Rally Math – The 100b Burn

Lately we have been running lots of tests on attempting to burn huge targets. It is well known that targets that were considered “unburnable” for a long time are now vulnerable again – it all depends on nailing the stats needed to zero theirs out. As we have covered before, the important stats to zero when going for a very large target are : Defense, Health, and type defense. With the math behind enemy resists being somewhat “up in the air” still, we decided to run some controlled tests and find the optimal amount.

For the purposes of this, we were using the formulae posted in our Rally Math section.

The setup –
Attacker is full research (at the time), running Zeus with 100% march increase. 5/7 set bonus were set to enemy cavalry defense debuff.

Defender setup :
100b power.
All t4 (had some t3 at the start, but these were filtered out and will be annotated in the test results)
Full research
22 barracks (not upgraded to 22 yet)
Hero in Prison

So, for the purposes of this test, we did the following math to figure out where his defense was :
410 (research, altar, etc) + 220 (barracks defense) + 150 (boosted) = 780 base defense
262 (type defense) = 262 type defense
379 (research, altar, etc) = 379 health

In every hit, we have gemmed to hit necessary amounts of debuffs and filled the rest with troop attack. Any time you see the debuffs go up, assume that attack was dropped in equal amounts for it.

The first hit (control hit, to show that math was right) :
Gowcraft - Game of War Burning 100b

As you can see, we have the defense debuff to get through their “base” amount, but don’t have nearly enough firepower to kill enough for a burn. This amount of debuffs “technically” zeroed his amounts. However, this proves that you *must* factor in resists to get through.

So then we did additional math. With Black Kunais being the new “cool thing,” for traps we have done quite a bit of testing on Troop Defense Debuff Resist. The current operating theory is that TDDR is calculated using this formula : TDDR true amount = TDDR/100+TDDR. We used this formula to get to the defense debuff necessary for the next hit. So, using this formula, the attackers Defense Resist would be : 20/120 = 16.6667%. So we will need our TDD amount*.16666 to equal 781. This number would be : 936 (math : 936 – (936*.16666). This brings our defense debuff to within 1 of zeroing theirs out.

The second hit (dropping attack and adding defense debuff to hit 16.6667% defense debuff resist) :
Gowcraft - Game of War Burning 100b

Results : We did much better damage, and are now attacking all T4 troops. However, we still did not have the necessary stats to penetrate. So either our attack is just flat out too low for this troop count, or we still have some defense resist left on the target.

So we upped the troop defense debuff again. This time, we assumed that the 20% troop defense debuff resist was a flat rate, and was not effected by a formula or modifier. The math for the new amount needed would be :
So, running 975 Troop Defense Debuff would cover the defender’s 780 defense. For the last hit, we over debuffed by 25. This is now my (personal) new method – do the math necessary to see the required amount, and over debuff by a slight amount. It’s (now proven) better to over debuff than miss some :).

The third hit (dropping attack and adding defense debuff to hit 20% defense debuff resist) :
Gowcraft - Game of War Burning 100b

Results : Burned. By a good amount. Over debuffing defense to the point that we have zeroed out 20% TDDR worked very well. Now that we have him burning, we decided to run a test on health debuff versus attack. For the next hit, we dropped attack even further for Health Debuff to attempt to cover the 20% resists on health debuff. Theoretically, troop defense resist and health debuff resist should work the same. So let’s see if it is more valuable to zero out health (with resist), or to stack attack further.

The math :
Base : 379
Necessary HDB to hit this with 20% HDB resist : (HDB-(HDB*.2)=379)
475 HDB necessary to hit this amount with resist.

The fourth hit (dropping three attack gems for nightmare gems to hit 20% health debuff resist) :
Gowcraft - Game of War Burning 100b

Results : A better hit. It is slightly better, but it is better.

The summary of the testing :
Troop Defense and health are modified by 20% resists.
When going for large targets, you need to factor in 20% resist rate in order to do the most damage.
Troop Defense Debuff is the most valuable stat until you hit their base defense, modified by 20% TDDR.
Troop Health Debuff is very slightly more valuable than attack until you hit their base health, modified by 20% THDR
After you have hit both of these amounts, stack attack.

Bear in mind – Dependent on troop count, you will need higher troop attack to get through the troop amounts. The higher the troop count is, the more attack you need. You cannot run low attack into incredibly high troop amounts, regardless of zeroing out their stats. This is why you will see lots of large people stacking T2 to incredible amounts – as troop count rises, you need more and more attack to do any damage to them. There is a point that you will not have the necessary attack to penetrate.