Rally Math – No Hero, Marching Hero, Hero in Prison Stats Updated

We have updated the Rally Math section to reflect recent additions to the game (March 14, VIP 22, 225% Boosts).

This was a large increase to a lot of the amounts required. To see the new stats required (as well as quick reference tables for different barracks counts – regem quickly and easily based on your target!) go here :
Hero Out Stats Quick Reference
Rally Math – Hero in Prison Stats
Rally Math – Marching Hero Stats
Rally Math – Hero in Wonder Stats


The new numbers for a maxed everything, 25 barracks count account are :

Hero Out Target Debuff Amounts


Stat Hero in Prison Marching Hero Hero in Wonder
Defense Debuff 1,312 2,360 2,395
Health Debuff 619 1,114 1,148
Type Defense Debuff 375 375 375
Type Health Debuff 86 86 86

6 thoughts on “Rally Math – No Hero, Marching Hero, Hero in Prison Stats Updated

  1. say a 5 bil has cores 3600 inf attack and 1600 defense debut could they burn a 50 bil with no hero if the had min research

  2. do you have a firm math for embassy reinforcement yet ?
    Eventhough I made all enemy defence, health zero,, still can’t burn, if they have embassy reinforcement..

  3. Isn’t the max research+vip+altar 22 equal 560 instead of 524?
    combat tree: 131
    march tree: 92
    defense tree: 131
    wild trap tree: 50
    altar 22: 81
    vip 22: 75

    1. You aren’t calculating correctly. 81 altar defence is based on a skilled hero with points invested in altar defence. Once you lose hero, you lose all benefits from skill points, so altar is no longer adding 81 defence. It’s 45%.

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