New Core Set – APOLLO

Last updated on June 7th, 2016 at 03:14 pm

A new core set was just released – the APOLLO core set. The stats on it appear to be a wonder set, with massive type attack debuff.

We will undoubtedly be updating our Trap Cores with the new cores and pieces as they become available.

Stay tuned for more info, as well as stats and info on the Apollo core set.

To see the secret recipes for Apollo, go here :
Core Sets – Apollo

Current only version of stats we have seen (chest recipe incorrect) :
Apollo Core Set Stats

Current Known Core/Piece Stats (Will update as more become available)

Apollo Cores and Pieces

Type Name Attributes
Core Radiant Crown Core – Infantry Defense : 62.5% – 75%
– Troop Attack : 41.67% – 50%
– Troop Health : 50% – 60%
– Enemy Infantry Attack Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
– Enemy ranged Attack Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
Core Radiant Pauldron Core (Chest) – Enemy Infantry Attack Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
– Enemy Ranged Attack Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
– Enemy Cavalry Attack Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
– Enemy Infantry Health Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
– Enemy Ranged Health Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
– Enemy Cavalry Health Debuff : 83.33% – 100%
Core Radiant Flare Core (Accessory) – Troop Health : 33.33% – 40%
– Enemy Infantry Attack Debuff : 62.5% – 75%
– Enemy Ranged Attack Debuff : 41.67% – 50%
– Enemy Cavalry Attack Debuff : 208.33% – 250%
Piece Apollo Sigil – Troop Health : 16.67% – 20%
– Enemy Cavalry Health Debuff : 29.17% – 35%
Piece Apollo Tribute – Infantry Attack : 25% – 30%
Piece Book of Omens – Enemy Infantry Attack Debuff : 25% – 30%
– Enemy Ranged Attack Debuff : 25% – 30%
Piece Bottled Disease – Infantry Attack : 8.33% – 10%
– Enemy Infantry Attack Debuff : 12.5% – 15%
– Enemy Ranged Attack Debuff : 29.17% – 35%
Piece Olympian Bowstring – Ranged Attack : 16.67% – 20%
– Enemy Ranged Attack Debuff : 25% – 30%
Piece Silver Lyre String – Infantry Attack : 16.67% – 20%
– Ranged Attack : 16.67% – 20%
– Enemy Infantry Attack Debuff : 25% – 30%
Piece Tail of Pytho – Troop Health : 25% – 30%

Gowcraft Smash Update and New Tip of the Day

Our GOWCRAFT SMASH competition is coming to an end. Submissions will be accepted until midnight tonight, EST. Expect to see the top hits from the last week posted tomorrow!

Also, we have added a tip of the day for Premium users. This tip will tell you a trick to complete infernos at very little cost – and make massive profits in gold, materials, chests, cores, and pieces in doing so.

Premium members can check out our inferno trick here :
Premium TOTD – Nearly Free Infernos

Tip of the day – Buying Packs at a Discount LEGALLY

Lots of folks spend lots of money on Game of War. That’s just how it is. Some folks use pack loaders – and while cheaper, this is AGAINST THE TERMS OF SERVICE. Use extreme caution when doing this.

That said, there is a very simple way to get packs cheaper – and it’s entirely legal in the TOS. Using an Android Device or Kindle Fire you can purchase packs using Amazon Coins for a very large discount. Even if you don’t have an Android or Kindle Fire – if you buy THREE PACKS you will pay for the purchase of a new Kindle Fire. I actually bought a Kindle Fire specifically for this. And it paid for itself immediately.

If you are even a very light spender in GoW, you will save money doing this. See our full write-up on how to easily get cheap packs here :
Tip – LEGAL Discount Packs in GoW

New Gem – Bulwark Gem

A new gem has been released. Despite some initial confusion – it is definitely 35% TROOP defense.

Initially the blog said Troop, but the released gem was cavalry. It appears to have been fixed now.


Oops – Emperor Blog Mishap

Game of War Blog Mishap - LuBall is Emperor

In an impressive display of non-proof reading (or lack of…caring?) – MZ posted this Blog post last night. 12 hours later, it’s STILL UP. And still not listing properly.

While everybody loves Umpa, his reign as Emperor has been over for quite some time.

Don’t worry, LuBall – we here at gowcraft respect the 50 Hades sets and innumerable boosts that you blew last Super Wonder.

We will get back to math and burning updates soon. This was just fairly amusing :-).

Core Recipe – Ranged 200b Burner

We have added the latest massive target burner to our Core Recipes section.

The ranged version of this set is even stronger than the Infantry version. This set will zero all boosts on a max research huge account, and should pack enough of a punch to burn some extremely large targets.

To see the Ranged 200b Burner, go here :
Core Recipe – Ranged 200b Burner

Remember, if you need replacement pieces – or have tweaks, additions, or improvements to the set – check out our Gowcraft Premium Forums. In there we will assist you with building your own version of these cores (if needed). I’ve also posted the methodology behind building these sets, as well as some other versions of them on the Premium forums.

Go make a set before your flash KVK, and surprise burn a 150b!

Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Ranged 200b Burn

Gowcraft Smash Contest – Week of 5/23/2016

Gowcraft Smash - Top Hit Contest
We are excited to announce the first ever GOWCRAFT SMASH Contest!

How it works : Submit your top hits to the Brag Boards in our Premium Forums. Next Monday, we will take the top hits and post them on the front page. The hits will include your name, alliance, and Kingdom.
This week’s smash contest will include the top hits for the following :
– Most power destroyed
– Most kills
– Highest power burned
– Highest troop count burned
– Top solos (YOLO SOLO)

Happy hunting! Start submitting your best hits now!

Gowcraft Premium Now Active

Gowcraft Premium is now active. Check out the sign-up page here : Gowcraft Premium

What it includes :
– Access to our Premium Forums
– Access to the team – ask questions dealing with anything Game of War related on the forums and have some of the top brains in the game respond and assist you.
– Access to the Brag Boards – Post your big hits here, and take part in our Gowcraft Smash contests. These contests will run for one week at a time, and the winners will be posted on the front page every week.
– Access to more custom core recipes. More specific, targetted custom cores – as well as discussion on which targets to hit with them.