Guide – Dungeon Mastery I : Gear, Strategy, Research

Last updated on February 6th, 2017 at 09:11 pm

Game of War Wonder Dungeon Guide – Submitted by Hunter880

This is Part 1 of a two part guide. To see Part 2, go here :
Guide – Dungeon Mastery II : Dungeon Runs

Dungeon Mastery I : Gear, General Strategy and Research

Dungeon Gear

Use the Dungeoneer set, boosted to level 10. To see a (somewhat outdated) guide on how to set your Dungeoneer Set up, go here : Dungeoneer Set.

The highlights :
– Set your Secret Bonus to Armor.
– Skill to cover both Base and Full Set Bonus.
– Monster skills and gems do NOT help.
– If you have fourth slot Explorer Critical gems, use them.
– There are no regular gems for the dungeon, yet.
– Get a Dungeon Ability Boost from someone in your alliance with hero 74 before a dungeon run.

Dungeon Research, Talents, and Greater Talents

A year ago you could advance quickly in the dungeon through research – if you were willing to spend – as there were dungeon packs that provided 500 fragments per pack. Recently, packs sometimes provide 50 fragments, so the main way to improve dungeon research is through collecting fragments in completed runs. You will commonly see the same few people on dungeon leaderboards because people cannot skip past them through pack purchases.

There is a wide variety of research items among Talents, Greater Talents and Abilities to choose from. Fragments spend quickly, so how does one know what is more important? Rather than explain every item in the trees (the descriptions are not clear), I would like to give you a general understanding of the dungeon – a proven successful strategy – and then point you to the Talents and Abilities to focus on that support that strategy.

The main research items to focus for attack early are :
Abilities like PowerStrike (Attack)
Talents like Armor Penetration (Talents and Greater Talents) and Attack Damage (Talents and Greater Talents).
– The main item to focus on Defense is Armor (Talents and Greater Talents).
Drain Life is imperative to progress deep in the Dungeon – max it as soon as you can.
– Finally, the last item to focus on early is Health Points (HP) as this gives a higher starting point for health and also a greater amount of health you can lose before losing extra moves.

Dungeon Strategy

Success in the dungeon is not necessarily about devastating monsters, but rather conserving and increasing moves. Hitting hard is only one part in two of the best strategy. Focus on maximizing moves and you will find yourself getting to higher and higher levels in the dungeon. The two parts to a successful dungeon run are reducing monster health points through attacks and preserving your own health points through defense. If you are successful against a monster you are rewarded with additional moves – four extra moves being the highest rewarded. Keeping enough health points against each monster to earn four moves is key. Easy to say, but how do you achieve that?

The best way to earn four extra moves is to kill the monster in one empowered strike after hitting him first. With minor amounts of research this is easy on the first few levels. With increased research this happens through higher levels but there is always a level that this stops to happen. Hitting with two or more empowered strikes before losing enough health points to lower your extra moves is the focus. Eventually, though, you will always get to a level where you earn three points – which still increases your total moves. At two extra moves you break even, as it takes one move to enter a room and one to exit. At one extra move you reduce your total moves. Being kicked by a monster reduces your total moves by six (five for being kicked, one to re-enter).

OK, so we have a game that increases in difficulty as you move through levels, always insuring an exit at some point, hopefully voluntarily. What if you could increase your HP in the middle of a monster battle while decreasing the HP of the monster? The Drain Life Ability does just that. Located below and to the left of Second Ability Slot, this is the single most important research item to master. When you hit with this ability, the monster loses points and your health is restored. If the restored HP is higher than the damage done by the Monster’s hit then your HP actually goes up. For abilities in the underground dungeon I use PowerStrike and Drain Life (Element Dungeons are different and I use the strongest elemental strike and Drain Life for those dungeons)

So we have identified key early research items:
Attack (PowerStrike), Armor Penetration, Attack Damage, Armor, HP, Drain Life.

I would suggest only researching these items early on until you can clear Level 18 in the dungeon. The reason for this is that at levels 15-18 you will find fragments up to between 90-100 and these will finance further research at a reasonable pace. So, what does it take to finish Level 18. I can finish Level 18 with the following research items and levels (14m research power):

Attack (PowerStrike) – 7
Armor Penetration I, II – 7, 6
Attack Damage I, III – 4, 4
Armor I, II – 8, 6
HP I, II – 4, 4
Drain Life – 7

After getting to this level add Potion Quality, Empowered Ability Damage, Ability Barrier (all Greater Talents) as well as increasing the above items fairly evenly. Only add Mana Capacity if you start running out in a moster battle (takes a while). Only consider Drain Life 10 when you have much higher mana capacity as it consumes mana quickly. Additional items to consider are Dodge and Evade (Talents). All other Talents and Greater Talents are of lesser value until you master the ones mentioned already. I know from experience. I have one account at 81 million dungeon research that I placed fragments into everything and another at 34 million dungeon research that is more focused in fragment spending. Both clear level 24 in the dungeon. The higher research one is close to finishing level 26 (done 25 a few times) but the other is not that far behind. In fact, if I followed the strategy outlined in this article I am confident I would be past Level 26 and higher on my newer account. I win regularly in K880 with the 34m research account and by 2-3 levels, against others who have spent much more in the game.

After you’ve got your gear and skills set up, check out Part 2 of this guide here :
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