Core Sets – Secret Recipes

Last updated on March 17th, 2017 at 03:58 pm

This is the list of all the current core sets in Game of War.

Core Sets are immensely powerful when the secret recipes are followed. They receive an extra bonus that is not easily matched by making custom cores (assuming you have high set research) when you follow the secret recipe exactly.

Game of War Core Set Secret Recipes

Cronus – Cavalry, bigger attack, less TDD than Luna (powered)
Aether – Split, big type defense/health, wonder
Rhea – Ranged, type defense debuffs, siege DD
Nian – Split, big defense/health, wonder
Styx – Infantry, type defense debuffs, siege DD
Luna – Cavalry, type defense debuffs, siege DD
TheLegend27 – Split, wonder cores.
Aura – Ranged, type defense debuffs, siege DD
Atlas – Split wonder core – huge type defense and type health.
Perses – Infantry, type defense debuffs, more TDD, siege DD
Hera – Split wonder core
Bacchus – Cavalry, type defense debuffs
Artemis – Ranged, type defense debuffs
Hephaestus – Split, wonder set
Nike – Infantry, type defense debuffs
Apollo – Split, big Attack Debuff
Ares – Cavalry Attack
Poseidon – Ranged Attack
Hades – Split
Zeus – Infantry
Dread Captain – Mixed, Cav splash
Frostbitten – Cavalry
Dragon Bone – Ranged
Ryujin (Fisherman) – Infantry
Dragon King – Ranged
Ra (Scorching) – Cavalry
Odin (Ethereal) – Infantry/Cavalry
Four Horsemen – Split, high debuffs
Emeral Dragon (Viridian) – Split
Orion (Ascended) – Infantry/Ranged, high attack debuff

93 thoughts on “Core Sets – Secret Recipes

    1. Lots of factors play into how you can take a full rally. It never just only comes down to your power versus the power of your opponent. You have to take into account the troop type sent (ranged, cavalry or infantry then regular, strategic or wild), the gear set they are using, possible boosts they may using. You will need to keep your presets full of different core sets and be prepared to burn them if you do not want to burn a shield; however, a good defense core set can help you stay afloat and possible capture a hero or two. The defensive core set described here will give you an easy 3000%+ defense, and this should be enough to help minimize casualties especially with higher tier troops.

      1. That is true im in Kingdom 910and I’m over 250B with research almost half of my power it’s at 105B research and with new gear and cores just about anyone can burn. I only have 10B in troops, I can take solo hiys from players in our kingdom 12B plus and rallies but I know I can’t stay unshielded yet. GOW keeps the game interesting by making constant changes but it gets expensive!

    2. Mate get the frost Lord set, it’s reg so u keep it, mine is exceeding 3600 defence with gems. I sleep at night lol. But then I have 255 mil T4, so really it is like my man here said, that’s what make this game beautiful, the endless variables.

      1. I think most of us want the frostlords but unless your willing to drop £100’s a month on it it’s gunna take a while by which time no doubt there’ll be another set…don’t get me wrong I’m a spender and have gone over 3 bill in 6 months but since I can’t keep up with the research I’m spending less anyway as there’s no point tbh

        1. If you are defensive (trapping) forget about most research and get your troop count high. High troop count makes a crap load more difference then any research currently available

          1. Witnessed a 20 bill with 200-300 mill troops get zeroed by a couple players barely over a bill power. Rally after rally til he was spent. Dropped to 6-7 bill power. Research is everything.

          2. death
            trap accounts do tons of research they just dont collect the rewards in quest which keep there power low. yes they have tons of troops but research is a lot more important then troop count. the higher your defensive research the less troops you need. which in turn keeps your power low like a good trap should be.Gear is a big factor too.

        2. Let me make it clear with you. You are right you can’t lose the research but if you don’t have enough troops Everytime You shield drops you will lose them. Full Frost Lord is not able to keep you from burning if you have less than couple hundred million troops if you are attacked by a strong Rally leader, regardless of how much research you have!!! Which is why you see people at 27 billion with full FrostLord burning ( if you don’t have enough troops you will burn!!!)

          1. Absolutely. 50B players with 500M troops are getting zeroed gear almost doesn’t matter. Mean time 16B players with 1.4B troops are eatting rallies and not losing much at all. Its a balance, but research does not replace troop power.

      2. You just have to watch the sales I purchased multiple packs containing full sets of gear including Frostlord. I bought two or three packs at different times that contained like 10 different sets of gear all level six. I have 19 full sets of gear pre set and pre gemmed. So you just have to keep an eye on the sales.

        1. كيف بدي اتواصل معك انا من الاردن و مستمر باللعبه….. بدي رقمك …… انا محمد

    3. There are many different types you can use but 4 hours or orion are very good. Regular gear now is better than it used to be so frostlord and imperial dragon are very very good too.

    4. I like my mixed gear set for defense. No one has messed with me since I was 8.8 billion power, and now I’m over 115 billion power. My mix is: Frostlord helm, feet, and weapon;Imperial mantle; and 3 regular kunai. I eat every rally that comes my way, and casualties are very low. I only have 1hospital, and it never gets full lol

        1. I use mixed gear and have 1.4 billion troops. If i am attacked solo attacked i cap their hero every time… I can eat a full rally march (8 million) no problem but sometimes I do burn. I never lose my hero though 🙂 So i take it as a win haha

      1. Thanks for advice! I’m at 116B power n its 99.99% research! I have also been getting good results from mixed sets but I’m going to try your set up above! Sounds like a good mix!

    5. I have 1.2b troops with full frost, stats for defense is a 3500%, I got hit by a player that is 3t and burnt, what do I need to do to stop getting burnt

      1. Its been a month so may have changed, What is your current troop layout? I had 2.1b troops (currently at 2.74b) and haven’t burned yet and capped every time. At 2.1b (all of these totals are across the board reg/strat/wild) I had 20m each t4, 60m t3, 120m each t2 and 300m t1 wild ballista ravagers (these are the only troops I lose) at that setup I ran either full frost gemmed or imperial helm/armor/weapon, frost feet, 2 kunai and barbarian spear gemmed. Get good at swapping fast during rally march and dirty porting.

      2. It does not matter the size of the player hitting you in the specially on a solo however with the new boost boost his solo March can be 3.9 million so if you think you can take solos and trap gear

  1. How do you turn a core into an aged core? I’ve seen a “aged royal wedding cup” core used and I’m curious how it became aged. Thank You!

    1. The prefix on the core is just based off the first piece used in the recipe. So an “Aged Royal Wedding Cup” is just a fisherman cup core with “Ancient Pottery” as the first piece.

      1. Thank you for the info. Do all the pieces need to be ancient?

        I’m researching and wanting to craft the highest “non-set” offensive and defensive cores.

        Thanks in advance for your advice!

        1. Mate get the frost Lord set, it’s reg so u keep it, mine is exceeding 3600 defence with gems. I sleep at night lol. But then I have 255 mil T4, so really it is like my man here said, that’s what make this game beautiful, the endless variables.

          1. I agree live test last nigt imperial took 2 zeus rallies with a loss of barely over 2k at 3700% defence no boosts
            I took 2 hits too with a frost kunoichi mix set and lost 3 mil troops total from both hits
            Regular defence gear is enough unless ure subject to dual rallies so if the defence core isnt pushing 4000% its not worth crafting

        2. Sorry for some reason my reply was a previous one, all you do is give your cores slightly different names depending on which order you put them in the forge, the first core dictates the beginning of the final result! Not all cores have to be L6 tho if that’s wat you mean?

        1. Fulgurite Ore. But the name doesn’t matter – that’s just representative of what piece was first in the recipe

  2. I take it that all this information is based on high troop count and level 60 heros. Now, what if your troop count is low and your hero is below 60.

    1. The cores give the same boosts regardless of troop count. The hore gets a skill at 58 that helps boost the stats of the core but thats it. The core recipes here are based off of the cores and pieces alone.

  3. I have just unlocked level 6 cores but only 4 peices is there anything worth crafting or should I wait till I get the other 2 piece slots unlocked thanks

  4. Does anyone know the speed gem setup, that is being used for frostie set, and 5s and 7s they r using, ctesse and crew are rockin that setup any info would be appreciated.

  5. OK all still a bit new to rally trapping but had a back to back zues was awful I burned to sets sets of cores to try to eat second set was,a,custom d set at 1600/2100/1700
    But min I debuff 250 acrosss the board I had 50 mill troops and over half were strat t4 and reg does anyone have a,trap answer to zues is it a all debuff set ?

  6. I appreciate what your doing with this.. As a new rally lead you’re helping me a lot with better understanding of stats needed to reach to burn certain individuals. Quick questions tho.. When I hit my DD boost is it adding that extra boost only or is it adding 1 1/2 of my current boost? Example if my DD is 1500 after I hit 150% boost is it adding 3250 to the already 1500 or just 150 to the already 1500? This has always confused me.. And do you have to be max researched to be able to solo rally leaders and hero less players? I’ve tried multiple times to solo players with Heros in prison or leading rallies in marches and failed. But I figured I’ll never know unless I try.. Failing badly! Lol.. Whether I lose my hero or not does not bother me lol.. I’m sure their troop numbers always have something to do with it also. And maybe my 5 and 7 peice bonuses have something to do with it as well.. Any info or help is much appreciated! Lol

    1. It just adds another 150% to your total. As for the research required to solo someone – it’s not a set thing. It’s all based on the stats on the cores you’re running. The more research you have, the better – but at the end of the day it’s all based on your stats and the stats of the person you’re hitting.

  7. If i craft the set with lvl6 cores but use lvl5 pieces for the rare pieces, will i still receive the set bonus when i equip the set?

  8. Hi – is there a reason why the pot of gold gem is not in the top 3 ? It has troop attack of 17.5 and defense debuff of 17.5 Also am I ring in assuming the top 3 gems should be used in each of the 7 gears? Thus 7 voyagers in total for a set as an example – many thanks in advance.

    1. pot of gold is good but you need to think of the other gems as well like the saddle gem and the two other gems for missile cores. pot of gold is 17.5 troop attack and 17.5 defence debuff and the saddle is 17.5 cav attack and 17.5 defence debuff. They seem the same but their not. with the pot of gold it gives 17.5 troop attack and most targets will debuff troop attack but they rarely debuff cav attack..that goes the same with the other two gems with 17.5 infantry or range attack and 17.5 defence debuff. i think these 3 gems are more valuable than pot of gold.

  9. How does the 4 Horsemen Set fare as a defensive set vs. the Zeus? Although not very strong on defense, it is very formidable with attack bonuses. I did not have a chance to participate in the kill coliseum this past weekend.

  10. What are the best cores against hades both for attacking (even wonder mix 6 or 9) and defending in the wonder?

  11. I think it would be really useful to get a page devoted to stats for secret recipe cores. For example, when building a custom set to zero a defenders stats you know you have to hit certain thresholds but if there was a page which listed all the secret recipe stats you could then pick and choose a couple which had the desired stats and then custom craft a few others to finish.

  12. Anyone know the recipe for Fused Thundergods Retribution? Which piece do I sub out and which piece is put into the first space to make it fused? Thanks in advance.

  13. You guys are falling behind, no Nike recipes, you custom missiles haven’t been updated since Zeus was released, your forcing players to go to other gow sites to find information and not returning . good for thought

    1. Thanks for the input. Nike has been posted for quite some time, we just forgot to update the main Core Set page, so it was only accessible through the Menu. The custom missiles…you’re correct, but that’s because we have been adding very specific custom missiles for specific situations. With how dominant the MZ secret recipe supersets are, it’s very very hard to have a custom missile that is…useful. We’ve had great success lately with our Kingslayer and Custom Bait Burners (check the Premium section, several of them are public now)…but other than those options – custom cores are kind of a thing of the past :(.

  14. I’ve never done core sets and have seen recipes with pieces in different order, how do I know which pieces go 1st, 2nd, etc? Any help would be appreciated

  15. Is there a core set and recipe that is equivalent to the mystic destroyer gear that would do massive amounts of damage to and kill the mystic griffin monster?

  16. I just got to 25 billion in power, with 4 billion in research alone. And with over 1 billion troops 5 to 1 ratio every 5 million t2s I trained 1 million t4s. I’m a trap. But I want to be better. Better then a trap. Maybe a rally trap. How do I get to that point? I got beef with two alliances. And it’s about time to put them in there place….

  17. For the emerald set it does work , it will not show any mystery bonus when you have the recipe in the forge, however after you craft and finish the core with new secret recipe you will recieve the mystery bonus

  18. I have the black Friday set in “my items” but when I click on “use” I cannot see that in the inventory. I have one more day, I don’t want to click on “use” as it disappears.
    What to do? How can I use the sets that I have in “my items”

  19. Hi! Can we have an updated core set guide? Is there a secret recipe for the new core sets? The stuff in here is very out of date. Not many players use these cores anymore

  20. I have crafted multiple sets of the ryujin trying different things too achieve special recipe, but i am not getting it. Even after crafting the mystery boosts do not show up. these cores with out the secret bonus are weak.

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