes for the Alchemy Lab.

These two recipes are for Ranged and Cavalry Attack, and will help you to optimize your boosts and smash in this weekend’s KVK.

To see all of our potion recipes for the Alchemy Lab, go here :
Potion Recipes

Additionally, we will be adding a Stronghold Defense potion recipe (including priority order for the ingredients for traps with lower level Alchemy Labs) and a Wonder/Tile potion recipe tomorrow. Stay tuned for these, and DOMINATE your kingdom!

The stats on the Ranged Attack Potion (Alchemy Lab 24) :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Ranged Attack Alchemy Lab

The stats on the Cavalry Attack Potion (Alchemy Lab 24) :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Cavalry Attack Alchemy Lab

New Custom Potion Recipe

As promised, your gowcraft team has been working diligently to experiment with new potion recipes in the Alchemy Lab.  We have created the first gowcraft potion for our premium subscribers to take into battle with them.  Please keep in mind that the number of vials and ingredients is limited at this time.  We expect for additional vials and ingredients to be released from MZ that will allow us to further customize and enhance these potions.

This potion is leaning towards Infantry Attack to take advantage of the excessive Perses Cores that are running around at the moment.

To view the recipe, Premium subscribers can go here :
Potion Recipe – Infantry Attack
To see all of our recipes, go here :
Potion Recipes

The stats :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Infantry Alchemy Recipe

Expect more Potion recipes (including Wonder and Defense) soon!

New Construction Gear – Glorious Architect Gear

The gowcraft team hopes you and your friends are having an amazing holiday weekend.  If you were one of the early adopters to upgrade your buildings to the SH 25 and SH 26, you are probably stuffed on holiday food, spent on shopping, and just having a blast picking up the kills and # of zeroed targets who were not prepared for the Black Friday cores, higher boosts, and much bigger march size with new building upgrades.

As part of the building upgrade, MZ also released a new construction set gear to help reduce the cost of upgrading to the new buildings.  The Glorious Architect Gear is loaded with SH 25 and SH 26 specific benefits so PLEASE do not upgrade those buildings without having this gear equipped unless you are in the top 1% of players who do not worry about cost.

Below is a side by side comparison of the current construction gear vs. the new glorious architect gear.