Icarus Gear now Levels Up

Updates on the Icarus Gear have just been released in Game of War tonight.  These updates allow Icarus Gear to be upgraded in Quality and Power.


  • Stats of Max Quality Level 5 and Max Power Up Level 50 are identical.  They provide the same stats.
  • Stats provided for Quality and Power Up are the same for each version of Icarus Gear.
  • Enchantment is a fancy term referring to Powering Up.
  • Fusion refers to leveling up Quality.
  • Skill Hero for “Power Up Efficiency”

Max Stats for Quality 5 and Max Stats for Power Up 50

  1. 700% Super Troop Defense
  2. 700% Super Troop Attack
  3. 105 MTTT Troop Attack
  4. 70 BT Troop Defense
  5. 210 BT Type Defense
  6. 280 BT Legion Defense
  7. 280 BT Resolute Defense

Enchantment /  Max Power Up Costs 

  • Materials Associated: Icarus’ Feathers
  • 1,900 Icarus’ Feathers per Level   (50 Levels for Max)
  • 95,000 Icarus’ Feathers per piece of Gear
  • 665 K Icarus’ Feathers for a FULL set of Gear.

Fusion / Max Quality Costs

  • Materials Associated: Icarus Mine
  • 28,00 Mines per Level   (5 Levels for Max)
  • 140,000 per piece of Gear
  • 980 K Icarus Mines for a FULL set of Gear

Stats of Icarus Gear powered to Level 50 and Quality 5:


Stats of Icarus Gear before Quality and Power Up are applied:


2 thoughts on “Icarus Gear now Levels Up

  1. Algorithms in this game are completely screwed up, a VIP 400, 275 city without hero and no boost is able to cap solo hits with one troop in the city. Attack with 1 t5 troop can somehow zero cities here and there and accumulate almost 1 mttt kills. What’s the point of these updates if it doesn’t reflect the cash thrown into the game.

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