Dungeoneer Set

Last updated on February 1st, 2017 at 10:46 pm

The Explorer Dungeon can provide a strategic advantage in the form of Cores, Gold, Boosts, and Titles for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for those who are willing to spend money and time to make it through the deepest level of the dungeon.  A critical aspect of being able to successfully traverse the dungeon is to ensure you have your Dungeon gear setup appropriately.

The Dungeoneer Set is the latest and greatest hero gear to equip when facing terrifying monsters in the dungeon.

Dungeon Set

The best gems to use in your Dungeoneer Set are:

Explorer Crit Gem – Dungeon Critical Hit 1% and Dungeon Critical Damage 5%
Bulwark Gem – Troop Defense 35%
Defense Gem – Toop Defense 25%
Aegis Gem – Troop Defense 35%

When skilling your hero, please ensure you max out the points for the Base Set Bonus on the right side of the skill tree and then work your way down the left side of the skill tree to max out the Full Set Bonus.  NOTE: The Monster Skill Tree does NOT apply to the Dungeon Monsters, so skilling it will have no benefit for the Dungeoneer Set.

As a best practice, we suggest that you utilize the remaining hero skill points in the order defined below.  This sequence will ensure that your strong hold can better withstand a potential Solo Attack or a Rally Attack in the event you are disconnected from the game or fall asleep in the 23rd hour with hero home :-).

  1. Altar Defense
  2. Troop Defense (All available)
  3. Altar Health
  4. Troop Health 2 and 1
  5. Troop Type Defense
  6. Troop Type Health
  7. Enemy Attack Debuff
  8. Enemy Health Debuff
  9. Remaining points can be added to the Various Attack Skills

Below is an example of the Set Bonus that the Dungeoneer Set provides (higher numbers are available).

Dungeon SetDungeon Set

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  1. The defensive gems don’t actually make a difference in the dungeon, they are just in case you forget to switch out of your dungeon gear.

  2. Still Good Practice, as with all Gear (reg and Cores) to skill Monster Tree with 30/30 Max Energy Limit and 15/15 Energy Recovery, to best preserve the Monster Energy you have whenever you switched gear.

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