Gear Quality Levels Added

Gear Quality was released last night in Game of War, providing a new way to add stats for gear up to a total of 420 TT Troop Attack, 280 KT Type Defense, 16.8 Type Defense Debuff and 168 BT Wonder Holding / Rally Health Bonuses. This is not the same as Gear Set Levels which recently were increased to 2000 – Gear Quality is referring to what most people usually think of as the “color” of the gear. Purple, Yellow, Red, Teal, etc.

  • Level up each piece individually via the Gear Workshop.
  • Currently, there is no gear that provides reduction in materials needed.
  • Each upgraded level receives the same amount of stats increase regardless of cost for levels 1-4, and then levels 5-8.
  • Total of 10 Levels.
  • If you are short on Molten Mithril, level all gear up to level 9 before continuing on to level 10. We have done a stat analysis below the amounts needed to level up for more information.
  • Can be applied to current defense, construction, training & research gear.
  • Molten Iron is used to level current lower quality gear up to Teal.

Gear Quality Materials

Molten Gold is needed for all ten levels. Molten Platinum comes in at Level 5, and Molten Mithril at level 8/9/10. Total amounts needed to level Gear Quality :
Game of War Gear Quality Materials

Gear Quality Stats

As gear increases in quality levels, there are “tiers” of stats that are added. The stats added by each gear quality level in GoW :
Game of War Gear Quality Stats

Gear Quality Efficiency

Finding the most efficient way to level the quality of your gear is what most people are looking for. After doing the math, it is clear that it is more efficient to level the quality of every piece of gear evenly. Do not focus all of your materials into just one gear piece. You gain far more stats by splitting the leveling process. This costs more Molten Gold, but the amount of Molten Platinum and Molten Mithril required at higher levels increases very quickly.

A chart explaining why we say to level up evenly :
Game of War Gear Quality Stats and Levels

This chart shows that you can EITHER upgrade ONE ITEM to Level 8 Quality or upgrade YOUR ENTIRE SET to Level 5 Quality (in Molten Platinum amounts). As we said – this way requires more Molten Gold, but the benefits of doing it this way far outweigh the negatives for all combat stats.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Elite Colossus Runes Released, New Gem Levels, New Set Levels

Elite Colossus Runes

new tier of colossus runes was released in Game of War last night – Elite Colossus Runes. These runes provide a large increase to some stats from the previous release of “standard” Colossus Runes.

Elite Colossus Rune Stats

These are the stats on the new set of runes :
Game of War Elite Colossus Runes

We have updated our Rune Guides to include these new runes. Check the guides out now and make sure your runes are optimized for the specific situation that you are in.

New Gem Levels

GoW also released new levels of gems last night, upping the maximum gem level by quite a bit. These are a pretty standard release – just another increase in Gem stats. You still want to make sure that you don’t master combine your gems in order to ensure that you always have 7 SETS of your highest level.

New Set Gear Levels

Set Gear Levels now go a very large amount past where they previously did. These new set gear levels require the same items to upgrade as the previous ones (just in much larger amounts). We are working on updating the information these new set gear levels and will update as soon as possible.

Harbinger Gear Set Released

The next set gear was released in GOW, with stats much higher stats than the former Ultimate Grand Warmaster. This new set, the Harbinger, concentrates its impact directly in Troop Attack, Type Defense, Rally and Wonder Health, Mobile Trap Health, and Type Defense Debuff. It is accompanied with the 30% Defense Annihilation Resistance and 30% Troop Defense Resistance within each of the accessories and carries the same lvl 500 set gear and power up stats as the Warmaster. However, it’s boosts are up in the TT (Trillion Trillions) compared to the Warmaster’s MT (Million Trillions). An overall stat summary of both sets is shown below.

Harbinger Gear Quick Notes

  • The gear has three different options for accessories – each one with slightly different stats.
  • Powering the gear up has a minimal impact on it. The difference is in Trillions, as opposed to the Trillion Trillions of stats on the gear.
  • Swapping accessories depending on the situation you are in will be necessary for full optimization.

Harbinger Set Stats

**All charts below are shown without set gear stats or power up stats.
Harbinger Gear Stats

We have updated our Gowcraft Setups to include the new Harbinger Gear. These setups will tell you the best gear sets to use in any situation (Defense, Attack, or the Wonder). See those setups here :

We have also updated our Rally Math : Maximum Orb Boosts to include the new numbers that (randomly) increased.

Stay tuned for further updates!

New Tiered Research, Buildings, and Hero Levels Updated

Last updated on August 26th, 2017 at 10:52 pm

We have been working to update all of the information you need to know about the new tiers of buildings, troops, and hero levels in Game of War. This release is unlike any we have seen in GoW before, and it appears to be nearly a “full reset” of the game up to this point. With all new speedups, RSS types, and four new tiers of everything important in Game of War, this looks like it may be just what the community has been asking for – a return to a slightly more simplistic approach.

Stronghold 100, Hero 200, and T13 Troops

We have made a new page for each of these three categories of upgrades and will be updating them as quickly as possible as we receive new information.

Some quick facts on the new tiered system :

  • It does not appear as if the nerf numbers have changed. If we find anything more about this, we will let you know.
  • The difference between the tiers of troops appear to be somewhat similar to the difference in strength between T1-T4 in “old school” GoW.
  • There is now an Upkeep Reduction Token in packs that will stop your troops from eating all of your Cheese. This was an issue for the last day or so for lots of people.
  • There are tokens to reduce the RSS cost to train troops and do the new Prime Combat Research Tree in packs. Check the contents of the packs closely to ensure you are receiving these tokens.
  • Each “tier” of the new research, buildings, and hero levels require new item types to upgrade. As you increase in tiers, the number of items needed to upgrade increases rapidly.

Find out more specific information on everything you need to know about Prime Combat Research, Hero Level 200, and Stronghold 100 here :

Stay tuned for more updates!

Stronghold 100, Tier 10 through Tier 13, and Hero Level 200 Released

Massive new updates were just realeased in Game of War tonight bringing in significant changes to the game in terms of Hero levels, Stronghold levels, new Prime Troops (and their accompanying research tree). These new updates will bring a major impact to stats, march & rally sizes, and troops used over the next few days and moving forward in GoW.

We are working on bringing you the most up to date information as soon as possible – stay tuned for updates. We will continuously update as we receive new information.

Hero Level 200

Game of War maximum hero level is now 200 – bringing with it another huge increase in stats and march sizes for both solos and rallies. We are working on a full breakdown of the stats provided by each level as well as the item requirements for each level. The items required to level your hero switch from Heroic Rings to Prime Heroic Arrowhead at level 53. It is assumed that level 171-180 will require Ruthless Heroic Arrowhead, level 181-190 will require Glorious Heroic Arrowhead, and level 191-200 will require Exalted Heroic Arrowhead.

NOTE : We are unsure if the type of item used to upgrade hero upgrades to go to LEVEL 70, or LEVEL 71. Stand by for further updates on this.

For now, the total Heroic Rings required :
Game of War Heroic Rings Required

Updated Prime Heroic Arrowhead required :
Game of War Prime Heroic Arrowheads

We will update with a new post as soon as we know more about the level requirements moving forward.

Tier 10 through Tier 13

Tier 10 through Tier 13 work in the same upgrade system as the other updates do – there are four new tiers of research, as well as four new tiers of items required to complete the research.

  • Prime Troops – Tier 10 : Requires Prime Knowledge as well as T3 resources to complete the research. VERY IMPORTANT : You have to get the last MARCH SIZE INCREASE research to level 10 in order to move on to tier 11. You CAN COMPLETE THIS RESEARCH without completing the rest of the Tier 10 research. Make sure you check the pre-reqs before slamming out all of the research.
  • Ruthless Troops – Tier 11 : Requires Ruthless Knowledge as well as T3 resources to complete the research. The amount of Ruthless Knowledge and RSS required to complete T11 goes up MUCH FASTER than with T10 research.
  • Glorious Troops – Tier 12 : Requires Glorious Knowledge as well as T3 resources to complete the research. Cost structure is unknown at this point.
  • Exalted Troops – Tier 13 : Requires Exalted Knowledge as well as T3 resources to complete the research. Cost structure is unknown at this point.

We will be posting spreadsheets with the costs for the researches shortly. Stay tuned!

Buiding Levels up to 100

Finally, buildings can now be upgraded up to level 100. These building upgrades are on the “tier” system, just like the other two releases.

  • Stronghold 62-70 : Requires Prime Masonry Stone to upgrade.
  • Stronghold 71-80 : Requires Ruthless Gold Gravel to upgrade.
  • Stronghold 81-90 : Requires Glorious Jade Mineral to upgrade.
  • Stronghold 91-100 : Requires Exalted Stained Glass to upgrade.

We will be updating with a new post for building levels including the costs and stats shortly. Stay tuned for further updates.

Banner Guides Updated

We have updated our guides to the best banners to use in Game of War. The new ultimate banners provide massive new stat increases – ensure that you are running the proper banner for any situation and dominate your Kingdom.

After the initial banner release last night, an additional banner showed up in packs later in the evening : the Illumination Banner. We have updated our banner guides to include the “late release” as well.

In total following banners were released in GoW :

  • Bulwark Banner : 300BT Troop Attack, 2KT Troop Defense, 500BT Rally/Wonder Health
  • Templar Banner : 3KT Type Defense, 250BT Trap Health, 1KT Legion Defense Debuff
  • Guardian Banner : 500BT Rally/Wonder Health, 100BT Empire Defending Attack Debuff, 1KT Enemy Troop Defense Debuff
  • Justice Banner : 200BT Trap Health, 400BT Rally/Wonder Health, 60BT Empire Defending Attack Debuff
  • Unyielding Banner : 250BT Trap Health, 30BT Onslaught Attack, 1KT Legion Defense
  • Illumination Banner : 180BT Troop Attack, 600T TDD, 600T Legion TDD

Best Banners in GoW

  • Banner Guide – Attack : A guide to which banners to use when attacking enemy Strongholds. (Updated for late release.)
  • Banner Guide – Defense : A guide to which banners to use for defending your Stronghold. (Updated for late release.)
  • Banner Guide – Wonder : A guide to which banners to use when battling for the Wonder. (Updated for late release.)

Explosive Elixir Potion Recipes Updated, Battle Marks Mastery Research, New Ultimate Banners

Explosive Elixir Potion Recipes

We have updated our Potion Recipes to include the new Explosive Elixir vial and ingredients that were released in Game of War.

See our updated explosive elixir potion recipes here :

Battle Marks Mastery Research

A new research tree was released in Game of War over the weekend – the Battle Marks Mastery tree. This new tree takes Tier 3 RSS and Supreme Speedups to complete. This new research provides massive stats against targets that you’ve battle marked, which makes it quite important to make sure your target is battle marked at all times now.

Note : It is NOT TRUE that the rally leader must be the one that battle marks the target. As long as the target is marked, the leader will gain the benefits.

Stand by for a full cost breakdown of the Battle Marks Mastery research tree – it will be posted shortly.

New Ultimate Banners

Game of War also released five new banners tonight with much higher stats than their previous versions. We will be updating our Banner Guides to show these new banners very soon.

The following banners were released :

  • Bulwark Banner : 300BT Troop Attack, 2KT Troop Defense, 500BT Rally/Wonder Health
  • Templar Banner : 3KT Type Defense, 250BT Trap Health, 1KT Legion Defense Debuff
  • Guardian Banner : 500BT Rally/Wonder Health, 100BT Empire Defending Attack Debuff, 1KT Enemy Troop Defense Debuff
  • Justice Banner : 200BT Trap Health, 400BT Rally/Wonder Health, 60BT Empire Defending Attack Debuff
  • Unyielding Banner : 250BT Trap Health, 30BT Onslaught Attack, 1KT Legion Defense

Stand by for more updates – they will be coming rapidly!

Set Gear Level 500 Released, Hero Level 150 Skill Guides Updated

Total Porcelain Tiles Finalized

Finally, we have fully finalized our table on Porcelain Tile costs in Game of War. The table below shows full tile costs all the way up to how60 and SH61. All costs shown below assume that you are wearing Empire Builder’s Gear (though it stops mattering pretty quickly into it).
Game of War Total Porcelain Tile Costs

Set Gear Level 500

The Warmaster Gear Set, Titan Overlord Set, and Cerulean Knight Set in Game of War now go to level 500 – bringing another large increase to attack stats.

The new levels (200+) require Ultimate Warmaster Pendant to upgrade. We are currently working on a chart to show the cost of upgrading these new gear levels.

The Warmaster Gear Set does not gain any defensive stats through the new set gear levels, but does gain a large increase in attack stats. The Titan Overlord Gear Set gains a very large increase to several types of defense by upgrading.

Hero Level 150 Skill Guides Updated

We have updated our Game of War Hero Skills to show the proper way to skill a level 150 Hero. You can find these new hero skills here :

Hero Level 150 Heroic Rings

Total hero 150 heroic rings needed :
Hero Level 150 Heroic Rings

Stay tuned for more updates – we are rapidly updating to attempt to catch up with all of the recent releases!

Building Levels Updated to 50 (And Beyond…)

You are now able to update to Stronghold 50 in Game of War. Additionally, it would appear as if (like the last building release), you can continue on past level 50. There are e-mails from Athena in GoW that have mentioned up to SH60 – but, for now, the highest we have seen is SH51.

These building upgrades still use Porcelain Tile to upgrade – it just takes much larger amounts than the previous releases. To see the porcelain tile costs for up to level 41, you can check out our SH41 post.

Porcelain Tile Costs for SH50

We are currently working to update this chart. We will update through Stronghold 51 and above costs as quickly as possible.
Game of War SH51 Costs

Stat Increases for Buildings up to lvl 50

Additionally, there are lots of massive stat (and march size) increases up to level 50. We are working on a chart displaying the level by level increase for each building in Game of War. As soon as we have that completed (it’s a lot), you can expect an update.

Stay tuned!

Maximum Orb Boosts Updated, New Runes Released

Maximum Time Orb Boosts Updated

The maximum luck level available for buildings in Game of War has gone up to 41. With this increase comes a MASSIVE INCREASE in the available stats through Time Orb and Resource Orb boosts.

We are currently working to gather the maximum orb boosts available for each stat.

The following stats are now available on every single building (does not appear to be any variation on the building – both interior and exterior get the same boosts) :

  • Troop Attack
  • Legion Attack
  • Type Attack (each type)
  • Onslaught Attack
  • Rally/Wonder Attack
  • Troop Defense Debuff
  • Legion Defense Debuff
  • Type Defense Debuff
  • Defense Annihilation
  • Troop Defense
  • Legion Defense
  • Type Defense
  • Resolute Defense

As you can see, it will take a lot more rolls to get to the stat that you are looking for on each building now.

We have updated our Maximum Boosts available list, and will continuously be updating it as more information comes in. This list also shows the total amount of orbs needed as well as the cost per roll, per level and the cost to instantly upgrade to the next luck level.

Updated Maximum Building Boosts List

Rally Math – Maximum Orb Boosts.

Colossus Runes Released

Three new sets of runes were also released in Game of War tonight. These new runes include incredible new attack and defense boosts, along with two never before seen attack boosts :
Extreme Attack and Ravaging Attack

We have updated all of our Rune Guides to show the best combination of the new runes to use for each situation. Find them here :

Full Stats of Colossus Runes

There are three “sets” of Colossus runes. They are three different colors. The full stats for each set (there are NO SET BONUSES, so you CAN MIX AND MATCH) :
Game of War Best Runes

Stand by for more updates!