New Imperial Banners Released

Three new Banners have been released for the Imperial Banner Building.  You will need to upgrade the Imperial Banner Building  to Level 2 in order to unlock the 3rd slot.  Your gowcraft team will be testing the battle related banners to understand which banners are truly the most efficient and effective…stay connected 🙂

  1. Ultimate Power up Banner – 840% Troop Attack for Lvl 5 or greater cores
  2. Rally and Wonder Banner – 500% Troop Attack / 1000% Health Bonus
  3. Treasure’s Banner – Deposit up to 55K Gold at 10%

New Premium Recipe – Styx Type Slayer, T5 Nerf Tested and Explained

We have released our latest Game of War custom core set – the Styx Type Slayer. This recipe is similar to our Premium Recipe – Aura Type Slayer, but focuses on slightly different debuffing methods. The Styx Slayer focuses on debuffing the enemy strong against and same troop type defense, whereas the Aura is more of an even spread.

This recipe has been used to hit very large targets in type defense gear (Obsidian Knight, Glacial, Skeleton King, Shogun, Collo, etc) – with greater success than MZ recipes had.

The stats on the Styx Type Slayer :
Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Styx Type Slayer

To see the recipe, go here :

This is how this recipe differs from the Aura Type Slayer :
Game of War Custom Core Recipes - Aura and Styx Type Slayer

T5 Nerf Testing

Additionally, we have been hearing lots of reports of T5 troops NOT counting towards your nerf ratio. This is NOT TRUE – after testing it, T5 have shown that they do count towards the nerf formula.

To see our article explaining the nerf – including how and why Nerf ratios work, as well as a table of them, go here :
Rally Math – Nerf Explanation

Example of calculating (and avoiding) the nerf :
Game of War Nerf Ratio Explanation

Potion Recipes Updated – New Defensive Gear Set, Jiao Dragon

We have updated our Game of War potion recipes.

As of now, we still recommend running the Split Attack recipe the majority of the time (when attacking). This is the best option for changing between core sets. That said, we have updated our type specific potions to optimize for each type of attack when that is necessary.

For traps, we have updated our Stronghold Defense recipe to include replacement pieces to attempt to help kill the entire enemy march (while still maximizing survival stats).

To see all of our potion recipes, go here :
Potion Recipes

To see a specific recipe :
Potion Recipe – Stronghold Defense
Potion Recipe – Split Attack
Potion Recipe – Infantry Attack
Potion Recipe – Ranged Attack
Potion Recipe – Cavalry Attack

We are currently in the process of running numerous tests on combinations to update our Wonder and Tile potion recipe. As soon as we have solid results, expect a recipe to be posted.

New Gear Set – Jiao Dragon

Additionally, Game of War released a new permanent defensive gear set – which appears as if it will go a long way to helping people defend against the massive new march size and research.

The Jiao Dragon gear set has a massive amount of TYPE defense, with some type health, health, defense, and attack debuff thrown in. It is definitively a direct upgrade to all of the other gear sets that have come out recently – with the only argument to against it being that it comes with somewhat low overall defense.

We have upgraded our Gear Comparison – Defensive Sets with the stats so you can easily see the difference between Jiao and the older sets. For a quick reference, here is the top part of the chart that has Set Bonus INCLUDED (with 5/7 boost skilled in hero tree) :

Permanent Defense Gear Comparison (Set Bonus INCLUDED)
Gear Set Health Defense TYPE Health TYPE Defense Enemy AD Enemy TYPE AD
Jiao Dragon 400 400 800 2550 800 0
Glacier King 1000 1500 0 1500 400 400
Obsidian Knight 350 920 400 1700 250 300
Skeleton King 425 425 0 1830 100 240
Anniversary Colossus 0 0 350 2042 0 250
Paladin of Sola 0 1020 200 1200 228 0
Golden Shogun 0 0 0 1850 0 0
Imperial Dragon 450 1655 0 0 30 0
Frostlord 200 1670 0 0 25 0

New Building – Archaeology Hall

Game of War released a new building tonight – the Archaeology Hall. At first glance, this building appears to be another attempt to make tile battling a thing. However, this time it comes attached to a high amount of combat stats for upgrading the building. Due to this, lots of folks will be wanting to get this building upgraded.

Initially, it appears as if the digsites made available by the building give Ancient Artifacts (the item used to upgrade it) – this means that just building it and then rolling the digs daily will allow you to slowly upgrade it.

The cost and requirements for Archaeology Hall, as well as the benefits of it :

Archaeology Hall

Level Ancient Artifacts Benefits
2 50 25% Troop Attack/Health
3 200 60% Troop Attack/Health
4 300 115% Troop Attack/Health
5 400 175% Troop Attack/Health
6 500 240% Troop Attack/Health
7 700 310% Troop Attack/Health
8 900 385% Troop Attack/Health
9 1,100 465% Troop Attack/Health
10 1,500 550% Troop Attack/Health
11 2,500 660% Troop Attack/Health
12 3,500 790% Troop Attack/Health
13 4,500 940% Troop Attack/Health
14 5,500 1100% Troop Attack/Health
15 5,600 1275% Troop Attack/Health
16 5,700 1465% Troop Attack/Health
17 5,800 1685% Troop Attack/Health
18 5,900 1925% Troop Attack/Health
19 6,000 2200% Troop Attack/Health
20 6,100 2500% Troop Attack/Health
Total 56,750 2500% Troop Attack/Health

Tier 5 Wild Released

Game of War released Tier 5 Wild tree – with it comes another massive increase to combat stats and march sizes.

New Maximum Rally Size – 30,000,000
New Maximum Solo Size – 6,000,000

With these new maximum march sizes – in addition to another massive amount of combat stats, and additionally Tier 5 Wild troops will be dealing 30% more base damage to Regular/Strat research – the landscape of Game of War will be rocky for a while.

As more information becomes available (including Fire Shard costs, etc) we will continuously update this post.

All shard totals provided in this table assume that you are using full research gear with Fire Shard reduction – no Trove bonuses included.

T5 Wild Fire Shard Costs

Research Level Fire Shards
1 0
Cost Reduction
2 1,621
3 69,280
4 448,392
5 ~744,620
6 ~1,043,660
7 ~1,329,080
8 ~2,260,460
9 ~2,450,720
10 ~3,877,940
Total ~12,283,091

Traps and other accounts need to be on their toes – these are massive changes that will GREATLY increase maxed out rally leaders target range.

VIP 30 Released, New Custom Core Set – Aura Type Burner

VIP 30 has been released – with it comes a huge jump in the cost to max VIP.

New VIP Levels

VIP Level VIP Points Required New Bonuses
28 2T – One Click Building Luck Boost
– Troop Attack : 700% (was 500%)
– Troop Defense : 700% (was 500%)
– Troop Health : 700% (was 500%)
– Enemy TDD : 700% (was 500%)
– Enemy THD : 700% (was 500%)
– Enemy TAD : 800% (was 500%)
29 8T – One Click Building Luck Discount : 10%
– Troop Attack : 1000%
– Troop Defense : 1000%
– Troop Health : 1000%
– Enemy TDD : 1000%
– Enemy THD : 1000%
– Enemy TAD : 1000%
30 30T – Rally Attack Bonus : 1000%
– Rally Defense Bonus : 1000%
– Rally Health Bonus : 1000%
– Wonder Holding Attack : 1000%
– Wonder Holding Defense : 1000%
– Wonder Holding Health : 1000%
– Troop Attack : 1500%
– Troop Defense : 1500%
– Troop Health : 1500%
– Enemy TDD : 1500%
– Enemy THD : 1500%
– Enemy TAD : 1500%

We have released our latest custom core set – and this one does something that’s never been done before.

This custom burner is focused on debuffing enemy TYPE defense – which should assist in opening up targets that weren’t available previously. This recipe is designed to hit :
– Skeleton King
– Anniversary Colossus
– Shogun
– Obsidian Knight
– Glacial Knight

There is more info on target selection on the recipe page, which can be found here :
Premium Recipe – Aura Type Burner

The stats (on a non maxed account) :
Game of War Custom Core - Aura Type Slayer Stats

Test hits on accounts between 100b-450b :
Game of War Custom Core Set - Aura Type Slayer

Test hit using the custom first, then switching to MZ to see the difference. As you can see, custom hit harder than MZ Aura.
Game of War Custom Core Set - Aura Type Slayer

Test hit using the custom first, then switching to MZ aura. As you can see, custom allowed a burn where MZ was capped.
Game of War Custom Core Set - Aura Type Slayer

Please feel free to discuss this on our Forums.

New Core Set – Nian Wonder Cores

Game of War has released it’s latest core set – the Nian Core Set. This set is apparently designed for wonder battles, with MASSIVE survival stats.

This set is going away from some of what we have seen in recent Wonder sets – it is stacking massive Overall Health and Defense as opposed to going into more troop specific stats.

The stats on Nian were provided by EAGLE from the alliance Legends XIII, in K892.
At the time these stats were taken the cores were : Equipped, Gemmed, Banners (Warden, Health), Boosted (800% Attack, 800% TAD), Potion Active (Infantry Attack recipe)
Game of War Core Set - Nian Core Set Stats

This is a comparison of the new Nian Core Set stats compared to Ice TheLegend27 Core Set stats. These stats were taken back to back, with all equal boosts.

Nian Core Set compared to Ice TheLegend27 Core Set

As you can see – you make several very large tradeoffs when deciding between the two sets.

New Premium Recipe – Styx Burner Added

We have added our latest custom core recipe – the Styx Burner. This core recipe uses Styx cores to achieve massive levels of TDD and surprise targets in “bait gear.”

Additionally, we have updated our Gem Sets – Gear Gem Guides to include the Butcher Attack set.

To see the recipe, go here :
Premium Recipe – Styx Burner

To see how to set up this core set after it’s crafted, go here :
Core Setup – Styx

The stats of the recipe –
Details : Level 8 Gem Set, Level 8 Strat T5, Hero 75, Full New Year’s Attack Gem Set, Equipped, Boosted, Potion active –
Game of War Custom Core Recipe - Styx Burner

Example of a new gear gemming guide :
Game of War Gear Gem Guide - Infantry Attack

New Gem Set – Butcher

Game of War released a new Gem Set tonight – the Butcher gem set.

This will replace New Years Attack set as best in slot for all attack cores.

An example comparison between running a full 7 sets of each for LEVEL 7 GEM SET RESEARCH :
Game of War Butcher Gem Set

Potion Recipes Updated for new Ingredients

We are currently in the process of updating our Potion Recipes for Game of War to include the new Vial and Ingredients. As of right now, we have added one new one prior to optimizing the old recipes we have listed.

Our new Potion Recipe – Split Attack maximizes Troop Defense Debuff and Attack. This is currently the recipe that we are recommending for burning strongholds in Game of War. It is the best all-around recipe and does not sacrifice attack if you decide to switch between core sets.

Stay tuned for updated Wonder Potion and each Type of Attack potion!

The stats that you can expect to see rally leaders running with this new potion are :
Potion Recipe - Split Attack Stats