No Hero Custom Burners

Last updated on July 19th, 2016 at 09:18 pm

It has become incredibly popular lately in Game of War to burn huge players with their hero in prison. A large portion of people’s KVK points are coming from solos and rallies on enormous players. Because of this, we have attempted to maximize these sets and give people more options than just “Equip Nike and go” – obviously Nike is…the best option. These are just cheaper/other troop type options.

Note : Some of these recipes have been out for quite some time (since before Nike) and are somewhat outdated. When crafting the recipes, please remember these are CUSTOM CORES. Variations are encouraged to increase the power of the set using new cores/pieces that have released since the recipes were published.

Current No Hero Custom Burner Recipes :
Premium Recipe – Poseidon No Hero – Ranged Set, updated 7/12/16
Premium Recipe – Ares 200b Burner – Cavalry Set, updated 7/19/16
Premium Recipe – Cavalry 200b Burner – Alternative option for Cavalry set
Core Recipe – Ranged 200b Burner – Ranged option
Core Recipe – Infantry 200b Burner – The one that started it all. Infantry version.