Trap Cores – Anti Frostbitten

Last updated on June 9th, 2016 at 04:11 pm

This is the Game of War trap core recipe against the FROSTBITTEN core set – lovingly referred to as the Anti Frost Core Recipe.

This core recipe is intended for accounts with high troop count. Your troop count is vital for knowing which cores and pieces you want to use to properly take a rally. If you have a high troop count this recipe will take the hero from the Frostbitten rally leader. If your troop count is lower than that, you will want to adjust attack, def debuff, and health debuff up. You can see some recommended replacement pieces and cores in the recipe.

This is an (old) example of an Anti Frostbitten set made for an account with a HIGH TROOP COUNT :

Game of War Defensive Core Recipe

Game of War Defensive Core Recipe

Explanation on Kunoichi’s Kunai

(aka black kunai, or Kuno Dagger) :
The Troop Defense Debuff Resist removes TDD from the ENEMY rally leader. So the more TDD they have, the more the Kunai does for you. If you have high troop count, running 1-2 of these is frequently better than running cores in these two accessory slots. We don’t recommend going over two Kunai, due to the diminishing returns on the TDDR. The more troops you have, the more the Kunai does for you. See our full write up on it here : Rally Math – The Black Kunai

This core recipe is somewhat outdated. Our new Trap Core recipe for ANTI ARES will work extremely well against Frostbitten. Check out the Anti Ares cores here : Trap Cores – Anti Ares

If you have questions on the best way to set your Cores up, or how much attack / which core and piece set you should use – sign up for gowcraft premium. Post in the forums there and some of the best brains in gow will assist you! Gowcraft Premium information

Anti Frostbitten Core Recipe


Slot Rank Name
Head 1 Frostforged Helm Core
  2 Wyrmscale Helm Core
  3 Feathered Headband Core (Lower Troop Count)
Chest 1 Underworld Furnace Core (Hades Set)
  2 Tidal Pauldron Core (Poseidon Set)
  3 Emerald Armor Core
  4 Charged Fullplate Core (Lower Troop Count)
Feet 1 Red Scale Boots Core
  2 Plated Foot Armor
  3 Underworld Sabatons Core
Weapon 1 Hunting Spear Core
2 Star Blade Core
3 Sai Core (Lower Troop Count)
Accessory 1 Tempest Gauntlet Core
1 Kunoichi’s Kunai (Standard Gear : “Xena’s Kunoichi” – 30% Troop Defense Debuff Resistance – Better than cores for high troop count)
  2 Firecrackers Core
  3 Volcano Core
  4 Fallen Champion’s Gauntlet Core (Lower Troop Count)
Rank Name
1 (Defense) Earth Icon
2 (Defense/Debuff) Illusion Token
3 (Defense/Debuff) Winter Glass
4 (Defense) Fresh Lotus
5 (Debuff) Watcher’s Pendant
6 (Type Defense) Persephone’s Brush
1 (Defense) Earth Icon
2 (Defense/Debuff) Illusion Token
3 (Defense/Debuff) Winter Glass
4 (Defense) Fresh Lotus
5 (Attack/Defense) Crystal Glass
6 (Attack/Defense) Pile of Ash
Replacement Pieces
Debuff Aqua Pendant
Debuff Celestial Essence
Defense Earthen Jar
Defense Heron Charm
Attack Omega Symbol
Attack Star Sigil
Rank Name Stats
1 Defense Gem 25% Defense
2 Shadow Gem 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack Debuff
3 Gem of Honor 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Attack Debuff
4 Trickster Gem 17.5% Defense, 17.5% Health
5 Minotaur Gem 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Health
6 Mother Earth Gem 12.5% Health, 12.5% Attack Debuff
7 Gem of Courage 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Defense Debuff
4th Slot Gems
1 Rainbow Gem 35% Defense
2 Chocolate Gem 35% Enemy Attack Debuff
3 Elite Defense Gem 25% Defense