Hero Level 65 Released – 70 Still to Come

Game of War released hero level 65 tonight. The Prison is showing the top level of captured hero as 70, so that is sure to come. Whether it will be soon or far away remains to be seen.

NOTE : THERE IS AN INFERNO RIGHT NOW THAT REWARDS MASSIVELY (40m gold, lots of items) FOR LEVELING YOUR HERO UP. Try to wait on this inferno to level it up.

In order to level up your hero, you need both Hero XP (lots) and “Heroic Medal” – a new item that is available in Packs and some Solo Events.

Hero Level 61-65 Requirements
Level XP Required Heroic Medals
61 7,500,000,000 1,500
62 25,000,000,000 5,000
63 70,000,000,000 14,000
64 130,000,000,000 28,000
65 300,000,000,000 50,000

Additionally, lots of people have been asking about the Hero 65 Unlock Pack. After purchasing the first pack, you’re given the ability to buy the “Hero Bundle Pack.” This pack is a one-time purchase and has :
15,000,000 Gold
15,000,000,000 Hero XP
2,000 Heroic Medal
3 Heroic Orders
3 Blessed Orb
3 Ransom Note
40,000 Days Speed-Ups
150,000,000,000 Each RSS type

Details on Hero Levels :
Level 61 :
Mythic Monster Attack, Troop Health on Tile, Hero Construction Blessing, Treasury Deposit Bonus
Level 62Level 63 :
Unlock All March Recall, Hero Training Blessing, Altar Boost Duration, Mythic Gather Speed
Level 64 :
Troop Defense III, Hero Research Blessing, Alliance Helps on Mythic Monster Kill
Level 65 :
Troop Attack II, Resource Send Capacity, Upkeep Reduction, Core Crafting Luck, Bonus Alliance Streak

48 thoughts on “Hero Level 65 Released – 70 Still to Come

  1. Where is the debuff for all that money you would expect debuff to burn these traps. Now with all these extra points traps can skill like a boss..

    1. Only traps that are willing to spend heavily will be able to even afford these levels. Considering that as of right now lvl 65 costs about $1k to get (That’s just a guess it’s probably more since you need pack only items even once you gain enough XP) most traps either can not or will not spend that kind of money to get these higher levels until they’re much cheaper. Not only that but the way the game is built defenders always have the advantage as long as they are built well. Traps will always be a force to be reckoned with. And let’s face it without traps there would be much, much less accounts to hit.

      1. it’s gonna be a weeeee bit more than 1k. 25 packs worth of heroic medals so you can unlock to privelege of using your exp. Not to mention that’s not even enough exp to get through 65. (With the current pack) So more like 4.5-5k outta get you that maxed out hero. I’ll wait till this is old news, or maybe just never. Feels like a slap in the face to me. “Thanks for playing gow for all this time, thanks for all the money you’ve spent, but……your cheap ass isn’t spending enough”

        1. Your exactly right. They don’t think you spend enough. I contacted CS recently about a the massive inflation from 225b RSS to 500b RSS and the people that bought the 225 right before 500 was released should be compensated justly. And they responded with “make sure to take advantage of the sales before they are gone”, literally told me screw you buy more

  2. How about a 75% defense debuff resistance debuff? Anything to beat the damn kunai,that beats all permanent defense gear. Why would people wanna ever buy a pack to have a new defense gear set? We should all just throw on a pair of kunai and call it good…I bet then mz would do something to change that

    1. I’m a well built trap who usually uses 2 kunai and only losses 10-20k t2. Attack nike set has burned me.

  3. This is pure greed. There is nothing free about this game. Free to download that is it. Every single feature is pay to play and the amount to spend is not even reasonable. Only 1% of players can stay up to date and maybe 1% of those players even know how to play. They immediately spend thousands of dollars to be winners for a week because they are losers on an even playing field. CTesse need I say anything more

  4. what’s up with this stuff about traps people who run traps usually don’t have the money to get this kind of stuff done so the two comments at the top obviously always been those who don’t know how to play the game
    and more than likely you’re constantly getting trashed because you don’t know how to read one

    1. but on a serious note this is a slap to the face the most loyal people to this game are literally the non Spenders and there is no way to get to level 61 without having to spend

      1. now they’re going to make money off this plain and simple there’s too many people who have highly invested too much money are ready to give up and what’s a few thousand more but the reality is MZ has shot themselves in the foot because they’re not going to be getting new players to the game all they have done with all these new features in the ridiculous costis making the game extremely boringpeople are too afraid to attack anyone who is around their level unless it’s a wonder bottle or they’re caught Slippinbut 90% of your time now is literally just sitting with a shield up or unshielded waiting for action that is boring as s*** because without the non Spenders it is not going to be fun capturing Heroes there’s only going to be hero farms and big players left

        1. This guy is giving up, doesn’t matter how much I already spent.
          That cost is sunk, it is about protecting the next $. They have really outdone themselves this time. They don’t care about the players, the community or the integrity of the game. They never have. Now it’s desperation mode as even the biggest and oldest players are fed up and leaving.

      2. Not true. I got from 58-61 without spending a dime. I got all my medals from Athena gifts n those tiles that ma is giving with packs. Others buy I get benifited.

  5. oh my God you are so right I’ve been playing for years and this is the most boring time ever in the game they are really so many big players who do not fight anymore and so many of the little guys have quit the game it’s not funny I really do miss a lot of the non spender players I used to talk to they were not rude they were not disgusting compared to a lot of the big players out here talked a lot of crap and never back it up life you hit the nail on the head

  6. Add in that even those 1% of spenders who can keep up with the newly released stuff are now quitting because it’s neverending…they’ve pretty much killed the game. They’re more focused on money now rather than the whole point of the game….war. What’s the point in spending to get 1 kill event a month? And new features released pretty much daily? This isn’t a war game anymore.

  7. BLAKE please lead a boycott. Ban together with other GOW sites and social media and organize a boycott. This is ridiculous the frequency of new features coupled with the extrodenent cost to do anything is out of control. They need to be stopped

  8. It’s supply and demand people, as long as you buy the packs why would MZ stop? I made a point not to go to hero 61 even though I can. You should too!

  9. Well to start out initial new content, nothing has changed there. Packs are always extremly limited on the items needed to complete new content, these new hero packs only having 2000 medals in each is just a profit tactic. THESE buys are not meant for low to medium spenders the new content packs on release are purposely listed for sale having very mimimal, current example medals.. This is done as whale targetting these packs are meant for their whale heavy spender community.. The players that no matter the cost spends whatever it takes to max new content day of release. MZ knowing this makes the packs very limited on the required medals to bleed the pockets from their whales . Why give good bargains at start with a money is no obstacle whale community. Then as the week progresses and whale buys come to halt with profits dropping down and medium spenders not buying the whale target packs. MZ will then release their initial bargains to get the medium spenders and slip in a cheap bargain couple times daily to draw in the low spenders. Key is spend wisely dont rush to get new content wait for bargain buys coupled with epic athena ches5 epic reward chest and pack inferno can reult in very positive gains compared to money spent.

  10. I’m in favor of a new boycott. it’s about time MZ knows we are not taking this shit anymore.

    1. Let’s do it. Force them to acknowledge who needs who and show some appreciation for the ppl paying their bills

  11. Argus has hit the nail on the head. Supply and demand. This really doesn’t change the way I play. The whales who can afford it could still zero me if I wasn’t paying attention, Kunai or not. Play the game smart and play to enjoy all of it, not just single components.

  12. I buy maybe a pack every 2 months – when new items become cheaper.

    My 12b account could take a solo hit from anything, but now nike burns me. So I core. I can make about 200 core sets that will eat a nike hero… my favourite is 4HorseMan cores + custom defense pieces. They think it’s an easy win.

    I have a script to auto-log GoW in to get athena chests every hour using Blue Stacks. Unless it’s a KVK KE, or there are rally calls, I’m shielded. HOpefully they fix this with coming AC Combat… but knowing mZ, it’ll cost $$ to attack from an AC>

    1. Lots of people let go at MZ, rumor control and one of those recently released MZ employees says there are lots of lawsuits against company including multiple class action suits. Why did MZ shutdown for France terror attack, because owner moved LLC there trying to gain advantage over the lawsuits.

      Why are you getting back stupid scripted answers to your technical game difficulties? MZ moved customer support to India and they are cutting and pasting scripted responses. Why is stuff broke, beta moved to company in India that doesn’t have a clue about game.

      MZ plan and future, put as much out there to make all they can till game fails. Best plan for us, stop spending and hope game is sold to a good company interested in medium income for long term. Our alliance has stopped buying and has moved to another game, that is much more affordable to stay together till GOW has new owner or drops packs to $9.99 with same level of content.

      I’m invested here, I have a very strong account, that I hope I can use again under different circumstances.

    2. AC combat looks to be a bigger money grab with their 50m rallies that can be used against your regular SH. Everyone will wind up shielded in fear of getting hit by a 50m rally. Yippeeee fewer people to burn

  13. Damn homie @game of war. You used to be the man homie. Wtf happened to you. #greed

    Actually MZ is the same as always. Bleed its whales aka bigs. This time and many times before theyve gone too far to get more of your dollars. You cant be a leader unless youre spending for luxury. Its a shame theyre inflating every aspect of the game. I admit i just trap. Its all I do but I still strategize study advise and help my alliance. It takes effort and money to be relevent. Pay for relevence. Smh

  14. I admit I’m guilty of this but as long as we continue to finish research and builds within a week of releasing MZ will continue to release new stuff at this speed. I’ve always hoarded RSS and speeds instead of training billions of troops. Which has helped me tremendously when new research and builds have been released. But, with the cost of these medals on the new hero levels I think my time on gow is finally coming to an end. It would be different if MZ had not moved away from the warring part of the game. KE’s are few and far between and as for the SW, it has been a joke ever since the secret recipe cores have come out. All wonders should be based on crafting custom cores. There is no ingenuity needed to play at a high level anymore. But, it was fun while it lasted guys. I’ve had a blast

    1. I understand the frustration, but Hero 65 will be just like everything else. Difficult to achieve for the first bit of time and slowly much more easily obtainable. Just like anything else – spend what you’re comfortable with and grow at your own pace. The hero skills, while nice, are not absolutely required additions – just gravy.

      1. There is without question long standing and deep distrust of MZ and all it’s smoke and mirror operations. Bake – You contribute to that deep distrust by not posting many of the submitted comment. I have experienced it, and I know others have too. To be fair, you are not alone, the other game themed websites do the same, but you all are not fooling anyone. Why don’t you post the comments critical of MZ that don’t even contain profanity? Who are you protecting and why? – Why don’t you explain that to the readers of this site??

        1. As I’ve said all along – once I feel that a topic has devolved into nothing but unproductive ranting and venting I tend to stop approving the comments.

          Venting is one thing, but if it doesn’t add to the conversation in some way and is comment #30 in that same manner I generally don’t feel it necessary.

          I’m not censoring anything or protecting anyone. I’m running a website dedicated to a popular game that we all obviously enjoy very much. I try to keep it on that topic, rather than let it spiral into the meaningless ranting we are all so familiar with.

          Hope that explains it :-).


  15. The reason why people are quoting is because we believe Mz is heading the wrong direction . Charging for stuff that used to be free forcing new features that have no relevance . Trying to profit on anything worth doing in the game by making it counterproductive . When wven robbing banks is no longer fun , I think it’s time I quit.

    1. I really don’t understand why people complaint about how so much. Nothing about game has changed. The game has kept on evolving. Building troops is much cheaper now. Making gear is easier. Big players or spenders are needed go make game relatively cheaper for non to low spenders. Big players need smaller players to hit to keep game fun n exciting. I have not spent a dime in past month but managed to get from hero 58-61 n VIP 15-17 just by using Athena gifts. Guys u need to get more tactical about how you play this game. This game is evolving n changing there is lots to learn here.

  16. Every time something new comes out, people complain about how much it costs and how only the top 1% will have it. I’ve been playing for almost three years now and this is how the game has been from the start. I spend about 50 a month. Now that isn’t enough to have the latest, greatest gear or research, but it keeps me happy. I have found my place. It certainly isn’t a fully researched rally leader lol. I love the people I have connected with and have a lot of fun watching troops die on my walls. If you can’t have fun playing a game at the level your comfortable spending then please move on. This isn’t a place for you.

  17. Mz is giving away heroic medals in Athena gifts,eventually everyone will have the higher hero level,they are just currently offering it at the low price of about $4200 for who ever can afford it,but I have seen a guy with hero 65 fully researched solo a 13b guy in full imperial ,zeroed him to little over 5b…so with all the extra health and attack and more skills I can see kunai traps burning all day here shortly

  18. Time for this old country boy to find a new game of go back to playing Black ops. Not only is MZ greedy beyond belief, their code is so buggy I can hardly play the game any more… Lag and crashes coupled with unmitigated greed has made me wish I had never downloaded the game.

  19. Being a trap myself. There isn’t a point to lvl61 to 65 hero. If mz wanted our money then they should put together a trap pack. No point in buying these packs if u are a good trap. I lose 12 mil t1 per Nike hit. Traps just need rs, gold, and lots of 1 minute boosts. But mz continues to gear packs to big spenders (I get it) and leaves money on the table with us trap accounts.

  20. How many percent training boost does the Training Blessing give? (without and / or with skill points, please)

    1. I got 150% training q boost. N also some training speed boost. Was awesome. These new lvls are simply awesome .

  21. Not sure what the griping is about…what did yall think? All game progression would stop once you got you account the way you want it? Lol
    If MZ would like to increase spending and game quality one thought would be to find an angle to make large (20bil+) players unable to hit or rally 10bil or less players if they voluntarily progress to next developed level of game. The smaller players would spend more to dominate there class, and the midsize would spend to fight at the upper level. Currently the game does not attract new players due to them instantly realizing it will take an imediatly 5k to compete. I have greatly enjoyed the game the last 2 years and will continue to do so, but some fresh ideas in development taking a different approach could greatly increase the games interest from new players and profitability.
    SirLardog 593

  22. I think I’m done guys … my 1billion jumper might sit here for eternity…i spent 5k on this jumper then the next thing I know I need to spend another 5k for hero and sh24…
    Maybe it’s time for another year break…

    837:101:407 FOR THE GOD FACTORY!!!!!

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