Rally Math – Hero In Prison Stats

Last updated on November 10th, 2016 at 05:28 pm

With the addition of Building Boosts in Game of War, along with a large amount of research that will not be done by the vast majority of folks for quite some time…we’ve revamped our Hero in Prison stats.

For the purposes of this table, we will now be showing the math behind how we reach our target Defense Debuff amounts. This is so that you can see how we did it and adjust accordingly based on your target (or how you would like to).

Please note :
We will be sticking with 375 Type Defense Debuff for now. There will be some maxed accounts that require higher than that. If you’re going after one of those, it’s going to be a crapshoot anyways as they’re going to me a MASSIVE account. For posterity’s sake, we will list the “maxed” amount as well. Just know that if you need that number, the target is probably not burnable anyways.

We have removed Health from the table because it is, quite simply, not nearly as important as getting the defense zeroed.

Due to the variance in orb boosts (and some people will be using different boosts), we recommend landing somewhere in the middle on Standard vs Maxed when hitting your TDD targets. Getting TDD to the “Maxed” amount means that you should basically never fall short on TDD, but will also frequently mean you’re vastly over debuffing TDD.



Debuff “Standard” Target Debuff Needed “Maxed” Target Debuff Needed Notes
Defense Debuff 2377 2768 Accounts for 20% Resist
Type Defense Debuff 375 490 +80 Acad24 Researches

Hero in Prison Defense – Calculations


Source “Standard” Target “Maxed” Target Notes
VIP 26 400 400 +50 from DBC added
Altar 24 117 117
Barracks Base 242 280 Standard – 19 lvl 23, 1 lvl 24
Maxed – 20 lvl 24
Barracks Orb 60 200 3% per Rax standard, 10% per Rax on Maxed
Embassy Orb 30 45
Walls Orb 30 45
Combat Research 131 171 +40 acad24
March Research 110 110
Defense Research 131 171 +40 acad24
Wild Trap Research 50 75 +25 acad24
Gem Set Bonus Research 300 300
Item Boost 300 300
TOTAL 1901 2214