Hero Level 85 Released

Last updated on May 24th, 2017 at 06:17 am

Game of War released 5 new hero levels tonight – Hero 81 through Hero 85. With these new levels come MASSIVE new boosts – yet again causing us to advise smaller folks and traps to SHIELD UP or BE READY. There have been a MASSIVE amount of combat stats added very quickly – don’t get yourself zeroed.

Notes on the new Hero levels :

  • Leveling your Hero uses an item called Hero Pin – which are only available in packs and events.
  • Triple Defense Debuff applies to : Troop Defense, Legion Defense, and Type Defense
  • Skill points and power per level :
    – 81 : 60 skill points, 10b power
    – 82 : 70 skill points, 10b power
    – 83 : 80 skill points, 10b power
    – 84 : 90 skill points, 10b power
    – 85 : 100 skill points, 10b power

Game of War Hero 81 – Hero 85 Stats, Heroic Pins Needed

Hero 81 – Hero 85
Level Heroic Pins Combat Stats Eco Stats
81 300,000
  • Troop Defense : 15,000%
  • Troop Attack : 600,000%
  • Training & Promotion Speed : 500%
82 275,000
  • Type Defense : 15,000%
  • Type Attack : 700,000%
  • Training & Promotion Cost Redux : 10%
83 260,000
  • Legion Defense : 15,000%
  • Ult. Troop Attack : 700,000%
  • Hero Train Bless : 500%
84 255,000
  • Rally Attack : 700,000%
  • Wonder Attack : 500,000%
  • Wonder/Rally Health : 4,000,000%
  • Altar Boosts :
    – 700,000% Attack
    – 15,000% Defense
    – 15,000% Health
  • Troop Defense Bless : 5,300%
85 3,240,000
  • Mobile Trap Attack : 1,500,000%
  • Mobile Trap Rally/Wonder Health : 2,000,000%
  • Triple Defense Debuff : 10,000%
  • Potion Bonus :
    – 100,000% Attack
    – 5,000% Defense
    – 5,000% Health

New Feature – Banner Guides, Gem Guides Updated to include Divine, Legion Defense testing done

We have updated all of our Core Setups to include our newest feature at Gowcraft – Banner Guides.

Our banner guides will show you the best possible banners to run in each situation.

Gowcraft Banner Guides

These banner guides include all of the new banners and will show you exactly which ones you should run in any situation.

An example of the best banners for Defense (which are rather underwhelming) :
Game of War Defense Banners

New Gem Guides – Divine Gem Sets Included

With the addition of the new tiers of Divine Gem Sets, we have also updated our gem guides. This new system has sent it back from a straight “just gem the newest set and be done” – to requiring more of an analytical approach. You will not be able to have the best of the best gems until you’re full Mythic Divine Gem Set – and most people will have a while before they have those. Because of this, you will need to critically analyze which gems you have and the best way to use them.

Our Gem Guides will help you to do that.

This is an example of our gem guide for Stronghold Defense. Everywhere you see a * is where you will need to further analyze using the guidelines we’ve written down in the guide to decide what is best.
Game of War Gem Guide - Best Defense Gems

Legion Defense Testing

After a LOT of questions citing various sources saying Legion Defense (and other stats) do not apply when defending your Stronghold…we tested it. Surprise.


Proof :
Game of War Legion Defense

New Gems – Divine Gem Sets

Game of War released new Gems tonight – technically three new Gem Sets, but in a different manner than they have done in the past. These gem sets act as three DIFFERENT sets, but they are all the same “name” – just increasing in power. The new gem sets are : Divine Gem Set, Elite Divine Gem Set, and Ultimate Divine Gem Set.

You cannot mix and match the gems from different sets to complete the set bonus.

Edit :
There is a fourth tier of Gems that is not listed in the Blog. This is the Mythical Divine Gem Set, and it is…mythically hard to obtain. Additionally, there appears to be no Gem Set Bonus on it.

The stats on the new gems :

MYTHICAL Divine, Ultimate Divine, Elite Divine, and Divine Gem Sets

Game of War Mythical Divine Gem Set

Stay tuned for further updates!

Pantheon Level 22 to 30 Released

You can now upgrade the Pantheon building to level 30 and gain massive increases battle stats along with the ability to select 3 Deities at once.  Due to the significant increases in Defense Debuff and Attack, we highly recommend our trap friends find someone to test their current setup quickly to ensure they are ready for the Kill Event.

  • Troop Attack – 125,000%
  • Troop Type Attack – 125,000%
  • Defense Debuff – 5,000%
  • Health Debuff – 15,000%

In order to upgrade the Pantheon, you will need Divine Obsidians.  We have compiled the amount needed by level for your convenience below.

Full Details on the Pantheon Level 30

Game of War Pantheon Level 30 Divine Obsidian

Potion Recipes Updated – New Ingredients Added, New Core Set – Thanatos

We have updated our Potion Recipes page to include the new vials and ingredients. Check out the new recipes, optimize what you’re running, and dominate your Kingdom.

The following recipes were updated :

Split Attack

Potion Recipe – Split Attack : The best potion recipe for attacking enemy strongholds in Game of War. This potion applies to any attack core set. The stat range on the split attack potion recipe :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Attack Potion Stats

Stronghold Defense

Potion Recipe – Stronghold Defense : The best potion recipe for taking a hit in Game of War. This is the potion that all traps (or anyone else that will be taking a hit) should be running. The stat range on the defense potion recipe :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Defense Potion Recipe for Traps

Wonder Potion

Potion Recipe – Wonder and Tile Fighting : The best potion recipe for battling for the Wonder (or tiles) in Game of War. The stat range on the Wonder potion recipe :
Game of War Potion Recipe - Wonder Potion Stats

Optimize your potions and DOMINATE!

Thanatos Core Set

Additionally, the first in the new generation of cores has come out – the Thanatos core set is wreaking havoc throughout Game of War. The stats on this set are unsurpassed by previous cores, and maxed accounts running this set are burning things at an alarming rate.

Gowcraft Thanatos Core Setup
We have added our guide to setting up Thanatos cores. To see a comprehensive guide on setting up Thanatos including gemming, secret bonus, hero skills, and everything else needed to fully optimize your Thanatos, go here :
Core Setup – Thanatos

Thanatos Core Stats :
Game of War Thanatos Core Set Stats

VIP Level 41-45 Released, New Potion Ingredients

Game of War released two things tonight : VIP 41 through VIP 45 and new Potion ingredients.

New Potion Vial and Ingredients

These are the new Vial and Ingredients available for potions. We will be updating our Potion Recipes soon to use the new ingredients.
Game of War Potion Ingredients

VIP 41 through VIP 45

VIP 40 through VIP 45
VIP Level VIP Points Required New Bonuses
40 43.7 KT
  • Rally/Wonder Attack : 6,000%
  • Rally/Wonder Health : 13,000%
  • Rally/Wonder Defense : 13,000%
  • Troop Attack : 10,500%
  • Troop Health/Defense : 5,500%
  • Debuffs (TDD, THD, TAD) : 5,500%
41 113 KT
  • Use 10 Speedups : Construction
  • Rally/Wonder Attack : 9,000%
  • Rally/Wonder Health : 20,500%
  • Rally/Wonder Defense : 16,000%
  • Troop Attack : 15,000%
  • Troop Health/Defense : 5,800%
  • Debuffs (TDD, THD, TAD) : 5,800%
42 193 KT
  • Use 10 Speedups : Research
  • Rally/Wonder Attack : 13,500%
  • Rally/Wonder Health : 31,750%
  • Rally/Wonder Defense : 20,500%
  • Troop Attack : 26,250%
  • Troop Health/Defense : 6,250%
  • Debuffs (TDD, THD, TAD) : 6,250%
43 393 KT
  • Use 10 Speedups : Troop Training/Promotion
  • Rally/Wonder Attack : 19,500%
  • Rally/Wonder Health : 46,750%
  • Rally/Wonder Defense : 26,500%
  • Troop Attack : 41,250%
  • Troop Health/Defense : 6,850%
  • Debuffs (TDD, THD, TAD) : 6,850%
44 993 KT
  • Rally/Wonder Attack : 27,000%
  • Rally/Wonder Health : 65,500%
  • Rally/Wonder Defense : 34,000%
  • Troop Attack : 60,000%
  • Troop Health/Defense : 7,600%
  • Debuffs (TDD, THD, TAD) : 7,600%
45 1.99 MT
  • Use 100 Speedups
  • Rally/Wonder Attack : 36,000%
  • Rally/Wonder Health : 88,000%
  • Rally/Wonder Defense : 43,000%
  • Troop Attack : 82,500%
  • Troop Health/Defense : 8,500%
  • Debuffs (TDD, THD, TAD) : 8,500%

Tier 6 Ultimate Troops Released

Game of War released the next generation of troops tonight – Ultimate troops (T6). In order to unlock them you need Water Shards (which is not shocking). The rest of the research (which is a doozy, and is quite powerful) is just using RSS and speeds.

Along with the release of Tier 6 comes an increase in the max rally size, as well as a ton of other very powerful research to increase combat stats.
New Max Rally Size : 75,000,000 Troops, 10,000,000 Traps

T6 Water Shard Cost

IMPORTANT NOTE : INQUISITOR’S GEAR REDUCES THE AMOUNT OF WATER SHARDS NEEDED TO DO THE RESEARCH. The Fire Shard reduction on Inquisitor’s applies to Water Shards. Make sure you equip it!
Game of War Tier 6 Water Shard Cost

Stay tuned for further updates on the new troops and traps – as well as a full resource breakdown of the rest of the tree.

Chop, Ransom, or Release (CRR)

Many of our readers and premium members have requested us to provide an in-depth explanation of what the CRR program is, why they should or should not follow it, and how to implement it at a kingdom level.  Before we dive in, we want to disclose to you that the gowcraft team is biased in favor of having a kingdom-wide CRR program and we understand that this is a polarizing topic with very vocal players on both sides.  That being said, we will do our best to present the key points from each side of the proverbial coin. In addition, we will also highlight some best practices that you can follow if you feel this is something your alliance and kingdom would benefit from.

What is it?
The CRR program is a kingdom-wide agreement amongst all or high majority of the alliances to chop, ransom, or release heroes captured during non-kill event times.  This is enforced by the leadership of each abiding alliance to ensure that captured heroes are allowed to “play-on” without wasting time, cores, and boosts.  To give some historical context, this program started as a grass-root effort during the great hemlock shortage back when crafting a new core set cost 14+ packs…rally leaders were forced to ration hemlocks for Kill Events.  As the idea gained traction, players in kingdoms like Pelagos #386 quickly realized the various advantages of the program and worked to expand it kingdom-wide.

The advantages
Smart Rally Leaders – with the ever-increasing pace of new releases from GOW, r
ally leaders need the experience from attacking a large number of targets to successfully gauge various trap/target setups during non-kill event times.  This allows them to make better decisions in picking targets to rally or solo during a kill event and thus gaining more points for the rally leader, alliance and kingdom.

Smarter Traps – traps also need to constantly adjust their setup given the pace of releases from GOW.  More traps are targeted during non-kill event, allowing more of them to make appropriate adjustments which lead to more points during kill events.  Most of the kingdoms that get decimated in kill events have the same thing in common…Targets are not tested with new releases by strong rally leaders.  

And yes, the kingdom still benefits when traps are zeroed during non-kill event times under this program…they wont cost the kingdom massive points during kill events and lets be honest – every healthy/vibrant kingdom must have zeroes! 😈 Troops are cheap so most will recover and make the proper adjustments in time to still add tremendous value during kill events.

Population Growth – Top-end rally leaders will no longer feel the need to port out of kingdom to find targets between kill events because the kingdom that wins will attract more alliances and players…Kill Event 24/7 without the need to buy advanced ports (see K386 as example)

The critics
Many of the critics for this program hold firmly to the idea that players should be allowed the independence to play as they choose to without being forced into kingdom-wide agreements.

A key counter argument to the pro CRR group is, by holding heroes, rally leaders will be more careful in selecting targets instead of playing to the yolo crowd.  You can decide based on your own experience which method works best for the development of rally leaders.

Some steps you can take to implement a CRR program in your kingdom

  1. Create an in-game and in-line room for 2 to 4 reps from each alliance 
  2. Explain the benefits and gauge how many alliances are willing to agree…even if its only a few, start the program by asking each alliance to add the following to their wall –“Part of K### CRR program – PM R4 with questions or concerns”
  3. Make sure the folks in your alliance have a “back-up” option to release heroes when away from the game or shield 
  4. Stick with it and everyone will come around!

Whether you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts on this topic by commenting below and do share stories of success or failure with the program in your kingdom.  As always, we work hard so you can play harder!