New Building – Monster Lair

A new building was released – the Monster Lair. This new building allows you to send Monsters along with your attacks and rallies. These monsters provide massive combat boosts and function in the same way that the Pantheon does (you select monsters to send as you unlock them). The building is upgraded using Monster Lair Bars, which are available in packs.

The building itself provides base combat boosts, with additional boosts being provided by which monster you select.

The base boosts provided by a level 41 Monster Lair are :

  • Onslaught Attack : 1MT
  • Resolute Defense : 100T
  • Rally/Wonder Health : 30MT
  • Rally/Wonder Trap Health : 30MT

The three monsters available are :
Level 1+ : Cerberus
Level 21+ : Colossus
Level 41 : Wind Dragon

Total Cost to Upgrade the Monster Lair

Monster Lair Bars needed. In progress.
Monster Lair Building Upgrade Cost

Stay tuned for more updates!

Gear Enhancement Level 50 Released

You are now able to enhance your Anniversary World Slayer and Cerulean Knight Defense Gear to level 50 in Game of War.

These new levels, along with the release of Hades’ Ring, has resulted in several truly massive accounts being zeroed in the last 24 hours.

Several current Super Wonder contenders were oneshot zeroed (some through solos) with the release of these massive new changes.

We are working diligently to find the “fix” that allows accounts to become safe again – until we have it nailed down, I strongly recommend shielding up to ride out the storm. You can take test hits to see if you’re still safe – but the result of a “failed test” is being onehit zeroed.

Stay tuned for more information on the total costs for the following :
Anniversary World Slayer Gear : Uses Power Prism to level to 50.
Cerulean Knight Defense Gear : Uses Power Sphere to level to 50.

We will have the full costs to level this gear soon. Stay tuned for updates.

New Cores Released – Hades’ Ring, Hero Level 130 Skill Guides Updated

Hades’ Ring

A new “core” accessory was released tonight – the Hades’ Ring.

What we know about the new Hades Ring accessory so far :

  • They come in packs (3 per pack at the moment). They HAVE A DURATION like core gear, but gain the set bonus of the Anniversary set.
    Game of War Hades Ring Duration
  • They can be leveled to 25, and gain massive stats from it.
  • Full Power Seal Cost to Level ONE Hades’ Ring

    Hades Ring Power Seals

    Hero Skill Guides Updated

    Additionally, we have updated our hero skill guides fully to include up to lvl 130. These guides will show you the best way to fully optimize your hero skills for any situation in Game of War.

    The updated hero skills can be found here :

    • Hero Skills – Attack : The attack hero skills for a level 130 hero.
    • Hero Skills – Defense : The best defense hero skills for any level hero, up to 130. This will provide the BASE skills you want to have, no matter what level you are.
    • Hero Skills – Wonder : The best wonder skills for your hero. Use this guide to dominate your kingdom’s wonder.

    Stay tuned for more updates!

Advanced Economics Research Released

Last updated on July 31st, 2017 at 04:19 pm

The Advanced Economics Research tree was extended tonight. This new extension to the tree adds a massive amount of combat stats, as well as more march size increases.

Quick facts on the “Anniversary” Advanced Economics Research extension :

  • Inquisitor’s Gear reduces the cost of Abacus required for the research.
  • The majority of the tree is upgraded using Ancient Abacus.
  • There are eight researches that are only one level and require a Legendary Abacus to complete.
  • These eight researches are in two areas of the tree. These two areas of the Legendary Abacus portion of the tree are unlocked in the following order :
  • Part One
    1. Onslaught Attack
    2. Rally/Wonder Troop/Trap Attack and Health
    3. Trap March Size
    4. Rally Mobile Trap March Size
  • Part Two
    1. Resolute Troop Defense
    2. Defense Annihilation
    3. Attack March Size
    4. Rally March Size
  • Due to this, traps and fillers will want to do the Resolute Troop Defense portion of the tree first.

Ancient Abacus Required to Complete Research

Game of War Advanced Economics Extension Ancient Abacus

Stay tuned for further updates.

Specialized Buildings Level 36-40 Released

Specialized buildings released new levels tonight – lvl 36 through lvl 40. These new buildings add a massive amount of combat stats for both traps and rally leaders.

Each building requires a new special item that is only available in packs. The new buildings require the following items :

  • Alchemy Lab : Alchemist’s Pestle
  • Black Market : Thief’s Purse
  • Explorer Dungeon : Forgotten Map
  • Gear Workshop : Surging Power Jewel
  • Graveyard : Gravedigger’s Lantern
  • Imperial Banner : Imperial Badge
  • Pantheon : Divine Quartz
  • Speed Up Factory : Ancient Time Crystal

A chart showing the full costs for the new level 40 buildings :
Game of War Specialized Buildings 36 through 40

Stay tuned for further updates – we are working diligently to get caught up from this last weekend. Coming soon : Hero Level 130 Skills!

Hero Levels 111-130 Released

Last updated on July 26th, 2017 at 04:56 am

Hero level 111 through hero level 130 was released in Game of War tonight. These new hero levels bring a massive increase to both stats and march sizes, and will have a large impact over the next few days.

These levels still require Heroic Rings to increase – just like 101-110 did.

We are working to compile a full accounting of the heroic rings needed to get to hero lvl 130. For now, this is what we have :

Hero Lvl 130 Heroic Ring Cost

Game of War Hero Levels 111-130 Heroic Rings

Hero Lvl 130 Stats

Full list of stats for hero lvl 111 through lvl 130 (in progress). We have highlighted the areas that add new stats (either march size, resolute defense, onslaught attack, or defense annihilation).

Game of War Hero Level 130 Stats

Stay tuned for further updates.

Tier 8 Research Costs Finalized, Defense Setup Updated

Tier 8 Research Costs Finalized

We have finalized the total cost for Mythical troop research. The total wind shard cost for t8 research is included in the chart as well. Please note that the wind shards needed for the Mythical RSS Cost Reduction is much higher than the rest of each level of researches.

Total T8 Research Wind Shard and Resource Cost

These research costs are in full Inquisitor’s Gear.
Game of War T8 Research Costs

Defense Setup Updated

Additionally, we have updated our Gowcraft Setup – Base Defense. This setup is a comprehensive guide on setting your stronghold up for trapping in Game of War. This includes our updated :
Potion Recipes – Updated potion recipes to include Arcane Concoction ingredients.
Rune Guides – Updated rune guides to include Titan runes (and Ancient runes), as well as a comparison of the two. It is now optimal to mix and match the runes, rather than just equipping the latest runes.
New building levels – A description of what level buildings and which you should use to optimize your base for defense.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Potion Recipes Updated, Rune Guides Added, Buildings 36-41 Costs Finalized

Potion Recipes Updated

We have updated all of our potion recipes to include the new Arcane Concoction vial and ingredients. These potion recipes are now fully optimized to provide the highest buff possible for every situation. Remember : Potion stats do gain the Altar boost from hero skills, so a properly made potion is a big deal.

See our updated arcane concoction potion recipes here :

Rune Guides Added

With the release of Titan runes, the best runes to use for different situations in GoW became a bit more convoluted. It is no longer just a “plug in the four latest runes and go” situation – you need to analyze the stats and optimize your rune selection based upon what you are doing.

We have released a new section to assist you with this : Rune Guides

See our updated guides to the best runes here (including a full stat listing of each rune) :

Building Levels 36-41 Porcelain Tile Costs Finalized

We have finalized the porcelain tile costs for up to and including SH41 as well ((RUsH) XO Darious was a huge help). The total porcelain tiles for stronghold 41 and all level 41 buildings are :
Game of War Building Levels 36 to 41 Porcelain Tile Costs

Stay tuned for more updates, including a full breakdown of the total costs for T8 research!

Tier 8 Released, Cerulean Knight Set Analyzed

Mythical troops were officially released in Game of War this evening, bringing with them much larger marches and higher stats for rally leads. The release of T8 means that most people will need to be very vigilant over the next few days until things settle down.

What we know about Tier 8 research so far :

  • The researches require Wind Shards to complete. Additionally, you need Enamel, Salt, and Olives (T2 RSS, Cane and Bonds are nullified by the token from the pack).
  • There is new training gear out : Mythical Commander’s Set. Use this gear to train the new troops.
  • New Max Rally :
    • Troops : 3,000,000,000
    • Traps : 1,500,000,000
  • New Max Solo :
    • Troops : 1,000,000,000
    • Traps : 500,000,000

We are working rapidly to get a costs chart updated for the T8 research. Stay tuned for updates!

Cerulean Knight Gear Set Analyzed

With the release of T8 troops, traps and fillers need to be vigilant in keeping their account up to date to avoid being zeroed. To assist with this, we have done a comparison of the Cerulean Knight defensive gear set against the World Slayer Set (Red gear).

See our full analysis of the best way to use the new gear (and World Slayer Gear) in our updated Gowcraft Setup – Base Defense article.

The full stats for Cerulean Knight and World Slayer sets (enhanced to 25, ungemmed) are :
Game of War Cerulean Knight Gear Set

Stay tuned for further updates on T8 troops, new Runes, and new Potions!

New Banners Released, New Potion Ingredients, New Runes, and New Defense Gear

Game of War had a flurry of new releases tonight including banners, potions, runes, and a new set of defense gear. All of this will go a very long way to helping people protect their strongholds.

New Banners

The following banners were released (and some provide a massive upgrade over the old ones) :

  • Legionnaire Banner
  • Marauder’s Banner
  • Gladiator’s Banner
  • Deception Banner
  • Challenger Banner
  • Destruction Banner
  • Annihilation Banner
  • Shield Wall Banner

We have updated our banner guides to show the best possible banners for all situations in Game of War. See the updated banner guides here :

Arcane Concoction Potion Ingredients

Additionally, a new Vial and several new ingredients were released for the Alchemy Lab. We will be updating our Potion Recipes soon to reflect the new Vial and ingredients. The new ingredients released were :

  • Vial : Arcane Concoction – 1.2B Troop Attack
  • Ingredient : Ghost Thistle : 450M Rally/Wonder Attack, 1.3M Empire TDD
  • Ingredient : Concentrated Energy : 675M Rally/Wonder Attack, 1.3M Legion TDD
  • Ingredient : Wyrm Tentacles : 600M Rally/Wonder Attack, 9.8B Rally/Wonder Health
  • Ingredient : Ley Stone : 1.05B Legion Attack, 4.9B Rally/Wonder Health
  • Ingredient : Frost Leaf : 1B Legion Attack, 1.5M Legion Defense
  • Ingredient : Cerberus Drool : 840M Trap Attack, 4B Rally/Wonder Trap Health
  • Ingredient : Mermaid Eggs : 31.6B Tile Health, 31.6B Trap Tile Health
  • Ingredient : Lidless Eye : 1.5M Empire Defense, 31.6B Rally Trap Health

Cerulean Knight Defense Gear Set

A new (and massively powerful) defense gear set was also released tonight. We will be updating our Stronghold Defense setup soon to show all the stats of this new set.

Titan Runes

We are also working on updating our Rune Comparison to show the added stats from the new Titan Runes. These add another very large amount of new stats that will be helpful for rally leads and traps alike.

Stay tuned for further updates – we are working rapidly to get all of the new content analyzed and sorted to assist you in dominating your Kingdom.