Athena Power Up Level 50 Flaw

I had something interesting come up while I was pulling stats in order to compare gear – especially with different Icarus multipliers compared to Athena’s Power Up Levels.  It was then that I noticed something odd when hitting Power Up Level 50.  The numbers just didn’t add up.

The normal 12% increase per level of Super Troop Defense had changed to 600% Super Troop Attack which was interesting but not entirely unexpected.  This itself was nice to know especially for stats.  But what was unexpected was that the stat of Super Troop Defense which was suppose to stay at 688% reset back to base gear Level 0 stats of 100%. 

Overall for one complete set of Athena Gear, that would add up to about 4,116% missing Super Troop Defense which does make quite a bit of impact when determining which set of gear to use.  That’s if Super Troop Defense stats happened to reset on each piece of Gear – which it appears that it does.  ( I haven’t tried every piece of gear).  Here are screenshots helping to explain what we are saying:

Screenshots showing expected stats at Level 49 & 50:

  • First screenshot is to show what levels the Helm is at currently.
  • Second screenshot showing Super Troop Defense is suppose to stay at 688% (but doesn’t).


Here are screenshots of the Gear thru the Forge.

  • Stats at Power Level 49:  688% Super Troop Defense

Stats at Power Up Level 50: 100% Super Troop Defense

It’s interesting to note that the Icarus Level 50 Stats for Super Troop Defense were exactly 100% as well.  Which probably just means a quick fix by MZ to update the stat that may have been copied from the Icarus code to what Athena’s Max 50 is suppose to be.

What I recommend is to Power up to 49 on Athena Defensive Gear and stay there until it appears that the existing Level 50  gear in inventory reflects that proper stats.  Then fully level up.  ALL other stats were fine except Super Troop Defense.     And… if your using that gear to Attack with, by all means take advantage of that 600% attack per piece at level 50!

2 thoughts on “Athena Power Up Level 50 Flaw

  1. I accidentally powered up my Divine Athena gear to 50 and the Super Troop Defense bonus showed as +100 and +50 on gear types except for Divine Athena Ballista which shows a whopping +3,808.33 bonus at power up level 50. I would be interested to know what it shows at level 49.

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