Rally Math – Black Kunai

As all rally leaders have noticed, the Black Kunai from the Xena Kunoichi Set is a big deal. It is stopping the biggest sets dead in it’s tracks. The reason why is simple : Troop Defense Debuff Resistance. Trap gear in Game of War is always changing rapidly. This explains why the Black Kunai is a good idea.

Black Kunoichi Kunai for Traps - Troop Defense Debuff Resistance

How TDDR Works

TDDR modifies the RALLY LEADER’S gear, not your own. As their Troop Defense Debuff goes up, your TDDR does more – it is removing a flat percentage. To put this in perspective, let’s look at what wearing 1/2/3 Kunai will do to an enemy Rally Leader’s Troop Defense Debuff :

Effects of Kunai on Enemy Rally Leader’s Defense Debuff

Enemy Defense Debuff 1 Kunai
Enemy TDD
2 Kunai
Enemy TDD
3 Kunai
Enemy TDD
1000 666.66 555.6 470.07
1250 833.35 694.5 588.38
1500 999.9 833.4 706.05
1750 1166.55 972.3 823.725
2000 1333.2 1111.2 941.4
2250 1499.85 1250.1 1059.075
2500 1666.5 1389 1176.75

As we have shown in our other Rally Math articles, Troop Defense Debuff Resistance is a big deal. As the rally leader’s gear and research gets stronger, Troop Defense Debuff Resistance (TDDR from here on out) also gets stronger.

This is how it works :
The 20% from the Defense Research tree is your “base.” This amount is not modified by a formula. We proved this in our Rally Math – The 100b Burn article.
Any additional TDDR to that (as far as we know) is modified by this formula :
TDDR / 100+TDDR = True TDDR

So – to put that into practice, the only piece of gear in the game with TDDR on it is the Black Kunai. Coincidence? Probably not. The stat is broken good. Here are the “true” TDDR amounts for equipping 1/2/3 Kunai :

Black Kunai True Defense Debuff Resistance

1 Kunai 2 Kunai 3 Kunai
Enemy Troop Defense Debuff Removed 33.33% 44.44% 52.39%

As you can see, the returns per Kunai diminish rapidly. The only way to know the best number to equip is based on your own gear and account. Generally speaking, 1-2 Kunai is best. Going up to three is usually overkill, and the amount of Defense Debuff removed isn’t more than the accessory you’re replacing it with.

Huge thanks to ALBERTOTECH from NFGV in K440 for muddling through all of this math with us. Excellent work, and a huge help.