Rally Math – Troop Selection Added

There has been a whirlwind of activity, research, and testing surrounding the release of wild troops. After spending about a month with our new (and losing quite a few) Juggernaut friends, we have come to some conclusions. The results will surprise you when it comes to selecting troop types for your rallies. It would appear as if Wilds are your quintessential glass cannon – they hit extremely hard, but are very fragile. To see a full review on the interaction between Normal, Strategic, and Wild troops as well as the best situations to use each type (as there are now situations to use each type), check out our brand new article :
Rally Math – Troop Selection.

Core Sets – Dread Captain Added

A brand new game of war core set was released tonight. We have updated our core set secret recipes with the DREAD CAPTAIN set. The update includes a picture of the stats of a fully crafted set.

Check out the Dread Captain core recipes and stats here :
Core Set – Dread Captain

The set has decent troop attack, with a splash of Cavalry attack. The main focus of the set looks like the health debuff and ranged attack debuff stats on it. Initial expectations are that this set will mainly be used for the wonder – usually to combat Orion and Emerald sets.

Have an opinion on the set? Let us know what you think! Reply here!

Prepare to Dominate – Core Setups Added

Game of War core recipes are evolving at an extremely rapid pace, with new info and findings coming out daily. It has become vitally important you ensure your hero and core sets are optimized FULLY in order to get the most burn for your buck. Due to that, we are rolling out a new feature at gowcraft – CORE SETUPS. These are write ups on every MZ core set (as well as our gowcraft debuff recipes) that will assist you in properly skilling, gemming, and setting your secret bonus. Don’t get left behind – optimize your presets now!
Core Setup – Dragon King
Core Setup – Dragon Bone
Core Setup – Ryujin (Fisherman)
Core Setup – Ra (Scorching)
Core Setup – Frostbitten
Core Setup – Four Horsemen

Orion, Odin, and Emerald coming soon. Update your presets and DOMINATE your kingdom.

Debuff Missiles Updated

Last updated on January 21st, 2016 at 08:09 am

The debuff missile core recipes have been updated. These are some of the strongest Game of War core recipes and can be used to attack (and burn) some truly astonishing target sizes. Images have been added with examples of sets that were crafted using these core recipes. If you are looking for an estimate of the result you should be looking for after crafting and gemming, check the core recipes out!

Infantry Debuff Core Recipe

Ranged Debuff Core Recipe

Cavalry Debuff Core Recipe