New Gear Review – Golden Shogun

As many anticipated when they saw the full Frost Lord and Imperial sets going into packs, a new defensive gear set has just been released. This set is interesting because it focuses on troop TYPE defense.

The short summary :
Because the new gear has TYPE defense instead of Overall defense, it is “dodging” the defense debuff that is built into offensive core sets. We will run testing soon to see how effective this is, but at first glance it will go a long way towards keeping people from catching on fire. There is a distinct lack of attack debuff on the gear, though – which could be an issue.

That said, this opens up a new realm of possibilities for traps – which is making a normal gear set to take each type of incoming rally. For instance, if you wanted to go Anti-Frostbitten normal gear, you could make the following preset :
Frost Lord / Imperial Dragon Helm
Golden Shogun Chest
Frost Lord / Imperial Dragon Feet
Frost Lord / Imperial Dragon Weapon
3x Golden Shogun Accessory

This would stack both your troop defense and your ranged defense, and would be extremely effective against Frostbitten.

It looks like MZ is just trying to give people more “options” in defense gear. Whether it actually works out like this remains to be seen.

Rally Math – Hero In Prison Updated for lvl 22/VIP 20

We have updated our Rally Math for heros that are in prison to include VIP 20 and level 22 buildings.

Familiarize yourself with the new breakpoints and adjust your sets for this weekend’s KVK.

Additionally, we have added a quick reference table to show the Defense Debuff needed for varying numbers of Barracks.

Check it out here:
Rally Math : Hero in Prison

Expect further updates to show the new stats for marching heros and heros in the Wonder soon!

Core Recipe – Anti Poseidon Added

We have posted the recipe for Anti Poseidon cores. Poseidon is a tough nut to crack due to the massive attack, attack debuff, and defense/health debuffs on it. Keep in mind these recipes will always be better if tailored to your account. To see gowcraft’s first version of Anti-Poseidon (this version was designed for someone with a medium troop count), go here :
Core Recipe – Anti Poseidon

Example stats :

New Core Set – Poseidon

The latest core set was just released. It is the “Poseidon” set, and it is the Ranged set everyone has been waiting for. On initial review, Poseidon will once again be a game changer. It combines massive attack, decent troop defense debuff, and enormous health debuff.

To see the secret recipes to make the Poseidon core set, go here :
Core Sets – Poseidon

That sound you just heard was T2 traps spontaneously bursting into flames the first time they see a Poseidon set.

The stats, ungemmed :


The base Cores for Poseidon :


The base Pieces for Poseidon :


VIP 20 Released

VIP 20 has been released. It costs 60m additional VIP to upgrade from VIP 19 to 20, bringing the total VIP points needed to be maxed to 139,949,999.

The benefits are as follows :

Stat VIP 19 VIP 20
Autocomplete Alliance Helps 10 25
Reduce Master’s Hammers 25 50
Free Gem Removal 0 1-6
RSS Production Increase 35% 40%
Daily, VIP, Alliance Quests +14 +16
Enemy Attack Debuff 35% 40%
Enemy Health Debuff 35% 40%
Enemy Defense Debuff 35% 40%
Troop Attack/Health/Defense Bonus 35% 45%

4/20 Pack Rewards

We’ve gotten several questions about the 4/20 pack and the “Legendary Sale” it unlocks.

If you purchase the 4/20 pack, a second pack will become available (at the same price) that includes :
6000 Master’s Hammers
15,000 days in Speeds
60b of each RSS
Alliance Gifts

New Research – Strat and Wild Siege

MZ released new research today that further reinforces the fact that AC combat will soon be here.

What it entails :
T1-4 strat and wild siege units.

Enemy Troop Defense Debuff – Lvl 10 provides a total bonus of 125%
Enemy Troop Health Debuff – Lvl 10 provides a total bonus of 125%
Enemy Rally Attack Debuff – Lvl 10 provides a total bonus of 50%

The resources and speeds necessary to complete this research are very high, which means lots of people will be taking their time on it. The good news it is not entirely “necessary” yet.

Also, remember that Wild Traps have not been released yet. Anticipating these being released in the near future is not entirely a bad idea.

New Custom Recipe – Ranged Boom

With the prevalence of Frostbitten and Zeus burning very large targets, we have found a constant need for a ranged set that has high defense debuff. This recipe is designed to fill the hole on ranged, so you can stop running Dragon Bone into targets that aren’t optimal for it.

This will be the first of our exact recipe custom sets, and will soon be followed by a Forum that you can ask questions, tweak, and make recommendations on how to make a better custom set.

Check out the recipe here :
Core Recipe – Ranged Boom

Leave a comment with thoughts, tweaks, or anything else below!

Athena’s Choice Pack – Info

MZ has started “spicing up” there pack purchases. Today’s is the latest in that trend.

How the Athena’s Choice Pack works :

Buy three of the Athena’s Choice Packs at full price. After you have purchased the third one, a “special” fourth pack opens up for 80% off. The fourth pack is really quite spectacular.

Once you have purchased the 80% off pack, the offer resets. You can do it again (buy three more full price for one 80% off).

The “special” pack :