Grand Gladiator 7th Hero & January Banners 3rd Drop

Game of war released it’s 7th Hero, the Grand Gladiator, and came out with another January Banner release.  This makes the 3rd drop in January for Banners which many have been unannounced lately.

Grand Gladiator (7th Hero)

This Hero follows suit of all the prior Hero releases.  Base Hero skills consist of Levels 1-50 which will cover and surpass the prior hero.  One Level of upgrades are offered in the form of “Grand Gladiator” upgrades.  See Chart below.

Here’s a quick comparison of why BASE SKILLS (1-50) of the Grand Gladiator hero are more powerful.  Any of the missing Horror Spirit or Type defenses and Healths are made up in the Overall Creature Defenses and Healths.  Any of the specialized Troop Attacks such as Legion & Onslaught,  are made up in much larger Troop Attack.

Packs with 100,000 medallions total and level 25 Instant Hero only get to Level 49, which cuts short the initial Base March Sizes.  Additional medallions will be needed to access Hero 50.  If your Hero is not level 50, you will not be able to wear your gear.

  • Mythical Creature Attack:  1 MT vs 54 KT
  • Mythical Creature Health: 1 MT vs 33 KT
  • Mythical Creature Defense: 1 MT vs 49 KT
  • ————————————————–
  • Horror Attack: 1 MT vs 80 KT
  • Spirit Attack: 1 MT vs 125 KT
  • ————————————————–
  • Creature March Size: 2 MT vs 84 KT
  • March Solo Size: 4 KTT vs. 166 TT
  • Trap Solo March Size: 100 KTT vs 376 TT
  • ————————————————-
  • Trap Rally size: 100 KTT vs 4.15 KTT
  • March Rally Size: 200 KTT vs 8.8 KTT
  • Creature Rally Size: 20 MT vs 830 KT

Chart outlining the Base skills (Levels 1-50) and First level of upgrades for Grand Gladiator:

Hero (Grand Gladiator 7th), Base Skills, Grand Gladiator Skills, Best Hero

January Banners – 3rd Drop

This round of January Banners are much more powerful than the Christmas and earlier January Banners.

Banner Highlights

  • 3 Banners have Overall Mythic Creature Attack stats with Imposing Crest with the largest amount.
  • 2 Banners have Overall Mythic Creature Health Stats.
  • If Horror, Spirit and Creature Type Stats are used in Banner stats, they are used in equal amounts to each Creature group.
  • This round of Banners does not contain Wonder holding Stats.  Because of this Banners may change between Rallying the Wonder and Holding the Wonder.  It’s possible that additional banners may drop before Super Wonder.

Member’s Tips for Best Banners

Banner Chart

Game of War Banners, January 3rd Drop, Hatchet Banner, Imposing Crest Banner, Tincture Banner, Storage Banner, Leadership Banner, Sharpshooter Banner