Rally Math – Marching Hero Stats

Last updated on November 10th, 2016 at 05:43 pm

These are the stats for an account whose hero is marching in Game of War.

Keep in mind, a hero that is marching is stronger than a hero in prison. The stats for a hero in prison can be found in our Rally Math – Hero In Prison Stats article.

Due to the variance in orb boosts and academy 24 research, we will be doing two columns. “Standard” target and “Maxed” target. Your TDD should usually fall somewhere inbetween these two amounts. If you get to the “maxed” amount you will always have the enemy’s defense zeroed, but you will also very frequently be vastly overdebuffing defense.

Please keep in mind, TDD is the most valuable stat up to the point that you have resistance zeroed. You can, however, get a burn without zeroing resistance. You MUST zero their base defense (the number at the bottom of the second table) to get a burn (unless they’re low troop count).



Debuff “Standard” Target Debuff Needed “Maxed” Target Debuff Needed Notes
Defense Debuff 4278 4982 Accounts for 20% Resist
Type Defense Debuff 375 490 +80 Acad24 Researches

Hero Marching Defense – Calculations


Source “Standard” Target “Maxed” Target Notes
VIP 26 400 400 +50 from DBC added
Altar 24 117 117
Barracks Base 242 280 Standard – 19 lvl 23, 1 lvl 24
Maxed – 20 lvl 24
Barracks Orb 60 200 3% per Rax standard, 10% per Rax on Maxed
Embassy Orb 30 45
Walls Orb 30 45
Combat Research 131 171 +40 acad24
March Research 110 110
Defense Research 131 171 +40 acad24
Wild Trap Research 50 75 +25 acad24
Gem Set Bonus Research 300 300
Item Boost 300 300
TOTAL 1901 2214
ADJUSTED TOTAL 3421.8 3985.2 80% Added for Altar Skill