Gowcraft Setups

These setups are our comprehensive guides to optimizing your Stronghold in Game of War for any situation. Use these Gowcraft Setups as a foundation to build your Stronghold on.

Each setup includes :

  • Everything you need to know when optimizing your stronghold in Game of War.
  • Necessary research.
  • Buildings, building levels, and building boosts.
  • The best banners to use in each situation.
  • The best potion to run for each situation.
  • Troop types and layering.
  • Hero skills and levels.
  • VIP levels and analysis.
  • Full gear and core analysis and discussion.
  • Rune guides for each situation.
  • Gem guides and analysis.
  • Any additional tips, tricks, or strategy to dominate your Kingdom.

Current Gowcraft Setups

  • Gowcraft Setup – Base Defense : A comprehensive guide to setting up your stronghold for defense in Game of War. Applies to all traps, fillers, or even rally leaders that want to protect themselves.
  • Gowcraft Setup – Attack : A comprehensive guide to setting your stronghold up to attack enemy Strongholds in Game of War and deal the most damage possible.
  • Gowcraft Setup – Wonder : Comprehensive guide to setting up and dominating your Kingdom’s Wonder.