VIP 18 Unlocked

Max VIP level has increased. The bonuses are, once again, quite nice. It costs 22.5m VIP points to go from 17-18 (17,449,999-39,949,999).

Perks :
Autocomplete VIP Quests
Free reset base special bonus (5pc)

The differences :

VIP 17-18 Difference –
Stat VIP 17 VIP 18
Embassy Defense Bonus 5% 10%
Rally Attack Bonus 6.67% 10%
RSS Production 22% 30%
March Speed 22% 30%
Attack Bonus 30% 35%
Defense Bonus 30% 35%
Health Bonus 30% 35%
Core/Relic Duration 9% 10%
Enemy Attack Debuff 25% 30%
Enemy Defense Debuff 25% 30%
Enemy Health Debuff 25% 30%

March Size Increased (Again)

With the addition of 100% march size boosts, lots of folks are asking what the max sizes are now.

Solo march : 925,728
Rally March : 3,465,716

Adjust your traps accordingly :).

Don’t forget our AntiFrost recipe!

Anti Zeus is being released later this evening. Stay tuned!

Introducing Gowcraft Rally Math

We have rolled out our latest section to help you optimize your rallies to the max degree possible.

The exact stats of a heroless stronghold (marching, in wonder, or in prison) have long been a sought after secret. We have nailed them down to an exact number. Check out our Rally Math section now to see what you need.

We currently have the following articles updated and posted in Rally Math – all of which include VITAL information to stay on top of your game :
Rally Math – Troop Selection : Data and spreadsheets on which troops hit the hardest. Absolutely necessary information to prepare yourself to be able to read a scout report on a potential target and know exactly which troops to send.
Rally Math – Hero In Prison Stats : The exact stats of a full research, full barracks target with their hero in prison. If you want to win KVKs, you need to know this information.
Rally Math – Marching Hero Stats : The age old question of, “Why do I lose my hero if they are marching, but not when they are in prison?” has finally been answered. Check now for the stats.
Rally Math – Hero In Wonder Stats : Want to see how big you can burn while they’re holding the wonder? Check this article out to know the exact amount of debuffs needed to zero out someone that is currently KING.

Core Sets – Zeus Added

The Game of War secret core recipes have been updated – Zeus has been added! Prior to this, Frostbitten was far and away the go-to set for hitting Strongholds that were never before targeted. Zeus looks like it will be added to the elite tier of core sets. Example stats and secret bonus included in the set description. Check it out :
Core Sets – Zeus

Have you tested Zeus out already? Reply here with results!

No Hero Recipe – Entirely Reworked!

The No hero Cavalry recipe has been ENTIRELY REWORKED. If you weren’t satisfied with the previous results, check out the new one. It was used to burn a 28b and 49b with no hero today. Example hits are posted. Check out the all new no hero recipe – which includes the stat threshholds to shoot for when crafting this type of core recipe! Are you tired of burning Frostbitten or a very expensive custom set every time you want to burn someone that loses their hero? Check out this new recipe. It is cheap and it gets the job done.

Core Recipe – No Hero Cavalry Custom