Gladiator 50 Skills

Properly setting your Gladiator skill tree is absolutely vital to fully optimizing your Stronghold in Game of War. We have developed several guides to show you the exact way that you should be setting your Level 50 Gladiator Skill Tree in order to dominate your Kingdom.

Gladiator Level 50 Skills

March Size Presets

With Gladiator 50 there are quite a few points that need to be spent on increasing march size, trap march size, rally size, and rally trap march size. By using DIFFERENT presets with these boosts skilled, we can swap out of these skills after our rally is marching (or in the Wonder). This means that we can then reallocate those skill to combat skills and deal a far greater amount of damage. For further information on this, please read the description posted inside the Rally Attack, Rally Attack March Size, or either Wonder skill tree.

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Divine and Ultra Desertguard Banners Released

Game of War released eight new banners tonight – the Divine and Ultra Desertguard Banners. These new banners were initially expected to be a massive boost in attack, defense, and Wonder stats; but they seem to be less of an upgrade than we have grown accustomed to.

Desertguard Banners

The new banners and their stats :

  • Divine Desertguard Armor Banner : 1 MT% Troop/Strat/Wild Defense, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Ultra Desertguard Armor Banner : 1 MT% Type Defense, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Divine Desertguard Dagger Banner : 20 TTT% Troop/Strat Wild Attack, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Ultra Desertguard Dagger Banner : 20 TTT% Type Attack, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Divine Desertguard Turban Banner : 200 KT% Defense Annihilation, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Ultra Desertguard Turban Banner : 40 MT% Unstoppable Attack, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Ultra Desertguard Kunai Banner : 90% Defense Annihilation Resistance w/out Hero, 100% TDDR w/out Hero, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Ultra Desertguard Multi-Kill Banner : 1200% Multi-Kill, 4 KTTT% Rally/Wonder Health

Banner Guides Updated

The Banner Guides have been updated to include all of these new banners (where appropriate).

We have also updated to include a new Heroless Banner Guide that will help you keep from burning when your hero is out. The most important part of this banner release appears to be the extra Kunai Banner, because you can now go OVER 100% Defense Annihilation Resistance. It is assumed at this point that any stat that says “w/out hero” ONLY APPLIES when your Hero is out – we are testing this further and will report back.

You can find our new banner guides via the menu, or by clicking here :

Stay tuned for further updates – we are working rapidly to update the new Ironsmith Research!

Banner Guides

These are the best banners to use in Game of War for any situation. The strongest stronghold is one that is customized for the EXACT situation it is currently in – attacking, defending, at the Wonder, etc…

Use these banner guides to fully optimize your account and DOMINATE your Kingdom.

Best Banners to Use in Game of War

On each Banner Guide we have provided you with a full list of stat priorities for each situation. This is an attempt to let you understand why we are prioritizing the banners in the order that we are.

If you would like to discuss these banner guides or stat priorities, feel free to post on our Forums, or reply in Comments on this Post.

Updated Defense Gear Stats

Gear Comparison – Defensive Sets


With the recent several additions of gear using the same Set Gear Bonus we have been receiving requests to show the defense stats for each piece side by side.  We decided to make a quick comparison table for all recent defense gear pieces and bonuses.  All of the gear below can be combined without losing the Set Gear Bonus with the exception of Divine Blue Magister.

Use this table as a quick reference for the comparison of the sets. Feel free to post in our Premium Forums or join our Premium Line Room where we have access to all the best advice to any questions you may have about which gear is best to use or any other question on the game.   Additional information on Defense Set up is found here.

Note : Only Defense Stats are represented in the chart below.  Grave Knight Accessory now has TDDR and Anni Resist.


Weekly Summary, Reference Charts (Vip & Hero)

One of the most difficult things to do is to adjust one’s stats and troops on the spur of the moment to match sudden drops before Kill events and boosting right before Kill events after being shielded all week in hopes to have fun.  Included in this balancing act is staying within one’s financial budget  – which in turn affects when and how many packs can be bought and when to play.

Many times, all-in-one releases will come out right before events that leave you scrambling to attempt to upgrade everything right before a KvK.  Instant upgrades may or may not be included and overall being aware of where the greatest defense comes from will ultimately allow us to use time more efficiently resulting in more fun for the money spent.  This is especially true for the weekend only gamer.

For this reason, we will be including a Weekly Update Summary to help you find and locate the stats you are looking for , or for attackers the Defense stats to look out for when finding targets.

Defense Update Summary:

Chart showing Comparison of this week’s updates:  Oct 9th – 15th

Breakdown: Recent Release: VIP 550

Game of War dropped the second half of this week’s VIP boosts on Sunday evening upgrading VIP stats from VIP 500 from the kill event before to VIP 550 now.    Total increases from the previous VIP 500 are as follows.

Chart showing VIP 550 Stats and increases:


Breakdown: Recent Release: Hero 325

Hero 325 has been out for a while, but knowing which hero level provides the most important defense stats is still quite worthwhile.  Here is a reference sheet to help you locate how high you may need to go to reach your desired Defense or desired Attack.


Transcendent Research, Buildings & Hero Levels

Tier 18 Notes and Research Costs

  • Just like prior Troop Tiers, as you progress through the research tree, the number of items needed will increase with each level. Higher tiers increase more rapidly.
  • Even if you have not completed the research tree, you should still use your highest tier of troops to attack.
  • Associated items for T18 Troops: Transcendent Knowledge


The total amount of Transcendent Knowledge required to complete T18 research in Game of War :


Transcendent Building Levels 201 – 225

  • The number of items required either stay the same for a duration of levels or increase as levels increase.
  •  Increase points are at levels 206, 209 and 211, 216, 217, and every level at 221 and after.
  • Associated Items: Transcendent Volcanic Slab
  • Some people have been reporting that FORGE is still requiring Gilded Marble Slab in lower levels such as levels 202 and 203.  No reports have come in showing when the Forge switches over to Volcanic Slab.


Transcendent Hero Levels 301-325

  • Requires Transcendent Heroic Barbs for upgrading.  Chart showing benefits of each skill level coming soon.


Grave Knight Gear Update & Duelist Skill Tree

Grave Knight’s Accessory

  • Game of War has updated the Grave Knights Accessory to now have Defense Debuff Resistance and Defense Annihilation Resistance.  Please be aware of this fact when hitting or equipping Defense Gear.  Updated Gear Charts will soon be posted.

 Duelist Skill Tree

Game of war released a second skill tree similar to the Gladiator Tree.  There are 10 initial levels of skill points that are unlocked by obtaining the Duelist Unlock and then levels after the first 10 that provide points thereafter.

  • Each tier level has 3 skills.  The 3rd and lowest skill (location) of each Skill Tier has skill prereqs before points can be added.  These prerequisites are not currently listed within the game but can be observed.  For example,  In order to open Hero Dueling Defense within Level 1,  a total of 25 skill points must be put into both Troop Attack Lvl 1 and Resolute Defense Lvl 1.
  • More information about skilling the Duelist Tree will be coming soon.



Divine Blue Magister Gear Set, New Hero Research

Game of War released an extension to the Hero research tree last night, adding a very large amount of combat stats, march sizes, and the ability to hit new forms of Behemoth Monsters. A new set of gear was also released with this new research – the Divine Blue Magister Gear Set.

Divine Blue Magister Gear Set

This new set of gear provides very large boosts for attacking Behemoth monsters. This is the gear that you will want to use any time you are attacking Monsters to gather boosts. As we gather larger amounts of boosts, we will update this post to include more information on them.

This gear set also has large amounts of Defensive stats on it (including Defense Debuff and Annihilation Resistance, which were NOT included on Grave Knight). This is an interesting twist to the “Economy Gear” that we are used to – meaning that attackers will need to be fully aware of the potential stats on their targets.

We have updated our Defense Gear Comparison to include this new set. Check it out to see how the various sets line up against eachother.

Divine Magister Gear Set Defensive Stats :
Game of War Divine Blue Magister Gear Set

Exalted Behemoth, Supreme Behemoth, Ultimate Behemoth Monster Research

This extension to the hero tree has two sections. The left side provides the ability to hit three new types of Behemoth monsters (and receive boosts from them). The right side provides massive combat stats and hero boosts for attacking monsters.

Ultimate, Supreme, and Exalted Behemoth Researches : The left side of the tree requires Monster Pelt to complete. There are only six researches on this side of the tree, all dealing with hitting higher level Behemoth monsters.

Hero Extension Combat Researches : The right side of the tree requires Monster Jawbone to complete. The amount needed to complete the researches will steadily increase as you get through the tree.

Divine Grave Knight Gear Set

A massive new set of gear was released in Game of War today – the Divine Grave Knight Gear Set. This gear set increases the stat amounts from previous sets by a very large amount, and came with an interesting take on the “tiered” release system we have seen with previous sets of gear.

Divine Grave Knight Set Quick Facts

  • There are FOUR TIERS of this set. They are all referred to as the “Divine Grave Knight Set” – however, at this point the tiers are dropping randomly in packs. In one of the “Full Divine Grave Knight Set” items in packs you may randomly receive higher tiers.
  • The Four Tiers of the Grave Knight Set. At this point, most people are referring to them by the COLOR on the pieces themselves, rather than by name. The tiers and their corresponding colors, from best to worst :
    1. Hidden Divine Grave Knight – The pieces have a TEAL coloring.
    2. Mystery Divine Grave Knight – The pieces have a RED coloring.
    3. Secret Divine Grave Knight – The pieces have a BLUE coloring.
    4. Divine Grave Knight – The pieces have a GREEN coloring.
  • You can see which gear someone is wearing by looking closely at their hero and seeing the coloring of their Grave Knight pieces.
  • There are two new items to enhance this gear and improve the quality.
    • Grave Knight’s Dragonkin Horn – Used to improve the Quality from 1-10. Each level costs 28,000 Dragonkin Horns.
      • Total Dragonkin Horns (1-10) on one piece : 280,000
      • Total Dragonkin Horns (1-10) on Full Set : 1,960,000
    • Grave Knight’s Malachite – Used to Power Up the gear from 1-50. Each level costs 4,307 Malachite.
      • Total Malachite (1-50) on one piece : 211,043
      • Total Malachite (1-50) on full set : 1,477,301
  • A LARGE chunk of stats on this gear comes from enhancing it and improving the quality. Don’t skip the time necessary to do this.

Divine Grave Knight Gear Set Stats

The table below shows the full stats for each tier of the Divine Grave Knight Set. As you can see, every stat increases with tier (unlike previous gear sets, where Defense remained the same). This means that everyone will be scrambling to upgrade to full Hidden quality, or “Teal Divine Grave Knight Gear”.

We have added a Defense Gear Comparison that lists and analyzes the best defensive sets in Game of War – Divine Grave Knight has been included on this list.

Please Note : Some of these stats have been extrapolated due to unavailability on the items. There may be some that are very slightly different – we will update as more information becomes available.
Game of War Divine Grave Knight Stats

Stay tuned for more information and analysis on this powerful new set of gear!

Leviathan Rune Set

Leviathan Runes

A new set of runes was released in Game of War – Leviathan Runes. These runes provide a large increase in stats from the previous release of Primordial Runes. Leviathan Runes are unique in the fact that each Rune of the set is identical.

*Set total with Rune Multiplier Bonuses Applied

  • Onslaught Attack   25 MTT
  • Legion Attack            2.5 MTT
  • Rally / Wonder Health  250 TTT
  • Mobile Trap Health  125.2 MT
  • Type Defense            12.52 MT

Leviathan Rune Stats

These are the stats on the new set of runes with Applied Rune Multipliers:

We have updated our Rune Guides to include Leviathan Runes. You can find these guides here :