Pantheon Level 22 to 30 Released

You can now upgrade the Pantheon building to level 30 and gain massive increases battle stats along with the ability to select 3 Deities at once.  Due to the significant increases in Defense Debuff and Attack, we highly recommend our trap friends find someone to test their current setup quickly to ensure they are ready for the Kill Event.

  • Troop Attack – 125,000%
  • Troop Type Attack – 125,000%
  • Defense Debuff – 5,000%
  • Health Debuff – 15,000%

In order to upgrade the Pantheon, you will need Divine Obsidians.  We have compiled the amount needed by level for your convenience below.

Full Details on the Pantheon Level 30

Game of War Pantheon Level 30 Divine Obsidian

Chop, Ransom, or Release (CRR)

Many of our readers and premium members have requested us to provide an in-depth explanation of what the CRR program is, why they should or should not follow it, and how to implement it at a kingdom level.  Before we dive in, we want to disclose to you that the gowcraft team is biased in favor of having a kingdom-wide CRR program and we understand that this is a polarizing topic with very vocal players on both sides.  That being said, we will do our best to present the key points from each side of the proverbial coin. In addition, we will also highlight some best practices that you can follow if you feel this is something your alliance and kingdom would benefit from.

What is it?
The CRR program is a kingdom-wide agreement amongst all or high majority of the alliances to chop, ransom, or release heroes captured during non-kill event times.  This is enforced by the leadership of each abiding alliance to ensure that captured heroes are allowed to “play-on” without wasting time, cores, and boosts.  To give some historical context, this program started as a grass-root effort during the great hemlock shortage back when crafting a new core set cost 14+ packs…rally leaders were forced to ration hemlocks for Kill Events.  As the idea gained traction, players in kingdoms like Pelagos #386 quickly realized the various advantages of the program and worked to expand it kingdom-wide.

The advantages
Smart Rally Leaders – with the ever-increasing pace of new releases from GOW, r
ally leaders need the experience from attacking a large number of targets to successfully gauge various trap/target setups during non-kill event times.  This allows them to make better decisions in picking targets to rally or solo during a kill event and thus gaining more points for the rally leader, alliance and kingdom.

Smarter Traps – traps also need to constantly adjust their setup given the pace of releases from GOW.  More traps are targeted during non-kill event, allowing more of them to make appropriate adjustments which lead to more points during kill events.  Most of the kingdoms that get decimated in kill events have the same thing in common…Targets are not tested with new releases by strong rally leaders.  

And yes, the kingdom still benefits when traps are zeroed during non-kill event times under this program…they wont cost the kingdom massive points during kill events and lets be honest – every healthy/vibrant kingdom must have zeroes! 😈 Troops are cheap so most will recover and make the proper adjustments in time to still add tremendous value during kill events.

Population Growth – Top-end rally leaders will no longer feel the need to port out of kingdom to find targets between kill events because the kingdom that wins will attract more alliances and players…Kill Event 24/7 without the need to buy advanced ports (see K386 as example)

The critics
Many of the critics for this program hold firmly to the idea that players should be allowed the independence to play as they choose to without being forced into kingdom-wide agreements.

A key counter argument to the pro CRR group is, by holding heroes, rally leaders will be more careful in selecting targets instead of playing to the yolo crowd.  You can decide based on your own experience which method works best for the development of rally leaders.

Some steps you can take to implement a CRR program in your kingdom

  1. Create an in-game and in-line room for 2 to 4 reps from each alliance 
  2. Explain the benefits and gauge how many alliances are willing to agree…even if its only a few, start the program by asking each alliance to add the following to their wall –“Part of K### CRR program – PM R4 with questions or concerns”
  3. Make sure the folks in your alliance have a “back-up” option to release heroes when away from the game or shield 
  4. Stick with it and everyone will come around!

Whether you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts on this topic by commenting below and do share stories of success or failure with the program in your kingdom.  As always, we work hard so you can play harder!

VIP 31 to 35 and New Powerforged Gear!

Last updated on March 1st, 2017 at 09:20 pm

Game of War has released higher levels of VIP (31, 32, 33, 34, and 35) with ever increasing levels of combat stats.  While the combat stats are appreciated, the key feature released is actually “One Click Core Set Power Up”.  Yes, the immense level of pain our thumbs and fingers have endured to boost gear has finally come to an end (Thank You).

Similar to how you equip gems to a core set shortly after crafting, you will now be able to one click power up your cores.

To help simplify the core crafting and gear boosting process further, Game of War has released the Powerforged Gear Set.  This new set combines the core crafting stats of the Salvagers Set with the core boosting stats of the Power Shaman Set.  Key variance in the stats to note is that the new Powerforged Gear set provides 4% higher Core Duration but a 10% lower Core Essence Cost Reduction.

Update : The cost reduction has been fixed and is equal now.

For majority of our rally leaders, the 10% decrease in the Core Essence Cost Reduction is negligible.  If you plan to one click boost your cores, we highly recommend that you replace the Salvagers Set and the Power Shaman Set with the Powerforged Set.

As a best practice, please ensure you embed the Aegis Defense Gem Set or the highest Troop Defense gems available to ensure you are not at risk in the event you forget to change gear before logging off.


Avatar Collection Set Bonus Released

For many of us, completing an avatar set has become one of those down time activities or just an annoyance to clear from the item inventory list 😉

With the latest release from Game of War, the collectors have been rewarded and others have been motivated to collect them to gain incredible battle stats.  Key point to note — you will need to purchase a single pack that will allow you to PERMANENTLY keep the battle stats from ALL completed sets.  Once you have all the avatars from a set you will EARN the “Set Bonus”…See images below

Each set has specific stats that apply to a certain aspect of the game.  For example, the Beast Masters Set provides over 1,000% Troop Attack while the Renegades Set provides 200% Health Debuff, 400% Defense Debuff, and 50% Wood Generation.

Gear Workshop Level 27-30!

Last updated on February 23rd, 2017 at 04:06 am

As expected, GOW has added new levels for the Gear Workshop.  See below charts for the requirements and total raw power cost by GW level along with max boosts applicable.  You can now power your cores to level 20 at the top end.  For the sake of our thumbs, lets hope GOW adds an auto power cores feature very soon.  You can expect to tap over 140 times to max power gear…ouch 🙁

As always, stay connected…we work hard so you can play harder!

New Building Levels Released – SH 30!

Game of War has the perfect gift in mind for your loved ones with the release of new building levels 🙂

SH 27, 28, 29, and 30 have been released along with the various buildings within your Strong Hold.  As expected, Brass Rods are required to upgrade the buildings.  A special thanks to CometQueen from LeX. alliance for helping us with the Brass Rod Requirements.

The new Max Rally Size is a whopping 50,000,000 and the new Max Solo Size is 10,200,000.  It’s going to be a very fun few days for the maxed rally leader and a very rough time for the traps.  The chart below shows the various benefits by building and by level as you consider upgrading.  Stay connected…much more to come!!!

Super Wonder – Beginner’s Guide

Many of our readers have expressed an interest in learning more about forming a Super Wonder team and in this spirit, we are providing a basic overview of the various roles that come into play during a Super Wonder.  We will provide a more in-depth guide to the Super Wonder in the near future so keep sending us your questions around this topic 🙂

Key Roles 

  • Porter – Person(s) who will port accounts to the Kingdom of Fire at start of SW and during warrant refresh times
  • Main – Lead account making a run for the Emperor title
  • Blocker – Rally Leader account to help keep the opposition main from gaining time in the SW by following closely behind to force a cancel or knock them out of SW if they end up holding
  • Filler – Someone who will fill rallies with troops (these are the dedicated folks whose troops will never return home rally after rally)
  • Speeder – Someone who will speed troops to the rally or to the wonder as reinforcements (Forrest combined with the slow T5 troops makes for long march times so speeders are an absolute must)
  • Spotter – Person(s) who will watch incoming marches (think air traffic controller)

As you can imagine, the team dynamics involved with the SW are intense.  Stay connected for future articles on this topic!

New Imperial Banners Released

Three new Banners have been released for the Imperial Banner Building.  You will need to upgrade the Imperial Banner Building  to Level 2 in order to unlock the 3rd slot.  Your gowcraft team will be testing the battle related banners to understand which banners are truly the most efficient and effective…stay connected 🙂

  1. Ultimate Power up Banner – 840% Troop Attack for Lvl 5 or greater cores
  2. Rally and Wonder Banner – 500% Troop Attack / 1000% Health Bonus
  3. Treasure’s Banner – Deposit up to 55K Gold at 10%

T5 (Fire Troops) Released

MZ has released a plethora of updates just on the eve of Christmas.  The most notable being the release of T5 Troops (Fire Troops).  Yes, Tier 5 troops are officially here…Centurions, Longbowmen, Warlords, and Demolishers
MZ has has also released an upgrade to the Training Garrison – Lvl 17.  The Training Garrison upgrade is a pre-requsite for unlocking the T5 Fire Troops and in order to help facilitate with the adoption of T5 troops, MZ has released the Inquisitor Gear Set (Research) and the Elite Marshal Gear Set (TroopTrain/Promote).  The gowcraft team will provide a side-by-side comparison of the new vs. old in the next article…

From a research perspective, the screen shot to the right gives you a good idea of
what to expect.  While traditional RSS and Speeds are not needed to complete the Combat Tree research, MZ has added the Fire Shard as a requirement.  Currently 1,000 Fire Shards are available per pack.

With the addition of T5 Troops, you will also notice that an additional Attack line is visible under the Troop Boosts view (Pictured Below).  When you are using T5 troops, you would add the Additional Tier 5 Infantry Attack number to the Infantry Attack number just above.  In the picture above, the 342% is the additional attack from using T5 troops (please note that the above numbers are not from a maxed account…the actual attack number will significantly increase upon completion of the lvl 10 researches.


Beware, your enemies will know if T5 troops are in the march 😉

They will march with a new fire animation and special purple colored foot steps.



We decided to take the new troops out for a test run in K386 to see how they would perform even without being maxed on research.  Lucky for us, we found a 844 billion power SH 26 with hero in prison and anti-scout on.  The target received reins but we still decided to attack.

The report on the left is one of the first hits and the middle report is the last hit as the target came online and boosted.  The picture on the right shows a portion of the troop composition for our target.  This was a super heavy heroeless siege setup with embassy 26.






Now that the target was online, we decided we needed to
test how the T4 troops would perform.  We attacked using a T4 rally of Valkyries and then a second rally of T4 Immortals for the test.  Both times, our brave hero ended up being captured in an ugly Massive Defeat!!!  It is painfully clear that T5 troops are significantly superior to T4 troops in this scenario.  The one definitive conclusion we can make at this time, SIEGE TRAPS are in trouble 😉

Stay tuned and we will provide a detailed troop analysis of each troop type in relation to T5…Much more to come.

The gowcraft team wishes you and your family happy and safe festivities!

Gear Workshop Update – Level 25 & 26

Gear Workshop can now be upgraded to level 25 and 26.  Pictured below are the costs per upgrade for the Gear Workshop.


Pictured below are the benefits received from GW 25 (boost to level 6) and GW 26 (boost to level 7) per Core Set Type.



As you can tell from the charts above, upgrading to Gear Workshop 26 will yield a significant boost to key battle stats.  The most notable increase is the additional 504% TDD that most rally leaders will relish and most traps will detest.

Stay connected – your gowcraft team is working hard so you can play harder!