New Premium Recipe, NEW optimal hero skilling!

We have two updates today. First and foremost there is a new optimal way to skill your hero in Game of War for MANY of the top core sets in the game. With the addition of more points from 61-65, you can now skill into Base Set Bonus without sacrificing offensive stats. To see the new optimal tree for sets like Nike, to here :
Hero 61+ Offensive Skills

Additionally there’s a new premium recipe!

This recipe is another take on our popular Nike Kingslayer Cores but is much cheaper and uses only common pieces!

Check out the iShaw Destruction Budget Kingslayer recipe to see a very easy to make recipe that will zero the stats on large targets that are baiting, holding the wonder, or marching. Use this recipe to zero those 60b in your Kingdom that feel safe sleeping in gemmed and skilled Chancellor’s gear.

See the new premium recipe here :
iShaw Destruction Budget Kingslayer

This recipe is the first that we are using the new way of hero skilling mentioned above – and if you want to change the recipe up some you can achieve the highest TDD we have run to date while still zeroing all other stats. Check it out, and surprise your kingdom tonight.

Hero Level 65 Released – 70 Still to Come

Game of War released hero level 65 tonight. The Prison is showing the top level of captured hero as 70, so that is sure to come. Whether it will be soon or far away remains to be seen.

NOTE : THERE IS AN INFERNO RIGHT NOW THAT REWARDS MASSIVELY (40m gold, lots of items) FOR LEVELING YOUR HERO UP. Try to wait on this inferno to level it up.

In order to level up your hero, you need both Hero XP (lots) and “Heroic Medal” – a new item that is available in Packs and some Solo Events.

Hero Level 61-65 Requirements
Level XP Required Heroic Medals
61 7,500,000,000 1,500
62 25,000,000,000 5,000
63 70,000,000,000 14,000
64 130,000,000,000 28,000
65 300,000,000,000 50,000

Additionally, lots of people have been asking about the Hero 65 Unlock Pack. After purchasing the first pack, you’re given the ability to buy the “Hero Bundle Pack.” This pack is a one-time purchase and has :
15,000,000 Gold
15,000,000,000 Hero XP
2,000 Heroic Medal
3 Heroic Orders
3 Blessed Orb
3 Ransom Note
40,000 Days Speed-Ups
150,000,000,000 Each RSS type

Details on Hero Levels :
Level 61 :
Mythic Monster Attack, Troop Health on Tile, Hero Construction Blessing, Treasury Deposit Bonus
Level 62Level 63 :
Unlock All March Recall, Hero Training Blessing, Altar Boost Duration, Mythic Gather Speed
Level 64 :
Troop Defense III, Hero Research Blessing, Alliance Helps on Mythic Monster Kill
Level 65 :
Troop Attack II, Resource Send Capacity, Upkeep Reduction, Core Crafting Luck, Bonus Alliance Streak

New Research Gear – New Speed-up Treasury

Today saw the release of an entirely new set of research gear in Game of War – the Oracle set. With the recent addition of massive resources (500b) and speeds (85k) in packs, it’s now easier than ever to get that research done (thankfully). The gear is obtainable through in game sales currently – with a 7 part unlock pack giving you the full set. I’ll say that again, to avoid the inevitable comments asking what come in the unlock packs – each next pack you unlock will give you another legendary piece of Oracle gear. Whether you want to go for the full 7 that way, or only buy some and attempt to craft the rest with the materials you’ve obtained is up to you.

The Oracle set secret bonus for both 5/7 includes all the same results as Chancellor – Troop Load, March Speed, Gold Gathering Speed, RSS Help Capacity, etc. Nothing pertaining to research speed or research cost reduction.

The comparison, including Oracle gear set stats :
Game of War Oracle Gear Set Stats

In addition to adding the Oracle set, we also saw the release of a new building – the Speed-up Treasury. How this works : Deposit a speed-up (varying sizes, based on how long you want it to accrue). The 24 hour option, you deposit a 3-day and are returned a 10-day speed. Example :
Game of War Speed Up Treasury

Don’t forget : Merge events are SATURDAY NIGHT. Prepare your No Hero Burners and Trap Cores now – and DOMINATE!

Merge KvK Prep, New March Boosts

A new boost came out today – 175% March Boost. New march sizes in Game of War :
Max solo march : 1,983,932
Max rally march : 6,480,357

Adjust traps accordingly for your KVK this weekend!

Game of War KVK Merge Preparation

The KvK merge events scoring system has been (mostly) released – and it is power destroyed. This means that traps will still be able to score well if they’re built correctly (even if they burn). It also means that large players that were considering taking heroless rallies should avoid doing that unless they are built specifically to win on power.

Tips and tricks for a Power destroyed merge event :

Rally Leaders
– Be familiar with what you are hitting. Do not continue hitting 12:1 T2 traps that are winning on power unless they are offline and not boosting, so you know you will be able to get into their T3/4 troops. Even then – if they are a 12:1 ratio trap, you will still lose on power (and points) by zeroing them if they’re built well.
– HOLD THE WONDERS. In a 1v1 Power Destroyed event, the Wonder points will add up IMMENSELY. If you want to win the event, you MUST either hold the wonders or hope that you get lucky and get a big zero.
– Use caution for bait gear, but also track targets that are baiting. If a 70b has been sitting in Chancellor’s gear for five hours without their helps or power moving – there’s a possibility they fell asleep. Zeroing that target can often win the event for you in a 1v1. Take chances on targets like this. Lots of folks’ bait gear is not ready for the Kingslayer Cores or Nike Kingslayer. Use these recipes on targets that you think are offline in bait gear.
– Have lots of No Hero Burners ready to go. When the opponent sets rally on one of your traps that you know will cap their hero, get a scout! Look what’s behind those walls. Often times players up to 125b are soloable if they’re lower troop count and you’re high research. It is always better to land a big no hero rally hit on someone – but lots of folks are smart enough not to take those now. Don’t be afraid to boost up and solo someone that loses their hero.

– Prepare some defensive cores. Even if you burn, POWER trade is what matters here. Traps will frequently be what makes or breaks a 1v1 KVK for your kingdom. If you know that you will not cap the enemy hero because of your setup, make some defensive cores and build some T1 (Don’t nerf yourself!). Increase the power spread.
– Prepare specific anti-type core sets to cap specific coresets. When you see someone running an Ares, port around them. Bait them into hitting them with the knowledge that Ares is coming. Pop your Anti-Ares cores and win on power.
– LET YOUR RALLY LEADERS KNOW if you are confident that you will cap a hero. Let them know if you will NOT cap. Use the members of your alliance to scout them and tell you what is coming and adjust accordingly.

Most importantly : If this is a merge event, remember that these people are your future Kingdom mates. Show them that you’re a force to be reckoned with. Also know that you will soon be stuck with them – one way or another :-).

New Ancient Kingdoms, and Kingdom Merge Prep

At long last, there are new ancient kingdoms in Game of War. For several months, the 700+ Kingdoms have been withering and complaining about not being Ancient or having a merge yet. This has finally changed. There will be several Merge events happening this weekend (along with the KVKs for the rest of us). Because of this, we will be preparing a Merge Prep Guide to attempt to help you DOMINATE your merge event and make a name for yourself and your alliance in your new kingdom (or, hopefully, old kingdom with some new faces).

Game of War KVK Merge Preparation

As soon as the scoring is released for the event, you can expect an in depth guide on the best way to go about it. Some initial tips and tricks, though :

– Up to this point, the vast majority of the merge events have been 1v1 events with a tier based scoring system.
– This means that traps play an ENORMOUS part in the events. Due to the fact that it’s 1v1, rally leaders should not just go around hitting everything. BAD HITS WILL LOSE THE EVENT FOR YOU.
– This also means that large players can score massively point positive hits by exercising the “flames of victory” method. If the scoring system is the same as it used to be, T2 troops only yield 5 POINTS per kill. T4 troops yield 100. This means, with a 6.4m troop rally coming at you, the enemy has to kill 128m t2 to be a points positive hit. Obviously this is subject to the actual scoring in the events – but if history repeats itself this will be the case.

Recommendations for rally leaders :
– Make a no hero custom (or two) for both Cavalry and Ranged using our Ares 200b Burner and Poseidon No Hero sets. Use this in tandem with your Nike sets. Obviously Nike is the best option – but I would fully expect some large players to be stacked on certain tiers for this event, and you need to be ready to hit them with their opposite.
– Stack T2. Lots of it (don’t nerf yourself). If the event does end up being tier based, take a hit or two when/if you lose your hero.
– SMART TARGETS. Don’t just hit anything like you normally would in a 12 way KVK. This will lose the event for you.
– Wonder battles are much more lucrative in 1v1 KVKs. Those points actually add up and matter if it’s only you versus one other kingdom.

Recommendations for traps :
– Every point counts. Make some custom defensive cores (Black Hole Cores) and use them to go for the hero cap.
– If you know you can’t cap the enemy hero, but also know you’ll only lose 10m T2 – take the hit. Win on points. Flames of victory.

As soon as the actual scoring systems for this weekend’s events are released we will be releasing a much more updated and detailed guide to preparing for it. Stay tuned.

Remember, this is what you’ve all been waiting for – go big or go home (or lose your home…)

New Premium Recipe – Poseidon No Hero

In the never ending battle to catch people over 100b on fire, we have posted our latest no hero recipe. This premium recipe is a ranged version of the no hero burners. Frequently, I have seen targets that are very heavy on infantry in their bottom tier of troops to try to combat the Nike/Infantry/Cavalry no hero burners. This recipe is intended to surprise those guys.

Premium members can check out the recipe at :
Premium Recipe – Poseidon No Hero

As an added bonus, they will see Poseidon coming at them and think that they’re about to cap your hero.

The stats :
Game of War Core Recipe - Poseidon No Hero

Cook one up today, and surprise some 100-200b players in your kingdom!

Defensive Gear Set Comparison, No Hero Math updated

We have updated the math for No Hero stats in our Rally Math section. The no hero numbers will now reflect max research (march 15 included), VIP 22, and all buildings level 23. To see the specific numbers required, you can go to our Rally Math menu and select what you’re looking for.

Additionally, we have a Hero Out Stats Quick Reference to make this process faster, if you want to skip the math and just see the numbers.

Also, there have been lots of questions flying around about permanent defense gear – if the new sets are actually an upgrade, why/what they do, etc. Due to this, we have done a comparison of the stats on all of the most recent permanent defense gear to assist you in deciding which gear to go with. The page will be updated any time new permanent defense gear is released, and can be found here :
Gear Comparison – Defensive Sets

For those of you that just want the data without having to navigate to it, here ya go :

Permanent Defense Gear Comparison (Set Bonus INCLUDED)

Gear Set Health Defense TYPE Health TYPE Defense Enemy AD Enemy TYPE AD
Anniversary Colossus 0 0 350 2042 0 250
Paladin of Sola 0 1020 200 1200 228 0
Golden Shogun 0 0 0 1850 0 0
Imperial Dragon 450 1655 0 0 30 0
Frostlord 200 1670 0 0 25 0

Permanent Defense Gear Comparison (Set Bonus EXCLUDED)

Gear Set Health Defense TYPE Health TYPE Defense Enemy AD Enemy TYPE AD
Anniversary Colossus 0 0 350 1330 0 60
Paladin of Sola 0 700 200 1000 0 0
Golden Shogun 0 0 0 1650 0 0
Imperial Dragon 390 1475 0 0 30 0
Frostlord 200 1510 0 0 25 0

New Premium Recipe Added – Scout Cores

We have added a new premium core recipe to the Premium Section. These are “scout cores” – which are intended to be used to hit larger trap accounts that you aren’t certain about. Frequently there are targets that are right on the verge of being zeroable, but you aren’t quite sure if they’ve got too many troops for the gear they’re wearing. These cores are designed to get a “scout” and return some troops and your hero – then you decide if you want to go for the zero.

The recipe is posted here :
Premium Recipe – Scout Cores

Some example hits using “scout cores” on targets that would normally have taken the hero on a standard attack rally – but were saved due to the scout cores (and we then knew to either move on, or core hard and go for the zero) :
Game of War Core Recipe - Scout Cores

Note : For those of you that are trying your hand at health trapping, this core recipe will also suffice as an anti-Nike if you have the proper troop count for it. Post on our Premium Forums with any questions you might have about this.

Coming tomorrow : Poseidon No Hero Cores (in the same vein as the Ares 200b Burner). Stay tuned, and burn those Infantry stacking targets in your kingdom!

Status Update : Health Trap

We are still tweaking the build and guide for the health trap.

We took it at 2.6b power into the Collo this morning with mixed results. And by “mixed results” we, of course, mean “did well against some things but got absolutely obliterated by Nike.”

So, stand by. It is still a work in progress. There’s a reason you don’t see many even spread 2.6b power traps capping heros. We are still working on finding the line. Expect an update soon :-).

Colossus Review, Double Building, Upcoming Trap Guide

We have a couple updates this morning.

First of all, we have reviewed the Colossus monster drops. They are underwhelming.
To see the colossus review, go here :
Monster Review – Colossus

Additionally, a new boost is active in game – double construction. This boost allows you to build two buildings at once. There is no real impact, other than perhaps saving you some construction boosts.

Finally, later today we will be posting a full guide (with cores and build setups included) on a somewhat under the radar subject : the health trap. Stay tuned for a full write up on how to build it, why it works, and what it takes.