Wild Troops – T4 unlocked!

Much more of the Wild tree has been released, and the game is rapidly changing due to it. Current tests are showing that rallying with full Wilds is doing more damage than Strats. As more testing becomes available we will update this further with specific numbers – but currently it looks like Wilds will be the new “thing.” Stay tuned for updates and more detailed numbers!

Wild Troops Released!

The much anticipated Wild troops have been unlocked. Currently, the research is only partially opened – the available researches are :
– Tier 1, 2, and 3 Wild Troops
– Levels 1-7 on Infantry, Ranged, And Cavalry Attack and Defense.
– Levels 1-7 Wild Troop Defense
– Troop Training Capacity III
– Level 1 Enemy Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Defense Debuff (all types).

Obviously, at current levels of research opened we will not be able to see the full impact Wild troops will have on the game.

Stay tuned, we will updated frequently with results of testing using Wild troops!

Core Recipes updated – Frostbitten!

The latest and greatest Game of War Core Recipe set is out and it appears to be a whopper. Check out our core recipe page for the Frostbitten Core Set!

This set is a massive Cavalry missile, with a large amount of Defense Debuff thrown in. As you have seen in our Core Missile recipes lately, adding defense debuff into single type core recipes has been yielding amazing results. The Frostbitten set appears to do just this, only bigger and badder. Check it out today!

Have you already made a Frostbitten set? Reply to this post with the stats and what you were able to burn with it!

Dire Deer Review – Ranged Core Recipe Updated

Our review of the cores and pieces dropped by the Dire Deer can be found here! The Dire Deer appears to be a monster to target, as it drops both one of the top ranged pieces as well as trap items.

The core recipe for RANGED DEBUFF has been updated as well. Check out the changes to see one of the STRONGEST custom game of war core recipes available – HERE.

Mystery Chest Pack

Over the past couple days we have gotten quite a few questions about the “Mystery Chest” pack.

Quick Analysis :
Blog post says you are able to pull massive amounts of gold and full core sets out of it. I, personally, have not seen that. In two purchases I received a lvl 6 Cowhide and 20k gold.

That said, the pack is excellent solely due to the 3,000 of each chest – including monster chests and “old” (summer, mythic) core chests. This provides an IMMENSE number of cores and pieces. Additionally, the 3000 Fireball chests provide you a (small) chance at the new gems – which appear to be game breaking in power.

Post a comment and reply if you’re one of the lucky ones that pulled a full core set or 100k gold!

New Feature – Monster Review

Gowcraft will start updating when new Monsters are released and will provide a quick review on the Cores and Pieces new monsters drop! The Were Polar Bear review was just added. Check it out to see if you should target the Were Polar Bear for any of it’s drops!