Rally Math

Rally Math is gowcraft’s section for some of the finer points of top end Game of War. Here we will provide guides, stats, and information vital to any rally leader that wants to maximize their output.

Current Rally Math articles :
Rally Math – Mobile Traps Guide – A comprehensive guide on using Mobile Traps. Covers using them in rallies on the Wonder, tile fighting, and rallies on strongholds.

Rally Math – In Depth Troop Analysis – A full slate of testing against various troop setups, with full analysis and reasoning for which troops you should send (or build).

Rally Math – KVK Scoring and Break Even Chart – Chart that shows the number of enemy troops you must kill in order to break even while leading a rally (or how many you must lose to lose on points, if trapping).

Rally Math – Nerf Explanation – Analysis and explanation of how and why targets are nerfed – and how to avoid it.

Rally Math – Tier 5 Analysis – Analysis of when to use T5 troops, and when they will (or won’t) hit the hardest.

Rally Math – Maximum Building Boosts List – A list of all buildings and the highest (known) boosts available for them.

Rally Math – Embassy Defense – An analysis on the Embassy, and the impact of the stat “Embassy Defense.”

Rally Math – The Black Kunai – A guide to the Black Kunai – why it works, how it works, and when to use it.

Rally Math – The 100b Burn – A guide on the steps taken to burn a 100b+ account. Provides detailed analysis on stats, cores, and troops used – well as the explanation and math behind it.

Rally Math – Debuff Amounts and Selection – A detailed breakdown on testing run on debuffing up to and past the zero mark.

Rally Math – Troop Selection – Choosing which troops to send to burn an iffy target is one of the most vital (and overlooked) parts of top end rallying in GoW. Check here for a full write-up on how to make this important decision.

Rally Math – Hero In Prison Stats – We’ve done the math, and here we provide you with the exact stats you are looking to zero out to burn a huge target with full research.

Rally Math – Marching Hero Stats – One of the most elusive stats in Game of War history – the stats needed to burn a target that is currently marching their hero.

Rally Math – Hero In Wonder Stats – The stats needed to burn a target that is currently holding the wonder.