New Premium Recipe – Styx Burner Added

We have added our latest custom core recipe – the Styx Burner. This core recipe uses Styx cores to achieve massive levels of TDD and surprise targets in “bait gear.”

Additionally, we have updated our Gem Sets – Gear Gem Guides to include the Butcher Attack set.

To see the recipe, go here :
Premium Recipe – Styx Burner

To see how to set up this core set after it’s crafted, go here :
Core Setup – Styx

The stats of the recipe –
Details : Level 8 Gem Set, Level 8 Strat T5, Hero 75, Full New Year’s Attack Gem Set, Equipped, Boosted, Potion active –
Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Styx Burner

Example of a new gear gemming guide :
Game of War Gear Gem Guide - Infantry Attack

New Gem Set – Butcher

Game of War released a new Gem Set tonight – the Butcher gem set.

This will replace New Years Attack set as best in slot for all attack cores.

An example comparison between running a full 7 sets of each for LEVEL 7 GEM SET RESEARCH :
Game of War Butcher Gem Set

Potion Recipes Updated for new Ingredients

We are currently in the process of updating our Potion Recipes for Game of War to include the new Vial and Ingredients. As of right now, we have added one new one prior to optimizing the old recipes we have listed.

Our new Potion Recipe – Split Attack maximizes Troop Defense Debuff and Attack. This is currently the recipe that we are recommending for burning strongholds in Game of War. It is the best all-around recipe and does not sacrifice attack if you decide to switch between core sets.

Stay tuned for updated Wonder Potion and each Type of Attack potion!

The stats that you can expect to see rally leaders running with this new potion are :
Potion Recipe - Split Attack Stats

New Potion Vial and Ingredients

Game of War released a new Vial type as well as several new ingredients today. When they released the new vial and ingredients, they also posted an example recipe in the in-game Blog. After some initial confusion, we would like to clarify what we believe the Blog meant : It was an example of a potion recipe using the new Vial and Ingredients. It was NOT a secret potion recipe. Using the vial and ingredients listed in the Blog will yield no extra bonuses to your potions.

That said, the new Vial and Ingredients WILL result in new “Best in Slot” potion recipes. We will be updating soon with the new recipes using the new ingredients, as the best potion recipes are definitely changing.

For now, these are the stats on the new Vial and Ingredients – stand by for new recipes with examples as well.
Game of War Potion Vial and Ingredients - Frostfire

Wonder Core Setup Added for TheLegend27

As the battle for the Super Wonder draws to a furious conclusion, we have posted the core setup that many of the top Wonder players in the game are using to dominate the Kingdom of Fire.

Our Wonder Core setup for TheLegend27 Core Set includes :
Gemming, Building Boosts, Hero Skills, Banners, and everything else that is applicable to optimizing your wonder cores and DOMINATING your Kingdom and KvK-KE tonight.

Check out the setup, optimize your cores, and smash the Wonder tonight.

See the setup here :
Core Setup – Wonder Cores TheLegend27

Additionally, we have updated our Wonder Potion Recipe to optimize for TheLegend27. See the recipe here :
Potion Recipe – Wonder Tile Fighting

New Core Setups Added – Ice Cores, Styx

We have updated our Core Setups page for new cores and hero levels.

Currently, we have posted :
Core Setup – Styx
Core Setup – Ice Luna
Core Setup – Ice Aura
Core Setup – Ice Perses

These setups include information on how to set your secret bonus, gemming, and proper Hero Skills for the various core sets. Check them out, optimize your core sets and ensure that you are dealing maximum damage when running these sets.

New Gem Set Research Released

New Gem Set Research was released recently in Game of War. In a bit of a surprise move, it is using speedups and RSS again (as opposed to a new item, like Fire Shards). This research is the most expensive we have seen to date, but it also yields incredible gains for people that manage to complete it.

New max research power :

RSS necessary to complete the entire tree :
Approximately 4.5KT of each Stone, Wood, and Ore (that’s 4,500T)

As more folks finish it we will provide updates with stats and impacts of the new research.

New Core Set – Styx Released

Game of War has released a new Core Set – the Styx Core Set. At first glance, this appears to be a “minor” upgrade to the Ice versions of the previous generation of cores – it is running slightly less TDD but has higher attack than any of the Ice cores. This means this should be the new strongest No Hero core – other than that it is a sidegrade to the Ice cores for hitting Strongholds.

The full comparison of the four sets – Please note, when these stats were taken there was an active Potion that had additional Ranged Attack – that’s why the Aura attack numbers look slightly high.
Game of War Core Set - Styx Stats Comparison

These stats were taken with the following :
– Maxed Research
– Potion Active (375 TDD)
– Maxed Buildings and good Boosts
– 700% Boosts
– 200% TDD Behemoth Boost
– Hero 74

The stats on just Styx :
Game of War Core Set - Styx Stats

New Custom Recipe – Ice Aura Burner Posted

We have released our updated Aura Burner cores, and these have the highest TDD to date. With the numerous updates recently, TDD has skyrocketed across the board – the TDD on this recipe is now high enough that it is *very* difficult for anyone in off gear to cap. Craft one today and take it for a spin – you’ll be satisfied with the results on baiting targets.

See the recipe here :
Premium Recipe – Ice Aura Burner

The stats on a Hero 74, maxed research, gemmed, potioned, equipped, and boosted :
Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Ice Aura Burner