New Building – The Pantheon

Game of War released a new building tonight – the Pantheon.

The Pantheon allows you to use items called “Tributes” – which come in packs – to provide various boosts to your attacking army. You need one Tribute per troop in your army. If you are running two boosts (which becomes available at level 21 Pantheon), you will need two Tributes per troop in your Army.

The boosts provided increase in power and more open up as you level the building. This is the chart showing the requirements (Divine Marble cost), boost amounts, and when various boosts open up for the Pantheon. As more information becomes available, we will update this chart.

Game of War Pantheon Costs and Requirements

Comprehensive Trap Guide – Part 1 Released

We have released Part 1 of our guide to trapping in Game of War. The guide will cover everything you need to know to dominate trapping in your kingdom and KvKs.

Part 1 covers the basics – setting up the bones of your trap. Building selection, building boosts, and research. It includes all of the math and reasoning behind the decisions we make when setting up our trap to be as razor-thin min/maxed as possible.

This will be a multi-part series that is constantly being updated. Stay tuned for more details.

To see the guide, go here :
Trap Guide

Enjoy – and don’t forget to discuss the finer points of the guide on our Forums!

An example from the research portion of the Game of War Trap Guide :
Game of War Trap Guide - Basic Research and Power

New Gem Set – Unbreakable

Game of War released a new Gem Set – the Unbreakable Gem Set. This Gem Set has an incredible amount of stats on it – including the new “Wonder/Rally Health” stat. A comparison of the Unbreakable Gem Set stats to the old standard (New Year Health) :
Game of War Gem Set - Unbreakable and New Year Health Comparison

We have updated our Gem Guides to reflect the new gems and the best gemming to use. You can find those here :
Gear Gemming Guides.

Updated Building Boosts List – Trap Guide Coming

We have updated our Rally Math – Maximum Building Boosts List to include the following stats :

  • Rally Attack and Rally Attack Debuff on Stronghold
  • Rally Attack and Rally Attack Debuff on Hall of War
  • Troop Attack, Defense, and Health on Altar
  • The new list can be found in our Rally Math section. Easy line sharable image is here :
    Game of War Maximum Building Boosts - Best Orb Boosts

    This was mainly in preparation for the massive Trap Guide we will be releasing. With the massive rally sizes and new research/building levels available, traps need to truly optimize to set themselves apart and dominate their kingdom. The trap guide will attempt to help with that.

    Stay tuned!

    Update – Garrison Promotion Queue Fixed

    As an update to previous information, Game of War has fixed the Training Garrison – you can now promote an unlimited amount of troops as advertised by the VIP levels.

    While it seems like this is just an update that will reduce clicking (by a lot) for lots of people – there is also a more complex result of this change, as well.

    This means that traps can now instantly change their troop types when an incoming rally is marching. Rally leaders need to use extra caution for this during this weekend’s KVK – savvy traps that have the funds for it will undoubtedly be using this. For now, the best way to prevent this from happening as a rally leader is to not equip the cores you are running until right before you march. They will still be able to swap if they get a scout on you, but this at least keeps you from broadcasting what type you’re spending.

    Good luck in the KvK this weekend!

    Game of War Training Garrison Queue Limit

    New Black Hole Trap Cores Released

    We have released our latest set of Game of War Trap Cores – Black Hole 5. This set is a tweak on older version of Black Hole to attempt to increase stats enough to assist you in capping the massive new march sizes and research that has been released.

    To see the Black Hole 5 recipe, go here :
    Trap Cores – Black Hole 5

    The stats on Black Hole 5, crafted from a Hero 71, 180b total power trap, Potion active :
    Game of War Trap Cores - Black Hole 5

    Prepare yourself using these cores and surprise a rally leader today!

    Coming Soon – Trap Setup Guide

    With the recent massive changes to rally size in Game of War, traps everywhere are struggling to adjust. We are hard at work to show traps the best way to optimize their setups in order to deal with all of the new research and building levels.

    Coming soon – Trap Setup Guide for Game of War Trapping. This will be a comprehensive guide that will cover all aspects of research, building boosts, gear, and overall play style.

    Additionally, expect Black Hole 5.0 later tonight.

    For now, this is a sneak peak into the Trap Guide :
    Runes Research
    Runes research provides a unique opportunity to add a lot of type defense for very low power gain. As demonstrated in the graphic below, you can get an extra 300% of each Type Defense for extremely low power. If you have extra speedups and RSS, you can also boost to level 3. Level 3 provides a bit more noticeable power gain (not much, in the grand scheme of things with trap sizes now), but ups that amount to 600%.

    Game of War Trap Setup - Research

    Maximum Building Boosts Updated for Levels 27-30

    We have updated our Rally Math section to include the maximum possible building boosts for each luck level.

    As always, we are only about 24 hours in to the new building levels being released – which means some more unicorn multipliers might be out there. We will update the list ASAP whenever new values are discovered.

    For now, here are your new maximum building boosts in Game of War :
    Game of War Level 30 Max Building Boosts

    Core Setups Updated – Rhea, Nian Wonder, Wonder Potion Added

    We have updated our Core Setups to include all of the most recent core sets in Game of War.
    To see all of our setups, go here :
    Core Setups

    Specifically, we have added a Core Setup for Rhea and Nian.
    To see how to properly set up your Rhea core set, go here :
    Core Setup – Rhea

    Our Nian Core Setup includes an entire rundown of how to set up for the Wonder. To see our comprehensive setup for the Wonder using Nian Cores, go here :
    Core Setup – Nian Wonder

    Additionally, we have (finally) updated our Wonder and Tile fighting potion recipe. To see the Wonder/Tile recipe, go here :
    Potion Recipe – Wonder/Tile Fighting