Hero Garrison Roles

Additional Hero Garrison Roles have been released in Game of War.  While we were expecting the 1st Generation Roles to be upgraded and enhanced, its seems the way the game has decided to go is to add more Roles to achieve it’s goals.  Perhaps that is because Spirit and Horror stats needed to be added, and maybe scripting those stats in is easier by creating new slots…we don’t know…. but for whatever reason the new stats to focus on are the 2nd Generation release of Hero Roles.

Note: Unlocking the building does not give any stats.  Heros must be assigned to the Role before any additional stats / boosts are reflected in Power.

New Roles

  • Villa Banker
  • Logging Camp, Farm, Quarry & Mine Harvesters
  • Gymnos Warrior
  • Storehouse Prospector
  • Archaeology Hall Tracker
  • Alchemy Lab Scientist
  • Stronghold Leader

2nd Generation Release of Hero Roles

Chart showing Base stats of Hero Garrison Roles.

Game of War Hero Garrison Roles Second Generation, Villa Banker, Logging Camp Harvester, Farm Harvester, Gymnos Warrior, Quarry Harvester, Mine Harvester, Storehouse Prospector, Archaeology Hall Tracker, Alchemy Lab Scientist, Stronghold Leader

When Roles were grouped together by similarities, they could be categories in 3 similar sets / groups.  We further looked to see what strengths each of the groups took on and decided to label them in General, Wonder Oriented Stats, Defense Oriented and Solo Oriented Stats.   These labels are to classify their overall characteristics, but the labels are not intended to restrict how the roles should be used.

Wonder Oriented Category

Roles in the Wonder Oriented Category tend to have high Attack, Health, and Mythic Creature Size.

Solo Oriented Category

Roles in the Solo Oriented Category tend to have high March solo size, Attack, Health and Defense.

Defense Oriented Category

Roles that grouped themselves in the Defense Oriented Category tend to have high Defense and Attack.  When defending, chose the Highest Defense stats as possible and then Health stats.  If you have difficulty killing all incoming, swap in More Attack in trade for Health.

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Best Hero Garrison Roles

Arcane Gear, Accessories & Multipliers

The Newest Gear in Game of War is the Arcane Gear.  This is overall an upgrade to the Foundation of what we know as the Royal Gear… just improved stats by quite a bit. Sets that have been released so far are Apollo, Zeus, Ares, Hades,Hero and Poseidon Arcane sets.

The only stats that did not increase from the Royal to the Arcane sets were the Debuffs.  Here is a chart showing Arcane Gear at Base Stats without Multipliers and the Gear again with Max Multipliers.

Game of War Arcane Gear Base 4 Helm Armor Foot Sword Multipliers

Armor Piece

Overall, It is easy to see the significant upgrades in gear when comparing the Royals 500 KT – 3 MT stats with the Arcane’s 720 MT – 1 BT stats.  However, there is one piece of gear that is still better until the Arcane gear receives Power Up and Quality Upgrades.

Since the ONLY stat that the Armor carries did not increase between set tiers, the Mythical Creature Attack Debuff, The Royal piece still is better to use since it does have Power UP and Quality stats.

Game of War Royal Base 4 Gear Helm Armor Foot Sword Max Multipliers

Arcane Gear Accessories

Overall, the Arcane Gear Accessories kept the same qualities but just upgraded overall stats similar to the Base Gear.  Here is a chart showing Accessories grouped into Attacks, Healths, Defenses and Troop Stats.  The Color of the Accessory coordinates with the actual Accessory piece to aid you in finding the accessory faster.

Game of War Arcane Gear Accessories


The Athena Ultra Rewards research provides the opportunity to increase the base stats of gear by 350%.  Research applies to the Helm, Armor, Foot and Weapon.  This means, the original stats of these pieces will be multiplied by 450% (or 4.5 in decimal form)  with 100% representing the original stats provided and 350% from research.

Here are a few examples showing how much this research will affect gear for Base 4 Sums:

Mythical Creature Attack 240 MT to 1.97 BT
Mythical Creature Health 160 MT to 720 MT
Mythical Creature Defense 160 MT to 720 MT

Be sure to go back and check which researches suit you best.

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Best Gear & Accessories

Best Athena Ultra Rewards Researches

Champions Edge Reward

Champions Edge Rewards

A new program to rewards spenders was introduced to Game of War. There are two parts, the Champions Edge Reward Streak, and the Champions Edge Research. The Rewards Streak allows you to obtain exclusive items found only in the rewards chest, and the research tree allows the player to pick and choose which tiles to complete to enhance the specific setup.

Champions Edge Reward Streak

The first part is the Champions Edge Reward Streak that is found at the top of the Gold Store

champions edge reward streak

Each time you buy a pack, it fills a certain amount of the streak bar. Once the streak is complete, the items in the chest are rewarded to the player. These items consist of exclusive streak only items such as banners, gems, gear, and Champions Edge Reward Points.

Champions Edge Reward Streak items

One of the  very first reward is an unlock to one of the new Garrisons. This will give you the new World Slayer mythical creature, which is proving to be a necessity for defending cities.


Champions Edge Research

The Champions Edge Research is completed by using the Champions Edge Reward Points. The tree is unique in a few ways. The tiles are, for the most part, multipliers of stats and march sizes. These enhance your current stats. So, depending on research, hero, and VIP, these multipliers give a different boost per account.

Champions Edge Reward Multipliers

The next new interesting part is the ability to kill troops that should have been wounded, and also save poisoned troops or creatures.

Champions Edge Research


At this time, not much is known about the poisoned aspect of the report. What has been noticed is that the poisoned troops always equal 9.22MT on each report.  This is something that will need to be researched and tested further.

As more information comes out in the game, and through reports and testing, Gowcraft will keep you updated.

Athena’s Ultra Rewards, Best Gems, Best Runes

Many new additions have been made to the Game of War.  The most recent drop is the Athena’s Ultra Rewards which pretty much affects everything in game due to the multipliers in place within the research.  Items that will be affected are March & Rally Sizes, Runes, Capacity, Gear, Gem Bonus, Training Que, Speeds and Reinforcement.  Future indications of Stat multipliers are also indicated but not released yet.

As far as Gear multipliers, they apply to the base stats before any of the Power Up, Quality or Set Gear Leveling boosts are applied.

Dimensional Runes

These Runes are far stronger than any other Rune released Previously.   All styles of combat will use Dimensional Runes.  Each Rune carries the exact same stats.

The following charts are without the new multiplier research:

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Rune Guides 

Ancient Power Gem Set

The Ancient Power Gem Set follows suit of the previous sets before it – with it’s gems specializing in just one area. Overall, this new set gives 21 KT Overall Creature Attack, and then with 17.5 KT attack each for Spirit, Horror, or Creature Type.  The Focus of the Ancient Power Gem Set is purely attack which means Defensive players will be using older gems.  

The following charts are without the new multiplier research:

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Best Gem Guide


Royal Gear, Accessories & Set Gear Leveling

Game of War just released their Royal version of each of the Singular Gear Sets including: Apollo, Zeus, Hero, Poseidon, Hades and Ares Royal Sets along with all the accessories and Set Gear Leveling.

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Gear & Accessory Guides – Click for info on Best Gear, Accessories and Substitute Accessories.  Includes the following:

  • Defense Gear Guide
  • Solo Attack Gear Guide
  • Rally Attack Gear Guide
  • Wonder Gear Guide

Royal Divine base 4 Comparison

This gear collection keeps the same trends as the Singular Gear with using identical Helm, Armor, Boots and Weapon pieces and offering an assortment of Accessories to chose from.

Similar to New Heros, some of the smaller stats such as the Spirit Stats which weren’t included but the exclusion is covered by the much more comprehensive Mythical Creature stats.

Below are charts of the base 4 (first for pieces of each set) for comparison.

Royal Divine Accessories from the following sets:

Apollo, Hades, Hera, Zeus, Ares & Poseidon.  Accessory titles are color coded according the the Accessories actual color.

Accessory Highlights

  • 3 Accessories come per set, each looks identical.
  • Accessories can be catagorized into 2 main stats, Mythical Creature TYPE Stats and Mythical Spirit Stats.
  • Mythical Creature Type Stats either have Attack or they have Health, not both.
  • Mythical Spirit Type Stats either have Attack and Health – OR – Health and Defense.  These are accompanied by like Troop stats as well.
  • 3 Accessories specialize in Super Troop Stats including Attack, Health, Defense
  • 3 Accessories specialize in Mythical Creature TYPE Defense and are accompanied by Super Troop Defense.

Chart showing Royal Divine Accessories:

Game of War Royal Divine Accessories, Soul Medallion, Blood Vial, Poison Vial, Ring of Gods, Echo Vial, Glacial Vial, Ring Vengeance, Life Vial, Arctic Vial, Spirit Medallion, Acid Vial, Rage Vial, Ring of Souls, Spirit Vial, Natural Vial, Vigor Medallion, Blood Vial, Frost Vial, Apollo Hades Hera Zeus Ares Poseidon

Set Gear Leveling

Set Gear Leveling does help with all combat types including Defense, Soloing, Rallying and Wonder combats.  Level up your Gear as much as possible taking each piece of gear up the same amount of upgrading, and upgrading the set as a whole.

New Trinity, Royal Troops, Research and Hero Levels

Game of War has released the next level of Trinity including Royal Troops, Majestic Research Tree, & Buildings along with the corresponding Valiant Hero Levels.

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Further Cost Details, Hero Skill Guides, and Combat Guides will soon be posted as soon as testing with the new stats can be completed.

New Royal Troops

New Trinity has been released in Game of war.  Currently the role of Troops, Traps and Siege have been to change the outcome of the Creatures standing on Front Line.  Each new Tier or Trinity that has been released will be stronger than it’s predecessor.  This new release is much different than the others.  With this one, the attack is massively higher while keeping defense and health relatively the same.  Time will probably show Troops taking on a very serious role with regards to Attack and Backing.

New Combat Research

The new Majestic Researches follows suit in the same pattern as the previous few Research releases.  Since the focus of the Majestic Research are the New Troops… Troops and Troop Related Stats are found within the Majestic Combat Research tree (the research on the left hand side of the Majestic Research Folder.)

The Mythical Creature Stats are found in the Majestic Ultimate Bonuses Research tree (the research on the right hand side of the Majestic Research Folder.)   Stat increases for this research lie within the Overall Mythical Creature stats and will apply to Creatures, Spirits and Horrors alike.

Totals of both max researches added together can be found below in the following Chart.  Level 7 research usually represents 1/5th of a corresponding Level10 research.

Chart showing Stat totals for Max Majestic Researches:

Game of War Majestic Research, Royal, Dynasty, Majestic, Majestic Ultimate Bonus Research

New Valiant Hero

Similar to Troops, every New Hero release will always be better and stronger than of the former Hero with exception to March Size.  The original base stats on march sizes tend to be smaller than the preceding maxed hero.  This makes a impact when filling; when needed, swap heroes for filling vs defending.  However, from a defensive and attack perspective, the new hero will always be stronger.

This new hero follows the same pattern of drops.  There tiers after the base stats including: Overall Creature Mythical Stats, Type Mythical Stats, Troop Attacks & Debuffs & Super Stats, Wonder Rally Stats, and Rally & March Sizes.  This time two Additional “TYPE” stats are included… the Horror and Spirit Type Stats.

After the Base level skills, the 4 tiers of Stats are as follows:

Game of War Valiant Hero Skills, Hero Number 6, Hero #6


January Banners & “Do Creature Stats apply to Spirits and Horrors?”

Game of War released 6 new banners The January Banners, which specialize in Creature stats and new Horror Stats.  The 3 Christmas Banners in regular packs.  The new January Banners are the Possession, Scribe, Cannoneer, Regal, Turret, and Precision Banners.  Christmas Banners include the 2nd Evolution of Ruler’s Castle, Ruler’s Crown and Ruler’s Ring which are by far the best banners for what they specialize in.

What we Found While Testing Banners

The main question we had while testing was, “Are Mythical Creature stats in Banners exclusive to which Mythical Creatures receive stats?”  Or do ALL the Mythical Creatures receive those stats.  Are Spirit or Horror stats extra?  We found answers.

Remember: Spirits are (Guardians of Hope & Rams) and Horrors are (Warden of Darkness & Zodiac of Terror).

  1. Spirits and Horrors DO RECEIVE Overall Mythical Creature stats which DO NOT specify the type.
    • Stats including Immortal, Beast, or Dragon references are not applied.
  2. Horror Stats only apply to Horrors
  3. Spirit Stats only apply to Spirits
  4. Immortal, Beast, and/or Dragon stats will only be applied to that Mythical Creature type.

Members Tips

Other tough questions we had to answer were, “Which health banners may be better than defense?”  and “Which OTHER banners didn’t apply any stats to Spirits and Horrors?”   We included those answers in our Members Banner Guides

Banner Stats

Charts of new January Banners:

Game of War January Banners, Possession, Scribe, Cannoneer, Regal, Turret, Precision, Christmas Banners, Ruler's Castle, Ruler's Crown, Ruler's Ring, Evolved.

Game of War January Banners, Possession, Scribe, Cannoneer, Regal, Turret, Precision, Christmas Banners, Ruler's Castle, Ruler's Crown, Ruler's Ring, Evolved.

Singular Set Gear Leveling 50 & Poseidon Accessories

In Game of War, Singular Set Gear Leveling 50 was released this morning  along with the Poseidon Set and Accessories.  Set Gear Leveling 50 adds a large punch to the already existing Singular gear sets and already comes as a Guaranteed Bundle in packs.   Poseidon Accessories are among the highest in the set.

Poseidon Accessory Highlights

  • Handguard Accessory = Has the highest combined Mythical Creature Rally-Wonder Attack & Health stats out of all accessories.   This Accessory works well along side with the Mantle.
  • Talisman Accessory = The matching twin of the Handguard Accessory and specializes in Health for Spirits, Creatures and Troops rather than combined Health and Attack. This Accessory works well along side with the Lantern.
  • Knife Accessory = Is the Highest Troop Stats Accessory released out of the group.  Combined all Super & Regular Troop stats together for Troop only Attacks.Combines well with the Rod and Ghost Potion.

Game of War Singular Gear Accessories, Poseidon, Hero, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, Ares

Set Gear Leveling

Set Gear 50 adds a large punch to the already existing Singular gear sets.  Stats added are as follows:

  • Mythical Creature Rally / Wonder Attack: 1.5 KT
  • Mythic Creature Rally / Wonder Health: 1.5 KT
  • Mythical Creature Type Healths: 1.5 KT
  • Mythical Creature Spirit Defense: 1.5 KT

Total Singular Divine Gear Stats

Chart showing Max Singular Gear stats with Power 50 and Set Gear 50:

Game of War Singular Gear Stats, Poseidon, Hero, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, Ares, Power 50 Gear Leveling 50

Singular Divine Gear – Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus

Game of War has released several Singular Divine Gear sets that are related to each other and complimentary.  These sets are the Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus and Ares Sets.  From looking at the set Stats in the Forge, there appears to be one more set in the collection that has not dropped yet.

Singular Set Highlights

  • Each set uses the Same Helm, Armor, Foot and Weapon for combat.
  • Each set is identical except for the 3 accessories which can be interchanged.
  • Be on the look out for one additional set and for additional upgrades of Quality and Set Leveling Stats.  Set Leveling should boost sets quite a bit with 1.5 KT each of Spirit Defense, Creature Rally stats, Creature Defenses and Creature Attacks.  (not yet released)


Power Up 50 Costs

  • Associated Materials: Singular Gear Power-Up Materials
  • Levels 0-10: 38,090 total
  • Levels 10-20: 38,090 total
  • Levels 20-30: 1.9 Million total
  • Levels 30-40: 3.77 Million total
  • Levels 40-50: 3.77 Million total
  • 9.44 Million per piece

Power Up 50 Stats add 30 Trillion of the following for every 10 levels: 30 Trillion of Spirit Health, Creature Attack, Creature Defense, and Creature Type Health.  Stats added per tier stay consistently the same however cost more per every 10 tier increase.

If Amount of Materials on hand is an issue, raise each piece of Gear the same amount and raise the sets collectively the same amount at the same time.  Only one Head piece, Armor, Foot and Weapon are needed for all 5 sets.

Singular Accessories

Singular Accessories can be swapped out and exchanged.  They fall into 4 categories.

  • Spirit & Super Troop Attack: Ring, Buckler, Belt, Sign, Obsidian Ring
  • Mythic Creature Rally Stats: Handguard, Mantle, Gauntlet, Lantern, Grips
  • Creature Type Stats:  Fire Potion, Dagger, Moonstone
  • Troop Stats:  Rod & Ghost Potion

Chart showing Stats of all currently available Singular Accessories Powered at 50:

Game of War Accessories from Singular Divine Gear: Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, & Ares Sets with the Accessories Ring, Buckler, Belt, Sign, Obsidian Ring, Lantern, Grips, Handguard, Mantle, Gauntlets, Fire Potion, Dagger, Moonstone, Rod, Ghost Potion

Here is a chart of Singular Divine Gear all Powered at 50:

Game of War Singular Divine Gear: Hera, Hades, Apollo, Zeus, & Ares Sets

Super Special Buildings Upgrades

Super Special Building Upgrades

The Super Special Buildings are now able to be upgraded to level 50. This includes Hero Hall, Mythical Training Building, Mythical Embassy, as well as all Mythical Resource Buildings.

Required Materials:

Super Special Mythical Hammers used to upgrade Super Special Buildings

The Super Special Buildings’ Mythical Hammers are required to upgrade to the next level. Below are the known required amounts per level, and at this moment, the amounts are only known up to level 33.

  • Level 1- 20: 4.4M
  • Levels 21-23: 5.6M
  • Level 24: 11.1M
  • Level 25: 333M
  • Level 26-33: 444M

Stats added per building

Each Super Special Building adds its own stats. Choose which buildings to upgrade depending on which stats are most important for your city.

  • Hero Hall: Mythical Dragon, Beast, and Immortal attack; Mythical Creature Rally Health, Mythical Creature Wonder Holding Health
  • Mythical Training Grounds: Increased Mythical Creature Training Speed, Training Que, March Size,Rally Size, and Empire Capacity; Mythical Creature Health, Mythical Creature Attack, Rally Attack, and Wonder Holding Attack; Super Troop Attack
  • Mythical Embassy: Mythical Creature March Size and Reinforcement Capacity; Mythical Embassy Defense
  • Mythical Mine: Mythical March Size, Mythical Attack, Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack; Mythical Health
  • Mythical Villa: Mythical Creature Attack; Mythical Dragon Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Mythical Farm: Increase Mythical March Size; Mythical Attack, Immortal Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Mythical Logging Camp: Increase Mythical Rally Size; Mythical Creature Attack, Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack; Beast Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Mythical Quarry: Increase Mythical Rally Size; Mythical Attack, Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack; Mythical Rally Health, and Wonder Holding Health

All of the Super Special Buildings add 2MTTTT power per level upgraded.  This adds 800MTTTT power when all Super Specials Buildings are completely upgraded.  Another thing to note is the Mythical Embassy Defense stat which is currently not able to be debuffed.