New Trap Cores – Black Hole 2.0 Released

We have released our latest premium recipe – the Black Hole 2.0. This is a revamp of the black hole cores that met with great success in the past. It is intended to counter all of the major supersets right now with a high troop count.

We changed it up a bit this time, and crafted the recipe on a SMALL account (8b). This account has Forge 22, not much research, and not the best gems. This is attempting to make the stats look more “realistic” to you traps out there.

To see the Black Hole 2.0 cores, go here :
Premium Recipe – Black Hole 2.0

The stats, when crafted on an actual trap (and gemmed with best available (not great) gems, as you can see) :
Game of War Core Recipes - Black Hole Trap Cores

5 thoughts on “New Trap Cores – Black Hole 2.0 Released

  1. I have a set similar to this, here are the stats.

    141 inf atk
    132 ranged atk
    303 cav atk
    342 trap atk
    515 inf defense
    510 ranged defense
    521 cav defense
    420 trap defense
    65 inf health
    62 ranged health
    64 can health
    320 troop attack
    3850 troop defense
    1015 troop health
    150 inf atk debuff
    62 ranged atk debuff
    60 cav atk debuff
    200 troop atk debuff
    100 troop defense debuff
    200 troop health debuff

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