Hero Out Stats Quick Reference

Last updated on November 10th, 2016 at 05:56 pm

This is the quick reference for the stats of the three situations where the enemy’s hero is not present in Game of War. Hero in Prison, Hero Marching, and Hero in Wonder are included.

With the wide variance in building orb boosts and academy 24 research currently present, we have split the debuffs into two sections. “Standard” accounts and “Maxed” accounts. The debuff necessary to maximize results will generally fall somewhere between the two stats.

To see the math behind these amounts, as well as quick reference tables for different barracks amounts, check out the base articles for where these stats were calculated :
Rally Math – Hero in Prison Stats
Rally Math – Marching Hero Stats
Rally Math – Hero in Wonder Stats

Lots of folks have been asking about the Embassy Defense Bonus that is provided by a lvl 21+ Embassy. This is a stat that is SEPARATE from Defense, and is not modified by Defense Debuff. Therefore, if someone keeps their Embassy (and receives reinforcements), they’ll get that Defense. After a certain troop count, this will make them take your hero.

Enemy Debuff Resistance Explanation :
Enemy Debuff Resistance is a flat MODIFIER on YOUR debuff. So if you are running 1000% Troop Defense Debuff and your target has 20% TDDR, you now have 800% effective TDD. (Please note : This only applies to the 20% from research. Any TDDR added by gear is calculated differently. For more information on this, see our article : Rally Math – The 100b Burn).

Important Note : You can get a burn without zeroing their total resistance. You cannot get a burn without zeroing their BASE defense amount. TDD is the most effective stat up to the point that resistance is zeroed. This is why you will still be able to burn some people that are marching/holding the wonder without hitting the target debuff amounts – you’ve zeroed their base but not their resistance. To see the BASE amounts, visit the respective pages to see the math behind it.

Hero Out Target Defense Debuff Amounts


Hero Status “Standard” Account “Maxed” Account
Hero In Prison/Dead 2,377 2,768
Hero Marching 4,278 4,982
Hero in Wonder 4,311 5,016