Hero 71-75 Released

New hero levels have been released in Game of War – level 71 to 75. These, predictably, add a large amount of combat stats. The new levels require “Heroic Insignia” to achieve.

These are the Heroic Insignia required and Skills that become available for Hero level 71-75 :

Hero 71-75


Level Insignia Required Skill Added
71 100,000 Troop Defense : 500%
Battle Mark Attack : 100%
Empire Blessing : 100% Defense
72 1,150,000 Troop Attack vs Empire : 750%
Siege Defense Debuff : 200%
Empire Blessing : 100% Health
73 1,250,000 Troop Health : 1000%
Blessing Duration : 100% (Doubled)
Troop Health in Wonder : 500%
74 7,500,000 TDD vs Empire : 1000%
Potion High Range : 400%
Blessing Friend Multiplier : 100% (Double Benefit)
75 22,250,000 Troop Attack : 1500%
Building Boost XP : 100%
Blessing Self Multiplier : 100% (Double Benefit)

Line shareable version :
Hero 75 Insignia and Skills
As always, stay tuned for more updates as more information becomes available.

New Permanent Gear Set – Glacier King, Defense Gear Comparison Updated

A new defense gear set has come out in Game of War – The Glacier King set. This set ups overall defense a bit, while dropping type defense some (from Obsidian Knight). It also adds a lot of attack, though most people don’t care about that in their Permanent Gear. All in all, this set looks like it will be stronger if you are well researched with correct skills and gemming. If you are NOT correctly skilled and gemmed, this set is more dangerous to wear than Obsidian Knight due to the possibility of your overall defense being zeroed – with less type defense, you must be positive your overall defense does not get zeroed.

We have updated our Gear Comparison – Defensive Sets to include the BASE STAT differential for all of the defense sets out currently. You can use this table to get a decent idea of how YOUR stats will change if you switch to this set. The comparison page includes both Set Bonus and non Set Bonus stats. Quick reference for Set Bonus :

Permanent Defense Gear Comparison (Set Bonus INCLUDED)
Gear Set Health Defense TYPE Health TYPE Defense Enemy AD Enemy TYPE AD
Glacier King 950 1375 0 1290 400 320
Obsidian Knight 350 820 350 1700 250 300
Skeleton King 425 425 0 1830 100 240
Anniversary Colossus 0 0 350 2042 0 250
Paladin of Sola 0 1020 200 1200 228 0
Golden Shogun 0 0 0 1850 0 0
Imperial Dragon 450 1655 0 0 30 0
Frostlord 200 1670 0 0 25 0

Core Setups Updated

We have updated our Core Setups for the current Game of War Core sets. In our core setups, we tell you the best way to gem, set the secret bonus, and skill your hero for the various core sets. These core setups are available to Gowcraft Premium subscribers.

As of right now, we have updated the Core Setups to include the (newly functional) prison modifier skill, as well as new gemming.

To see our core setups, go here :
Core Setup – Perses
Core Setup – Aura
Core Setup – Luna

Check them out, optimize your presets, and DOMINATE your kingdom!

T5 (Fire Troops) Released

MZ has released a plethora of updates just on the eve of Christmas.  The most notable being the release of T5 Troops (Fire Troops).  Yes, Tier 5 troops are officially here…Centurions, Longbowmen, Warlords, and Demolishers
MZ has has also released an upgrade to the Training Garrison – Lvl 17.  The Training Garrison upgrade is a pre-requsite for unlocking the T5 Fire Troops and in order to help facilitate with the adoption of T5 troops, MZ has released the Inquisitor Gear Set (Research) and the Elite Marshal Gear Set (TroopTrain/Promote).  The gowcraft team will provide a side-by-side comparison of the new vs. old in the next article…

From a research perspective, the screen shot to the right gives you a good idea of
what to expect.  While traditional RSS and Speeds are not needed to complete the Combat Tree research, MZ has added the Fire Shard as a requirement.  Currently 1,000 Fire Shards are available per pack.

With the addition of T5 Troops, you will also notice that an additional Attack line is visible under the Troop Boosts view (Pictured Below).  When you are using T5 troops, you would add the Additional Tier 5 Infantry Attack number to the Infantry Attack number just above.  In the picture above, the 342% is the additional attack from using T5 troops (please note that the above numbers are not from a maxed account…the actual attack number will significantly increase upon completion of the lvl 10 researches.


Beware, your enemies will know if T5 troops are in the march 😉

They will march with a new fire animation and special purple colored foot steps.



We decided to take the new troops out for a test run in K386 to see how they would perform even without being maxed on research.  Lucky for us, we found a 844 billion power SH 26 with hero in prison and anti-scout on.  The target received reins but we still decided to attack.

The report on the left is one of the first hits and the middle report is the last hit as the target came online and boosted.  The picture on the right shows a portion of the troop composition for our target.  This was a super heavy heroeless siege setup with embassy 26.






Now that the target was online, we decided we needed to
test how the T4 troops would perform.  We attacked using a T4 rally of Valkyries and then a second rally of T4 Immortals for the test.  Both times, our brave hero ended up being captured in an ugly Massive Defeat!!!  It is painfully clear that T5 troops are significantly superior to T4 troops in this scenario.  The one definitive conclusion we can make at this time, SIEGE TRAPS are in trouble 😉

Stay tuned and we will provide a detailed troop analysis of each troop type in relation to T5…Much more to come.

The gowcraft team wishes you and your family happy and safe festivities!

New Gem Set “Frozen Health” – New Banner “Hero Health”

Game of War added a new Gem Set and a new Banner tonight. These two additions appear to be specifically targeting the Wonder and Tile fights (or the elusive health traps out there).

The stats on the new Gem Set (all gem stats and bonus included) are :
Gems – 30% Attack, 75% Health, 35% Attack Debuff
Set Bonus – 170% Attack, 175% Health
TOTAL – 200% Attack, 250% Health, 35% Attack Debuff

Compared to the Bolster Gem Set, this is a gain of 30% Attack and 70% Health. This is a large upgrade for Tiles and Wonder fighting. We will update our Gear Gemming Guides soon to include the new set.

This set still has less attack than the Onslaught Gem Set, and therefore should not replace Onslaught in any offensive cores.

The new banner provides 700% Health and is causing a lot of questions on whether it should replace the Warden or Power Up banner for wonders/tile fighting. We will test this and provide results soon.

Tip – Profit Using Current Events

Last updated on December 24th, 2016 at 06:27 am

Unfortunately, this no longer works. The events have changed and you can no longer use this method. It was good while it lasted – and I hope those of you that had the time profited off of it!

Currently in Game of War the events are aligning such that you can actually yield a profit by completing them. This is due to the combination of the Holiday Grand Finale event along with the Build, Research, Train, Repeat event.

How it works –
– Infinite Inferno boost APPLIES to the Build, Research, Train, Repeat event. It appears, however, as if it maxes at 100 completed events per hour.
– The Build, Research, Train, Repeat event yields 8 or 9 Tickets per completion, which are what completes the Holiday Grand Finale event.
– It takes 1,500 Tickets to complete the Holiday Grand Finale event.

The math :
– In order to complete the Holiday Grand Finale event you need 1,500 tickets.
– There is currently a Build, Research, Train, Repeat event that takes 751,599,000 points to complete and returns 9 tickets (along with gold, 50m of each RSS, and a bunch of chests – including Emerald Dragon Claw – which is an added bonus for custom cores).
– The event rewards 15 points per T4 built.

To complete the Holiday Grand Finale Event : You would need to complete this event 142 times (this is including the rewards from T1/2 of the event).
To complete each Build, Research, Train, Repeat (751m point version) : You need to build 50,066,066 T4 troops.
RSS cost of building 50,066,066 troops : 24b of each RSS (some variation depending on the type you build, but this number would be the amount of food).
RSS cost of completing the Holiday Grand Finale Event using T4 : 3.41T of each RSS (again using food amount)
Reward for completing Holiday Grand Finale Event :
– 15T of each RSS
– 2m Stone Columns
– 3m Days of Speeds
– 5m Time Orbs
– 2m Heroic Medals
– Cores, Hammers, Gemsets, Chests, Gold


This can be done by ANYONE that has the necessary amount of Speeds and RSS to complete the event one time. Even getting to T1 will yield a profit on RSS, so if you’re not quite at the amount necessary…do the math and see if you can make it to T1. This will give you 5t of each RSS.

New Ice Core Sets – New Item “Reincarnation Stone”

Game of War Released two new things in the last 24 hours – Ice Core Sets and the “Reincarnation Stone.”

Ice Core Sets are slight upgrades over the previous versions of Atlas, Aura, and Perses (so far) – with TheLegend27, and Luna still to be released.

IMPORTANT NOTE : At the time this post is being made, the Ice Aura set is broken. It is not currently counting as an actual secret recipe set. If you attempt to VIP craft it, you will craft BF Aura. If you manually swap the Ice Aura cores up to be active, then manually craft the set, it will not count as an MZ set. You will get no set bonus from it, and you can not power it in the Gear Workshop. It is recommended that, for now, you leave the Ice Aura cores alone until it is fixed.

That said, we have done a side by side comparison to show the difference between Ice Perses and BF Perses. The results are very slightly different – so slightly different that a large factor in the stats will come from Core High Range boost and Core Luck. As you an see, Ice Perses will have slightly more attack with the rest of the stats remaining nearly identical. We will do comparisons on the other sets as they come out – but for now they are also considered to be very minor upgrades.

These stats were taken using just the cores gemmed and boosted to 7. They are not equipped, and they are not boosted. This is just an example of the difference on the base stats of the sets.

Game of War Core Set - Ice Perses Stats

Additionally, a new item called the “Reincarnation Stone.” This appears to just be throwing a bone to traps, as it allows them to clear their stats (including Graveyard). This means it will be much harder to judge if someone is trapping, or actually is very low kill count and doesn’t chop heros. As more information becomes available (in terms of reading if someone has used a Reincarnation Stone) we will update this.

New Core Set Released – Luna, Prison Multiplier Explained

Game of War has seen the release of it’s final core set in this “generation” of core sets – the Luna core set. This set is a Cavalry version of Perses and Aura, with some minor changes. This completes the “wheel” on this generation of core sets – meaning the next one released should see a large rise in stats once again.

The stats for Luna (Boosted, equipped, potion active, gemmed, on a maxed account) :
Game of War Core Set - Luna Stats

Additionally, on Saturday we posted that the Prison Multiplier hero skill is now WORKING and should be skilled into. This conclusion was made after extensive testing and verification. There have been some kingdoms and people reporting that it is still not working for them. This is not confirmed – as far as we are aware (and can prove) it is now fully functional. If you’re concerned yours isn’t working, simply look at your “Troop Attack” amount on your boosts page, not on your prison when you don’t have it skilled – then skill into it and check again. If that number changes, you can rest assured that it is working for you.

The testing and explanation behind this conclusion :
Game of War Hero Skills - Prisoner Multiplier

New Trap Cores – Black Hole 4.0, Hero Skills FIXED

The Prisoner Multiplier hero skill is now FUNCTIONING and should be skilled into in any offensive Preset. We just completed tile tests and it is confirmed to be 100% functional. The images of the testing will be uploaded shortly.

Update your presets now for tonight’s KVK.

Also, we have released our latest iteration of Trap Cores for Game of War. These cores should assist in DOMINATING the KVK this weekend. Craft some up and check them out on your trap this weekend.

See the recipe, as well as the full description on optimal gemming, boosting, potions, and more here :
Premium Recipe – Black Hole 4.0

Example stats – crafted on a low power trap – 20b power, Hero 64, Alchemy 17, 23 lvl25 Barracks, unboosted :
Game of War Trap Core Recipe - Black Hole 4

Premium members that have issues, suggestions, questions, or comments – discuss them on the topic we have started for this recipe on the Gowcraft Forums.

Everyone else, feel free to comment below.

Good luck DOMINATING the KVK this weekend!

New Hero Research Released – Behemoth Monsters

UPDATE : An example of our BFAura Burner Recipe with Level 8 Behemoth Research, 200% Behemoth TDD boost, in addition to the rest of the standard boosts :
Game of War Core Recipe - Custom Troop Defense Debuff

Game of War has released new research – Behemoth Monster Mastery.

Initially, unlocking Behemoth Monster Mastery is very quick and easy (and relatively painless, at only ~800 days). However, the large impact from this new research will be in the massive amount of additional combat stats added.

There are two forms of new combat stats that are being added by this research – “Standard” combat stats, which just increase your base amount – and “Behemoth Boost” combat stats, which are added by (presumably) killing Behemoth monsters. As more information becomes available on the “Behemoth Boost” stats, we will keep you updated.

Behemoth boosts come from alliance gifts given from killing Behemoth monsters. The entire alliance of the person that makes the killing blow on the Behemoth monster will get the alliance gifts.

The Behemoth Boost Research is a MULTIPLIER on the Boost itself. EVERYONE CAN USE BEHEMOTH BOOSTS – even with no research done. The research just acts to multiply it (and make it stronger).

Example –
400% Infantry Attack Behemoth Boost
Level 10 Research adds 150% of the boost amount to it.
The boost is now 1000% Infantry Attack

These boosts are in ADDITION to the normal boosts. Additionally, as of right now they do NOT drop Anti-Scout.

For now, the Combat Boosts added by the new Hero Tree research are :

(Note : These boosts are all “With your Hero” -which means your hero must be PRESENT, therefore these stats do NOT APPLY to Hero in Prison targets) :

Behemoth Monster Research Combat Additions


Boost Amount (10/10 Research)
Troop Attack 1000%
Defense Debuff 500%
Troop Defense 500%
Troop Health 500%
Each TYPE Attack 500%
Each TYPE Health 250%
Each TYPE Defense 250%