6 thoughts on “Core Setup – Hephaestus Wonder Updated

  1. Why try to gem for overall health? when in hep Vs. Hep battles, the opposing hep will be fully debuffing troop health no matter what you do. Hera vs hera is different situation but in hep versus hep, im rally curious why would try pushing troop health? I had good results, my skills tree didn’t even fill health I or health II , instead stacked individual health since hep doesn’t debuff it

    1. “Overdebuffing” still does damage. I understand where you’re coming from. To be blunt, up to this point I’ve never seen a wonder set that “STACK ATTACKATTACKATTACKATTACKATTACK ATTACK” wasn’t the answer. Heph is throwing a wrench in things. Testing we’ve done, albeit uncontrolled, and lots of “well this worked better for me” statements have brought us to the health conclusion. I’m still waiting for an opportunity to run a controlled environment wonder test. They’re rather hard to find nowadays (as generally it costs $50 per person involved :-)).

        1. Not sure how to respond to that :-).

          We are attempting to get the tests done. The Stars have to align as there an incredible number of variables that go into it when dealing with…well…anything GoW related. But they’re magnified when talking about the wonder. You folks will be the first to know when I can provide you with rock solid results. Until I can provide rock solid results, I tend to avoid posting anything so I don’t unintentionally mislead folks.

  2. Bake come to kingdom 500. We are more then willing to do wonder testing with you. Game name is the same as here.

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