Power Shaman Gear Set

To accompany the newly released Gear Workshop, MZ has released the new Power Shaman Gear Set.  This set vastly reduces the POWER ESSENCE cost needed for Powering Up your equipment by 90%.  Currently, MZ has NOT released any gems or hero skills that will further decrease the POWER ESSENCE cost.  We recommend that you utilize Defense oriented gems to further enhance the Seven-Piece Set bonus for the Shaman Gear Set.

We also recommend skilling your hero for the left side and ensure you max out the Altar related Skills, Troop Defense, Enemy Attack & Health Debuff, Troop Health and place remaining points in the Troop Type Defense/Health Skills…Great bait gear 😉

  • Five-Piece Set Bonus: 100% Stronghold March Speed Debuff
  • Seven-Piece Set Bonus: 1,000% Troop Defense (all 3 types)

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-19-00-25 screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-19-00-44 screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-19-01-00

New Research Added – New Gems

New research was added in Game of War – Gem Sets.

These gem sets give bonus stats for using specific combinations of gems (when research is done).

To see our breakdown on the new Gem Sets, as well as a comparison of the new sets against the old gemming (mathematically broken down and showing which way is better), go here :
Rally Math – Gem Set Comparison

The table on that page will provide exact stats for each gem set and line them up against the “old way” of gemming – several instances the old way is still better. Some instances the new gem sets are dominant (the wonder).

At initial glance, several of these presets will be straight upgrades over current gemming.

The new gems :
Game of War - New Gems

And the gem presets, along with the bonuses provided (the bonuses are provided when you have done both level 1 and 2 of the research – the first level only yields 50% of the bonus) :
Game of War - Gem Sets

New Building – Gear Workshop

What a week in GOW!  With the end of the month and the end of the quarter fast approaching, MZ has unleashed a plethora of upgrades including the new Gear Workshop building.  Similar to the other buildings within Strong Hold, the Gear Workshop building must be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 24 for greater benefits.  In addition to the normal RSS requirement that each building has, you will also need to have POWER JEWELs and POWER ESSENCE to upgrade the Gear Workshop.  See chart for benefits at each level of Gear Workshop:

Workshop Levels

The biggest advantage to having the Gear Workshop is that you will be able to “Power Up” your Regular Gear and Cores for greater boosts.  The boosts vary based on the gear or cores you are Powering Up.


Based on our initial testing with using this feature on the Bacchus Core Set, we were able to add an incredible 1,260% Attack for the complete set or 180% Attack per Core Equipment.  This incredible boost is temporary and will expire along with the core you choose to boost.  Think about these in the same respect as current boosts available through packs (just a little more steps to apply).

For majority of the Regular Gear, we found that the gear set can be boosted for an incredible 70% boost or 10% boost per equipment.  From the Oracle example above, we were able to increase the full set research speed by 70% with the Level 10 Power up option.  See images below as reference for an accessory from the Bacchus set and the Head gear from the Oracle Set.

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-20-36-55 screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-20-37-50

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-20-38-39You will also be able to Salvage existing equipment (regular gear and core) for Power Essence.  There is a 20 minute cool down period after you salvage one existing equipment.  You have the option of purchasing Salvaging Mallets in packs to speed past the cool down period.

Please keep in mind that Power Essence is required for upgrading the building and for powering up the equipment.  Your options are to purchase this item in Packs or craft and break/salvage items to harvest. Great way to finally get rid of all the old cores and gear that you have…craft and break down 🙂



The image to the left shows what will be required to upgrade the Gear Workshop from level 23 to 24.  We will add a table for each level in the next update.

Stay Connected!!!  Much more to come!!!




Updates Galore

It has been a busy week in Game of War.

As the week progresses, we will be updating the following :
– Information on the Workshop, as well as Shaman gear and what to expect from that.
– Information on the Pegasus set.
– Information on the new Academy 24 only research.

A quick rundown on the research :
It’s confirmed. The research is there after Academy 24 is opened. It does double the Defense tree (your defense tree is now at 10/20).

That said, the increases from it are not earth shattering. At trillions of resources and hundreds of thousands of speedups (not to mention hammers) to even unlock it – then additional trillions of RSS and speeds to DO the research, it does seem like it is geared largely towards to the folks that want to go for the Super Wonder. The returns from having it done are fairly minimal from a cost to reward standpoint – for instance, going from 10-20 Troop Attack only provides an additional 25% attack.

We will update with more screenshots and costs in the near future.

Additionally, the Bacchus TDD custom will be released. It is, however, much weaker than the Artemis custom. The attack inherent on the Bacchus pieces is much lower than the Artemis pieces, meaning the set itself is much weaker unless you use the MZ recipes for it.

Stay tuned!

Rally Math – Max Building Boosts Updated

We have been trying to keep our max building boosts lists updated – but with the crazy orb inferno glitch, obviously the boosts have been flying in and being upgraded nonstop by everyone lucky enough to have taken part in the now infamous Orbferno.

That said, you can check out our maximum known building boosts here :
Rally Math – Maximum Building Boosts List

From what we’ve seen, the following information has become more readily apparent (subject to change when higher is found, obviously) :
– Building Luck caps at level 24. We assume this caps at whatever level the building is – meaning it will go up when level 25 is released.
– Multiplier caps at X40. Typically, if you get anything over X35, stick with it. Unless you just like pressing Use Orbs a lot. X39.5 seems to be much more common than X40.

Our current max boosts list, updated as of 10:00 a.m. CST on 9/22/16 (new boosts will be found by 10:15 a.m.) :

Maximum Known Building Boosts


Building Max Total Boost Max Base Boost Max Multiplier
Stronghold Attack : 199.32% Attack : 4.99% Attack : X40
Academy Defense Debuff : 73.69% Defense Debuff : 1.87% Defense Debuff : X39.5
Altar Type Attack : 117.94% Type Attack : 3.01% Type Attack : X39.5
Barracks Defense : 10.84%
Type Health : 48.71%
Troop Queue : 72.12%
Type Health : 1.23% Type Health : X39.5
Embassy Defense : 44.63%
Embassy Defense : 0.99%
Defense : 1.17% Defense : X15
Forge Health : 86.62% Health : 2.22% Health : X39
Gymnos Hero Attack : 1.09%
Type Attack : 120.85%
Type Attack : 3.12% Type Attack : X39
Hall of War Attack : 77.19% Attack : 1.96% Attack : X39
Hospital Type Health : 40.85% Type Health : 1.24% Type Health : X33
Marketplace Health Debuff : 56.56% Health Debuff : 1.71% Health Debuff : X33
Prison Attack : 73.03%
Defense Debuff : 0.54%
Attack : 1.87% Attack : X39
Storehouse Type Attack : 121.39% Type Attack : 3.11% Type Attack : X39
Villa Type Health : 35.87%
Troop Attack : 4.28%
Type Health : 1.12% Type Health : X32
Walls Defense : 40.2% Defense : 1.34% Defense : X30
Watchtower Attack Debuff : 69.21% Attack Debuff : 1.87% Attack Debuff : X37

Final Level 24 Buildings Added

Game of War released the final level 24 buildings today.

Additionally, a new building : Gear Workshop. We will update as more information becomes available on the Gear Workshop, so stay tuned.
As of right now :
– It takes Power Jewels and Power Essence to level up.
– It takes Power Essence and Raw Power to boost your items.
– You can salvage items at Workshop level 24 – what you get for salvaging remains to be seen.
– “Powering up” an item increases the “important stats” on it. You can power up cores. For instance – Powering up Nike items gives Infantry Attack. Powering up Blacksmith items gives Craft speed, etc.

Note : You can obtain power essence by breaking old gear. So use old materials to craft old gear – then break it. This will net you some Power Essence.

New Max Rally Size (200% boost) : 8,000,000

Level 24 Buildings


Building Boosts Resources Hammers
Hall of War Rally Attack Bonus : 32.5% >> 50%
Rally Capacity : +739,285
(New Max : 8,000,000)
W : 3.581t
S : 3.646t
O : 3.622t
F : 3.638t
Prison Attack Bonus (50+) : 50% >> 70% W : 1.722t
O : 1.742t
S : 1.729t
F : 1.741t
Forge Core High Range : 20% > 30%
Core Duration : 6.5% >> 8.5%
Crafting Speed : 170% >> 200%
Unlock Power Up
W : 1.965t
S : 1.969t
O : 1.998t
F : 1.973t
Academy Research Speed : 60% >> 80% W : 4.186t
S : 4.203t
O : 4.239t
F : 4.236t
Gymnos Additional Skill Points : +10
Hero XP : 150% >> 170%
Additional Monster Points : +9
: 999b
S : 986b
O : 992b
F : 999b
Storehouse Storage : +150,000,000 Wood : 392b
S : 396b
O : 393b
F : 396b

Dungeoneer Set

Last updated on February 1st, 2017 at 10:46 pm

The Explorer Dungeon can provide a strategic advantage in the form of Cores, Gold, Boosts, and Titles for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for those who are willing to spend money and time to make it through the deepest level of the dungeon.  A critical aspect of being able to successfully traverse the dungeon is to ensure you have your Dungeon gear setup appropriately.

The Dungeoneer Set is the latest and greatest hero gear to equip when facing terrifying monsters in the dungeon.

Dungeon Set

The best gems to use in your Dungeoneer Set are:

Explorer Crit Gem – Dungeon Critical Hit 1% and Dungeon Critical Damage 5%
Bulwark Gem – Troop Defense 35%
Defense Gem – Toop Defense 25%
Aegis Gem – Troop Defense 35%

When skilling your hero, please ensure you max out the points for the Base Set Bonus on the right side of the skill tree and then work your way down the left side of the skill tree to max out the Full Set Bonus.  NOTE: The Monster Skill Tree does NOT apply to the Dungeon Monsters, so skilling it will have no benefit for the Dungeoneer Set.

As a best practice, we suggest that you utilize the remaining hero skill points in the order defined below.  This sequence will ensure that your strong hold can better withstand a potential Solo Attack or a Rally Attack in the event you are disconnected from the game or fall asleep in the 23rd hour with hero home :-).

  1. Altar Defense
  2. Troop Defense (All available)
  3. Altar Health
  4. Troop Health 2 and 1
  5. Troop Type Defense
  6. Troop Type Health
  7. Enemy Attack Debuff
  8. Enemy Health Debuff
  9. Remaining points can be added to the Various Attack Skills

Below is an example of the Set Bonus that the Dungeoneer Set provides (higher numbers are available).

Dungeon SetDungeon Set

New Core Set – Bacchus Added

The newest “superset” core set has come out in Game of War – the Bacchus core set. This set is for Cavalry attack, which means that it is now much more dangerous for smaller traps to stack one type of troop.

The set bonuses on it are similar to Artemis and Nike, which means that it will smash heroless (and everything else) just like Artemis and Nike.

The stats for Bacchus, gemmed (as shown), but NOT EQUIPPED (which means the set bonuses will NOT BE SHOWING – and the set bonuses ARE HUGE).
Game of War Core Set - Bacchus Stats

To see the secret recipes, go here :
Core Sets – Bacchus

Stronghold 24 (and 25?) Released

The next batch of building upgrades has released in Game of War.

This is a very quick and dirty post. Expect this post to be updated in the near future with exact amounts and boosts provided by the upgrades.

New max solo size : 2,764,290
New max rally size : 7,260,715

Initially, the buildings that can now be upgraded :
Stronghold 24 – March Size +200k (New base march 921,430 – which means with a 200% boost the new solo size is 2,764,290)
Altar 24 – Increases altar boost – Attack : 53%>>80%, Defense : 53%>>65%, Health : 53%>>65%, March Speed : 25%>>30%
Barracks 24 – Health Debuff : 10%>>20%, Defense : 12%>>14%, Troop Queue : +6,000
Villa 24 – Attack : 4%>>6%, Train Speed : 29%>>31%
Embassy 24 – Embassy Defense : 32.5%>>50%, Reinf Capacity : +1,250,000
Watchtower 24 – Enemy Attack Debuff : 55%>>85%
Marketplace 24 – Gathering Speed : 15%>>25%, Troop Load : 15%>>25%, Trade March : 160%>>200%, Mythic Tile Gather Speed : 500%
Hospital 24 – Health : 9%>>11%, Capacity : +30,000, Healing Speed : 3%>>4%
Walls 24 – Trap Attack : 40%>>65%, Trap Count : +75,000, Trap Train Speed : 30%>>50%, Trap Defense : 35%>>60%
Farm, Logging Camp, Mine, Quarry 24 – Resources and capacity increase.

Level 24 Costs
Building Food Stone Wood Ore Hammers Days (640.5% Boost)
Stronghold 494 494 491 499 65,000 59,573
Farm 0 280 278 277 45,100 32,765
Mine 279 276 276 0 45,100 32,765
Quarry 278 0 279 278 45,100 32,765
Logging Camp 274 276 0 274 45,100 32,765
Barracks 423 425 424 428 69,700 50,637
Hospital 423 424 428 429 69,700 50,637
Villa 423 429 425 426 69,700 50,637
Watchtower 629 629 622 621 102,500 165,481
Marketplace 298 274 298 296 49,200 35,743
Walls 279 278 277 279 45,100 32,765
Embassy 688 698 698 690 114,800 185,338
Altar 2,635 2,635 2,679 2,674 438,600 318,714
Total 7,125 7,135 7,174 7,172 1,204,700 1,080,584

I will format this and update to include costs as information becomes available.

Additionally, it looks like level 25 will require “Stone Columns” – which are yet to be released.

New Troop Train Gear – Exalted General Set

The Exalted General Set is the latest troop training gear released by MZ boasting a much higher training speed and a significantly higher troop queue bonus vs. the older Grand Marshal Set.  Below is a side by side comparison of the newly released Exalted General Set vs. the Grand Marshal Set to help you decide on an upgrade.

Troop Training Speed: The Exalted General Set is 212% faster
Troop Queue Bonus: The Exalted General Set has a 2500% larger boost
Tier 4 Resource Cost Reduction: The Exalted General is 1.25% better


Bulleted below are the optimum gems to have in your training gear:

  • Recruiter Gem – Troop Queue Bonus 25%
  • Wisdom Gem – Training Speed 5%
  • Training Gem – Training Speed 6%
  • Discipline Gem – Training Speed 10%

To adequately skill your hero for troop training: (RS = Right Side Hero Skills & LS = Left Side Hero Skills)

  • RS – 25/25 for Troop Training Cost Reduction
  • RS – 25/25 for the Base Set Bonus
  • RS – 25/25 for Troop Training Capacity
  • LS – 15/15 for Troop Training
  • LS – 35/35 for Troop Training II
  • LS – 50/50 for Troop Training III
  • LS – 25/25 for Full Set Bonus
  • LS – 35/35 for Trap Building II
  • LS – 15/15 for Trap Building

As a best practice, we reccomend you utilize the remaining hero skill points in the order defined below.  This sequence will ensure that your strong hold can better withstand a potential Solo Attack or a Rally Attack in the event you are disconnected from the game or fall asleep in the 23rd hour with hero home 🙂

  1. Altar Defense
  2. Troop Defense 2 and 1
  3. Altar Health
  4. Troop Health 2 and 1
  5. Troop Type Defense
  6. Troop Type Health
  7. Enemy Attack Debuff
  8. Enemy Health Debuff
  9. Remaining points can be added to the various attack skills