New Research – Economics Tree Expansion, Catastrophic Elixir Potions Released

Last updated on July 14th, 2017 at 07:19 pm

Game of War released a new expansion to the Economics research tree. With it comes a massive increase in march/rally size and combat stats across the board.

This new tree’s full impact remains to be seen, but we will be doing a full analysis of it’s impact soon.

For now, we know that the new researches require Earth Shards to complete (and that is all – no speeds or RSS).

Economics Research Earth Shard Cost

Game of War Economics Research Earth Shards

Catastrophic Elixir Potions

Additionally, new potion ingredients were released tonight : Catastrophic Elixir. We will be updating our Potion recipes to reflect the new ingredients soon.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Full Analysis of Athena’s Ring Posted

With the recent release of Athena’s Ring, the “proper” gear to run in any circumstance has become much more complex. Because of this, we have done a full breakdown of the Ring of Athena, the stats provided, and when it is appropriate to replace your old core/defense accessories with them.

To be very blunt, these rings are not just a plug and play replacement for old gear. They are only better at certain levels and in certain situations.

Athena’s Ring vs. Old Gear Analysis and Guides

Stay tuned for further updates!

New Item – Ring of Athena

Game of War released a game changing new item tonight – the Ring of Athena. This is a PERMANENT accessory that adds MASSIVE stats. The stats are large enough that everyone needs to be very careful tonight – lots of accounts will be getting zeroed.

The Ring of Athena requires a new item to Enhance it – Power Seals.

As you enhance the Ring of Athena the stats on it increase incredibly quickly, reaching a maximum amount (PER RING) of :

  • Legion Attack : 17,000,000,000%
  • Troop Defense Debuff : 100,000,000%
  • Legion Defense Debuff : 100,000,000%
  • Empire Troop Defense Debuff : 100,000,000%
  • Troop Defense : 6,000,000%
  • Legion Defense : 6,000,000%
  • Empire Defense : 6,000,000%
  • Rally/Wonder/Tile Health : 33,000,000,000%

You are reading that correctly – the amounts listed in the in game blog are adding up ALL OF THE STATS for those totals. These are the actual totals for each level 25 Ring.

Ring of Athena Stats and Power Seal Costs Per Level

Game of War Ring of Athena Stats and Costs

Premium members should stand by for a full analysis on the best way to use this powerful new hero gear.

Hero Skills Updated for Level 110, Level 101 Defense Added

We have updated our Game of War hero skill guides for level 110. Additionally, due to the massive shift that has occurred with level 101 heros, we have added an additional tree to show the best way to skill this.

It is currently extremely difficult to burn any account that has a properly skilled level 101+ hero. Traps need to be aware that most rally leaders have caught onto this fact and stopped hitting level 101+ heros – it’s a very strong deterrent and may result in less hits for trappers. That said, for everyone that doesn’t want to burn…it’s a major boon.

Hero Skill Guides

Remember, the best hero is one that is fully optimized for whatever situation you are in. Optimize your hero’s skills and dominate your Kingdom.

Stay tuned for more updates, including new nerf ratios and expanded defensive gear tables!

Hero Levels 101 – 110 Released

Last updated on June 27th, 2017 at 04:47 pm

Game of War released new levels tonight – Hero Level 101 through Hero Level 110. With these new hero levels comes another large increase to stats (both offensive and defensive), and it should shake up this weekend’s merge event quite a bit. Leveling your hero requires Heroic Rings, which were just released in packs tonight.

Hero level 111 is already showing (with stats, instead of the usual lock), but it is currently unobtainable.

We have color coded the stats provided by each level to make it a bit easier to figure out what each level provides.

Hero Level 110 and Heroic Rings Needed

Game of War Hero Level 101 through Hero Level 110

See our updated guides for the best way to skill your Hero here : Hero Skills

Nemesis Lord Defensive Set Released, Mega Merge March Boosts

Game of War released it’s latest set of defense gear – the Nemesis Lord set.

This set is a strong upgrade across the board for any traps/fillers. The defense amounts on this set jump to incredible amounts in just base stats, much less after it is enhanced, leveled, and gemmed.

These are the full BASE stats for the new set (no gems or enhancements). The 5/7 set bonuses listed are assuming that you are skilled into them (which you should be).

Nemesis Lord Stats

Nemesis Lord vs Valiant Knight Set Gear

Mega Merge March Boost Analysis

There have been a ton of questions about the 1000% March Boosts that have been released for the Mega Merge event this weekend. It appears as if you can only use one merge boost at a time (they won’t stack). We have done some math and this is what our analysis is, at this point :

Solo Marches – Fully Maxed

  • Base Solo March : 27,000,000
  • 200% Solo March : 81,000,000
  • Mega Merge 1000% Solo March : 297,000,000

Base Rally Marches – Fully Maxed

  • Base Rally : 219,000,000
  • Mega Merge 1000% Rally March : 2,409,000,000


  • Standard Boosted (200%) : 300,000,000
  • Mega Merge Boosted (1000% Rally and 200% March) : 2,490,000,000

If the numbers for the Rally boost go along with how March boosts act, these will be the numbers for the Mega Merge event. It remains to be seen if they will actually use the same boosting system (it is currently believed that they will).

In our opinion, these boosts aren’t intending to have entirely full rallies. They are intended to reward the most active alliances with the most fillers. While these boosts are active, the R4/R5’s of alliances will (finally) not have to worry about fillers complaining about being able to get into rallies. It is not expected that these massive rallies will be entirely full – it is just a way to reward alliances that have 40 active players during the event.

This means that those Kingdoms that are organized enough to be able to form some sort of “super alliance” for the event will have a VERY LARGE leg up for the event.

Good luck out there, folks. Please remember that your Troop Defense is based off of a RATIO of defending troops to attacking troops. With this MASSIVE increase in attacking troops, your Troop Defense will be FAR WEAKER. Traps and fillers need to be incredibly weary when they see a very large march coming at them – their defense is losing a ton of value in this circumstance.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Mythic Liberator Gems Level 10+ Released, Tier 7 Research Costs Finalized

Mythical Liberator Gems Levels 10 through 20

Game of War released new GEM LEVELS for the Mythical Liberator Gem Set tonight. So far, we know the following :

  • The maximum level is currently unknown. We currently have definitive stats through level 13. We will update as we get more.
  • Any level gem will apply to the full set bonus for the gems (which is still massive, in comparison to the gems). This means you can stick a level 6 in with level 15’s and still receive the full gem set bonus.
  • DO NOT MASTER COMBINE YOUR GEMS. You want to ensure you will have 7 sets of whatever the max level you can go to is. You always want to make sure you have 7 sets of your maximum level, rather than master combining all the way up and being forced to attempt to fill in the rest of your gem slots with level 6’s.
  • Empire Defense starts getting added at level 10 and will continue through the levels. Legion Defense never rises after level 6.
  • The amount difference between the Topaz (special) and regular gems starts to close down as you increase in levels.
  • The gem set bonus is still the most important thing with this set, until you get up to level 13+. Always make sure you have enough gems to complete the bonus (even if it’s with a level 6 gem).
  • The new gem levels DO add more points for research sockets. However, at this point, it is fairly useless to use them in this manner.

Current known stats for Mythical Liberator Gem Sets levels 6+ :

Mythical Liberator Gem Set Stats Level 10 through Level 20

As we receive more information on higher levels, we will continuously update this information.

Tier 7 Research Costs

Game of War released Tier 7 (and soft released tier 8 – they’re too expensive to obtain still) troops recently. With the release of these troops, there are a few very important things that people need to realize : You do NOT HAVE to level up all of the research to get the RESOURCE REDUCTION on troop training and trap training maxed.

The only levels required to be completed in order to open up level 10 of troop/trap cost reduction are levels 1-3 in the tree. While all fillers and traps will want to be working towards getting more ultimate combat research completed, this is the most important research to get done as it will vastly reduce the cost to build troops to fill rallies with.

Here is a graphic displaying the costs of completing all T7 troop/trap types and levels 1-10 of RSS cost reduction :
Game of War Tier 7 Troop and Trap Reduction Research Costs

Full Tier 7 Research Costs

Game of War Tier 7 Research Costs

VIP 60 (and beyond) Released

Game of War released new VIP levels – VIP level 51 through VIP level 60.

Important Note : Lots of people are confused by the fact that the VIP screen now shows up to VIP level 100. This appears to have been a “soft release” for VIP 100 – in that it is in the game, but it is NOT YET ACHIEVABLE. Everything above level 60 is EXTREMELY out of reach at this time.

The most important addition with VIP level 51 and above is the addition of Resolute Defense to the stats gained by leveling it. The other combat stats are, admittedly, very high. But the Resolute Defense is the game changer in this release. It is not debuffable at this point – which means that stacking Resolute Defense is the absolute best way to defend your Stronghold. Most rally leads are finding it incredibly difficult to burn anyone with a decent amount of Resolute Defense (currently, the only way to gain this stat is through Research Sockets and VIP 51+).

Full Stats Provided by VIP 50 through VIP 60

We have included the stats for VIP 61 (as well as the amount of points it takes) to show how out of reach it is. In addition to being incredibly high on points required, the boosts from it are not that game changing – so even if someone wanted to get the massive amount of packs necessary, it would not be game breaking.
Game of War VIP 50 through VIP 60

As always, stay tuned for further updates.

Core Setups Updated, Mythic Flawless Rune Stats (Glitched) Now Updated

MYTHIC FLAWLESS RUNE UPDATE : The original stats released were bugged. For the first night, the Mythic Flawless runes did indeed have an extra zero added to them. This is why you saw so many huge accounts burning last night. They have now been updated. We have updated the stats to reflect their updated stats in game.

Mythic Flawless Rune Stats

Game of War Mythic Flawless Rune Stats

Core Setups Updated

Additionally, we have updated our Core Setups for the upcoming battle for the Super Wonder and KVK.

Check out our updated core setups here :
Core Setup – Wonder Cores – Full guide to setting up the latest Wonder cores in Game of War.
Core Setup – Chaos – Full guide to setting up the Chaos core set in Game of War.
Core Setup – Oceanus – Full guide to setting up the Oceanus core set for the Wonder in Game of War.
Core Setup – Moneta – Full guide to setting up the Moneta core set in Game of War.
Core Setup – Nyx – Full guide to setting up the Nyx core set in Game of War.
Core Setup – Erebus – Full guide to setting up the Erebus core set in Game of War.

Stay tuned for further updates!

New Runes – Mythic Flawless Runes, New Info on Troop Gear Upgrades

Game of War released new runes tonight – the Mythic Flawless rune set. This set, not surprisingly, increases the stats available by quite a bit. The attack and health amounts are in the billions on these runes alone, as well as including a large amount of defense debuffs (and, thankfully, defenses).

MYTHIC FLAWLESS RUNE UPDATE : The original stats released were bugged. For the first night, the Mythic Flawless runes did indeed have an extra zero added to them. This is why you saw so many huge accounts burning last night. They have now been updated. We have updated the stats to reflect their updated stats in game.

Mythic Flawless Rune Stats

Game of War Mythic Flawless Rune Stats

Troop Gear Upgrades

Additionally, further testing has shown that equipping your Inquisitor’s Research Gear to do your troop gear upgrades will reduce the cost on it.

This is a HIDDEN reduction, in that it doesn’t reflect on the price shown – but if you track the Spinel cost per level you will see the difference.

New Troop Gear Spinel Costs When Using Inquisitor’s Gear :
Game of War Troop Gear Spinel Cost

Stay tuned for further updates.