Halloween Banners, Halloween Runes, and Haunted Gems

Halloween Banners

Game of War released four new banners tonight, implementing several of the new “Super” stats into banner selection. With the massive impact the new Super stats are having, these new halloween banners will be a very large help for lots of traps (and required for leads, due to Super Troop Defense Debuff). At the moment, these new banners are only available one per pack, so make sure you are selecting the one that will provide the biggest boosts for you.

The new halloween banners :

  • Phantasm Banner : 200% Super Mobile Trap Attack, 2000% Multi-Kill, 8 BT% Type TDD
  • Horseman’s Head Banner : 200% Super Troop Attack, 200% Super Troop Attack in Forest, 3 MTTT% Onslaught Attack
  • Golden Witch Banner : 300% Super Troop Defense, 60 MTTT% Type Attack
  • Hallowed Vampire Banner : 300% Super Troop Defense Debuff, 5 BT% Troop Defense

We have updated our Banner Guides to include these new banners. Check them out and optimize your banner selection :

Halloween Runes

Four new runes were also released in GoW tonight – marking another very large increase in stats, as well as an additional source of Super Combat Stats. Halloween Runes were released in a PYO fashion – meaning that you only get one per pack right now.

We have added a new page that shows a full comparison of stats on the Halloween Runes against the Leviathan Runes (which were the previous best). Additionally, this page will tell you the best order to pick your runes in for each type of GoW account – trap, attack, and wonder. You can find this information here :
Latest Rune Sets

Full stats on Halloween Runes :
Game of War Halloween Runes

Haunted Gems

Additionally, four new gems were released in GoW tonight, creating the Haunted Gem Set. Interestingly, these gems are NOT ACTUALLY A SET. They have no gem set bonus – just much larger stats than previous gems. The following gems were released :

  • Haunted Monster Gem
  • Haunted Conjurer Gem
  • Haunted Pumpkin Gem
  • Haunted Ghost Gem (Special)

These new gems have much higher attack stats than the Liberator gem set, as well as providing New Super stats specific to wonder battling.

Haunted Gems also go higher than level 10 – we are working on finding the maximum gem level and their stats. Thus far, the stats have DOUBLED on each new level.

To see a full comparison of the new Gems, as well as how they stack up against Level 150 Mythic Liberator Gem Set, go here :
Latest Gem Sets

Icarus Gear Sets

Last updated on November 6th, 2017 at 10:17 am

Game of War released new gear yesterday, Icarus Gear, adding 4 different gear sets the Super Guardian, Super Valiant, Super Warrior, and Super Courageous each specializing in a different form of Warfare.

Along with the Gear we are seeing increasing use of Super Stats which is proving to be game altering.  We are seeing that Super Stats seem to place as priority in determining the outcome of warfare.   More information is coming soon as testing is concluded.

Icarus Gear Highlights

  • Majority of the Icarus Stats come from Quality and Power Up levels.
  • Max Quality: 10, Max Power Up: 50
  • Each gear set has identical stats with the exception of Super Stats, seen in blue below
  • Each set has its own specific color of ornamentation which distinguishes it apart from other sets.
    1. Super Guardian = Red
    2. Super Valiant = Purple
    3. Super Warrior = Teal
    4. Super Courageous = Yellow Flames
  • Gear currently does not have Set Gear Leveling
  • Gear is war situational specific
    1. Super Guardian = Defense & Health
    2. Super Valiant = Troop Attack & Troop Defense Debuff
    3. Super Warrior = Troop Health & Troop Attack
    4. Super Courageous = Troop Attack & Rally / Wonder Attack in Forest
  • Divine Research modifiers do not apply.

Chart showing Full stats of Icarus Gear:

Mega Alliances

Game of war recently released a game changing feature, Mega Alliances. This feature allows 2 alliances to team up together and share Common  Mega Alliance chat, Rallies, inter-alliance Reining all while still operating as separate alliances.  Ports are still needed to join rallies in other worlds.

Each alliance are still able to set their own rallies and function as if they are seperate Identies.  In fact both alliances can rally the same target at the same time however there is an additional feature called the Alliance Rally.  The Mega Alliance Research tree contains some research that applies specifically to the Alliance Rally..  More info regarding this Rally is coming soon.

Basics of Mega Alliances

  • R4 or R5 are able to create a Mega Alliance from the Alliance Tab.  Follows the same suit as creating a regular Alliance.
  • Mega Alliances currently hold up to 2 Normal Alliances.
  • Alliances that want to join another’s Mega Alliance goes through the normal Application Process:  Apply, Wait, and either Accepted or Rejected and cannot already own a Mega Alliance.
  • Alliances that have created a Mega Alliance will see all alliances that apply.  These alliances can be Accepted or Denied.  Alliances can also be invited.
  • Partner Alliances that have joined another’s Mega Alliance can be kicked.
  • Mega Alliances can be disbanded from the R5 rank following the same procedure as a Normal Alliance does.  Requires Typing the Name of the Mega Alliance in before Disbanding..
  • Mega Alliances receive their own Gift Level Rank and Gift tab for Mega Alliance Gifts.  These items play a large role in leveling up certain items in research.
  • Practice on a Farm account to get the feel if needed before making permanent changes to your own alliance.

Highlights of Mega Alliance Research

Research is divided into 3 sections. Each section uses different materials:

  • Scholar’s Mega Alliance Research Scrolls
  • Scholar’s Mega Alliance Super Research Scrolls
  • Super Wonder Research Super Scrolls

There are 3 independent researches on the left side which use their own materials.  These materials are generated from within the Game usually either from Athena’s gifts or Alliance or Mega Alliance gifts from purchases.

  • Athena’s Gift 200T Mega Rally uses Athena’s Gift Research Scrolls
  • Alliance Gift 200T Mega Rally uses Alliance Gift Research Scrolls
  • Mega Alliance Gift 200T Mega Rally uses Mega Alliance Gift Scrolls

The 3rd section of the research again includes Forest Related Stats.

Cost to Max Research

The cost to complete the Mega Alliance Research (work in-progress):

Super Combat Research

Game of War recently released a new research, Super Combat Research. This research provides a massive jump in Combat Stats, Rally & March sizes, and  also gives Boosts specific to Forest Related Warfare.

Highlights of Super Combat Research

  • Research is divided into 3 sections.  Each section uses different materials: Super Combat Scrolls, Super Combat Parchment, Super Combat Plans
  • Each section groups like type boosts together: Defenses, Attacks, Health, Debuffs, March Sizes.    Section 3 contains the boosts that apply specifically to Forest Warfare. 

Cost to Max Research

The cost to complete the Super Combat Research (work in-progress):

VIP 850+, Duelist Levels, and Building Boosts Added

VIP 850

The maximum level for VIP in Game of War is now past 850 – bringing with it a large amount of combat stats as well as the long awaited Instant Luck Level for building boosts.

At this point, it appears as if the maximum level is VIP 900.

VIP 900 Combat Boosts

  • Unstoppable Attack : 22 BT%
  • Troop Attack : 668 KTTT%
  • Resolute, Troop, Army, and Type Defense : 1 BT%
  • Defense Annihilation : 1 BT%
  • Wonder/Rally Health Bonus : 20 MTTT%
  • Mobile Trap Health : 10 MTTT%

Building Boost 275

The maximum luck level for buildings now goes up to level 275. This process is made much faster by the new VIP instant luck level option. The overall cost to level buildings to 275 is fairly low (when compared to the cost to level Duelist in this release).

This is an example of leveling one building from Luck 200 to Luck 275 :
Game of War Instant Luck 275

Total Cost to Level from Luck 200 to Luck 275 :

  • Time Orbs (Interior Buildings) : 381.5 BTT Time Orbs
  • Resource Orbs (Exterior Buildings) : 381.5 BTT Time Orbs

We have updated our Maximum Building Boosts available. You can find that information here :
Rally Math – Maximum Orb Boosts

Duelist Levels 21 to 70(?) Released

The maximum Duelist level in Game of War now goes well beyond the previous max of Level 20. We are compiling costs and attempting to find the true max of the Duelist Skill Tree. For now, it is shown to go to at least Duelist 70 – whether that is obtainable remains to be seen.

Expect an update to our Level 20 Duelist Skills to show examples of new levels soon.

For now, the number of Duelist Medallion needed to update up to Duelist Level 70 (in progress, stay tuned) :
Game of War Duelist 70

Stay tuned for more updates!

Special Buildings 275

Last updated on October 25th, 2017 at 08:50 pm

Game of War released new levels for secondary, or “Special” buildings as well. These buildings can now be upgraded to level 275.

Please Note : The current pack has an Instant Level 250 item – use this item BEFORE manually upgrading your Special Buildings in order to reduce item costs. Additionally, several packs DO NOT HAVE BROKEN BLADES, which are the items used to upgrade Mausoleum.

Special Buildings 275

The following buildings are now available to be upgraded :

  • Graveyard 275 : Legion Defense
  • Treasury 275 : Legion Defense
  • Explorer Dungeon 275 : Legion Attack
  • Speed Up Treasury 275 : Legion Defense Debuff
  • Imperial Banner 275 : Onslaught Attack, Rally/Wonder Health
  • Gear Workshop 275
  • Black Market 275 : Resolute Defense
  • Archaeology Hall 275 : Troop Attack, Empire Defense
  • Mausoleum 275 : Legion Attack, Legion Defense, Rally/Wonder Health, Empire TDD
  • Alchemy Lab 275 : Potion Attack, Potion Health, Potion Defense
  • Pantheon 275 : Deity Attack

Special Buildings 275 Costs

We are currently working to compile the total cost to upgrade all of your special buildings to 275. We will update this post as more information becomes available. For now, these are the costs we have :
Game of War Special Buildings 275

Stay tuned for more udpates!

Stronghold Level 275

Last updated on October 25th, 2017 at 08:47 pm

Game of War released new levels for interior buildings recently – SH 251 through SH 275. Another massive increase in march size and combat stats came along with these new building levels.

Upgrading interior buildings to from 251 to 275 requires Ultra Turquoise Slab, which are found in packs.

There are no real gamebreaking stat changes or any other huge changes in this release of new Stronghold levels – mainly the same stats from before, just increased by quite a bit.

Stronghold 275 Ultra Turquoise Slab Costs

Total Ultra Turquoise Slab Cost for one of each interior 275 building :
Game of War Stronghold 275 Costs

Stay tuned for more updates, including updated skill trees for new Hero and Gladiator levels!

Ultra Research – T20 Troops

Game of War recently released Ultra Research, which unlocks Tier 20 troops. This research also provides a very large increase in combat stats along with the new T20 troops.

Ultra Research is the next portion of the Radiant Combat research tree, and requires Ultra Knowledge to upgrade.

As more information becomes available about this new troop tier, we will continue to update this post. For now, it is fairly straightforward – T20 are the latest tier of troops at this point, and it is worth using them even if not fully researched.

Ultra Knowledge T20 Costs

Current known cost for Tier 20 Research :
Game of War Ultra Research Costs

Stay tuned for more updates!

Hero Level 375

Last updated on October 25th, 2017 at 08:51 pm

Game of War recently released a new trinity of upgrades, making the new maximum hero level 375. These new hero levels brought a massive amount of combat stats, but did not introduce anything “new” into the game.

Along with these hero level upgrades, they also changed the hero skills system to have multiple “tiers”. This was an excellent change, as you are no longer forced to scroll for 15 minutes to get to the bottom of the hero tree.

Hero level 375 skills are in the latest “tier” of hero skills – which are referred to as the Imperial Skills.

Upgrading from Hero 351 to Hero 375 requires Ultra Heroic Arrow.

Ultra Heroic Arrow Costs

The current known cost to upgrade from 351 – 375 (we will update this as we get more information) :
Game of War Hero 375

Stay tuned for an update to Level 20 Duelist Skills (due to the new preset system available to them) and Gladiator 100 Skills!