New Premium Recipe – Kingslayer 3.0 Infantry TDD Custom

We’ve released our latest extreme defense debuff custom – Kingslayer 3.0. With higher attack and TDD than past customs have had, this one will ruin some mornings for folks that aren’t ready for it. Bait gear beware, the custom game is just as strong as ever.

To see the recipe, premium members can click here :
Premium Recipe – Kingslayer 3.0 Infantry TDD Custom

Stats, as crafted on a non maxed account (no Academy 24 research, Hero 68, midrange orb boosts) :
Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Kingslayer 3.0

Example hits – for the bait gear hits, the targets had previously capped against MZ Bacchus powered to level 5 :
Game of War Core Recipe - Kingslayer 3.0 Custom Core Recipe

We have opened a topic to discuss this recipe, including replacements and other options for cores and pieces in our Forums.

Good luck – get into your Forge and show your Kingdom that nobody is safe.

Haunted Forest Dungeon

Many of you have been asking if the new Haunted Forest Dungeon is any different then the previous dungeons to date.  We were curious as well and decided to give it go to see what the buzz is all about.

Key take away from our time in the dungeon…if you enjoyed killing monsters before, you will still enjoy killing them in the Forest Dungeon and if you avoided the dungeon at all cost, nothing new will make you want to fall in love :-).

  • The background graphic appearance has been updated to show caves in forrest
  • The monsters have been updated as pictured below (graphics much improved)
  • Thats about it…the chests/rewards are just as limited and useless as previous dungeons



New Gear – Skeleton King Set

MZ has released the Skeleton King Set to help protect your Strong Hold from the latest cores and top end customs.  Based on the the stats we are able to see for each piece, it appears to boast a solid mix of

  • Troop and Troop Type Attack
  • Troop and Troop Type Defense
  • Troop and Troop Type Attack Debuff
  • Troop Health
  • March Speed Debuff

The base and full bonus add a significant boost to the troop type defense and troop type attack debut.  Stay connected and we will update you with the exact numbers and the best possible setup for hero skills and gems for this set.


New Core Set – Perses

A new core set was just released in Game of War – the Perses core set. This looks like an Infantry set.

The important thing to notice is that it *does* have high set bonuses, so the customs made out of it should be decent.

Additionally – it’s the first gear released that has SIEGE DEFENSE DEBUFF built in. This means the siege heroless traps are in for a bad day the first time they run into Perses.

We will update this post with more stats and info as it becomes available.

New Premium Recipe – Bacchus Smash

We’ve released a new custom core recipe – this one is based off the Bacchus core set. It is intended to burn very large targets in off gear (set for baiting/defense) or midsize targets in defense gear.

We’ve had great success burning targets up to and over 100b in full Frostlord/Imperial gear using this recipe.

See the recipe and explanation here :
Premium Recipe – Bacchus Smash Custom Cav TDD

Example stats (Hero 68, Slayer GemSets, Equipped and Boosted) :
Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Bacchus Smash

Example hits on targets in defense gear :
Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Bacchus Smash

Training Garrison Update

The “Training Garrison” has been released and is, quite honestly, underwhelming.

We waited a couple days on this post because we wanted to make sure we weren’t missing some incredibly useful aspect of it.

We weren’t.

The Garrison allows you to swap your troop tiers and types to different ones. It is “cheaper” than training new troops. However, the cost differential does not make it worth spending to upgrade the building.

Additionally, the new training gear offers NO benefit to TRAINING speed – it only adds to Garrison speed.

We will keep you updated if we find anything game breaking about this that we missed. As of right now, focus on upgrading the workshop.

Hero 70 Released

Hero 70 has been released in Game of War. It adds more hero skills for TDD and Attack – as well as adding some new tile skills for the new tile rally feature. Additionally, the Econ side provides boosts for your Workshop boosts.

Hero 66-70 Requirements

Level XP Medals
66 324b 55,000
67 358b 120,000
68 440b 300,000
69 548b 750,000
70 715b 1,250,000
Total 2,384b 2,475,000

Gem Sets – Further Information

To update our previous post on the Gem Sets – with lots of folks having the research done now it is a bit more apparent how big of an impact these are having. Which is a very big impact.

Just tossing this update out for folks to try to help them decide when/how to use the Gem Sets.

In order to receive the “full bonus” (the one listed in the blog) from the Gem Sets, you have to have both levels done of the appropriate research – as well as the full Gem Bonus multiplier research. Due to this, gemming priority for the gem sets becomes somewhat convoluted based upon your current research level.

Here are the basic rules :
If you have Gem Set Bonus 1/2 and Modifier research COMPLETE (level 2 on the bonuses, level 10 on the modifiers) :
– If you are hitting a Stronghold with their hero home (i.e. you want TDD), you should be gemming SLAYER. In all 7 pieces.
– If you are hitting a heroless or off gear (not gemmed) stronghold (i.e. you want to zero base defense and stack attack after that), you should gem 4 Slayer, 3 Guardian Health.
– If you are in a Wonder Battle, you should be gemming all Guardian Health.

If you have Gem Set Bonus research PARTIALLY complete (level 1 on the bonuses, partial modifier research) :
– If you are hitting a Stronghold with their hero home (you want TDD), you should be gemming WARBREAKER. In all 7 pieces.
– If you are hitting a heroless or off gear (not gemmed) stronghold, you should gem Warbreaker to 2000 TDD, then attack after that.

If you have no Gem Set Bonus research done :
– “Old” gemming is still better for you. This means Voyager/Ruthless/Leap Year/Devastation for hero home, or specific TDD breakpoints for heroless targets.
– You should stop using your speeds and RSS on whatever else it is you’re doing…and start doing the Gem Set Bonus research. It’s huge. Assuming you want to lead rallies.

I hope this helps to clarify a bit of the Gem Set questions – any further questions feel free to post them in comments or on the Forums (or in our Line room, if you’re a part of them).