New Feature – Set Gear Leveling

Game of War added a new feature tonight – the ability to level up your Set Gear and increase it’s potency. Additionally, a new stat has been introduced : Legion Stats. Legion stats apply just like any other “standard” stat (attack, health, defense, etc) – but they are not debuffed by anything. They are purely a way to avoid debuff.

How Set Gear Leveling Works

Use Gear XP and different kinds of Charms to increase the level of your gear.

  • Each set of STANDARD GEAR that you have will need to be leveled individually.
  • Each set of CORE GEAR that you have will fall into one of two categories : Attack Core Sets or Wonder Core Sets. These will be leveled separately, but the level will apply to ALL CORES IN THAT CATEGORY. For instance, all of your Luna/Styx/Cronus sets will have the same level.

As more information becomes available, we will be updating this post with the cost of leveling each set.

Core Setups Updated for Hero 80

We have updated our Game of War Core Setups to include skilling for Hero level 80!

The strongest hero is one that is FULLY optimized for the present situation they are in – make sure to check out the setup guides and optimize your hero fully to DOMINATE your Kill Events.

Additionally, we have updated our Wonder cores setup section to reflect Hero 80 as well. You can see the Wonder core setup here :
Core Setup – Aether Wonder

Feel free to discuss or comment on the various setups in the comments section here, or on our Forums!

Hero Levels 76-80 Released

Game of War released hero level 76 through hero level 80 last night. As always, this comes with some huge perks for rally leaders.

The notable skills :
Embassy Blessing : This adds a whopping 500% Embassy Defense to your marked target – which will be very large for heroless targets.
Level 80 Wonder Skills : Massive wonder stats for level 80, indicating that you shouldn’t even try at the Wonder unless you’re there.

The details on Hero 80 :

Hero Level 76 – Hero Level 80

Hero Levels 76-80
Level Tassels Benefits
76 200,000
  • Troop Attack/Defense : 2,500%
  • Troop Training Capacity : 10,000%
  • Speed Up Treasury : 25%
77 600,000
  • Inf, Cav, and Ranged Health : 5,000%
  • Troop Attack : 3,000%
  • Embassy Defense Blessing : 500%
78 900,000
  • TDD vs. Marked Target : 1,000%
  • Rune Attack/Def/Health/RallyAttk : 2,000%
  • Potion Crafting Luck : 75%
79 6,000,000
  • Troop Attack : 10,000%
  • Health Debuff : 2,500%
  • Wonder/Rally Defense : 25,000%
  • Blessing Duration : 100%
80 23,300,000
  • Wonder/Rally Attack : 30,000%
  • Wonder/Rally Health : 50,000%
  • Potion Duration : +4 days
  • Potion Attack/Def/Health Added : 1,000%

New Defense Gear Released – Lycan Set Gear, New Gem Set – Safeguard Defense

Game of War released two new things tonight – the Lycan Set Gear and the Safeguard Defense Gem Set.

Lycan Set Gear

As has been the theme lately with defense gear, the Lycan set does appear to be an upgrade due to the OVERALL defense added to it – however, it is not a massive upgrade over Jiao Dragon. For our trap guide, we will not be recommending any Lycan set gear go into a mixed set of defense gear at this time. We will update with potential uses for it in the near future.

For now, this is how the Lycan set stacks up against other newer sets of gear (to see a full comparison of every defensive set, go to our Gear Comparison – Defensive Sets page) :

Permanent Defense Gear Comparison (Set Bonus INCLUDED)
Gear Set Health Defense TYPE Health TYPE Defense Enemy AD Enemy TYPE AD
Lycan 340 1100 775 2000 1655 150
Jiao Dragon 400 400 800 2550 800 0
Glacier King 1000 1500 0 1500 400 400
Obsidian Knight 350 920 400 1700 250 300

Safeguard Defense Gem Set

Additionally, a new defensive gem set has come out – the Safeguard Defense Gem Set is a MASSIVE upgrade over the Aegis gem set. This one WILL be a very large boon to traps (and everyone else, for that matter – everything has been burning lately).

We have updated our Gear Gemming Guides to include the new Safeguard Defense Gem Set.

Safeguard Defense Gem Set in all 7 pieces of gear : 3,316.25% Defense
Aegis Defense Gem Set in all 7 pieces of gear : 1,776.25% Defense

Upgrading from Aegis to Safeguard Defense gem set nearly doubles the defense you receive from gems in your gear (at full gem set research).

This is the updated Game of War Defense Gems Guide :
Game of War Gem Guide - Stronghold Defense Gems Safeguard Defense

New Custom Core Recipe – Ice Luna Burner

We have released our latest recipe (that’s been asked about quite a bit in our Premium Line channels) – the Ice Luna Burner. This custom core reaches TDD amounts not before seen.

To see the custom Ice Luna core recipe, go here :
Premium Recipe – Ice Luna Burner

The stats on the custom Ice Luna Burner (maxed account except for battle mark research – equipped and boosted (no milestone)) :
Game of War Custom Core Set - Ice Luna Custom Cores

Craft one up today, and smash some unsuspecting traps!

New Research Tree – Battle Marks

Game of War has released a new research tree – Battle Marks. This tree appears to provide a large amount of attack and base stats.

Unconfirmed RSS Cost : 214KT of each RSS.
New max research power : 723.8B

As more information becomes available, we will update this post with the costs of the Battle Marks research…for now, these are the immediately apparent benefits :

  • Troop Attack vs. Battle Marked Target : 10,000% – This will be tested soon to verify that it applies no matter who battle marks the target.
  • Empire Defender Attack, Defense, Health : 500% – These stats only apply to troops that are defending your stronghold.
  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Defense with Hero : 4,000% – These stats only apply when your hero is present (do not apply to hero in prison).
  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Health with Hero : 5,000% – These stats only apply when your hero is present (do not apply to hero in prison).
  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack with Hero : 15,000%
  • Troop Attack vs. Empire : 15,000% – This stat only applies vs. EMPIRES – which means it will not apply to the Wonder, or when defending.
  • Troop Defense with Hero – 2,000% : Again, only applies when hero is present.
  • Health Debuff vs. Battle Marked Target : 5,000% – Will need to be tested, like the Attack.
  • Rally/Wonder Troop Attack : 15,000% – Only applies to troops that are attacking in a rally, or attacking the wonder.
  • Rally/Wonder Troop Defense : 50,000% – Again, only applies to troops that are IN A RALLY. This does NOT mean that you have this much defense AGAINST rallies.
  • Rally/Wonder Troop Health : 100,000% – Applies to troops in a rally or in the wonder.
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack vs. Battle Marked Target : 15,000% – Will need to be tested like the rest of the “vs BM Target”.

Alchemy Lab Lvl 27-30 Released

Game of War released level 30 Alchemy Lab tonight.

The boosts are higher Potion Luck and Potion Range.

Additionally, they have added additional Attack, Defense, and Health bonuses when crafting a potion using higher levels of Alchemy Lab.

The information :

Game of War Alchemy Lab 27-30

Alchemy Lab Level 27-30
Level Cauldrons RSS Benefits
27 100,000 200B Each
  • Luck : 20% >> 21%
  • Range : 600% >> 667%
  • Potion Attack : 2000%
  • Potion Health : 300%
  • Potion Defense : 300%
  • 28 110,000 220B Each
  • Luck : 21% >> 22%
  • Range : 667% >> 740%
  • Potion Attack : 4200%
  • Potion Health : 650%
  • Potion Defense : 650%
  • 29 136,500 273B Each
  • Luck : 22% >> 23%
  • Range : 740% >> 831%
  • Potion Attack : 6500%
  • Potion Health : 1050%
  • Potion Defense : 1050%
  • 30 253,500 507B Each
  • Luck : 23% >> 25%
  • Range : 831% >> 1000%
  • Potion Attack : 10,000%
  • Potion Health : 1500%
  • Potion Defense : 1500%
  • We will release further information as it becomes available.