Explosion Banner & Research – Construction Chart Updates

A new banner called the Explosion Banner was released in Game of War.   This makes the second BANNER that has Demigod combat stats along with the Devotion Banner which was the first.

Explosion Banner Highlights

While the intial Demigod Devotion Banner has Demigod Defense, and each Demigod Troop Type Attack, the Explosion Banner has the opposite with  Demigod Attack, and each Demigod Troop Type Defense.

The Devotion Banner has the following stats, increasing with Level (1-6) :

  • Demigod Attack
  • Thunderlord Defense
  • Firelord Defense
  • Waterlord Defense

The full stats for every level of this new Demigod Banner :

Game of War Explosion Banner

The number of each level required to make ONE Level 6 Explosion Banner :

  • Level 1 : 1024
  • Level 2 : 256
  • Level 3 : 64
  • Level 4 : 16
  • Level 5 : 4

Research & Construction Cost Charts

As a reminder, full search and construction cost charts can be seen from the menu on the left.

Stay tuned for more updates!

GOW Battle Mechanics – Type vs Type

After determining that all new troops traps and Mythics would be completely annihilated in the Game of War when accompanied with older versions, we returned to testing individual battle mechanics of Troops, Mythics and Demigods.  Previously we had seen the pattern that Traps stood before Troops and Mythics, that Troops stood before Mythics, and that Mythics the final and last of each tier would stand along side the traps of the following next tier.   This has changed. 

Demigod Kill Priority

After running tests, we cansay that the Demigod Kill Priority is (in the order that they will die before you touch the next tier :

  1. All non-demigod old troops, traps, and mythics, and any other new troops, traps, and mythics that go along with them in the hit.
  2. T1 Demigod Traps
  3. T1 Demigod Troops & T1 Demigod Mythics
  4. T2 Demigod Traps
  5. T2 Demigod Troops & T2 Demigod Mythics
  6. T3 Demigod Traps
  7. T3 Demigod Troops & T3 Demigod Mythics
  8. T4 Demigod Traps
  9. T4 Demigod Troops & T4 Demigod Mythics


Essentially we are back to the battle mechanics that GOW started with. Traps stand in front of Troops and Mythics.  Troops and Mythics are hit at the same time. Basically, Mythics have taken on a similar role as the former siege.

Mythic Highlights:

  • They hit at the same time as Troops, and they Kill Traps.
  • They are easily killed by Troops.
  • This will help make more sense out of the game.

Here are Reports showing Trap / Mythic / Troop Kill Succession:

Game of War Demigod Kill Priority and Succession

One of the things we wanted to make sure of is that it wasn’t the type of troop trap or mythic being sent at the target which was causing the change of succssion.  We took a few other mixed test hits just to confirm and results stayed the same.  Traps stood in front.  Troops and Mythics stood together.


Type vs Type test results

The next thing we did was to test how effective Mythics, Troops and Traps were against their strength, weakness, and neutral counterparts.  Previously we were able to confirm the kill cycle.  For easy reference, we’ve included the Demigod Cycle of Death chart below.  Troops kill Mythics, Mythics kill Traps, and Traps kill Troops.

Game of War DemiGod Cycle of Death

Here is a chart containing the same information but just shown in a different format.  This format will be used to relate battle mechanics testing results in the remainder of the article.

game of war Demigod Strengths Chart, Traps, Troops, Mythics

Battle Mechanics Testing

Two things were tested.  First  – the initial attack power and loss of each single variable combination.  Second – the continual increase of defender losses for each single variable combination.  At this stage of game, both are equivalent.

1,000 Defending Demigod Troops, Traps or Mythics were placed on a tile without hero and Attacked by 5,000 Demigod Troops, Traps or Mythics without hero.  Attacking Account has decent research.  Defending account stats are as close to 0 as possible in order to get the truest outline of inherent strengths and weaknesses before research, gear, or major upgrades are added.  Here are the results.

Neutrals vs Neutrals

 game of war Demigod Strengths Chart, Traps, Troops, Mythics, Strong, strengths, neutrals, weak

Overall, what testing told us is that hitting one single type of target with Neutrals, gives like results across the board.  Troops hitting Troops killed 6 of the defenders troops.  Traps hitting Traps killed 6 of the defenders Traps, and Mythics hitting Mythics killed 5 of the Defender’s Mythics.  The result of “5” when averaged out is closesr to 6 but because we are dealing with a small amount of troops only 5 “whole” Mythics could be killed.

Strong hitting what the Type is Strong against

Side by side comparison shows that the most amount of damage done in game of war is from Traps attacking Troops – in testing above  24 Kills.  This gives over double the amount of kill power as Mythics Hitting Traps – 10 Kills, and over triple the amount of times as Troops hitting Mythics – 7 Kills.

Weak hitting what it is Weak against

Side by side comparison shows the inverse.  The worst “weak type troop/trap/mythic to hit with is Troops.  Troops attack Traps provided 1 Kill and will give up a ton more points when put to a much larger scale.  The second worst “weak type” to attack with is Traps.  Traps hitting Mythics only killed 3.  And Mythics hitting Troops only killed 4.

The Next Post – Traps as Front line Defense

The next post that will be made will be on Traps as Front Line Defense.  What attacks them the best and what defends the best.

Chitinous Gear & Accessories

Last updated on February 1st, 2018 at 11:45 am

Game of War has released the next level of Hero Gear, the Chitinous Gear Set, which contains similar stats as preceding Gear Sets but now in much larger amounts.  This Hero Gear consists of sets from Apollo, Hades, Hero, Zeus, Poseidon, and Ares.  This new set does use the Baroque Gear Set Leveling, which will probably be upgraded up to times here in the near future.

Chitinous gear does not currently use Power UP or Quality upgrades.

Chitinous Gear – Base 4 Highlights

The Chitinous Base 4 pieces consists of:

  • Chitinous Divine Helmet
  • Chitinous Divine Armor
  • Chitinous Divine Boots
  • Chitinous Divine Aegis

Debuffs in this set did increase compared to former sets but only by about double since the longer chain of similar stat sets have come out while all the other stats have increased by about 100 times each upgrade.

Game of War Chitinous Gear, Base 4, Helm Armor Foot Weapon

Chitinous Gear Accessories

The Chitinous Accessories follow exactly the same pattern as before just this time with new names and higher stats.  Here is the chart with updated Accessories shown.

Game of War Chitionous Gear Accessories, Apollo, Hades, Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, Ares

Member’s Tips

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Mythical Annihilation Research

Last updated on February 1st, 2018 at 11:47 am

Game of War has introduced Mythical Annihilation Research.

Highlights on Mythical Annihilation Research

There are 3 main things that stand out in Mythical Annihilation Research.

  1. Creatures are taking on the well known troop stats such as
    • Mythic Creature Onslaught Attack
    • Mythic Creature Unstoppable Attack
    • Mythic Creature Defense Annihilation
    • Mythic Creature Resolute Defense
    • Mythic Creature Massacre Attack
  2. Creature Defense and Health stats have been released later down on the tree rather than right towards the beginning suggesting that players need to be careful when taking hits if Defense has not been accessed yet.
  3. Just for a second time, Creature RESOLUTE DEFENSE and Creature DEFENSE ANNIHILATION significantly stick out.

Mythical Creature Resolute Defense & Defense Annihilation

All the lessons we learned from troops with regards to Resolute Defense and Defense Annihilation will most likely apply in the same manner as Creatures.  Once all Defenses and Resolute Defenses are overcome, the target will most likely result in a one hit zero.

It is currently unknown exactly which stats are debuffed, whether it is all Spirit, Horror, and Type Defenses only or if it includes the newer Spirit-Horror stats which also appeared in this research.  Time and testing will soon tell.. and we will bring you these updates as soon as possible.

Quick Definition of Stats

  • Defense Annihilation – Debuffs Overall stats, Debuffs Individual stats and then Increases overall Attack.
    • The old counter we would use to overcome Defense Anni was by having enough Resolute Defense and any other Defense that wasn’t completely debuffed to exceed Defense Annihilation.  Once Defense Anni resistance and Defenses were overcome it was pretty much a one hit zero. Health sometimes acted as a saving grace allowing Strongholds to burn big rather than be zeroed.
  • Onslaught Attack – Scales attack based on the tier being used.  The higher the tier, the higher the multiplier of attack is applied.
  • Unstoppable Attack is able to penetrate target’s Resolute Defense.

Chart of Mythical Annihilation Research

Game of War Mythical Annihilation Research


Ultimate Troop Gear Research

Troop Gear Research upgrades were released this morning in Game of War and are found in the form of the Barrack’s Troop Leveling. Updates on Troop Leveling equal about 1 Trillion more times compared to the former release with the exception to Poison and Antidotes which are offered as an additional increase of  50% and 25% respectively.

The variety of Stats available exactly mirror the preceding release.

Troop Leveling Stats

Game of War Troop Leveling, Ultimate Gear Research

Member’s Tips For Troop Leveling

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Hero Levels 500

Last updated on February 1st, 2018 at 11:48 am

New Hero Level 500 have been dropped in Game of War encompassing the Mystic, Eventide, Grand Gladiator, Mighty, Awakened, Glorious, Valiant and Legendary Heros.  Instant levels are being slowly released but there are many players that already have Hero Level 500 opened on each.

For several weeks since the last original Super Wonder returned to game, older heros have received Level upgrades.  Making sense of the pattern and seeing which hero applies best to particular situations took a bit of time.  Here is what we finally we able to set.

Differences in Heros

Out of 8 Heros, there are 4 specialty areas.

  • Rally – Mystic Hero
  • Solo Attack – Eventide, Grand Gladiator, Mighty & Awakened Heros
  • Defense – Glorious & Valiant Heros
  • March Size – Legendary Hero

Chart showing Hero Level 500 stats, which Hero icons, and associated Hero Levels which each can be found.

Game of War Hero 500, Mystic, Eventide, Grand Gladiator, Mighty, Awakened, Glorious, Valiant, Legendary

Defensive Heros

The Glorious Hero has the most defense and applies best in most Defensive situations.  The Valiant Hero has more Health and will cover best when the player has the same or a little more creatures compared to incoming.

Spirit and Horror defense skills don’t kick in until Level 350.  Do not take a hit without skilling these higher defenses.  You will be depending solely on older Hero Defense stats which are 1/100th of current defenses.

Max attack stats kick in around Hero Level 305.

Rally Hero

The Mystic Hero has by far the most amount of rally stats.

March Size

The Legendary Hero in the red mask, has a HUGE amount of stats for March Size.  Use this hero if needed to fill rally and then quickly change back to defense hero.  Do not take a hit with this hero.  It would be rather painful.

Solo Attack Heros

There are 4 main Solo Attack Heros that have varying levels of Attack and Health.

  • The greater the Attack a hero has – the more March Size and Health is given up.
  • The greater the Health and March Size a hero has – the more Attack is given up.

The March Size and Health is what helps the most in keeping the Hero from being capped.

Attack kills mores.

Basically what this means is, if you are starting to solo zero a target and don’t want to get capped, start off on the right side of the Attack Heros which provides the the most health and march size on Awakened hero and work your way thru the chain of succession towards more Attack as your target allows for.

Member’s Tips

Hero Skilling coming out shortly


Spellstone Runes & Barbaric Power Gem Sets

Spellstone Runes and Barbaric Power Gems were released last night in Game of War.  The releases are significant increases the both Runes and Gems.

There is one known issue with combining Barbaric Power Gems.  Gem stats at level 19 decrease dramatically.  Do not combine your gems to level 19 unless you have enough to reach level 20.  You are better off staying at level 18.

Spellstone Runes have identical stats to each other with the exception of multipliers.  Be sure to stay on top of completing Rune multiplier research until it is maxed.  Each Barbaric Power Gem also has identical stats.

It is interesting to note that the Runes carry March size increases while the Gems carry Rally Size Increases.

Spellstone Runes Chart (max multipliers)

 Game of War Spellstone Runes, Fire Water Void Earth

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Barbaric Power Gem Set

Game of War Barbaric Power Gem Set, Barbaric Axe Gem, Barbaric Warhammer Gem, Barbaric Dual Axes Gem, Barbaric Power Gem

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Troop Leveling Guide

Troop Leveling has been released again in Game of War.  While it is probably just a few days away from Instant 100% ALL Troop Leveling, here are a few tips on Troop Leveling Priorities that could help you defend and attack better with what you have now.

Troop Leveling Options:

Here is a chart of all the Troop Leveling Stats:

Game of War Troop Leveling Stats

Troop Leveling Preferences

Game of War Troop Leveling Guide


Latest January Banners & Banner Guides Updated

Game of War released their 4th drop of January Banners last night including the Crest Banner, Hound Banner, Immoveable Banner, Travel Banner, Decay Banner, and Pride Banner… increasing their Stats for each banner up to the Trillion of Trillions (TT) rather than the other Christmas and January Banners which were in the MT and KT stats.

  • Crest Banner
  • Hound Banner
  • Immovable Banner
  • Travel Banner
  • Decay Banner
  • Pride Banner

Chart of January Banners

Game of War Banners, Crest Banner, Hound Banner, Immovable Banner, Travel Banner, Decay Banner, Pride Banner

Banner Highlights

  • There are 3 Banners Specializing in Creature Defense along with one other for Creature Health.
  • 2 Banners Specialize in Rally stats and are accompanied with high attack
  • The other 1-2 Banners are well balanced with Attack, Health, and Defense.

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Baroque Gear, Accessories & New Gear Upgrades

The most recent set of Gear upgrades since Bicentennial Hero levels were released  is the Baroque Gear.   This  next generation of gear encompasses the same 6 standard sets and accessories follow the same suit.  All stats were upgraded to be competitive along side the Bicentennial Heros with the exception of the Debuffs in the Base 4 pieces, which has not been increased within 3 generations of gear.

Baroque Gear charts & Gear Upgrades

Update: Just as this article was posted, Gear upgrades dropped in Game of War with Power UP, Quality and Gear Leveling capabilities.  The following charts are for base stats only.  Updated Stats will soon be coming out reflecting recent upgrade stats:

Game of War Baroque Base 4 Gear, Game of War best gear, Baroque Gear, Apollo Hade's Hera's Zeus, Poseidon

Game of War best gear, Baroque Gear, Apollo Hade's Hera's Zeus, Poseidon, and Accessories

Member’s Tips on Best Gear

Best Defense, Attack and Wonder Gear 

Barque Gear Highlights

  • Each Accessory released is identical to it’s predecessor except for higher stats. 
  • Debuffs are included but have not increased for the last 3 sets
  • Gear Multipliers from Athena’s Ultra Rewards research do not apply.  Research specifically refers Gear for the month of January receiving multiplier stats.  And stats would reflect in the Boosts screen if they were active but do not.