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Last updated on March 19th, 2017 at 12:06 am

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Gowcraft Premium has gone active. This is intended to be a place for the TOP END of players in Game of War to discuss, question, and assist eachother.

Current Gowcraft Premium Articles and Consultation :
Core Setup – Aether Wonder – Setup for the Aether Core Set in the Wonder : Includes hero skills, gemming, set bonuses, and a full explanation on how to optimize your Stronghold to dominate the Wonder.

Core Setup – Cronus – Setup for the Cronus Core Set : Includes hero skills, gemming, set bonuses, and everything else you need to fully optimize your core set.

Premium Recipe – Ice Luna Burner – The highest TDD seen yet on custom cores.

Trap Cores – Black Hole 5 – The latest in our defense cores, designed to take a hit from any incoming set.

Premium Recipe – Styx Type Slayer – A custom burner that debuffs enemy TYPE defense debuff; designed to hit the gear sets that our TDD burners cannot.

Premium Recipe – Aura Type Slayer – A custom burner using new pieces to attempt to hit high TYPE defense gear (Collo, Shogun, SK, OK, etc)

Premium Recipe – Styx Burner – Styx custom burner with much higher TDD than MZ version.

Premium Recipe – Ice Aura Burner – Latest version of Aura Burner cores, highest TDD to date.

Premium Recipe – Black Hole 4.0 – Latest version of updated trap cores.

Premium Recipe – BFAura Burner : Update to the 12/4 Ranged burner – now with more TDD.

Premium Recipe – 12/4 Ranged Burner : Custom ranged core set with massive attack and TDD.

Premium Recipe – Kingslayer 3.0 : Perses custom core set with the most TDD to date. Burn huge targets in bait gear, or large targets in defense gear (without Kunai).

Premium Recipe – Bacchus Smash (Cav TDD Custom) : Bacchus custom core set with extreme TDD. Intended to burn large targets in off gear, or midsize targets in defense gear.

Premium Recipe – Black Hole 2.0 : Revamped Black Hole cores using newer cores and pieces.

Premium Recipe – Ranged Bait Burner : This is another iteration of the iShaw Devastation (2.0). It increases TDD even more, designed to take out the biggest folks (or hero 64) in perfectly set up bait gear.

Premium Recipe – Anti Artemis Trap Cores : A core set designed to take hits from the Artemis core set – tailored specifically to be anti ranged.

Premium Recipe – iShaw Devastation Ranged : This a ranged version of the Kingslayer sets – massive defense debuff, zeros all type stats – this recipe is designed to hit extremely large targets that are in bait gear, marching, or holding a wonder.

Core Setup – Hephaestus Wonder : The proper way to set the secret bonus, gemming, and skills on your Hephaestus set for wonder battles.

Premium Recipe – iShaw Destruction Budget Kingslayer : Another iteration of Kingslayer cores – massive defense debuff along with zeroing all stats, designed to hit huge targets that are baiting, marching, or holding a wonder. This version uses only common pieces, and is extremely cheap to make.

Premium Recipe – Poseidon No Hero : Designed to hit 100b+ players that lose their hero, using a base set of Poseidon. Surprise those infantry stacked targets.

Premium Recipe – Scout Cores : Designed to lose the battle, but return your hero to you on larger targets in trap gear. Use this to get a “scout” on traps that have anti scout up, to see if they’re zeroable.

Premium Recipe – Ares 200b Burner : A new version of the Cavalry hero in prison burner. Adds the surprise factor of sending a full Ares set that your opponent thinks they will cap.

Premium Recipe – Nike Kingslayer : A new version of the Kingslayer set. Designed to burn huge targets that are marching, holding the wonder, or baiting in off gear.

Premium Recipe – Anti Nike Cores : Trap cores designed to take a hit from the Nike Core set.

Premium Recipe – Kingslayer Cores : Designed to burn 100b+ that are holding a wonder or in gemmed bait gear.

Premium Recipe – Cavalry 200b Burner : Cavalry version of the no hero recipes that have been burning some of the largest accounts in Game of War.

Premium Recipe – Black Hole Cores : Trap Core recipe designed to take a hit from any of the big core sets – Ares, Poseidon, or Zeus.

Premium Recipe – Infantry Bait Burner : Recipe designed to hit people that are in off gear gemmed/specced defense baiting. Posted stats are 4100 attack, 2100 defense debuff.

Premium Recipe – iShaw Fire Custom Cav : High defense debuff and attack, designed for baiting targets.

Included with Gowcraft Premium :
– Members only Forums (view them here)

– Premium level posts, including some recipes not available to the public

– Gowcraft Assistance : Forum for folks seeking more information on something. Additionally, you can post as much (or as little) information on your account and we will help you to craft custom cores and gear specifically for your account. Bounce ideas off some of the top brains in the game – and have them assist you in bettering your account.

– “Brag Boards” – Attachment support provided for users to upload pictures of their cores, hits, etc. Get your best hits out there – some of the best will be featured on the gowcraft front page.

– Cutting edge game theory and math. Help us continue pushing the limit in the game. Be a part of the top end.

– Premium is a recurring charge of $4.99 a month. Feel free to sign up, poke around, get some assistance, and cancel your membership at any given point.

You can sign up for Gowcraft Premium here :
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