Core Sets – Dragon Bone

Last updated on June 9th, 2016 at 03:35 pm

These are the secret core recipes for the Game of War Dragon Bone Core Set. Massive ranged attack and health debuff cause Dragon Bone to do considerable damage to the right targets.

To see how to properly skill your hero, set your gems, and set your secret bonus for Dragon Bone go to :
Core Setup – Dragon Bone.

Every item in the set uses a base of Death’s Touch, Dragon Bane, Eternal Curse, Nightmare Affliction, as well as two other pieces from the set.

Dragon Bone Core Set Secret Recipes

Slot Core Pieces
Head Corrupted Bone Helm Core – Death’s Touch
– Dragon Bane
– Eternal Curse
– Nightmare Affliction
– Necrotic Infection
– Decomposing Scales
Game of War Dragon Bone Core Set Secret Recipes
Chest Corrupted Bone Plate Core – Death’s Touch
– Dragon Bane
– Eternal Curse
– Nightmare Affliction
– Ravaging Plague
– Bane of Corruption
Game of War Dragon Bone Core Set Secret Recipes
Feet Corrupted Bone Walkers – Death’s Touch
– Dragon Bane
– Eternal Curse
– Nightmare Affliction
– Bane of Corruption
– Dragon’s Soul
Game of War Dragon Bone Core Set Secret Recipes
Weapon Corrupted Dragon Bow Core – Death’s Touch
– Dragon Bane
– Eternal Curse
– Nightmare Affliction
– Cursed Visions
– Plague Heart
Game of War Dragon Bone Core Set Secret Recipes
Accessory (x3) Corrupted Wristguards Core – Death’s Touch
– Dragon Bane
– Eternal Curse
– Nightmare Affliction
– Cursed Visions
– Decaying Flesh
Game of War Dragon Bone Core Set Secret Recipes
Total Pieces Required
Name Number
Death’s Touch 7
Dragon Bane 7
Eternal Curse 7
Nightmare Affliction 7
Cursed Visions 4
Decaying Flesh 3
Bane of Corruption 2
Necrotic Infection 1
Decomposing Scales 1
Ravaging Plague 1
Dragon’s Soul 1
Plague Heart 1

39 thoughts on “Core Sets – Dragon Bone

  1. I know there have been discoveries of secret combinations of attack cores reaching close to 9000% i have seen the 7000% percent range missile. Anybody have this recipe? Please share.

          1. I’ve had 4810% on Zeus and I’m still not fully researched. Also my gems could have been better but not much better ???? I have screenshots

          2. I had another play around with my set. 4810% is still the highest i can manage. That being said i do not have an altar so i don’t get the 68% attack boost from executing a hero. Also i am not holding a hero as i type this so there is another boost i don’t have. If i am granted a title by the current king there is an additional attack boost not to mention the whole kingdom boosts that usually run during KVK. Plus, i have 7 enemy defence debuff gems allocated. If i replaced them with 7 rose gems i could easily get over 5000% attack. It is not impossible at all. In fact i would imagine 5000% attack plus is easily attainable for most spending players.

          3. My stats are
            Infantry Attack 3466.62%
            Troop Attack 1344.69%
            (Total attack 4811%)
            Troop defence 1604.47%
            Troop health 1274.86%
            Enemy Troop Attack Debuff 741.8%
            Enemy Troop Defence Debuff 1280.4%
            Enemy Troop Health Debuff 290.3%
            Gems used
            7 x Infantry
            7 x Cerberus
            7 x Domination
            7 x Devastation

  2. To clarify in regards to the core sets having 7K+ attack has been explained by MZ that it was a glitch during a SW event not too long ago. Those who have been hit by those sets have been compensated due to it being MZ’s fault and not because the players were crafting Gods per say. lol

  3. Do you have to add the pieces to the cores when crafting in that order or can you put them in any order as long as every piece of the recipe is added?

    1. Add me on line user I’d is melvinwi24 I’ll show you pictures on how to make dragon bone defence core set it’s about 3000% to 3800% defence

  4. hi there is there any defence core for taking a dragon core rally
    I have taken 2 rallies so far with the attacker using dragon bone and done ok ( I used custom core and normal gear I created myself) is there any core or custom core that can be made to counter dragon bone, a recipe would be great thanks

    1. If you need the recipe for the frostbittin core set add me on line app user I’d melvinwi24 and what I understand you wanna be a rally trap is that right? Or do you wanna lead or attack with this set?

    2. I took dragonbone rally in reg def mixed frost imp and haunted xena ate rally capped hero lost minimal t2

  5. Is the Dragon Bone set any good? Compared to other sets it seems pretty worthless when rallying a city over 2 billion. And you can’t take the wonder with it so why craft it?

  6. Whats the best way to set up the skills tree when you only have a level 58 or 59 hero? Still max out attack range? Maybe less points on debuffs?

  7. I got my Zeus to 4650 attack, 1250 DD and that’s not even with the latest gems in, including special bonus tho. You need to research fully, even the hero tree with the new addition all adds up.

  8. This must be a very old forum or somebody isn’t crafting correctly.. I’m in a kingdom between 810 and 830 and we can make cores with around 5500% on Zeus- 1300% DD

  9. Anti Apollo
    helm: Emerald helm (not fragmented helm)
    armor :Emerald armor(not shattered armor )
    feet armor : shipwrecked boots ( secret recipe )
    weapon : shipwrecked cutlass ( secret recipe )
    accessory: spring sash × 3
    6 piece ( without 2 secret recipes ) : Storm soul, winter glass, minotaur skull, skylla eye, pure lightning, antique pottery

    Bake, please value this custom core.

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