New Custom Potion Recipe

As promised, your gowcraft team has been working diligently to experiment with new potion recipes in the Alchemy Lab.  We have created the first gowcraft potion for our premium subscribers to take into battle with them.  Please keep in mind that the number of vials and ingredients is limited at this time.  We expect for additional vials and ingredients to be released from MZ that will allow us to further customize and enhance these potions.

This potion is leaning towards Infantry Attack to take advantage of the excessive Perses Cores that are running around at the moment.

To view the recipe, Premium subscribers can go here :
Potion Recipe – Infantry Attack
To see all of our recipes, go here :
Potion Recipes

The stats :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Infantry Alchemy Recipe

Expect more Potion recipes (including Wonder and Defense) soon!

New Construction Gear – Glorious Architect Gear

The gowcraft team hopes you and your friends are having an amazing holiday weekend.  If you were one of the early adopters to upgrade your buildings to the SH 25 and SH 26, you are probably stuffed on holiday food, spent on shopping, and just having a blast picking up the kills and # of zeroed targets who were not prepared for the Black Friday cores, higher boosts, and much bigger march size with new building upgrades.

As part of the building upgrade, MZ also released a new construction set gear to help reduce the cost of upgrading to the new buildings.  The Glorious Architect Gear is loaded with SH 25 and SH 26 specific benefits so PLEASE do not upgrade those buildings without having this gear equipped unless you are in the top 1% of players who do not worry about cost.

Below is a side by side comparison of the current construction gear vs. the new glorious architect gear.


Maximum Building Boosts Updated

We have updated our Maximum Building Boosts lists to include level 26 luck.

We have changed it from maximum SEEN to maximum AVAILABLE boosts for every building.

THESE ARE THE UNICORN BOOST AMOUNTS. If you try to roll until you hit these, you will run out of orbs. Roll until you get close, then stop.

The page will be continuously updated as we receive proof of higher amounts. Check out the page here :
Rally Math – Maximum Building Boosts List

Maximum Possible Building Boosts

Building Max Total Boost Max Base Boost Max Multiplier
Stronghold Attack : 317.5% Attack : 5% X63.5
Academy Defense Debuff : 120.65% Defense Debuff : 1.9% X63.5
Altar Ranged Attack : 196.85% Ranged Attack : 3.1% X63.5
Barracks Defense : 24.13%
Type Health : 78.74%
Defense : 0.38%
Type Health : 1.24%
Embassy Defense : 79.38%
Embassy Defense : 25.4%
Defense : 1.25%
Embassy Defense : 0.4%
Forge Health : 142.88%
Cavalry Attack : 38.1%
Health : 2.25%
Cavalry Attack : 0.6%
Gymnos Infantry Attack : 200.02% Infantry Attack : 3.15% X63.5
Hall of War Attack : 124.46% Attack : 1.96% X63.5
Hospital Type Health : 78.74% Type Health : 1.24% X63.5
Marketplace Health Debuff : 116.21% Health Debuff : 1.83% X63.5
Prison Attack : 118.75%
Defense Debuff : 41.28%
Attack : 1.87%
Defense Debuff : .65
Storehouse Cavalry Attack : 197.48% Cavalry Attack : 3.11% X63.5
Villa Type Health : 71.12%
Troop Attack : 12.7%
Type Health : 1.12%
Troop Attack : 0.2%
Walls Defense : 85.09% Defense : 1.34% X63.5
Watchtower Attack Debuff : 118.75% Attack Debuff : 1.87% X63.5

New Building Levels (25, 26)

Game of War has released new building levels – all buildings can now go to Level 26, with 27 being shown but not available yet.

Expect a detailed comparison of the new Black Friday Core Sets tomorrow.

For now, the details on the buildings :

New Max Solo Size (Stronghold 26) – 3,964,290
New Max Rally Size (Stronghold 26, HoW 26) – 11,000,000

24->25 :
Attack – 80%->110%
Defense – 65%->80%
Health – 65%->80%
March Speed – 30%->35%
25->26 :
Attack – 110%-150%
Defense – 80%->100%
Health – 80%->100%
March Speed – 35%->40%

24->25 :
Defense – 14%->16%
Health Debuff – 20%->30%
25->26 :
Defense – 16%->20%
Health Debuff – 30%->40%

24->25 :
Embassy Defense Bonus – 50%->70%
25->26 :
Embassy Defense Bonus – 70%->100%

24->25 :
Core High Range – 30%->40%
Duration – 8.5%->11%
25->26 :
Core High Range – 40%->50%
Duration – 11%->15%

24->25 :
+15 Skill Points
25->26 :
+20 Skill Points

Hall of War
24->25 :
Capacity – 3,677,136->4,477,136 (Max 9,000,000)
Rally Attack Bonus – 50%->70%
25->26 :
Capacity – 4,477,136->5,577,136 (Max 10,000,000)
Rally Attack Bonus – 70%->100%

24->25 :
Health – 11%->13%
25->26 :
Health – 13%->15%

24->25 :
Trade March Speed – 200%->235%
ythic Tile Gathering – 500%->600%
25->26 :
Trade March Speed – 235%->300%
Mythic Tile Gathering – 600%->700%

24->25 :
Attack – 70%->100%
25->26 :
Attack – 100%->150%

24->25 :
Attack – 6%->8%
Training Speed – 31%->33%
25->26 :
Attack – 8%->10%
Training Speed – 33%->35%

24->25 :
Research Report Added to Scouts
Attack Debuff – 85%->130%
25->26 :
Attack Debuff – 130%->200%

New Black Friday Core Sets, New Boosts

Game of War released several new core sets today – “Black Friday” versions of older core sets. The first and most easily available one is “Black Friday Bacchus” – so we’ve done a core comparison.

Additionally, boosts have gone up to 400%.

The following image displays the difference between Standard Bacchus and Black Friday Bacchus. These screenshots were taken from Preset Viewer, so the set bonus (which is included in the SS) is not added in – also, they are not boosted, powered, or gemmed.

Game of War Core Set - Black Friday Bacchus Cores

As more information becomes available about the other Black Friday versions of Core Sets we will continue to keep you updated.

New Building – Alchemy Lab

The latest building upgrade has been released and it is a game changer and a must have for the rally leader looking to conquer the Wonder and/or Super Wonder.  In this building, you will craft potions with massive combat stats similar to how you craft cores in the forge.  In fact, the user interface is identical to the forge…a very small learning curve for anyone with crafting experience.


Instead of selecting a CORE, you will select a VIAL and instead of adding a PIECE, you will add an INGREDIENT.  Combine the VIAL with your own mix of INGREDIENTS to craft powerful Potions.  Once crafted, you will use (equip) the potion in the Alchemy Lab for a limited duration.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-01-32-37Unlock up to 6 INGREDIENT slots at Alchemy Lab 19 and add them to a VIAL to create powerful Potions.  With a level 24 Alchemy Lab, you will be able to extend your Potions duration up to 3 days.  Needless to say, this is the new playground for the custom crafters 🙂 Quickly become familiar with the VIALS and INGREDIENTS to create your own custom potions.

Your gowcraft team will be busy crafting top end custom potions just incase you are shy or short on time 🙂

A thank you to Endzo in K896 for providing us with the complete list of costs for upgrading the Alchemy lab.  As with majority of the upgrades, the initial cost is high.  If you leverage the Race to Alchemy Lab 24 event, you can max this building for just under 19 packs.



New Custom Recipe – 12/4 Ranged Burner

We have released our latest custom core recipe – the 12/4 Ranged Burner. This is a recipe that reaches the highest level of TDD possible while still running high attack. We’ve used this recipe to burn very large targets in bait gear, as well as midrange to large targets in defense gear. This is our strongest bait burner to date, outperforming the Kingslayer 3.0 in terms of TDD.

To see the recipe, go here :
Premium Recipe – 12/4 Ranged Burner – Aura TDD Recipe

Example stats :
Game of War Core Recipe - 12/4 Ranged Burner Stats

This recipe will be very useful in tonight’s KVK to burn bait gear targets or midrange Frost Lord targets!

Craft it up and check it out – surprise someone in your KVK tonight and show them that they are NOT SAFE.

Prison Multiplier Skill – Tested and Explained

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Prisoner Multiplier hero skill (and subsequent research). While widely known that it wasn’t working as intended for a while, recently the Prison started reflecting an attack increase when skilled into (or researched). This led lots of people to frantically re-skill into it.

Due to this, we tested it. Profusely.

The summation of the testing is this :
The Prisoner Multiplier hero skill does nothing to increase your actual “Troop Boost” Attack, and therefore does nothing to have any discernible effect on combat. The boost will show on your PRISON’s stats. The boost will NOT SHOW in your “Boosts” panel, nor will it change anything in combat.

We will update this as further information or testing becomes available. At the time of this post, it’s not worth skilling into. We will let you know when it is.

Game of War - Prisoner Multiplier Explanation

Full Release – Black Hole 3.0

We have released our latest set of trap cores for Game of War – Black Hole 3.0. This is a core set designed for traps with high troop count, and when set up correctly should dominate any incoming enemy rally.

To see the recipe, as well as replacement piece options and full gemming breakdown, go here :
Premium Recipe – Black Hole 3.0

Stats on the cores when crafted and gemmed (Hero 66, gemming is a mix of Aegis, Bulwark, Defense, Elusive with Rainbow Special) – crafted on a 28b trap account :
Game of War Trap Cores - Black Hole 3.0 Stats

Feel free to ask questions, post comments, and discuss these (and other) trap cores on our Forums!

New Core Set – Aura and new Gem Set – Arrowstorm

Game of War has released it’s latest core set – Aura. This core set is the ranged version of Perses, with massive attack/TDD/type DD as well as siege defense debuff. Additionally, along with the Aura set they released the “Arrowstorm” Gem Set – which is the new best gem set to use for ranged attack. The Arrowstorm Gem Set comes out to the exact same stats for ranged as the Spectral Warrior gem set did for Infantry. It totals out at 175 Ranged Attack, 120 Defense Debuff in an account with full Gem Set research.

The stats for Aura in a fully maxed (all current attack research complete), gemmed, level 70 hero, and with an active Warden/Power-up Banner, 300% Boosts Active :
~14.9k Attack (Ranged/Troop Combined)
~3.4k TDD
~2.5k THD
875 Type Defense Debuff
100 Siege Defense Debuff
320 Type Health Debuff

These are the unequipped and unboosted stats (Set bonus included in picture, they are not applied to stats yet) :
Game of War Core Set - Aura Stats