March Speed – Hermes Wing Set

With the Super Wonder fast approaching, you will need the fastest march speed available as you rush towards victory.  Currently the Northern King Set with Barbarian Spears and the Hermes Wing Set are the best set gear for boosting march speed.  Regardless of which set you prefer, the optimum hero skills gems are identical.  For the purpose of this article, we are going to cover the Hermes Wing Set.

Hermes Set

The best gems to utilize for March Speed are:

  • Gem of Flight
  • Cyclops Gem
  • Minotaur Gem
  • Falling Star Gem
  • Spring Gem (rare – 1% faster vs. cyclops)
  • Olympus Gem (rare – 1% faster vs. cyclops)

When skilling your hero, please ensure you max out the points for the Base Set Bonus on the right side of the skill tree and then work your way down the left side of the skill tree to max out the Full Set Bonus.  You will also want to ensure you max out the March Speed skill on the left side.

As a best practice, we suggest that you utilize the remaining hero skill points in the order defined below.  This sequence will ensure that your strong hold can better withstand a potential Solo Attack or a Rally Attack in the event you are disconnected from the game or fall asleep in the 23rd hour with hero home :-).

  1. Altar Defense
  2. Troop Defense 3, 2, and 1
  3. Altar Health
  4. Troop Health 2 and 1
  5. Troop Type Defense
  6. Troop Type Health
  7. Enemy Attack Debuff
  8. Enemy Health Debuff
  9. Remaining points can be added to the Various Attack Skills

Below is an image of the set bonus that the Hermes Set provides.

Hermes set bonus

Hermes Special Bonus

5 thoughts on “March Speed – Hermes Wing Set

  1. Spring gem is a little better than cyclops gem. 5% march speed instead of 4%.

    War march speed mystery bonuses go much higher. I have 22.98% on the base and 46.something% on the full.

  2. I have 18.99 and 53.08 war march speed on mystery bonus. Is there anywhere to see what the best mystery bonuses people have got for different gear.

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