New Banner – Warden Banner

A new banner (that actually provides a combat boost) was released in Game of War. The “Warden’s Banner.”

The math on this banner is rather convoluted, but we’ve broken it down to be somewhat simple (ish).

Banner levels and boosts they provide.

Note : “Additional boost” column is the amount of attack provided OVER the base hero in prison bonus you already received when holding a prisoner.

Warden Banner Levels
Level Boost % # Hero Additional Boost
1 1% 1 0.9%
2 5% 1 4.5%
3 10% 1 9%
4 10% 2 108%
5 10% 3 207%
6 25% 3 247.5%

Big thanks to (#HAM) CUPCAKE for providing the first level 6 banner screenshot so we could figure out the math behind it.

We will update here as more info becomes available.

6 thoughts on “New Banner – Warden Banner

  1. I did a baseline test with level 4 banner, holding 2 level 50+ heroes. The total troop attack bonus was 110%, not 108%. Which would lead me to believe that each hero was worth an additional 55% troop attack boost ( 50% TA X 10%= 55%). So, you may want to check your math again. I can’t speak for the level 5 and level 6 banner unfortunately, but if the math follows, it should top out at 187.5% TA bonus (50% TA X 25%=62.5% X 3=187.5%). Please comment if this checks out.

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