Rally Math – Black Kunai

Last updated on June 28th, 2017 at 08:22 pm

As all rally leaders have noticed, the Black Kunai from the Xena Kunoichi Set is a big deal. It is stopping the biggest sets dead in it’s tracks. The reason why is simple : Troop Defense Debuff Resistance. Trap gear in Game of War is always changing rapidly. This explains why the Black Kunai is a good idea.

Black Kunoichi Kunai for Traps - Troop Defense Debuff Resistance

How TDDR Works

TDDR modifies the RALLY LEADER’S gear, not your own. As their Troop Defense Debuff goes up, your TDDR does more – it is removing a flat percentage. To put this in perspective, let’s look at what wearing 1/2/3 Kunai will do to an enemy Rally Leader’s Troop Defense Debuff :

Game of War Black Kunai

As we have shown in our other Rally Math articles, Troop Defense Debuff Resistance is a big deal. As the rally leader’s gear and research gets stronger, Troop Defense Debuff Resistance (TDDR from here on out) also gets stronger.

This is how it works :
The 20% from the Defense Research tree is your “base.” This amount is not modified by a formula. We proved this in our Rally Math – The 100b Burn article. Any additional TDDR added through the Black Kunai or Silvermane Spear adds LINEARLY to the amount of TDD removed from the attacker.

How to Beat the Black Kunai

Defeating a target that is wearing full Black Kunai is an incredibly difficult proposition, and probably one of the most frequently asked questions by Rally Leaders. The answer to how to beat a trap using Black Kunai is not straightforward. There are lots of targets that are just unburnable when they are wearing them. That’s the state of the game.

That said, traps and targets that are wearing only one or two Kunai will need to ensure that their defense is up to par to deal with the max TDD incoming rally leaders can apply. In the same vein, rally leaders need to be aware of what the “max” defense is on various sets of gear, while factoring in VIP and Hero Level. Knowing around what your enemy’s defense % is will help you to quickly filter out the unbeatable Kunai traps.

Any Kunai trap that is only wearing 1 or 2 Kunai will be able to be burned if your EFFECTIVE TDD is greater than what their overall defense is. You can use the chart posted above to help figure that out.

Additionally, every time a massive amount of Attack is released, Kunai traps everywhere need to adjust their troop count up in order to continue capping. You can still penetrate three Kunais by just using an incredible amount of attack – but only up to a certain troop count. After a certain count, the defense that you are leaving on the target scales too high for your attack to be able to penetrate. These numbers change with every release, and will constantly be in flux.