Champions Edge Reward

Champions Edge Rewards

A new program to rewards spenders was introduced to Game of War. There are two parts, the Champions Edge Reward Streak, and the Champions Edge Research. The Rewards Streak allows you to obtain exclusive items found only in the rewards chest, and the research tree allows the player to pick and choose which tiles to complete to enhance the specific setup.

Champions Edge Reward Streak

The first part is the Champions Edge Reward Streak that is found at the top of the Gold Store

champions edge reward streak

Each time you buy a pack, it fills a certain amount of the streak bar. Once the streak is complete, the items in the chest are rewarded to the player. These items consist of exclusive streak only items such as banners, gems, gear, and Champions Edge Reward Points.

Champions Edge Reward Streak items

One of the  very first reward is an unlock to one of the new Garrisons. This will give you the new World Slayer mythical creature, which is proving to be a necessity for defending cities.


Champions Edge Research

The Champions Edge Research is completed by using the Champions Edge Reward Points. The tree is unique in a few ways. The tiles are, for the most part, multipliers of stats and march sizes. These enhance your current stats. So, depending on research, hero, and VIP, these multipliers give a different boost per account.

Champions Edge Reward Multipliers

The next new interesting part is the ability to kill troops that should have been wounded, and also save poisoned troops or creatures.

Champions Edge Research


At this time, not much is known about the poisoned aspect of the report. What has been noticed is that the poisoned troops always equal 9.22MT on each report.  This is something that will need to be researched and tested further.

As more information comes out in the game, and through reports and testing, Gowcraft will keep you updated.

Super Special Buildings Upgrades

Super Special Building Upgrades

The Super Special Buildings are now able to be upgraded to level 50. This includes Hero Hall, Mythical Training Building, Mythical Embassy, as well as all Mythical Resource Buildings.

Required Materials:

Super Special Mythical Hammers used to upgrade Super Special Buildings

The Super Special Buildings’ Mythical Hammers are required to upgrade to the next level. Below are the known required amounts per level, and at this moment, the amounts are only known up to level 33.

  • Level 1- 20: 4.4M
  • Levels 21-23: 5.6M
  • Level 24: 11.1M
  • Level 25: 333M
  • Level 26-33: 444M

Stats added per building

Each Super Special Building adds its own stats. Choose which buildings to upgrade depending on which stats are most important for your city.

  • Hero Hall: Mythical Dragon, Beast, and Immortal attack; Mythical Creature Rally Health, Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Health
  • Mythical Training Grounds: Increased Mythical Creature Training Speed, Training Que, March Size,Rally Size, and Empire Capacity; Mythical Creature Health, Mythical Creature Attack, Rally Attack, and Wonder Holding Attack; Super Troop Attack
  • Mythical Embassy: Mythical Creature March Size and Reinforcement Capacity; Mythical Embassy Defense
  • Mythical Mine: Mythical March Size, Mythical Attack, Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack; Mythical Health
  • Mythical Villa: Mythical Creature Attack; Mythical Dragon Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Mythical Farm: Increase Mythical March Size; Mythical Attack, Immortal Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Mythical Logging Camp: Increase Mythical Rally Size; Mythical Creature Attack, Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack; Beast Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Mythical Quarry: Increase Mythical Rally Size; Mythical Attack, Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack; Mythical Rally Health, and Wonder Holding Health

All of the Super Special Buildings add 2MTTTT power per level upgraded.  This adds 800MTTTT power when all Super Specials Buildings are completely upgraded.  Another thing to note is the Mythical Embassy Defense stat which is currently not able to be debuffed.

Trap Guide Updated

Trap Guide Updated

The releases in Game of War have been fast, and the ability to keep your city from burning is always changing and evolving. The Trap Guide has been updated to include recent Spirits, Heroes, Super Special Buildings, and an updated Troop Count Guide,

Check out the Trap Guide to see the most recent information.

Battle Testing: Mythical Creatures and Troops


Battle Testing: Mythical Creatures and Troops


Since the Mythical Creatures have been released, the game has been turned upside down in a way. All of us have struggled to figure what works best for both attacking and defending.

We are starting a series of testing to try and find the best use of Mythical Creatures and Troops, and to also see how they interact with each other. The first article deals with defending with creatures, and how do the troops help or hurt them.

Check back often as we continue to test theories and setups


Holiday Garrisons

Holiday Garrisons

This Christmas, a plethora of Holiday Garrisons were released. While, at first, you could only unlock one Garrison per $99 pack, tonight the $19.99 pack is offering three garrison unlock tokens.

Currently these buildings seem to take on a function similar to Villa, Barrracks and Hospitals – but are different.

  • Before we would use Barracks for Defense, Hospitals for Health and Villas for Attack as well as Training Speed.  
    • ……
  • Now, the Holiday Garrisons provide the same Attack, Health and Defense Coverage but specialize in Mythical Stats and Troop Stats.  Even Troop Que Size is increased.  🙂   – So its the same, but just different…just catching up the city to to current times.

As of right now, they do not have specific functions per building such as actually Training Troops.. but could be seen similar to Mobile Strike where Troops are not actually trained in the Barracks themselves.  We will keep an eye out for future drops.

A few Holiday Garrison stats worth mentioning:

  • Thantos Garrison increases the mythical training capacity to 8T, while also adding 12TTTTT troop attack
  • Aether Garrison adds 120B Mythical Health and 180B Mythical Attack, as well as Mythical Rally/Wonder Health and Mythical Rally/Wonder Attack
  • Achlys Garrison gives 3B Mythical Defense, 1.2B Type Mythical Defense, and 3TT resolute Defense
  • Gaia Garrison increases all troop, trap, and Mythical rally size, and gives a 27B increase to Mythical march size

Holiday Garrisons level 1

We will update further as more information is released on these buildings. You can also read our post on the first three Garrisons released.




Holiday Avatar Set 2017

Holiday Avatar Set 2017

A new Holiday Avatar Set, with four avatars, was released. These are the first avatars to include mythical creature stats in the avatar bonus. All four are available in the Holiday Avatar Set Chest. Don’t forget you have to activate the stats once you have unlocked all of the avatars.

New Holiday Avatar Set 2017

Holiday Avatar Set 2017 Stats:

  • 100BT% Defense Annihilation Bonus
  • 6BTTTT% Troop Onslaught Attack Bonus
  • 80TT% Unstoppable Attack Bonus
  • 2BT% Super Rally & Wonder Attack Bonus
  • 1.2B% Mythical Beast Health
  • 1.5B% Mythical Beast Attack
  • 1.2B% Mythical Dragon Health
  • 1.5B% Mythical Dragon Attack
  • 1.2B% Mythical Immortal Health
  • 1.5B% Mythical Immortal Attack
  • 100BT% Resolute Defense

Super Special Building Levels

Super Special Building Levels

Recently new Super Special Buildings were introduced. Today the Super Special Buildings were able to upgrade one level. Even thought it is only one level, the stats added are a huge addition.

Mythical Resource Buildings:

Mythical Mine Level 2

  • Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Creature Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Creature Rally Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Creature Health 20M%
  • Mythical Creature March Size 4,500,000

Mythical Villa Level 2

  • Mythical Creature Attack 8M%
  • Mythical Dragon Health 20M%
  • Mythical Dragon Defense 500,000%
  • Mythical Dragon Attack 20M%

Mythical Farm Level 2

  • Mythical Creature Attack 8M%
  • Mythical Immortal Health 20M%
  • Mythical Immortal Defense 500,000%
  • Mythical Immortal Attack 20M%
  • Mythical Creature March Size 3,500,000

Mythical Logging Camp Level 2

  • Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Beast Attack 20M%
  • Mythical Creature Rally Size 35M
  • Mythical Creature Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Creature Rally Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Beast Defense 500,00%
  • Mythical Beast Health 20M%

Mythical Quarry Level 2

  • Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Creature Rally Health 20M%
  • Mythical Creature Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Creature Rally Attack 10M%
  • Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Health 20M%
  • Mythical Creature Rally Size 45M

Mythical Creature Training Grounds Level 21

The Mythical Training Grounds add Creature Health, Attack, Rally Attack, and Wonder Holding Attack In addition to the following:

  • Mythical Creature Training Que 1B
  • Mythical Creature March Size 2,032,500
  • Mythical Creature Empire Capacity 1T
  • Mythical Creature Rally Size 20.3M
  • Mythical Creature Training Speed 100%
  • Super Troop Attack Bonus 30.3 MT

Hero Hall Level 2

The Hall of Heroes, at level one, did not offer any building boost. However, when upgraded to level two offers 15M% each type Mythical Attack, as well as 20M% for both Rally Health and Wonder Holding Rally Health


For  information regarding the two new Garrison Buildings, please see our post on the Athena and Apollo Garrisons.





Hero 90, SH 550, Tier 30

New Trinity

A new Trinity was released in Game of War today featuring Gallant Combat Research, new Legendary Hero level 90, as well as new Stronghold level 550. Here are a few highlights from each section:

Research/Gallant Combat

  • Features T29 Guileful Troops and T30 Gutsy Troops
  • The same items are researched in each tree, however the T30 have stronger stats associated with the research
  • Mythical Creature Empire Capacity can be increased in both sections of the research by 1.5 Trillion overall

Legendary Hero/2nd Hero

Max Legendary Hero is now level 90 and is divided in to two sections.

  • Each level provides skills for combat stats for mythical creatures, as well as super stat skills
  • Mythical march and rally sizes can be increased in both the Guileful and Gutsy hero levels
  • For help skilling your hero, see our Mythical Hero Skills post
  • Associated Materials
    • Levels 71-80 Require Guileful Hero Medals
    • Levels 81-90 Require Gutsy Hero Medals

Screenshot showing midline between Guileful and Gutsy Hero Levels:

Game of War Guileful and Gutsy Hero

Building Levels

Max Stronghold is 550, increasing march size to 3.3MT

  • Associated Material
    • Levels 476-500 Require Guileful Rock Slab
    • Levels 501-550 Require Gutsy Rock Slab

Stay tuned for more updates on the Gallant Combat, Legendary Hero, and Building Levels