Athena Gear

4 Sets of Athena Gear were released in Game of War in time for Athena’s Birthday.  These 4 sets are the Divine Athena, Guardian Athena, Super Valiant, and Conqueror Athena.  Similar to the Icarus Gear, each set has identical regular stats and only varies in  Super Stats.

Athena Gear Highlights

  • Uses Super Gear Set Leveling 5000
  • Does not currently upgrade Quality or Power UP
  • Is not impacted by the Super Icarus Modifiers from Athena Rewards Research

Differences in Super Stats.

  • Each Set has 6,000% Super Troop Attack except Conqueror Athena which has shifted it’s attack over to Super Rally / Wonder Attack.
  • Guardian Athena has 500% Super Troop Defense
  • Super Valiant has 1,000% Super Troop Defense Debuff
  • Conqueror Athena has 4,000% Super Rally / Wonder Attack and 80,000% Super Rally / Wonder Health.
  • BUT the Divine Athena includes ALL of these stats and beats the Conqueror Athena Gear by also including the 6,000% Super Troop Attack that the Conqueror Gear does not have.

For ease of comparison, Chart shows Stats of Athena Gear without Set Gear Leveling.  Unique Super Stats have been color coded.

6 thoughts on “Athena Gear

  1. Thank you shay .
    I’m I missing something, or are the super defence stats better on old Icarus guardian than they are on the new Athena guardian?
    I’m just setting up the gear now , and this would seem to be the case .
    Perhaps, stats only overtake Icarus when improving etc become available?
    Maybe I’m missing something.

    1. After looking into this, your right. The multipliers added afterwards in the Athena Reward Research multiply the stats within the gear itself and apply before the Quality, PowerUp, and SetGear Leveling. I have made an updated 100% modifier spreadsheet. But definitely is something to be aware of in the future as this can determine which set (old or new) is better to use. Thanks!

      1. Don’t level gear over 49 or you’ll get dropped to 75% defense if you are using divine gear for defense. We watched in our alliance earlier today 49 is 675% 50 drops to 75%

        1. Definitely. I’m guessing that was probably Armor or a Weapon that you were looking at. Accessories would drop to 50%, and Head and Foot would be 100% if everything were to drop to base stats. Expected Super Troop Defense increase would be 12% for each level for levels 1-49.

    2. It was looking that way to me too. And found a few flaws along the way. It all depends on multipliers of Icarus Gear as well as power up level of Athena. I just posted the Power Up 50 issue that affects Athena.

      1. We saw 2 get zeroed in k920 using divine Athena Gear for defense powered up. As far as attack it definitely hits better then Icarus gear we tested that. Defense is another story one of our best traps tested divine for defense 2mttt deaths difference of t2 between Icarus and divine Athena. That’s was with divine Athena all pieces powered to 49 except 1 which was at 50.

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