New Premium Recipe – Anti Nike Cores Added, Cavalry 200b Burner now public

We have updated our Gowcraft Premium section with Anti Nike Cores. Additionally, we have made the Cavalry 200b Burner public!

To see the Anti Nike recipe, including replacement core and piece options, go here :
Premium Recipe – Anti Nike Cores

The stats on the Anti Nike set :
Game of War Anti Nike Core Recipe

As always, all Premium Recipes will become public after a period of time. The Premium subscribers just get first crack at them. Craft the Anti Nike set now and surprise some rally leaders in your Kingdom!

Rally Math – No Hero, Marching Hero, Hero in Prison Stats Updated

We have updated the Rally Math section to reflect recent additions to the game (March 14, VIP 22, 225% Boosts).

This was a large increase to a lot of the amounts required. To see the new stats required (as well as quick reference tables for different barracks counts – regem quickly and easily based on your target!) go here :
Hero Out Stats Quick Reference
Rally Math – Hero in Prison Stats
Rally Math – Marching Hero Stats
Rally Math – Hero in Wonder Stats


The new numbers for a maxed everything, 25 barracks count account are :

Hero Out Target Debuff Amounts

Stat Hero in Prison Marching Hero Hero in Wonder
Defense Debuff 1,312 2,360 2,395
Health Debuff 619 1,114 1,148
Type Defense Debuff 375 375 375
Type Health Debuff 86 86 86

New Premium Recipe – Kingslayer Cores

We have released our latest premium recipe – Kingslayer Cores.

This core set is designed to hit 100b+ holding the wonder. Additionally, it is a very viable option for hitting large targets that are in gemmed/specced off gear. It zeros all enemy stats except health (including type defense and health), while stacking TDD to the point that it will zero a full research player holding the wonder (and most bait gear).

The stats :
Game of War Core Recipe - Kingslayer

Test hits :
Game of War Core Recipe - Kingslayer Hits

Check it out in our Premium Section, or click here :
Premium Recipe – Kingslayer Cores

Tip of the Day – Core High Range Boost

Recently in Game of War, one mechanic has come to the forefront that lots of people don’t understand – Core High Range boost. We all know we want it – but lots don’t know WHY you want it.

Places to get core high range boost :
– Forge upgrades (22, 23)
– VIP (21, 22)
– Hero skills (level 60)

How it works :
Core high range boost works by boosting the range of POSSIBLE outcomes for your cores. Every core has a range that, once crafted, it will randomly land in. High range boost increases that range by the percentage of boost you have.

So, if a core has a range of 100-110, it’s “range” is 10. Increasing your core high range by 10% will increase that RANGE by 10%, so your new range would be 100-111.

The math gets fairly convoluted as you stack the boost – but, the bottom line is, it is a nice addition that is not game breaking. It is the most important when dealing with CUSTOM cores, as a large percentage of the stats on RECIPE cores comes from the secret bonus. Secret bonus is not affected by core high range boost.

VIP 22 Released – Guardian Cerberus Reviewed

VIP 22 has been released in Game of War. Here is the breakdown on what you get by upgrading from VIP 21 to VIP 22.

VIP 22 allows you to auto craft MZ core sets. If you have the required (all level 6) cores and pieces in your inventory, it will auto craft the entire set.

VIP 21 vs VIP 22
Stat VIP 21 VIP 22
Cost 219,949,999 399,949,999
Core High Range 25% 30%
Reduce Hammers 150 300
March Speed 30% 40%
Attack, Defense, Health Bonus 50% 75%
Attack, Defense, Health Debuff 50% 75%

Additionally, we have added the monster review for the Guardian Cerberus. Check out what it drops here (no game changing drops) :
Monster Review – Guardian

New Core Set – Nike

New cores were just released in Game of War.

The Nike Core Set appears to be an Infantry Attack set. With high individual type Debuff on the base 5 piece bonus on the set, it looks like it will pack a punch.

The extra bonuses on the set sufficiently cover all stats needed for a no hero burner – and come in at a lot higher attack than customs.

We will update this post as more information becomes available.

To see the Nike core set secret recipes, go here :
Core Sets – Nike

The current most up to date Nike core set stats (Unequipped – When equipped it will have an additional 400 Enemy Type Defense Debuff and 900 Attack)
Game of War Nike Core Set Stats

New March Research – Level 14s!

Game of War March Level 14

New research was released for the March tree that takes it to level 14. The speeds and RSS cost of it certainly ensures that only the biggest players will have it any time soon.

We will be updating our Rally Math articles soon to reflect the new changes.

New Max Rally :

The costs, in RSS (VIP 21 and wearing Chancellor’s) :
Wood : 1,119,203,177,680
Ore : 1,119,602,921,120
Silver : 1,121,574,552,900
Stone : 1,121,574,552,900
Food : 1,194,810,716,100

Solo Monday – Save on Buildings

The solo events in game currently are offering extremely lucrative rewards for upgrading your buildings to level 23. While at first this might seem like the usual – this is moreso than usual.

An example :
My Current Solo Event : Upgrade Mine to level 23

Cost to upgrade Mine to level 23 (using full Architect’s Gear) :
5100 days (after helps)
12b Food
~3-4k Master’s Hammers

Reward for the event :
2x 500d Construction Speedups (1k days)
10x 1b Food tokens
1m gold
850 Master’s Hammers
Lots of chests and level 1 cores/pieces

Watch the events closely. You can actually save quite a bit on the RSS and speeds required for doing these upgrades using these events.

Cavalry 200b Burner – Reports Added

We took the Cavalry 200b Burner for a spin this afternoon, and have added some of the reports from it. These hits were from a 70b account, non full research. We’ve also had quite a bit of tweaking, amending, and flat out improving on the Cav 200b burner recipe in our Premium Forums – so check that out if you’re a member.

Premium members, view the Cav 200b Burner recipe here :
Premium Recipe – Cavalry 200b Burner

Game of War Core Recipe - Cavalry 200b Burner

Big thanks to @Rd, Ronin Dogs, for filling rallies today. Well done, folks!

Monster Review – Father Time Added

You can always tell when a monster drops something that will be considered useful. The next monster comes out less than a week later. That was the case with Vile Hydra (see our review here : Monster Review – Vile Hydra). That said, we’ve reviewed the latest monster released in Game of War – Father Time. His drops are…somewhat interesting. Maybe even telling. The cores and pieces have a large amount of individual type health (all three types) on them – which may be a hint in the direction that some of the low troop count traps should be going. Further testing is being done.

All that said, see the full review here :
Monster Review – Father Time

The handy Line-shareable version of the stats here :
Game of War Father Time Monster Core and Piece Drops