Comparisons: Set Gear lvl 10,000, Quality 40, Power 50

Recently, several components of gear sets in Game of War have gotten a major upgrade – making differences in gear (and application of those upgrades) difficult to see.  Due to this, we have split the three new areas of gear changes into three sections.

Stay tuned for a detailed article on the FULLY enhanced, powered, and set leveled stats of each set of gear (and when to use them).

  1. Set Gear Level 10,000 : Stats and analysis on the ability to increase to Set Gear Level 10,000.
  2. Gear Quality 40 : Stats and analysis on the new Gear Quality levels.
  3. Power Up 50 : Stats and analysis on the ability to enhance (power up) your gear to Level 50.

1) Set Gear 10,000

5 different Sets of gear have a new max of Gear Set Level 10,000. These 5 Sets are:  Super Sets, Sandguard, Divine Grave Knight set (w/ Radiant & Divine Barb King),  Harbinger (w/ Ultimate Barbarian King) & Warmaster.

Essentially what is important to know about Set Gear 10,000 are the stats that 10,000 adds to each Set.   For now, use Athena Gear.  It may be superior to all but is too early to tell.

  • Attack = Super Gear Sets
  • Rally Attack & Health = Ultimate Barbarian King, Harbinger and Warmaster
    • 4 BTTT Rally & Wonder Attack
    • 1 TTTT Rally & Wonder Health
    • 500 BTTT Trap Health
    • 1,500% Super Rally Wonder Health
  • Defense = Sandguard, Grave Knight, Radiant & Divine Barbarian King
    • 8,000% Super Troop Attack Debuff
    •  90% Troop Defense Debuff Resistance
    • 90% Defense Annihilation Resistance

The full post on this subject includes the charts and information used  on new Gear Set Level 10000 to help you compare sets for your own testing before conclusion is reached.  Link to article:  Set Gear Level 10,000

2) Quality 40

You can now level up gear pieces in Game of War to Quality 40.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Quality 40 makes little to no difference as to rank of Gear over other sets.  This is because Quality 40 is adding the exact same stats to each set.

  • Ultimate Barbarian King still stops Quality at Level 5.  Warmaster gear has been unavailable for analysis.

We have included a chart in our full post on Gear Quality 40. In the post, you will see the exact numbers that lead us to say this.  Link to our post on the subject here :
Gear Quality 40

3) Power Up 50 Comparisons

You can now enhance your gear (power up) to level 50 in Game of War.  Power Up 50 Stats will not make a difference on most of the older gear.  This is because Power up 50 stats are dated to time gear was released.  The best Power Up Stats are from Athena.  Reminder: If using Athena for defense, only power to Level 49.  For attack power to Level 50.

The chart in our full post on this subject will show you why we say this.  See our full post on the subject here :
Gear Enhancement Power Up Level 50

Remaining Question:

The Remaining Question is, “Does Athena Gear combined stats largely outweigh Defense & Health stats offered in Set Gear 10,000?”  This is the question we will answer.  Stay tuned for future posts!

We want to hear from you!  Post your test results or interpretations of data presented in our Line discussion rooms, reply to this article, or on our Forums! 

Duelist 150 – What has been Capping?

Duelist Hero Skills have now been raised to Level 150 and with it comes a few changes in game and a turn towards capping again. Read on for further details.

Duelist Costs

  • Associated Materials: Duelist Medallions
  • Levels 101 -110: 100 TT each
  • Levels 111 – 120: 700 TT each
  • Levels 121 – 130?: 10 KTT each

Duelist Highlights

Here are a few stats added for Defense and March Size.  Additional stats are added for Attack, Health, Rally stats and Debuffs.

For a full reference chart of the Duelist tree, click here.

Approximate Defense added:

  • Super Troop Defense 750%, In forest 750%
  • Dueling Defense: 10 K total
  • Resolute Defense 500 MT
  • Legion, Troop Type Defenses: 1 BT each

Approximate March Size Increases

  • March Size: 310 T
  • Trap March Size: 760 T
  • Mega Rally Size: 15 KT
  • Rally Size: 15 KT
  • Trap Rally Size:  4.1 KT

The word is the turning point from burning to capping lies at Duelist 110 when the attacker is Duelist 120-122.  This is probably due the stat increases around that point.

To read more, click here.  Duelist 150 Reference Chart & Analysis.

Defense Gear – Why some say Sunguard is Better

For anyone who wants the short quick summary of this article without reading all the nitty gritty details, use the chart below.  For everyone else, enjoy reading the entire explanation.

OVERALL SUMMARY: Best Defense Gear in order of Best to Least

  1.  Divine Athena & Guardian Athena Gear Powered to ONLY Level 49.
  2. Sunguard Gear
  3. Icarus Guardian Gear powered to Level 50
  4. Divine Athena Gear Lvl 50

Max Overall Stats for each Defensive Set :
Game of War Defense Gear

*(For Math Nerds – Skip if this isn’t you) Note: If you are following along and doing the math on your own as well.. Remember that whenever percents are multiplied by percents, we are dealing with decimals that aren’t shown.  Sometimes it doesn’t follow what we would usually expect.  Every number in game of war is pretty much a percent.  When you look at boosts at stats.. you will often see a % at the end of MTTT %.  150 MTTT % is actually 0.150 MTTT.  Keep this in mind if the math just doesn’t up when multiplying.

Defense Gear Details :

There is currently a lot of talk about which defense gear should be used in Game of War (along with lots of mixed reviews on each set). One of the most common statements is that Sunguard is better than Athena; while others have had better results when their Athena gear was low – and their results got worse once it was maxed. They just keep getting demolished.

This article will spell out WHY these things are happening, and will help you make the best decisions for your trap gear.

Level 50 Athena Gear Power Up Flaw

Lately in Game of War gear sets have been coming out with some base stats, then new updates come out which completely overpower the original stats.  When we Power Up gear, level 50 is usually the highest.  What is actually happening at Level 50 is that the defense stat is DROPPED and resets Defense Stats back to Level 0.  Essentially, what you are going to have is inferior gear – leaving other gear more powerful because the Defense add-on didn’t take for Athena.

The chart below shows the Athena Gear Power Up & Set Gear Stats.  For every Level of Power Up, from levels 1-49, 12% Super Troop Defense is added.  This totals 588% for 1 piece at Level 49 and 4,116% for 7 pieces each at Level 49  – just for Power Up stats.

When Athena Gear is Powered to Level 50, the Super Troop Defense (for Power Up contribution) is reset to 0.    In exchange, 600% Super Troop Attack is given on the last level of 50.

Chart showing Athena’s Power Up & Set Gear Stats:

In comparison, Icarus Level 50 Power Up works, but the stats are outdated and can’t compare to what the Athena provides.

Chart showing Icarus Super Guardian Power Up, Quality & Set Gear Stats:

Where Divine Athena and Icarus Guardian Defense Comes From

Chart showing break down of Defensive stats and where each amount comes from:

Each set has 3 total lines in the chart above.  The first Total line is the total of base stats.  The Second Total line is the amount of stats for gear upgrades: Power Up, Set Gear Leveling and Quality. The third and last Total line is the combined sum of all stats together.

The Divine Athena Gear Super Troop Defense comes mostly from the Power Up.  A total of 4,116% is added while 850% comes from the gear itself at max multiplier.  But if a player maxes out at Level 50, this 4,116% resets to 0.

The Icarus Guardian Defense comes from both Power Up and Quality combined.  And while there is no issue powering this gear up, the 1,400 Super Troop Defense doesn’t compare.

The Defense from the Sunguard Gear is simple and comes directly from the Gear itself without aid of Leveling, Quality, Power-up or Multipliers. Essentially its a quick plug and play defense set – but does not compare to the Divine Athena Lvl 49.

Total Sunguard Gear: Super Troop Defense 2,544% 

  1. Helm  436 %
  2. Armor 427 %
  3. Foot  436 %
  4. Weapon 427%
  5. Accessory 418%
  6. Accessory 418%
  7. Accessory 418%

This brings us back to the original chart posted at the beginning of this post.

Chart showing overall Max stats for each Defensive Gear:

Overall, the Divine Athena (also Guardian Athena) is a good defensive set at Level 49. It has the most Super Troop Defense out of all the sets.  Sunguard has a close 3k and Icarus Guardian has just shy of 2k when fully maxed out.  Overall, just plain avoid Divine Athena at Level 50 for defensive purposes.  Make a second set to use for Defense, and then use the Additional Attack for attack purposes from Level 50.

Gear Multipliers

The Last Factor that plays an important role but doesn’t contribute as much are the multipliers.  The Athena Gear has now been updated in game and uses the Icarus multipliers within the Athena Gear stats.  What that means is… that research isn’t going to go away.  Get out those old school timers and be ready to just punch out that research.   Multipliers affect the Head, Armor, Feet and Weapon only.  Accessories are not included currently.

You can see from looking at the first Total line of each gear set again – the stats at Max Multipliers 100%, totaling 850% for Athena Gear and 306% for Icarus Guardian Gear- help but don’t make or break this gear.  Regardless of your multiplier Research, the Gear will still remain in the Same priority order.

  •  Divine Athena & Guardian Athena powered to Level 49.
  • Sunguard Gear
  • Icarus Guardian Gear powered to Level 50
  • Divine Athena Gear Lvl 50

Level 375 Building Boosts

The maximum luck level for time orbs and resource orbs is now 375 in Game of War. This release became an “instant” upgrade incredibly quickly, meaning that the cost to level your buildings luck to level 375 is not important.

Like the previous boost in orb levels, the boosts at luck 375 are all uniform. There are more boosts available than last time – but the actual amounts are no longer randomized.

Building Boosts 375

The available boosts at Luck level 375 for every building (both Time Orbs and Resource Orbs) :

  • Super Troop Attack
  • Super Troop Defense
  • Super Rally/Wonder Health
  • Rally/Wonder Attack
  • Troop Attack
  • Resolute Defense
  • Rally/Wonder Health
  • Onslaught Attack

We have updated our Rally Math – Maximum Orb Boosts to include the Optimal Orb 375 Boost for each type of account : Trap Account (defense), Attack Account, and Wonder Account. Check those out and optimize your building boosts today.

The maximum orb boosts for level 375 for each of the stats available :
Game of War Level 375 Orb Boosts

Stay tuned for more updates, including an incredibly detailed article on the various sets of gear out at the moment!

Athena’s Acclaim Runes

New Runes were released in Game of War.  These new runes focus it’s power on 3 combat stats.  Super Troop Attack, Super Troop Health, and Legion Attack.  While Multi-Kill, the Defenses and Debuffs have been dropped, the increase in these 3 stats are large. This means that fully optimizing your rune selection will be different based upon the situation you’re in (trapping, wonder, or attacking).

Athena Runes

The following is a chart of max rune stats using 400% multiplier on each rune from the Athena’s Reward research and the 1000% multiplier from the Rune research tree.

Game of War Athena Runes

Regardless of what your multipliers are, this will give you a good idea of how your own runes compare.

Latest Runes Updated

We have updated our Latest Rune Sets page to include the new Athena’s Acclaim Runes. This page shows you the best possible Runes to use for any situation in GoW – trapping, the wonder, or attacking enemy Strongholds. Check it out and make sure your gear is optimized.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Athena Banners

New banners were released in Game of War recently – the Athena Banners set. This new set of banners provides us with massive new combat boosts as well as some very good utility banners for economic situations. We have updated our banner guides to show the best trap banners, attack banners, or wonder banners to use in GoW. Find those here : Banner Guides.

EDIT : The banner guides for Defense and Wonder were showing as updated when they hadn’t yet. That has been resolved and they are now updated to include the new banners.

Athena Banners

The following banners were released :

  • Athena’s Resilience Banner : 300 MT% Troop Defense, 300 MT% Resolute Defense
  • Athena’s Strength Banner : 900 MTTT% Troop Attack, 45 MTTT% Onslaught Attack
  • Athena’s Glory Banner : 1000% Super Rally/Wonder Attack, 50 BTTT% Trap Health, 200 BTTT% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Athena’s Generosity Banner : Athena Gift Multiplier, 5 minute Duration and 55 minute Cooldown
  • Athena’s Motivation Banner : 10% Cost Reduction on Audacious, Astonishing, and Admirable Troops

Full stats on the new Athena banners, color coded for easier reference :
Game of War Athena Banners

Banner Guides Updated

We have added two new banner guides and updated them to include the new Athena banners. These banner guides will help you decide which banners to use in any situation in GoW. Fully optimize your banner usage and DOMINATE your Kingdom.

On each Banner Guide we have provided you with a full list of stat priorities for each situation. This is an attempt to let you understand how and why we are prioritizing the banners in the order that we are.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Multipliers – What are they and What do they do?

When you look in your Boosts Tab (under your power, then profile, and then Boosts) , you will see specific Gear modifiers.  They are located under the Miscellaneous Bonuses tab but before Special Event Boosts.  These are specific modifiers that apply to the Helm, Armor, Feet and Weapon and  have come directly from Research. The most recent modifiers have applied to Icarus Gear and for the most part may have fallen off the radars of most players because of the old school timers used on this research.  The only other Gear set modifiers used was applied to Icarus’s predecessor, the Divine Gear.

Because the last 2 gear sets used Multipliers from research, there is reason to believe this is something to be more aware of and will probably come up again perhaps in the Athena Gear or Future Gear.

How Multipliers Apply

What makes Multipliers important is that they actually multiply the base gear stats by the achieved multiplier from research.  If the multiplier is 100%, the base gear stats are multiplied by 2.  Whatever percent is achieved in research is added to the already existing 100% from the gear itself.  If the multiplier is 400%, the base gear stats should be multiplied by 5.  (100% base gear stats + 400% researched multiplier)

Adding Stats Together

The multipliers apply to the actual base gear stats but BEFORE quality, Power UP, and Set Gear Leveling.  These last 3 gear upgrades are add-ons after the fact.

What does this all mean?

What this means is the actual strength of your gear and which gear to use may depend on what multiplier you have  completed in research.   At some point the Power UP and Quality usually completely dwarf the original gear stats.  But this is something definitely to be aware of.

Part 2 coming soon- comparison of Icarus & Athena


Athena Power Up Level 50 Flaw

I had something interesting come up while I was pulling stats in order to compare gear – especially with different Icarus multipliers compared to Athena’s Power Up Levels.  It was then that I noticed something odd when hitting Power Up Level 50.  The numbers just didn’t add up.

The normal 12% increase per level of Super Troop Defense had changed to 600% Super Troop Attack which was interesting but not entirely unexpected.  This itself was nice to know especially for stats.  But what was unexpected was that the stat of Super Troop Defense which was suppose to stay at 688% reset back to base gear Level 0 stats of 100%. 

Overall for one complete set of Athena Gear, that would add up to about 4,116% missing Super Troop Defense which does make quite a bit of impact when determining which set of gear to use.  That’s if Super Troop Defense stats happened to reset on each piece of Gear – which it appears that it does.  ( I haven’t tried every piece of gear).  Here are screenshots helping to explain what we are saying:

Screenshots showing expected stats at Level 49 & 50:

  • First screenshot is to show what levels the Helm is at currently.
  • Second screenshot showing Super Troop Defense is suppose to stay at 688% (but doesn’t).


Here are screenshots of the Gear thru the Forge.

  • Stats at Power Level 49:  688% Super Troop Defense

Stats at Power Up Level 50: 100% Super Troop Defense

It’s interesting to note that the Icarus Level 50 Stats for Super Troop Defense were exactly 100% as well.  Which probably just means a quick fix by MZ to update the stat that may have been copied from the Icarus code to what Athena’s Max 50 is suppose to be.

What I recommend is to Power up to 49 on Athena Defensive Gear and stay there until it appears that the existing Level 50  gear in inventory reflects that proper stats.  Then fully level up.  ALL other stats were fine except Super Troop Defense.     And… if your using that gear to Attack with, by all means take advantage of that 600% attack per piece at level 50!

Special Buildings 375

Game of War released specialized building levels 301 through 375 tonight.  What is different with this round of upgrades, is that each building requires the same item, the Ancient Key to Special Buildings.  This means you need to pay special attention as to which buildings to upgrade first, that they serve you and your needs the most.

Specialized Building 375 Highlights:

  1. Materials Associated: Ancient Key to Special Buildings
  2. Costs of UPGRADES:
    • 301-325: 40,000 per level  (1 Million total per building )
    • 326:  3,000,000
    • 327:  4,000,000
    • 328:  4,000,000

Special Buildings Cheat Sheet

  • Graveyard: Legion Defense
  • Treasury: Legion Defense
  • Explorer Dungeon: Legion Attack
  • Speed up Treasury: Legion Defense Debuff
  • Imperial Banner:  Onslaught Attack, Rally & Wonder Health
  • Gear Workshop: Defense Annihilation
  • Black Market: Resolute Troop Defense
  • Archaeology Hall: Troop Attack, Troop Health
  • Pantheon: Pantheon Deity Troop Attack
  • Mausoleum: Legion Attack, Legion Defense, Rally & Wonder Health
  • Alchemy Lab: Potion Attack, Potion Defense, Potion Health

Trap Accounts

Trap Accounts should upgrade buildings that focus on Defense.  This round of upgrades does not include Super Defense Stats.  Upgrade Resolute Defense first, then work through all other Defenses and Troop Health.  Finish off with attack and upgrade all other buildings.

  • Graveyard: Legion Defense
  • Treasury: Legion Defense
  • Black Market: Resolute Troop Defense
  • Mausoleum: Legion Attack
  • Legion Defense: Rally & Wonder Health
  • Alchemy Lab: Potion Attack, Potion Defense, Potion Health

Attack/Rally Accounts

This round of upgrades does not include Super Attack or Super Rally stats.  Attack and Rally Lead accounts should focus on Defense Annihilation then work through Defense Debuffs, Attacks, and then Healths.  Upgrade all other buildings.

  • Explorer Dungeon: Legion Attack
  • Speed up Treasury: Legion Defense Debuff
  • Imperial Banner:  Onslaught Attack, Rally & Wonder Health
  • Gear Workshop: Defense Annihilation
  • Archaeology Hall: Troop Attack, Troop Health
  • Pantheon: Pantheon Deity Troop Attack
  • Mausoleum: Legion Attack, Legion Defense, Rally & Wonder Health
  • Alchemy Lab: Potion Attack, Potion Defense, Potion Health

Wonder Accounts

Main priority for Wonder Rally accounts is Health.  Upgrade Health first then work through Attacks and then Defense Debuff.  Upgrade all other Buildings.

  • Explorer Dungeon: Legion Attack
  • Speed up Treasury: Legion Defense Debuff
  • Imperial Banner:  Onslaught Attack, Rally & Wonder Health
  • Gear Workshop: Defense Annihilation
  • Archaeology Hall: Troop Attack, Troop Health
  • Pantheon: Pantheon Deity Troop Attack
  • Mausoleum: Legion Attack, Legion Defense, Rally & Wonder Health
  • Alchemy Lab: Potion Attack, Potion Defense, Potion Health

Athena Gear

4 Sets of Athena Gear were released in Game of War in time for Athena’s Birthday.  These 4 sets are the Divine Athena, Guardian Athena, Super Valiant, and Conqueror Athena.  Similar to the Icarus Gear, each set has identical regular stats and only varies in  Super Stats.

Athena Gear Highlights

  • Uses Super Gear Set Leveling 5000
  • Does not currently upgrade Quality or Power UP
  • Is not impacted by the Super Icarus Modifiers from Athena Rewards Research

Differences in Super Stats.

  • Each Set has 6,000% Super Troop Attack except Conqueror Athena which has shifted it’s attack over to Super Rally / Wonder Attack.
  • Guardian Athena has 500% Super Troop Defense
  • Super Valiant has 1,000% Super Troop Defense Debuff
  • Conqueror Athena has 4,000% Super Rally / Wonder Attack and 80,000% Super Rally / Wonder Health.
  • BUT the Divine Athena includes ALL of these stats and beats the Conqueror Athena Gear by also including the 6,000% Super Troop Attack that the Conqueror Gear does not have.

For ease of comparison, Chart shows Stats of Athena Gear without Set Gear Leveling.  Unique Super Stats have been color coded.