Gladiator 175 & Duelist 175

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:13 pm

Game of War just extended both Gladiator and Duelist Skill trees tonight.  In the past these two skill trees have used separate items for leveling up.  However, both trees are using the same items, Mythical Creature Sabertooth for upgrades tonight.  This means choosing what to upgrade and how much is important to making the most of materials on hand.


For tonight’s post, Levels 151-157 will be specifically looked at.  The Gladiator tree in these levels is specific to Troop stats while the Duelist tree is specific to Mythical Creatures.

Because Mythical Creatures are at the forefront of every attack and defense, more emphasis should be place towards skilling Mythical Creatures.  Duelist 157 requires 500 Million Sabertooth.  If quantity of Sabertooth is an issue, Open Duelist to Level 155 or 156 and then go back and open Gladiator.   Once Gladiator 155 or 156 is open then switch back to Duelist.

Gladiator & Duelist Costs & Materials

  • Mythical Creature Sabertooth
  • Level 151 = 20 Million
  • Level 152 = 40 Million
  • Level 153 = 60 Million
  • Level 154 = 80 Million
  • Level 155 = 100 Million
  • Level 156 = 200 Million
  • Level 157 = 500 Million
  • Level 158 = 2.5 Billion
  • Level 159 = 12.5 Billion
  • Level 160 = 100 Billion
  • Level 161 = 1 Trillion
  • Level 162 = 5 Trillion
  • Level 163 = 25 Trillion
  • Level 164 = 125 Trillion
  • Level 165 = 625 Trillion
  • Level 166 = 3.13 KT
  • Level 167 = 15.6 KT
  • Level 168 = 100 KT
  • Level 169 = 1 MT

Gladiator Skills for 151-157

  • Levels 151- 155 Type Attack, Health & Defense
  • Level 156 Rally Size & Solo March Size
  • Level 157 Troop Attack, Health & Defense

Duelist Skills for 151-157

  • Levels 151 – 155 Mythical Creature Type Attack, Health & Defense
  • Level 156 Mythical Creature March Size & Mythical Creature Rally Size
  • Level 157 Mythical Creature Troop Attack, Health & Defense

Mythical Creature Stats in Duelist Skills

  • Attack – caps at 1000%
  • Defense – caps at 1500%
  • Health – caps at 200%
  • March Sizes:  Solo 1000%, Rally 5000%

Soul Shields – Legendary, Exalted & Divine

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:13 pm

Three new Super Set Accessories were added to Game of War; The Legendary Soul Shield, Exalted Soul Shield and Divine Soul Shield.  These new additions are nearly identical to the Scepter but increased stats, add Mythical Dragon Attack and add Debuffs.

Mythical Dragon Gear Attack Stats

  • Legendary (Red) = Dragon Attack 100%
  • Exalted (Yellow) = Beast Attack 100%
  • Divine (Green) = Immortal Attack 100%

Which Set to Use?

When attacking or using as defense, use the set that counters the oppositions Mythical Creatures the most.  Mix and Match depending on what is being sent.  For Defense wear one of each accessory as standard and change it depending on incoming.

3 Creature Types

  • Immortal = Minotaur & Odin
  • Dragon = Dragon & Double-Dragon
  • Beast = Cerberus (& probably Phoenix)
  • Immortals  = Strong vs Beast / Weak vs Dragons
  • Dragons = Strong vs Immortals / Weak vs Beast
  • Beast = Strong vs. Dragons / Weak vs Immortal

More will be posted on this.


While the Band looks appealing with the higher Super Rally and Attack stats, its recommended to use the Shield.  Creatures make the largest impact on the outcome of attacks and defense.  The 100% Mythical Attack stat is equivalent to between level 4 research (80% attack) and level 5 research (200% attack).  Use the given 100% in gear especially in early days of Creature stats.


Mythical Creatures & Mythical Training Grounds

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:14 pm

Game of war recently introduced a new building and combat dynamics in the game revolving around Mythical Creatures.  This is turning out to be a major Game Changer.

Highlights of Creatures

  • Creatures stand out in front of Troops.
  • In order to kill troops, you must cut through all the Creatures.
  • Currently there are 3 Creatures each with strengths and weaknesses.  Some of these Strengths / Weakness seem to not be released yet.


Associated Materials:

Mythical creatures are trained in the Mythical Training Grounds which requires a pack purchased Unlock and then Mythical Ore, Mythical Wood, Mythical Stone, Mythic Training Grounds Upgrade Manuals for upgrading.

Cost of Building Upgrades: Mythical Training Grounds

  • Level 1: Unlock
  • Level 2: 100 each resource, 100 M Manuals
  • Level 3: 200 each resource, 100 M Manuals
  • Level 4: 300 each resource, 100 M Manuals
  • Level 5: 400 each resource, 600 M Manuals
  • Level 6: 500 each resource, 6 Billion Manuals
  • Level 7: 600 each resource, 60 Billion Manuals
  • Level 8: 700 each resource, 3 Trillion Manuals
  • Level 9: 1 million each resource, 150 Trillion Manuals
  • Level 10: 2 million each resource, 15 KT Manuals

Combat stats start at level 2 and are continued in Research.


If no victor can be determined on the battle’s first turn  (Creature vs. Creature) a draw will occur and no troops or Creatures will be killed or wounded.

Divine Banners & Black Friday Banners

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:14 pm

New banners were released in Game of War recently – the Black Friday & Divine Banner sets.  Prior to this set Rally Attack & Wonder Holding Attack AND Rally Health & Wonder Holding Rally Health were generally given the same amount of stats.  The new banners are now giving Wonder Holding Stats more. Also, both in Forest and out of Forest stats are being included in the same banner.

Black Friday & Divine Banners

The following banners were released :

  • Divine Atuned Epitome Banner :
    • Super Rally & Wonder Attack (& Forest) 300,000%
    • Super Rally & Wonder Health (& Forest) 10,000%
    • Onslaught Attack 4 BTTT
    • Rally Attack 20 BTTT
    • Wonder Holding Attack 100 BTTT
    • Rally Health 6 TTTT
    • Wonder Holding Health 12 TTTT
  • Divine Emerald Medallion Banner :
    • Super Rally & Wonder Attack (& Forest): 300,000%
    • Super Rally & Wonder Health (& Forest): 10,000%
    • Rally Attack: 30 BTTT
    • Wonder Holding Troop Attack: 122 BTTT
    • Rally Health: 6 TTTT
    • Wonder Holding Troop Health: 12 TTTT
  • Divine Armored Mare Banner :
    • Super Troop Defense (& Forest): 250%
    • Super Troop Health without Hero: 1.5 BTTT
    • Troop Defense: 240 MT
  • Divine Steel Hail Banner :
    • Super Troop Defense (& Forest): 80%
    • Super Troop Health (& Forest): 1.5 BTT
    • Troop Defense: 240 MT
    • Resolute Defense: 240 MT
  • Divine Frost Wolf Banner :
    • Troop Attack: 92.4 BTTT
    • Defense Annihilation: 92.4 BTTT
  • Divine Morning Star Banner: 
    • Troop Attack: 92.4 BTTT
    • Troop Health: 6 TTTT


Super Set Accessories

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:15 pm

Two new Super Set Accessories have recently been added to Game of War, the Divine Soul Pendant and the Divine Soul Scepter.

Confusion on Names of Scepter & Pendant

There is confusion on the names within the Forge as both of the Pendant and Scepter are labeled Scepter.  However, the Items Search box still shows the following.

For easy reference, these are screenshots of the accessories and the names.

Power Up 49 for Defense

If you are using the Scepter or Band for Defense, stop leveling Power Up at 49.


Chart showing stats on the 3 most recent Super Set Accessories.  Power Up 50 stats will have 600% more Super Troop Attack per accessory and Level 0 Power Up defense stats.

Monster Runes

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:15 pm

Monster Runes

Monster Runes were released in Game of War and are the first Runes to include Super Rally Attack and Super Wonder Holding Attack.  Along with that however, Super Troop Health and Super Troop Defense are not included.

Chart showing Max Rune multiplier Stats:

Previous 2 sets of Runes:

Game of War Athena Runes

*Your actual Rune stats may vary depending on your individual Rune multiplier Research.

Athena Gems, Athena Potions, Athena Chat Avatars

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:16 pm

Athena Gems

A new gem set was released in Game of War tonight – the Athena’s Acclaim Gem Set. This new gem set introduces a very large amount of Type Attack, as well as providing a good amount of Super Troop Attack Debuff.

We have updated our guide to the Latest Gem Sets in Game of War to include the Athenas Acclaim Gem Set. We have also analyzed the stats on the new gems to tell you the best gem sets to run for defense, attack, or the Wonder. Check out the guide for more information.

Currently, Level 10 Athena’s Acclaim Gem Sets are in packs. The maximum level for these new gems is Level 20. The following chart shows full stats for Level 20 Athena Gems (as well as some lower levels, for reference) :
Game of War Athenas Acclaim Gem Set

As you can see, all four of the new gems (Blessed Armlet Gem, Molten Blade Gem, Tactical Mind Gem, and Athena’s Spirit Gem) have the same stats. This new gem set also DOES have a Gem Set Bonus (unlike the Haunted Gems), but the amount of stats gained by it are nearly negligible.

Athena Potions

Game of War also released new Potion Ingredients and a new Potion Vial tonight. The full stats on the new Vial and Ingredients :

  • Vial – Athena : 1,000% Enemy Super Troop Health Debuff, 300 MT% Legion Defense
  • Ingredient – Athena’s Cotton : 150 MTTT% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ingredient – Athena’s Down : 150 MTTT% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ingredient – Athena’s Feather : 150 MTTT% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ingredient – Athena’s Hair : 150 MTTT% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ingredient – Athena’s Sapphire : 150 MTTT% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ingredient – Athena’s Wool : 150 MTTT% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ingredient – Athena’s Golden Ring : 150 MTTT% Troop Attack Bonus

We have updated all of our Potion Recipes to include the new Athena Potion ingredients. You can find the new attack potion recipe, defense potion recipe, and wonder potion recipe here :

Athena Chat Avatars

Additionally, a very large amount of Attack is available from the new Anniversary Avatar Set. However, at this point it looks like only the Ultimate version is available in packs (which means you cannot complete the set and receive the bonus). We will update when you are able to receive the Avatar attack bonus.

Stay tuned for more updates!

New Building: Athena’s Armory & Persistent Set Bonus

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:16 pm

Game of war introduced a new building last night called Athena’s Armory.  This building gives the ability to apply all Gear’s Base Set 5 and Full Set 7 Bonuses held within the Empire at the same time; regardless of what gear your Hero is wearing. In other words, you get the stats from the 5 set bonus and 7 set bonus of EVERY full gear set you have in your inventory. This is called Persistent Set Bonus.

While the combined stats are not currently game changing, possible developments may pick up in the near future in this regard and hold tremendous possibility.

Unlock ability for this building is found via purchase in large packs.

Stats gained from the Athena’s Armory Building itself are:

  • Wonder / Rally Troop Health 500 BTTT
  • Type Defense, Legion  Defense, Resolute Defense 500 MT
  • Trap Health 250 BTTT
  • Super Troop Health 1,500%
  • Defense Annihilation: 1 BT
  • Troop Attack: 2 BTTT
  • Unstoppable Attack: 200 BT
  • Super Troop Attack Bonus: 10,000%

Comparisons: Set Gear lvl 10,000, Quality 40, Power 50

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:17 pm

Recently, several components of gear sets in Game of War have gotten a major upgrade – making differences in gear (and application of those upgrades) difficult to see.  Due to this, we have split the three new areas of gear changes into three sections.

Stay tuned for a detailed article on the FULLY enhanced, powered, and set leveled stats of each set of gear (and when to use them).

  1. Set Gear Level 10,000 : Stats and analysis on the ability to increase to Set Gear Level 10,000.
  2. Gear Quality 40 : Stats and analysis on the new Gear Quality levels.
  3. Power Up 50 : Stats and analysis on the ability to enhance (power up) your gear to Level 50.

1) Set Gear 10,000

5 different Sets of gear have a new max of Gear Set Level 10,000. These 5 Sets are:  Super Sets, Sandguard, Divine Grave Knight set (w/ Radiant & Divine Barb King),  Harbinger (w/ Ultimate Barbarian King) & Warmaster.

Essentially what is important to know about Set Gear 10,000 are the stats that 10,000 adds to each Set.   For now, use Athena Gear.  It may be superior to all but is too early to tell.

  • Attack = Super Gear Sets
  • Rally Attack & Health = Ultimate Barbarian King, Harbinger and Warmaster
    • 4 BTTT Rally & Wonder Attack
    • 1 TTTT Rally & Wonder Health
    • 500 BTTT Trap Health
    • 1,500% Super Rally Wonder Health
  • Defense = Sandguard, Grave Knight, Radiant & Divine Barbarian King
    • 8,000% Super Troop Attack Debuff
    •  90% Troop Defense Debuff Resistance
    • 90% Defense Annihilation Resistance

The full post on this subject includes the charts and information used  on new Gear Set Level 10000 to help you compare sets for your own testing before conclusion is reached.  Link to article:  Set Gear Level 10,000

2) Quality 40

You can now level up gear pieces in Game of War to Quality 40.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Quality 40 makes little to no difference as to rank of Gear over other sets.  This is because Quality 40 is adding the exact same stats to each set.

  • Ultimate Barbarian King still stops Quality at Level 5.  Warmaster gear has been unavailable for analysis.

We have included a chart in our full post on Gear Quality 40. In the post, you will see the exact numbers that lead us to say this.  Link to our post on the subject here :
Gear Quality 40

3) Power Up 50 Comparisons

You can now enhance your gear (power up) to level 50 in Game of War.  Power Up 50 Stats will not make a difference on most of the older gear.  This is because Power up 50 stats are dated to time gear was released.  The best Power Up Stats are from Athena.  Reminder: If using Athena for defense, only power to Level 49.  For attack power to Level 50.

The chart in our full post on this subject will show you why we say this.  See our full post on the subject here :
Gear Enhancement Power Up Level 50

Remaining Question:

The Remaining Question is, “Does Athena Gear combined stats largely outweigh Defense & Health stats offered in Set Gear 10,000?”  This is the question we will answer.  Stay tuned for future posts!

We want to hear from you!  Post your test results or interpretations of data presented in our Line discussion rooms, reply to this article, or on our Forums! 

Duelist 150 – What has been Capping?

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 07:18 pm

Duelist Hero Skills have now been raised to Level 150 and with it comes a few changes in game and a turn towards capping again. Read on for further details.

Duelist Costs

  • Associated Materials: Duelist Medallions
  • Levels 101 -110: 100 TT each
  • Levels 111 – 120: 700 TT each
  • Levels 121 – 130?: 10 KTT each

Duelist Highlights

Here are a few stats added for Defense and March Size.  Additional stats are added for Attack, Health, Rally stats and Debuffs.

For a full reference chart of the Duelist tree, click here.

Approximate Defense added:

  • Super Troop Defense 750%, In forest 750%
  • Dueling Defense: 10 K total
  • Resolute Defense 500 MT
  • Legion, Troop Type Defenses: 1 BT each

Approximate March Size Increases

  • March Size: 310 T
  • Trap March Size: 760 T
  • Mega Rally Size: 15 KT
  • Rally Size: 15 KT
  • Trap Rally Size:  4.1 KT

The word is the turning point from burning to capping lies at Duelist 110 when the attacker is Duelist 120-122.  This is probably due the stat increases around that point.

To read more, click here.  Duelist 150 Reference Chart & Analysis.